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terça-feira, abril 26, 2011

Ireland welcomes Equality Tribunal Decision on Transgender Case
Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) welcomes the Equality Tribunal’s decision in the Louise Hannon case to extend protections to transgender people.
TENI Chairperson, Martine Cuypers said: “This is a significant step for transgender equality in Ireland. An important precedent has been set in recognising the inclusion of transgender people under the gender ground of equality legislation.

Three trans women killed in Izmir, Turkey
Again trans women have been victims to transphobia in Turkey. On April
19th three trans women have been shot in Izmir, Turkey.

Transsexual waiter in UAE sentenced to prison
Court orders that transsexual waiter be deported after serving six-month term

SC directs NADRA to include eunuchs in gender column
The Supreme Court on Monday directed the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) not to verify the gender of transgender people through a medical board and amend its laws to declare eunuchs as she-males.
Supreme Court directs NADRA to issue ID cards for eunuchs

Police say this woman is nowhere to be found
Laxmi Tripathi, celebrity transgender activist, has been busy promoting her film Queen's Dance of Destiny and was at Vikhroli on Sunday evening to celebrate Easter along with her family. In fact she even spoke to Mumbai Mirror regarding this report.
However, the Shivaji Nagar police, on her trail for an assault case hasn't been able to nab her. Laxmi was accused by a eunuch last month of assaulting her with a blade and has been, according to cops, absconding ever since.

[India] [Film]
No Country for.......Queens
A Bollywood film titled Queens! Destiny of Dance on transgenders turns the old caricature on its head

Hear Me! My Name is Catherine
A small and fragile transgender woman sits behind bars in solitary in a men’s section of an Idaho county jail for crimes sparked by years of mental and emotional torture brought on my a malicious parent, cruel state actions, and a savage legal system that refuses to recognize the most personal part of an individual’s identity, gender.

Transexual espancada num McDonald's
Uma transexual foi espancada por duas adolescentes num restaurante McDonald's junto à cidade de Baltimore, nos EUA. A violência das agressões, que ocorreram a 18 de Abril, foi documentada por um vídeo gravado por um funcionário, entretanto despedido pela cadeia de restaurantes de fast food.
Atualização da mulher transgénero espancada no McDonald's
Estados Unidos: Transexual espancada no McDonald’s conta o drama
EUA: Trans espancada no McDonald's diz que funcionários foram "coniventes" com agressão
La paliza a una joven transexual fue un crimen de odio
Brutal agresión a mujer transexual en McDonald de EE UU dan la vuelta al mundo en telediarios
Transgender attack probed as possible hate crime
18-year-old charged in McDonald's beating
Another suspect charged in brutal beating of transgender woman at McDonald's
Vigil Planned For Physically Attacked Trans Woman at Baltimore McDonald's
A rally is planned to protest the beating of a transgender woman inside a Rosedale McDonald's
Transgender advocates’ to rally to condemn McDonald’s attack that victim calls a hate crime
Victim in Md. McDonald's attack alleges hate crime
Baltimore rally set to protest beating of trans woman
Woman who tried to stop McDonald's assault identified

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Texas lawmakers considering proposal to bar transgendered people from getting marriage license
Two years after Texas became one of the last states to allow transgendered people to use proof of their sex change to get a marriage license, Republican lawmakers are trying to roll back the clock.
Texas may strip away transgender marriage rights

[TX, USA] [Commentary]
Nikki Araguz, on trial for being born intersex
IN Texas, Nikki Araguz, an intersex woman, born in California, owning a California-issued birth certificate stating she is female, married in Texas to a fireman tragically killed in the line of duty, is fighting to be recognized as the legitimate wife of her husband and to receive benefits as his widow.