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segunda-feira, maio 02, 2011

Activistas transexuales exigen derechos, asistencia sanitaria y en programas políticos Leyes integrales Trans
Solicitan al Ministerio de Sanidad, Política Social e Igualdad avanzar urgentemente en el Protocolo de Asistencia a las personas transexuales. Ante las próximas elecciones autonómicas piden a los partidos políticos que incluyan en sus programas electorales leyes integrales de transexualidad que garanticen la no discriminación de las personas transexuales. El Partido Socialista de Madrid lleva en su programa electoral, aparte de declarar las Fiestas del Orgullo como bien de interés cultural, el compromiso firme de una Ley Integral de Transexualidad.

Estrasburgo ratifica que la Justicia de España puede discriminar a los transexuales cuando quiera
El Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos informó hoy de que su Gran Sala no revisará la sentencia del pasado 30 de noviembre contra la transexual lucense Alexia Pardo, que concluyó que España no la discriminó al haber reducido el régimen de visitas a su hijo.

[UK] [Commentary]
The Met forgets that trans people are people.
The issue of the transphobic sexual assault of a trans person by the Met as they tried to protect Wills and kate from unarmed demonstrators more than a mile away from the Royal Wedding has caused outrage amongst trans people.

Pakistán oficialiaza el "tercer sexo" para las personas transexuales, en país de corte islámico
El Tribunal Supremo de Pakistán, en una decisión insólita en el mundo islámico, ordenó crear un nuevo género en los carnés de identidad para acomodar a la discriminada comunidad transexual, conocida como el 'tercer sexo'.

Torment of being different
The transsexual community are people too and need to be treated as equals in society.
At the mercy of bullies
Nowhere to hide from insults and taunts
‘Awareness key to curb bullying’

[Australia] [Commentary]
United Nations Refugee Agency includes intersex people for the first time in statement by senior UNHCR official, uses LGBTI acronym
OII Australia is grateful that the UNHCR, the United nations Refugee Agency, has included intersex people in its consideration of refugees seeking asylum in other countries due to persecution for who they are.

Growing Up Gay and Transgendered in Appalachia
Awareness about sexuality and gender differences remains painfully limited in much of the region, but some have begun sharing their stories

WILD Wrestling Crowns Transgender Champion
California-based WILD Wrestling crowned a new champion last weekend in ‘The Bloodthirsty Vixen’ Amanda. The title change has received a lot of buzz because Amanda is in fact transgender. (Photo)

Transgender advocates see McDonalds beating as a turning point
Rosedale attack could raise support for long-stalled anti-discrimination bill in Maryland, they say

[NV, USA] [Commentary]
Was it a hoax? The curious case of the transgender at the Comso hotel at 4 a.m.
Late Wednesday, I couldn’t get relief from a nagging feeling that there was something awry about the hullabaloo that erupted regarding a transgender woman named Stephanie who alleged she was banned for life from the Cosmopolitan after being confronted recently for using the ladies’ restroom at 4 a.m.

[Argentina] [Commentary]
A new government ID for Alejandro Iglesias as he becomes the poster boy for transgender rights
The end of "Gran Hermano 2011": This weekend brings the season finale of "Gran Hermano 2011" - the Argentinean version of the international "Big Brother" reality show franchise. As you know, if you have been following this blog, the show started with a bang when it was revealed to viewers that one of the contestants - Aejandro Iglesias - was a transgender man.