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quinta-feira, maio 05, 2011

Trans dubla Lady Gaga e ganha reforma de carro no Caldeirão do Huck
Com dublagem de Lady Gaga, transexual vence quadro do Caldeirão do Huck

[UK] [Commentary]
Transphobia by the International Association of Athletics Federations
On the 1st May 2011, the International Association of Athletics Federations outlined new regulations governing the eligibility of athletes who have “undergone sex reassignment” to compete in women’s competition (1)

After gender reassignment surgery, a stranger in a pub became my biggest support
A friend in need: After her surgery Lynda Sheridan found real friendship with Barry McMahon (inset), who passed away after suffering a brain haemorrhage
Born trapped in a boy's body in sixties Ireland, Lynda Sheridan from Artane, Dublin, hit headlines after she underwent gender reassignment surgery 14 years ago.

Telecommunication Presidency - Pembe Hayat - Latest Info.
As we informed you, the Presidency sent hundred domain names to the hosting companies in Turkey to remove them "immediately", which included, too. Today, I called the Presidency to ask about the accuracy of this news and they confirmed that they demanded the cancellation of these domain names and removal of the domains.

They were reacted by several website managers, including a very famous online dictionary - chatting website, and the Presidency said that they would not cancel the domains which are sent to the hosting companies wrongly. As you can see, the reactions/oppositions worked well. However, they did not cancel their demand of banning Our website works now and we informed the Presidency that we will file a complaint against them. They may take a step back OR not.

In any case, we will circulate our press release in Turkey, stating that this is harshly against LGBT rights.

[South Africa] [Commentary]
Indigenous comments on the WPATH Standards of Care
Via email from Liesl Theron, Director of Gender DynamiX:
Gender DynamiX initiated focus group discussions about Indigenous Knowledge as an alternative to western medicine looking at treatment, assistance and guidance for transgender people in South Africa.
In the attached document we are making some recommendations for consideration to include in the 7th edition of the SOC. Alternatively, this is our viewpoint and we are continuing our work in this realm in South Africa.

[Philippines/UAE] [Commentary]
Transwoman refused entry at Dubai airport
Jen Janice (see pic above) is not a well-known name in transactivist circles but many see her as having done so much more than others for making great strides in the corporate world. Jen Janice is currently a Program Manager for a multinational based in the Netherlands. She has worked for the same company for many years in Singapore where she is originally from until two years ago when she decided to make the big move to their Netherlands head office. (Photo)

[India] [Film]
Narthaki: A touching film on transgenders
It needs immense conviction and courage to make a film on a subject that's considered a taboo in India, and debutante filmmaker Vijayapadma has achieved that rare feat. Her first Tamil film Narthaki, ready for release this Friday, is the emotional journey of a transgender.

IGLHRC Urges Malaysian Authorities to Stop Camps that Violate Rights of LGBT Youth
In a letter to Malaysian authorities, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) urged them to put a stop to the practice in certain schools of forcing male students – some reported to be as young as 12 – into “curative” programs for allegedly failing to conform to stereotypical expectations of masculinity.

Fierce rally for rights
A new group for intersex and/or gender diverse (ISGD) Victorians has been set up and members are set to attend their first rally in Canberra on May 11.
Still Fierce Melbourne — based on the Sydney group of the same name — has called for ISGD Melburnians and their supporters to attend what will be the first national rally for intersex and gender diverse rights.

Report trans hate crimes
The Gender Centre has teamed up with NSW Police, the Inner City Legal Centre and the City of Sydney for a new landmark initiative which urges transgender and gender diverse victims of violence to report incidents.
A clearer picture of the prevalence of transphobic crime will emerge in the coming months thanks to a new landmark initiative which urges transgender and gender diverse victims to report all incidents of violence to police.
Trans get own anti-violence help

'Disturbing' stories help case for gay protection laws
The Human Rights Commission says it has heard disturbing stories of discrimination against gay and transgender Australians.
Rights Commission documents disturbing stories of discrimination
Push for federal protection
Calls on govt to protect gays and lesbians

J. Crew Follows Pink-Toenails Boy With Gay Couple
It looks like J. Crew wasn't fazed by last month's Toenailgate, in which a conservative columnist accused the retailer of "blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children" for showing a boy with his toenails painted pink.
Clothing Catalogue Features Gay Couple

Transgender Woman Settles Suit Against Two Organizations
Lana Lawless, the transgender woman who sued the L.P.G.A. and the Long Drivers of America last October challenging their rule that competitors be “female at birth,” has settled her case, her lawyer said. Lawless, 57, won the world long-drive title in 2008 but was later ruled ineligible after Long Drivers of America, which oversees the competition, changed its rules to bar transgender competitors. She was prevented from competing in the L.P.G.A. because of a similar rule.
Joint Statement by Lana Lawless and the LPGA

Salinas police investigate transgender stabbing
Salinas police are investigating the weekend stabbing of a transgender woman as a possible hate crime.
Police spokesman Lalo Villegas told the Monterey County Herald that the woman was stabbed in the abdomen early Sunday about an hour after she left a nightclub with a man between the ages of 30 and 40.
Villegas says the victim underwent surgery at a local hospital and is expected to survive.
Corrections/ Clarifications

Manhattan commissioners to vote on repeal of discrimination ordinance
Manhattan city commissioners will vote on repealing an amendment to the city's discrimination ordinance.
Manhattan City Commission meeting

Free Sex Change Operations Approved
New horizons opened up for transsexuals in Cuba with the approval of a Public Health Ministry resolution that establishes guidelines for their health care, including free gender reassignment operations.