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quarta-feira, setembro 21, 2011

Escola de samba do Rio cria banheiro para travestis
A escola de samba Mocidade Unida de Jacarepaguá seguiu o “exemplo” da Unidas da Tijuca e inaugurou um banheiro para o público LGBT. Na prática, ele será usado mesmo por travestis.
Mais uma escola de samba do Rio cria banheiro exclusivo para gays

Sex change man named Delia becomes Britain's Olympic ambassador for transsexuals
A man who is undergoing a sex change has been appointed as an ambassador for transsexuals visiting the 2012 Olympics.
David Johnson, 55, from Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, took the first steps towards becoming a woman named Delia 18 months ago after feeling that he should have been born female.
(Photo: New role: Delia Johnson has been appointed to a role as Olympic ambassador for transsexuals as London bid to make the Games the most diverse and inclusive ever)

[UK] [Film]
Tomboy: Girls will be boys
What do you do if your daughter asks to use the boys' loos, or your son wants to go shopping in a fairy dress? Lena Corner gets some gender guidance

Vatican says 'sex-change' operation does not change person's gender
After years of study, the Vatican's doctrinal congregation has sent church leaders a confidential document concluding that "sex-change" procedures do not change a person's gender in the eyes of the church.
Consequently, the document instructs bishops never to alter the sex listed in parish baptismal records and says Catholics who have undergone "sex-change" procedures are not eligible to marry, be ordained to the priesthood or enter religious life, according to a source familiar with the text.

[New Zealand/Australia] [Commentary]
New Zealand X passports do not appear to be for intersex New Zealanders
NEW Zealand, Australia’s near-neighbour in the Pacific, does not appear to permit intersex people to choose an X for their passport. In fact, there is no mention of intersex at all in the web page and web site that was pointed out to us by a New Zealand contact.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Violence against children includes surgery on intersex newborns’ genitals without their consent
OII Australia encourages all those who are interested in protecting the rights of children everywhere to live as themselves, especially intersex children, to respond to the United Nations’ Global Progress Survey on Violence against Children 2011.

Bad Medicine: Fox News Physicians Are A Prescription For Misinformation, Scientific And Otherwise
From Dr. Keith Ablow's unscientific attacks on Chaz Bono to Dr. Manny Alvarez's baseless suggestion that Tylenol will soon be moved behind the counter because of the Affordable Care Act, Fox News' "Medical A-Team" experts routinely advance misinformation, sometimes using their medical credentials to give credence to their arguments.

Has Chaz Bono Unified The LGBT Community?
Chaz Bono's debut on Dancing With The Stars tonight has already been tremendously controversial, but his appearance is bringing together different factions of the LGBT community to view the premiere and vote for the first transgender contestant in the show's history.

[USA] [Commentary]
Black Trans Respondents Fared Worse In Discrimination Survey
According to the National Center for Transgender Equality, a new analysis of data from the most recent large-scale survey of transgender discrimination shows that Black transgender and gender non-conforming people face some of the highest levels of discrimination of all transgender people. according to a new analysis released today, Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at Black Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey.

[USA] [Commentary]
DADT Dies Today, But Not For Transpeople
While today is a historic and monumental day for GLB people who serve in the military with the death today of the odious Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, there's one part of the rainbow family who still will not be able to serve in our military openly and proudly in the transgender community.

[CA, USA] [PR]
Know Your Rights for the Transgender Community Resources Available
The National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter has updated our manuals for the transgender community and their allies with the latest law and resources.

