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segunda-feira, abril 25, 2011

Hoje mais do que nunca há que reavivar o espírito do 25 de Abril

Area Transexual realizará Primer Encuentro de Personas Transexuales de la FELGTB en Valencia próximo sábado
El Área Transexual de la FELGTB realizará en I Encuentro de Personas Transexuales de la FELGTB, que se celebrará en Valencia los días 30 de abril y 1 de mayo, con el Colectivo Lambda como entidad anfitriona.

Police terror against trans in turkey
In the video, you can see that transwomen are arbitrarily arrested and fined based on the law on misdemeanors or the traffic law, arguing that they disturb the public order, they wear women's clothes [as they are perceived of being "men" !!], etc.(In turkish, not translated)

Eunuchs strip to extort, shopkeeper files plaint
A shopkeeper on the busy Gandhi road had a tough time warding off a bunch of stubborn eunuchs who demanded a huge sum from him for his renovated store on Saturday. The shopkeeper gave in only after the eunuchs stripped and refused to budge from his store.

Govt gender muddle blurring my identity
Government agencies cannot agree on whether Canberran Peter Hyndal is a man or a woman.
The 38-year-old is trapped in what he describes as ''no-man's land'' his birth certificate reads female and his passport says male.
The Australian Tax Office says he's a man but the Family Assistance Office says he's a woman.
Mr Hyndal spent the first 25 years of his life living as a woman but now identifies as being a man. (Photo)
[Commentary] Govt fix needed on transgender 'no man's land'

[Canada] [Letters to the Editor]
Transgendered teacher's dismissal sheer discrimination
Re: "Transgendered teacher rejects settlement offer in firing case," The Journal, April 11.
Recently, a local radio station held a survey on whether or not people would like to have their child taught by a transgendered teacher.
The survey did not have a preamble explaining that transgendered persons are born with a gender identity that is opposite to their physical body. For example, if a transgendered person was born with a male body, their gender identity would be female. Conversely, if a transgendered person was born with a female body, their gender identity would be male.

[Canada/UK] [Books]
Annabel, By Kathleen Winter
A debut novelist takes on the difficult subject of hermaphroditism in a lyrical story set among hardy people in a 1960s Canadian settlement

[USA] [Commentary]
HB235 Death Comes With Lessons Learned
“Today is not a day to celebrate,” cried voices from Equality Maryland as HB235, the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination bill, was sent back to committee on the final day of the legislative session, thus killing the bill. Still, transgender folk who had opposed the bill because it had lacked protections in public accommodations were toasting their new won power. The ignominious death of HB235 represented for them the end to domination by the lesbian and gay political machine run by Equality Maryland out of their Sharp Street bunker.

Update on new transgender policy at Cook County Jail
Last week I wrote an article on a new policy for transgender people that Cook County Jail had put into effect; however, I contacted Sheriff Patterson to clear up some details.

[MD, USA] [Commentary]
Victim of the Baltimore, Maryland anti-trans hate crime speaks
Once again a US citizen has been been the victim of hate crime violence in a McDonalds fast food restaurant franchise simply for having been born different, this time a young woman of transsexual background, Chrissy Lee Polis.
Transexual espancada no McDonald’s conta drama. Funcionário que filmou é demitido
McDonald's employee fired after taping video of fight
Victim of vicious Baltimore McDonald's transgender beat-down says it was a hate crime
Transgender victim of Md. McDonald’s attack captured on video says she’s a hate crime victim
Victim Says McDonald’s Beating Was A Hate Crime
Attack on transgender woman posted on Web
Worker axed over fight tape

[Commentary] Woman Beaten in Baltimore McDonalds
[Commentary] Violence At A Baltimore McDonalds Shows A "Bathroom Bill" Meme Can Have More Than One Meaning
[Commentary] Supersized Trans Equality? McDonalds Hate Crime Underscores Importance of Public Accommodations

Bills under consideration target transgender bias
As a boy, Karen Grayson preferred playing dress-up and dolls with the girl next door to playing baseball or G.I. Joes with the neighborhood boys.

F.E. (SandraDunn) Dunaway: Change requires 'careful approach'
F.E. (SandraDunn) Dunaway worried her campaign for mayor of Amarillo would become a media circus.
When the transgender woman announced in February her plans to run in the May 14 city election the news ricocheted through the Internet, picked up by mainstream media, bloggers and rights organizations alike.
(Photo: Mayoral candidate F.E. (SandraDunn) Dunaway stops for a break while garage sale shopping.)