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quarta-feira, maio 04, 2011

Travestis são detidos suspeitos de implantar silicone no RJ, diz polícia
Dupla atuava colocando próteses de silicones em Campos, diz polícia.
Na casa deles a polícia encontrou próteses, seringas e material cirúrgico.

Roberta Close quer indenização por preconceito sofrido na década de 80
No último domingo (1º), a TV Record exibiu uma reportagem no "Domingo Espetacular" sobre o desejo de Roberta Close em pedir indenização por ter sofrido perseguição nos anos 80.

[UK] [Commentary]
London Police Sexually Assault 2 Trans People During Royal Wedding?
Anger is building within the UK's trans community today following reports that heavy-handed security during Friday's royal wedding led to at least two trans individuals being sexually assaulted - by the police.
Allegations are still to be tested, but those familiar with the UK's policing record over the last few years - bouncing from over-soft to ludicrously heavy in response to political pressures from on high - suspect there may well be more than a smidgeon of truth in the story.

Telecommunication Institution Demands the Ban of the Official Website of Pembe Hayat!!!

Each day, we as trans and LGB rights activists face severe human rights violations in Turkey. These violations sometimes target human rights defenders who work for LGBT rights.

A new situation emerged today. We were informed about an information e-mail of Telecommunication Presidency, under the Prime Ministry of Turkey, sent an information e-mail to the hosting companies of several websites, to cancel the domains of the mentioned websites. Not interestingly (!), the Presidency demanded the ban of which is the official website of Pembe Hayat. The argument is that, according to the Law No 5651 that regulates catalogue crimes committed via Internet, this website contains pornography, sexual content or pedophilia !!!!

This e-mail of the Presidency breaches the access to information and freedom of expression by LGBTs. More importantly, this is against the right of association and has an implication which says that "even if we do not close your organisation down, we close your official websites!" As you can see, Pembe Hayat's right to reach a broader audience for trans rights is attempted to be prevented!..

Pembe Hayat will take required legal steps to fight against this STUPID and anti-human rights position of the Turkish Government. Still, we are really shocked of what has been experienced in Turkey as regards to LGBT rights in particular in the last few years!..

We will also take required steps to widely circulate this information. Pls do so because all of the human rights circles are worried about the actions of the Turkish Government as regards to Internet censorship!.

Israel's Eurovision 2011 Song: "Ding Dong" by Dana International (VIDEO)
Dana International, the only transsexual ever to win Eurovision, is hoping to reclaim her title in Düsseldorf. This time she's fighting with a "Ding Dong." An ode to silent prayer and personal resolve, the song sets perseverance to a mid-tempo dance beat. Its clichéd message that hope springs eternal would normally leave me yawning. But channeled through Dana -- an Israeli transsexual who has journeyed from outcast to national treasure-- that message takes on renewed depth and universality. "Ding Dong" becomes a solemn battle cry for those living on the margins of society.

Pakistan's third gender
The Supreme Court of Pakistan has directed the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) of transgenders in accordance with a promise made last December to add a third option under the gender category in identity card forms.

Joy and pain as transgender Indians 'wed' Hindu god
Jyoti, a 62-year-old transgender Indian who was born a man, saves up money every year to buy a beautiful new wedding dress for a festival at which she gets married to a Hindu god.
This year, she played her role as a "bride" wearing a blue silk brocade sari that cost 15,000 rupees ($338) -- nearly 2 months' earnings.
The "groom" at the annual festival in Koovagam, Tamil Nadu, was Aravan, a Hindu god celebrated as a young warrior who was killed in the ancient epic, the Mahabharata.

Transgenders take the art route to gain identity
Too scared to face the public as a transgender but an indomitable will to lead a dignified life made the 26-year-old Sandhya join an art troupe three years ago.

[India] [Film]
'Treat hijras like normal human beings'
Bollywood has often portrayed eunuchs or hijras as either villains or comical creatures.
Garish make-up, manic clapping, crude gestures - these are some stereotypical images of the community that Hindi films have cemented over the years. But now, a recently released feature film claims to depict eunuchs with more sensitivity and hopes to change audience perceptions about the community.

Hermaphrodite Woman Seeks Corrective Surgery
A woman, who was born with both male and female sexual organs, underwent her third corrective operation in hopes of success after the first two surgeries failed.
Sirilada Kotpipat admitted “I have testicles and a clitoris but I don’t have a penis or a vagina,”
At birth, the doctor had identified Sirilada as a boy although her sexual organs were ambiguous.

Boot camp of discrimination
With no respect for the rights and dignity of those who are 'different', the government through its overzealous agencies has been committing atrocities of the worst kind.

Canberra to get trans centre
Less than a week from a rally for intersex and sex and/or gender diverse (ISGD) rights in the nation’s capital, a new community space for trans people will open in Canberra this week.

Salinas stabbing viewed as hate crime
Salinas police are investigating a stabbing early Sunday as a possible hate crime.
Police said the victim was a transgendered man who was found with a stab wound to the abdomen on East Market Street about an hour after leaving an area bar with a man in a small, black Toyota pickup.

Transgender Community Leaders Call on Elected Officials for Stronger Anti-Discrimination Protections
Today, over 60 members of the transgender community and allies from throughout California gathered at the state Capitol to participate in the second annual Transgender Advocacy Day. Organized by the Transgender Law Center and Equality California Institute, members of the transgender community and their allies met with state legislators in Sacramento to raise awareness about issues affecting transgender and gender non-conforming Californians. In the morning, participants were joined by Senators Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) and Leland Yee (D-San Francisco), Assemblymembers Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), and Bonnie Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) during a rally and press conference.