D.C. Debuts Transgender Employment Program
Existing program enrolls first full class of transgender participants in apprenticeship program
Project Empowerment, a program run by the District of Columbia's Department of Employment Services, has enrolled its first full class of transgender individuals, marking the District's first publicly funded effort to specifically train and find full-time employment for transgender residents.
The program, which began Sept. 12 for current enrollees, involves three weeks of pre-employment training, where the students take classes and seminars to learn skills such as interview techniques and résumé writing, says Jeffrey Richardson, director of the Mayor's Office of GLBT Affairs.
(Photo: Several transgender women receive job training skills from D.C. government's pioneer Project Empowerment program.)
Pioneer Program Battles Transgender Discrimination

U-Haul-Careening Transgender Woman Bashes Blood Bank Bus, Makes Strange Defense In Court
"I'm a hot, sexy chick, and I don't like people fucking with me."
Such is the battle call of "Jozy" -- born Ira Deford -- a preop South Beach transsexual who this month took a historic stand in traffic court after bashing the side mirror of a blood bank's bus.

ACLU steps in to aid transgender Ga. elementary student
Tommy Theollyn, the father of a seven-year old transgender son, is trying to get his son, D., access to the boy's restroom at Todd Grant Elementary school in Townsend, Ga., after being told by the district's superintendent that the child must use the girl's restroom. Theollyn presented his case before the McIntosh County School Board on Sept. 15, and also gained support from the ACLU last week.

Transgender community covers preferred names, other issues at workshop
Members of the trans-identified community can't be defined by checking a box on a piece of paper.
"I feel like people don't trust that I know who I am," said stef shuster, a co-organizer of the TransCollaborations group. shuster was referencing past encounters with people who continually ask their name instead of accepting the first answer.

City Commission looks to add gender identity protection
Lawrence city code currently protects employees based on a number of factors, including race and sexual orientation. But it doesn't include gender identity. That could change when the Lawrence City Commission considers adopting an ordinance next week to amend its human relations code to protect transgendered people.

Professor affiliated with Tufts Med takes controversial stance on transgender issue
A group of students painted the cannon Sunday night in protest of an editorial that Keith Ablow, an assistant clinical professor at the Tufts School of Medicine, wrote for Fox News stating that children should not be allowed to watch a television show that cast a transgender individual.

Gay rights supporters to stage protest in Boston
Supporters for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights are marking the end of the military "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" policy by staging a protest in Boston to draw attention to the fact that transgender Americans are still unable to serve openly in the military.

Another push by Pa. lawmaker to protect gays, lesbians, and transgender citizens
The Pennsylvania Human Relations Act has long banned discrimination in employment and housing on the basis of gender, race, religion, and disability.
Not covered, however, is sexual orientation or gender identity.

Violent brawl between two transgender women caught on video in San Antonio
A violent brawl between two transgender women was caught on tape in the parking lot of a San Antonio convenience store early this morning. KENS Channel 5 reports:
San Antonio police had to use a taser on a transgender individual who had been involved in the heated fight in the 800 block of San Pedro early Monday morning.
Caught on tape: Intense rumble breaks out near KENS 5 news truck
Transgender fistfight caught on video

Capturan al asesino del homosexual "La China"
Elementos de la Policía Ministerial del Estado, lograron detener al presunto homicida del joven homosexual, Alejandro Ismael Saucedo Rodríguez, "La China", encontrado muerto el pasado miércoles 7 de septiembre de este año, dentro del embalse que se localiza en el Parque México.

Cuba no realiza una autopsia al cadáver de una mujer transexual que falleció en una comisaria del país
Una mujer transexual de 34 años que fue detenida el pasado ocho de septiembre por la policía cubana ha fallecido en una comisaría del país por un supuesto paro respiratorio. Dicha causa de la muerte no ha podido ser confirmada ante la falta de una autopsia.

‘Cada pincelazo da vida a la mujer que llevo’
Sócrates Velásquez, uno de los participantes al Reinado Nacional Gay del Bambuco, abrió el ‘libro’ de su vida y desnudó su alma para LA NACIÓN.
No ve problema en mostrar su transformación, su metamorfosis. Sócrates Velásquez o, mejor Victoria Eugenia Dávila Trespalacios, como prefiere que lo llamen cuando disfraza su rostro con varias pasadas de maquillaje, empieza a convertirse en mujer tras cada pincelada sobre su cuerpo.