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sexta-feira, abril 22, 2011

Watchdog rejects BB star complaint
Big Brother star Nadia Almada's complaint against Channel 4 after presenter Davina McCall joked about her "boyish good looks" has been rejected by the broadcasting watchdog.
Nadia, a transsexual who has undergone gender reassignment surgery, complained that Davina's remarks were "transphobic and offensive" after she appeared in Ultimate Big Brother, the final series in the Channel 4 show, last year. (Photo)
C4 off hook for Davina's 'boyish looks' Nadia quip
Big Brother's Nadia Almada 'not unfairly treated'

Dutch university gives transgender man new diploma
The president of the executive board of the University of Amsterdam, Karel van der Toorn, presented transgender activist and alumnus Justus Eisfeld with a new diploma reflecting his correct gender April 6 in New York City.

Malaysia sets up anti-gay camp to correct schoolboys’ effeminate behavior
Somewhere in the conservative state of Terengganu in Malaysia, 66 Muslim schoolboys who “displayed feminine mannerisms” are being taught how to be a man.
Over the next four days, they will undergo counseling to correct their effeminate behavior, through both religious and physical education.
Malaysian Women’s Minister Opposes Antigay Camp

Religious department firm against cross-dressing
The Malacca Religious Department (JAIM) is standing by their action against cross-dressing by 28-year-old hairstylist Abdul Qawi Jamil.

I would rather die than be a man, says singer
CAUGHT for impersonating a woman, a popular singer in Kelantan said he would rather die than assume the role of a man, Harian Metro reported.
Kajol, a transvestite celebrity who claimed to have recorded at least 25 albums in his 11-year singing career, was nabbed by anti-vice officers from the Kelantan Islamic Affairs Department while performing at an expo site in Tanah Merah on April 15.

Drew Deveaux: ladies first
Last week Drew Deveaux, a trans-woman, won “heartthrob of the year” at the sixth annual Feminist Porn Awards, a Toronto event that celebrates woman-centric pornography from all over the world. As a performer, she takes the issues of sex and gender rights out of the bedroom and onto the screen. We spoke to her about whether there’s a place for feminist porn in the city once dubbed Toronto the Good. (Photo)

Queerty goes offline: Popular and provocative gay blog shuts down
''Some five and a half years ago I launched my second blog, Queerty, after seeing an opening for a new type of LGBT site. It joined Jossip, and would [soon] be followed by two sister sites. That journey has come to an end: Queerty is closing.... Sadly, last week, in a scenario that began with some technical headaches, has ended with [353 Media] opting not to continue operating the site.''

Trans People Face Injustice At Every Turn (VIDEO)
The National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force released a report earlier this year which gave a startling look into the level of discrimination America's trans and gender non-conforming community must still suffer. Now, In The Life Media has created a brief documentary based around the report that really contextualizes the problems trans-identifying women face.
“Injustice At Every Turn”: IN THE LIFE Reports on the National Transgender Discrimination Survey

[USA] [Commentary]
Outrage over "pink-polish" ad shows lack of social progress
A few weeks ago, J. Crew sent out an ad showing Jenna Lyons, the clothing franchise's president and creative director, laughing with her five-year-old son, Beckett, who was sporting pink nail polish on his toes. Yep, that's it. The juiciness of this story ends there. And yet, leave it to the media and the conservative pundits to blow this story up to epic proportions.

[USA] [Commentary]
Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey Compares Transsexuality With Being Overweight
The Dallas County Commissioners Court continues to debate adding gender identity/expression language to their recently passed sexual orientation only policy for Dallas County employees and is developing into a textbook case as to why we transpeople despise incrementalism.

