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domingo, abril 24, 2011

Trans discrimination victory
A transsexual woman has been awarded more than 35,000 euros for workplace discrimination by the Republic of Ireland’s Equality Tribunal.
'I was a husband. I was a father. But none of it felt right. I struggled'

[India] [Film]
Breaking all gender barriers
The objective of the makers is to give viewers an insight into the lives of the transgenders so that people develop a better understanding and attitude towards them.

Towards life and liberty
It would take remarkable courage to stand up, be counted, and speak up for a cause shunned by the majority; especially so, when you had the option of staying safely hidden among the multitudes. Kalki is this rare person who has decided to face the world, rather than hide away. She chose to become an activist, rather than a victim.

[Malaysia] [Film]
Malaysia’s First Feature Film with Lead Gay Characters
In Malaysia consensual gay sex is illegal, a remnant of British colonial. Depictions of LGBT people are considered taboo and information disseminated by gay people is considered an insult to Islam.
However, last month ...Dalam Botol based on a novel by Raja Azmi Raja Sulaiman appeared in 52 cinemas in Malaysia. The film, according to Sulaiman, is a love story, based on a friend. Therefore she feels nothing wrong with the movie’s themes. The title means ...In a Bottle, originally it was titled Anu Dalam Botol - but "anu" the word for penis - was removed by censors, as was a nude scene.

Transvestites sentenced
Two male crossdressers were yesterday handed lengthy prison sentences for attempting to rob and kill the grandmother of a popular singer during a breakin last June.

Video Highlights Trans Discrimination
A new Web video from In the Life Media explores the pervasive injustices documented in a groundbreaking report about transgender discrimination earlier this year.~

[USA] [Commentary]
Candy Darling Documentary
“Beautiful Darling,” James Rasin’s touching documentary biography of Candy Darling, the transsexual Andy Warhol “superstar,” is a sad, lyrical reflection on the foolish worship of movie stars. Jeremiah Newton, who is a producer of the film and narrates the story, was Candy Darling’s closest friend and onetime roommate who appointed himself guardian of her legacy after her death in 1974 from cancer at 29. The movie shows him arranging her burial beside Mr. Newton’s mother in Cherry Valley, N.Y.

[CT, USA] [Commentary]
Transgender Bill Invades Women's Privacy In Bathroom
The "Transgender Bill" passed by the Judiciary Committee on April 5 is headed for a vote in the House of Representatives. The "Bathroom Bill," as the Family lnstitute of Connecticut calls it, would extend our sexual discrimination laws to people who disagree with the gender they had at birth and would allow them access to places where they would make other people uncomfortable or worse.

McDonald's Employee Took Credit For Filming Brutal Beating In Baltimore Fast Food Joint
A McDonald’s worker has taken credit for filming and uploading to YouTube the latest viral video to capture a brutal assault at a fast food restaurant.
The employee, identified as Vernon Hackett on social network accounts, posted the video clip to his YouTube page earlier this week. According to his Facebook page, the 22-year-old Hackett, pictured at right, has worked for McDonald's since September 2009.
2 accused in videotaped restaurant beating in Md.
Community Outraged by Disturbing Video of Apparent Anti-Trans Assault
Update on Video of Girl in Baltimore McDonald’s
Equality Maryland: McDonalds beating is a hate crime
Baltimore County McDonald's beating video goes viral
2 Teens Charged in Videotaped Maryland McDonald's Restaurant Beating
Web hits: McD's beatdown video goes viral
Victim of McDonald's beating speaks out
Caught on camera: Shocking moment girl is beaten up to point of seizure in McDonald's while staff idly stand by
Transgender Maryland Woman Beaten in Balitimore McDonald’s
McDonald's beating video viral: A racial hate crime? (Graphic Video)
McDonald's employee fired for taping vicious transgender attack
McDonald's Fires Employee Who Filmed Brutal Beating Of Baltimore Patron
McDonald's in Md. to probe response to beating
McDonald's beating video: Victim is transgender, Maryland attack is hate crime, says advocacy group

[Commentary] Transgender Woman Severely Beaten at Baltimore McDonalds While Employees Watch
[Commentary] Woman brutally beaten for using women’s toilet in fast-food restaurant
[Commentary] Fast Food Restaurants Are Public Accommodations
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[Commentary] The Bathroom Predators Are Cis People
[Commentary] Welcome to my world

[NY, USA] [Film]
Renee Richards: Transsexual Tennis Player's Sex Life
Renee -- the fascinating documentary by Eric Drath which is playing the Tribeca Film Festival -- recounts the story of Richard Raskin, who in his 40s, had sexual reassignment surgery and emerged as the world's most controversial tennis star, Renee Richards.

Commissioners to vote on trans protections Tuesday; LGBT community urged to attend
In an unexpected but welcome development for LGBT advocates, the Dallas County Commissioners Court is slated to vote next week on whether to add transgender employees to the county’s nondiscrimination policy.

Alumno transexual es agredido por director de establecimiento educacional (Comunicado)
Jueves 22 de abril, siendo las 16:30 hrs., en el Establecimiento Educacional de Rancagua, Liceo Comercial Diego Portales, el Director Sr. Ángel Soto Olave, desato su furia y transfobia en contra de un alumno transexual, menor de edad, empujándolo contra la pared, azotándose el alumno la cabeza en 3 ocasiones contra la pared, posteriormente lo empujo violentamente a una oficina para seguir maltratándolo, cierra la puerta aprisionándolo espalda, brazo y rodilla, lo grita constantemente diciéndole que “‘El ES LA AUTORIDAD Y DEBE RESPETARLO”, todo esto con alumnos y apoderados de testigos, para finalmente entre el Subdirector Sr. Claudio Inostroza a calmar la situación y sacar al alumno de esa sala, quien ya estaba con un ataque de pánico y llanto.