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sábado, abril 23, 2011

Irish Trans Woman Wins Payout
A transgender woman from Dublin, who was ordered by her employer to dress as a man for client meetings, has been awarded over €35,000 by Ireland’s Equality Tribunal.

[Czech Republic] [Commentary]
Five thousand years
In a suburb of what is now Prague, some five thousand years ago, a body was buried. Funeral rites were a very big deal at the time, with a great deal of symbolism attached to exactly how a body was positioned for burial, and what items would be interred with them.

Nepal's transgenders offer blessings to William and Kate
Nepal's transgender community has sent blessings to Prince William and Kate Middleton ahead of their wedding and offered to send someone to the ceremony.
Transgender people in Nepal, mostly men living as women who are known as "hijras" or eunuchs, are considered auspicious at weddings in South Asia, where they are often paid to sing, dance and give blessings to the couple.

[Malaysia] [Film]
Malaysia’s first gay film is unexpected hit
The first gay movie to be made and shown in Malaysia has proved an unexpected box office success in the conservative Muslim country.
Directed by Khir Rahman, Dalam Botol (In a Bottle) is about a post-op transsexual who comes to realize that she may have been better off as a man. It has already earned more than 1million ringgit ($330,000) at Malaysian cinemas, reports the London Guardian, easily recouping its production and marketing costs of 970,000 ringgit.

Antigay Group Boycotts Transgender MTV Character
The Florida Family Association wants advertisers to boycott Degrassi: The Next Generation on MTV over its positive portrayal of a young transgender man.
Florida Family Association Calls for Degrassi Boycott Over Trans Character
Anti-Gay Group Launches MTV Boycott Over Transgender Character

[USA] [Commentary]
Rigid gender roles cause bullying
A couple of weeks ago, J. Crew ran a feature about Jenna Lyons, its president and creative director, painting her young son's toenails pink with the caption, "Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink. Toenail painting is way more fun in neon."
[Commentary] J. Crew Nail Painting - "Right=Dangerous Trans Agenda" - "Left=Potentially Toxic Chemicals"
[Commentary] A Genderqueer Take on the J. Crew Toenail Controversy

[USA] [Commentary]
On Transsexual Separation
I'm sick of hearing the BS SRS=transsexual argument myself, and far too many predominately white transsexuals are the ones pimping it. And now, here's guest poster Zoe Kincade.
I am honestly disheartened to find so many transsexuals buying into this thinking.

Trans Inmate Sues for Reassignment Surgery
A transgender inmate who says she has been repeatedly raped since her 2003 incarceration is asking a federal court in San Francisco for a state-funded gender-reassignment surgery so she can be transferred to a women's prison.
Transgender Inmate Sues State for Sex Change Operation
Inmate asks state for sex-change

Support for trans assault victim
Nearly 300 transgender people and allies attended an April 15 rally at 16th and Mission streets to support Mia Tu Mutch, left, a victim of recent street violence. Tu Mutch, 20, as she is known, was physically assaulted near the 16th Street BART station on April 1; she also said that she was sexually assaulted.

Dengue Fever and Transgender Bills
Excerpt: Civil unions grabbed all the headlines, but another, no less controversial bill related to the LGBT community is still moving through the legislature. HB546, which would make it illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of "gender identity or expression," has cleared both the House and Senate and is awaiting Gov. Abercrombie's signature.
Landmark Gay Rights Bills From Hawaii Legislature

[MD, USA] [Commentary]
Trans Marylanders lose a fight, gain respect
The transgender community may have lost a battle for civil rights when the Maryland Senate adjourned for 2011, but we gained something much more important in the long run — respect.
[Commentary] Sen. Frosh is no transgender rights supporter

Nevada Lawmakers Advance Three More Transgender Rights Bills
The Nevada State Assembly approved a measure on Monday, April 18, that would add transgender-specific protections to the state’s employment non-discrimination law.

Sign Up for Equality & Justice Day In Albany - Monday, May 9th
Let's seize the moment. Our cases have captured the attention of the public and elected officials. In Montana, state legislators backed away from legislation to strip lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents of civil rights protections after we intervened. In New Jersey, the state's largest newspaper editorialized, “Protect Transgender Job Rights,” in response to the lawsuit we filed on behalf of El’Jai Devoureau.

Rights group fighting for local nondiscrimination law
A local gay rights group is pushing the city to expand its nondiscrimination laws.

Tennessee Senate panel approves school gay ban bill
A Senate education panel in Tennessee has approved a bill to prevent students from learning about homosexuality in public elementary and middle schools.

Negando el derecho a una identidad en el nombre del padre
El fallo del juez Miguel Güiraldes –que no sólo desconoció la identidad de género de Maiamar Abrodós, sino que asegura haberlo hecho para protegerla de sí misma, de su “delirio autodestructivo”– es una pieza asentada en una larga y rancia tradición jurídica paternalista y autoritaria que pretende erigirse como policía del deseo y del orden moral. ¿Qué dicen esos textos? ¿Quiénes producen ese material? ¿Por qué siguen gozando de prestigio?