Native American transgender woman lets identity shine
Soaking in the attention from the throng of thousands on the parade route, Trudie Jackson beams and waves at the crowd. She yells “Happy Pride!” and shows off her deep crimson Native American dress and her hair tied back with white ribbons.
She is surrounded by several other women, all wearing bright dresses. Together they create a kaleidoscope of colors so that the Indigenous Out and Proud entry, a group of Native American transgender women, is one of the brightest at this year’s Pride Parade. (Photo)

Transgender prisoner sues California for sex change to save him from rape
A transgender inmate at a California prison has filed a lawsuit asking the state to pay for a sex-change operation, in order to protect him from rape and attack by male inmates.
Transgender inmate wants surgery

Students defend male classmate - who wears heels to school!
The school dress code sets a standard. So when a male student at Riverview High School decided to wear heels to school on Friday, an assistant principal asked him to take off his shoes.
"It really wasn't a dress code violation, but a matter of his own well-being, and if the attire causes disruption," explains Riverview principal Bob Heilmann.

Hawaii's Trans Workplace Nondiscrimination Bill Goes To Governor's Desk
The Hawaii state House of Representatives on Tuesday agreed to Senate amendments on a bill that would write into the statue books formal workplace protections for the trans community.
Bill barring transgender bias in workplace awaits gov's OK

Transgender protection snuffed
A law to grant transgendered individuals protection of gender identity and expression was sent back to the Rules Committee after the 2011 Maryland General Assembly.

Suit over transgender students’ bathroom rights to go forward, judge says
A lawsuit over a transgender student’s use of the girls’ bathroom at an Orono elementary school may go forward, but only after a Superior Court justice dismissed the most controversial count.

Nevada Assembly approves transgender workplace protections bill
The Nevada state Assembly has approved a bill that would protect transgender people from workplace discrimination.
The bill, approved Monday by a vote of 29-13, now goes to the Senate for consideration.

[NY, USA] [Film]
The Candor of Candy
With Director James Rasin's new documentary, Beautiful Darling, an icon breaks free from Factory walls

LGBT group says 2 bills in Okla. would ‘turn back the clock on fifty years of civil rights progress’
Oklahoma’s LGBT advocacy organization, The Equality Network, expressed outrage Tuesday over passage of two bills by the state Legislature.
Discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is not prohibited by Oklahoma state law. But the two bills would impede the right to sue based on any type of discrimination, according to TEN.

Actos religiosos en memoria de Ashley
Ha pasado un año desde que su hija Ashley fuera asesinada de un disparo en la cabeza y, aunque el hombre que la mató ya cumple una larga condena en la prisión, la madre de la transexual no encuentra consuelo.
Carmen Ocasio dijo que cada viernes va al cementerio a ponerle flores y pasar un rato frente a su tumba. (Foto)

[Puerto Rico]
Brutal golpiza a transexual
La transexual Francheska González se recuperaba ayer en el Centro Médico, en Río Piedras, de las heridas producto de la golpiza que le propinaron varios hombres la madrugada del lunes mientras echaba gasolina en la avenida 65 de Infantería.
Pedro Julio Serrano pide que se investigue la agresión contra transexual como crimen de odio
Sin catalogar como "crimen de odio" golpiza a Francheska González

'Special Access to Discriminate' Act Likely to Pass
A bill speeds through the Legislature that will prevent cities from adding LGBT anti-discrimination policies

Widow of Wharton firefighter denounces proposed transgender marriage ban
The Texas Senate is considering a bill that would prevent a transgender person from marrying someone of the opposite sex.
Nikki Araguz, the transgender widow of a fallen Wharton firefighter, believes the bill is a direct attack on her.

Suman 19 asesinatos a homosexuales en Chihuahua
Un total de 19 homicidios a personas con tendencia homosexual han sido asesinados en lo que va del 2011, esto solamente en la capital del estado, de acuerdo con información de Mercedes Fernández González presidenta del Movimiento Lésbico Gay Bisexual Transgénero Transexual e Intersexual (Lgbtti) del estado de Chihuahua.

[Mexico/El Salvador]
Siete “gays” han pedido cambio de género en DUI
Los demandantes afirman haberse practicado cirugías de cambio de sexo y reclaman que se les permita usar nombre femenino en el documento de identidad. Ningún caso ha sido resuelto.