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quinta-feira, abril 28, 2011

Famed former first couple standing again in elections
A couple who made history as the first transgender mayor and mayoress of Cambridge are bidding to return to the political frontline.
Jenny Bailey was first citizen between 2007 and 2008 but stood down when she passed on the ceremonial post in search of a quieter life.
She hit the headlines with her partner Jennifer Liddle when it emerged both were born boys but had gone through gender reassignment later in life.
(Photo: Jennifer Liddle, left and Jenny Bailey)

British ex-pat becomes 'France's oldest transsexual' aged 60
A British ex-pat and former builder who used to be called a 'man mountain' by friends has become France's oldest sex-change resident, at the age of 60.
Colin Oliver was a married father-of-five with six grandchildren, but has since become Chloe after decades of wishing to be female.
The transition is the result of hormone treatment over the past five years in France, where she moved to in order to start a new life. (Photo)

Paquistão inclui transexualidade em documento de identidade
A Suprema Corte do Paquistão aceitou incluir um terceiro gênero no documento de identificação nacional, medida que favorece os direitos e a visibilidade dos transexuais no país.
Pakistán permitirá que Hombres y mujeres Transexuales tengan su género elegido en Documentos Oficiales
'Transgenders' sex not to be verified through medical board'
Pakistan allows transsexuals to have own gender category (Video)
Pakistan allows trans men and women their own gender category

[India] [Film]
'The film does not make fun of the trans-gender'
Akhil Bhartiya Jankalyan Trust which works for the rights of trans-genders has sent a letter to the producer of Queens-Destiny of Dance, Madanlal Paliwal threatening him to 'cut out the scenes that might hurt the sentiments of the kinnar samaj or strict action shall be taken against the film and the Censor Board will be asked to even shun the film's release.'

Protest at hospital over transgender’s death
The death of a 25-year-old transgender sparked a protest in front of Victoria Hospital here on Tuesday.
The sexual minority committee and members of Samara alleged that duty doctors at the hospital denied admission and treatment to the HIV positive transgender.
Transgender's death triggers protest

Votes for supporters of transgender rights urged in federal election
An online campaign is calling on Canadians to reelect MPs who support transgender rights and to vote incumbents opposed to transgender equality out of office.

White House to host first ever meeting with transgender activists
Transgender activists intend to discuss federal policy issues at an upcoming White House meeting that will be the first ever held by the Office of Public Engagement to focus solely on trans issues.

Candy Darling, mujer transexual, y una de las superestrellas de Warhol, revive en documental recién estrenado
La filiación del Registro Civil no dice nada: James Lawrence Slattery, nacido en 1943 en Forest Hills-Queens (Nueva York), hijo de una empleada de biblioteca y un alcohólico violento y sin oficio.

Inmate demands taxpayers cover sex-change surgery
A 42-year-old male prisoner who identifies himself as a female is requesting that the State of California pay for his sex-change operation.

Student in High Heels Booted from Class
A male student at a Florida high school was removed from class when the response to his wearing high heels sparked "safety" concerns from the principal.

Transgender Accused Of Posing As A Doctor Will Do Jail Time
The transgender woman accused of giving fake breast exams will spend nearly a year behind bars.
Kristina Ross, 37, was sentenced to 360 days in jail. Back in March, she pleaded guilty to two battery charges as part of a plea deal.
Transgender woman gets jail time for giving fake breast exams

Hundreds Rally in Md. for Trans Victim
Some 300 people gathered in Maryland Monday evening for a vigil in response to the brutal beating of Chrissy Lee Polis captured on video at a McDonald’s last week.
‘We shall overcome’: Hundreds of LGBT supporters rally after Transgender woman is beaten in McDonald’s
[Commentary] Between Torment and Happiness
[Commentary] Chrissy Lee Polis: The New Kitty Genovese?

Senate passes two sex discrimination bills, nixes a third
The Nevada Senate Monday approved two bills designed to stop discrimination against gays and transgender individuals.
But the third piece in the package was defeated when Democrat John Lee of North Las Vegas joined Republicans in opposing SB180, which would have added crimes against gays and transsexuals to Nevada's list of hate crimes.

[OK, USA] [Commentary]
Transgender professor denied tenure, terminated
Despite the complete support of her colleagues and direct superiors within Southeastern Oklahoma State University's English, humanities and language department, Rachel Tudor, a professor of American and Native American literature, modernity and theory, humanities, composition and philosophy, has been denied tenure and informed that her employment will be terminated as of the end of this spring semester.
[Commentary] Oklahoma English Prof Denied Tenure at Public College Based On Gender Identity

Portland Response to Chrissy Polis Attack Sparks Debate
Earlier today, we blogged about the attack on transwoman Chrissy Polis at a Maryland McDonald’s and the response by some members of Portland’s queer community. The initial plan, according to a Facebook event that has shifted over the course of the day, was to hold a demonstration at the West Burnside McDonald’s in which participants were encouraged to dress in their “best and most colorful ensemble.” But the demonstration organized by local performers Chi Chi and Chonga in collaboation with Genderfucking Takeover — a group that formed in the wake of last year’s Memorial Day Weekend assaults on a group of men in drag — quickly attracted criticism.

Tennessee House approves bill that would void Nashville non-discrimination policy
The Tennessee House of Representatives on Monday approved a bill that would nullify Nashville’s new ordinance banning discrimination by city contractors against gay, lesbian and transgendered people.
Tenn. Continues Assault on GLBT Equality
[Commentary] Editorial: House votes for discrimination

Texas Senate GOP Wants to Rescind Trans Marriage Rights
Senate GOP lawmakers in Texas want to stop transgender and transexual people from marrying their heterosexual partners, saying that trans people who were gender-assigned at birth the same sex as their now spouses are engaging in same-sex marriages which are banned in the state.
How Texas May Accidentally Legalize Some Same-Sex Marriages
Transgender Marriage Will Be Banned In Texas

Dallas County adds gender identity, expression to non-discrimination policy
Dallas County commissioners on Tuesday voted to include transgender employees in the county’s non-discrimination policy.
Transgender rights approved in Dallas County
WATCH: Dallas County adds trans protections
Dallas County adds protection for transgender employees

Alumno transexual es agredido por el director del colegio en Rancagua, Chile
Jueves 22 de abril, siendo las 16:30 hrs., en el Establecimiento Educacional de Rancagua, Liceo Comercial Diego Portales, el Director Sr. Ángel Soto Olave, desato su furia y transfobia en contra de un alumno transexual, menor de edad, empujándolo contra la pared, azotándose el alumno la cabeza en 3 ocasiones contra la pared, posteriormente lo empujo violentamente a una oficina para seguir maltratándolo, cierra la puerta aprisionándolo espalda, brazo y rodilla, lo grita constantemente diciéndole que “‘El ES LA AUTORIDAD Y DEBE RESPETARLO”, todo esto con alumnos y apoderados de testigos, para finalmente entre el Subdirector Sr. Claudio Inostroza a calmar la situación y sacar al alumno de esa sala, quien ya estaba con un ataque de pánico y llanto.

Alejandro de Gran Hermano recibirá un nuevo DNI, respetando su identidad
Alejandro Iglesias, participante de la edición 2011 del programa Gran Hermano, recibirá mañana su nuevo DNI, el cual respeta su identidad de género.