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sexta-feira, setembro 16, 2011

Aversión manifiesta: Gobierno Cataluña también paraliza reuniones grupales de soporte a personas transexuales
El Departamento de Salud de la Generalitat de Cataluña da la espalda, una vez más, a los derechos más básicos y elementales de una pequeña parte de la sociedad catalana

[UK] Streatham Hill stalker jailed for knifepoint sex attack on transsexual
A stalker who carried out a knifepoint sex attack on a transsexual after she turned down his advances has been jailed for seven years, more than two decades after the attack.

Boy, aged 10, returns to school as a girl
A ten-year-old boy has been allowed to return to school after the summer holidays as a girl because he believes he was born the wrong sex.
[Commentary] Why cross-dressing really isn’t an issue to poke fun at

Channel 4 documentary follows transgender men and women
A Channel 4 documentary to be screened this autumn follows seven transgender men and women.
Sex-change op in new TV documentary
Sex-change op in new TV documentary
Sex-change op in new TV documentary
Channel 4 to screen transgender documentary series in autumn lineup
Is nothing taboo? We’ve seen death and drug-taking, now Channel 4 to
broadcast graphic footage of sex-change surgery

Channel 4 Sex Swap Shock Show

[Ireland] [Letters to the Editor]
Gender reassignment
Sir, – I was surprised by the ignorance displayed in the comments on sex reassignment surgery made by Fine Gael TD Brian Walsh (Home News, September 14th).

Man robs his office for a sex change surgery
Anas Khan (24) wasn't happy with who he was. And he was prepared to go to any length to change that. So, Anas allegedly disappeared with Rs. 2 lakh of his employer to get his sex changed. He was about to undergo a breast implantation surgery, when he was caught by west Delhi Police.
Domestic help stole Rs 2 lakh to undergo sex change operation

Australian passports to now come with 3 gender options: male, female and indeterminate
Australian passports will now have three gender options — male, female and indeterminate — under new guidelines to remove discrimination against transgender and intersex people, the government said Thursday.
Australia passports allow transgender 'x' option
Sex change on passports for transsexuals
New Australian passports allow third gender option
Australian passports to have third gender option
X marks the spot on passports for transgendered Australians
Autorizan un nuevo pasaporte en Australia: ni masculino ni femenino
New "X" Option for Gender in Australian Passports
Australians can change passport gender
UN Rights Chief Says Australia Sets Gender Example
Australia to allow transgender and intersex passport options

Trans-gender talent has XX factor
Successfully auditioning in front of judges Ronan Keating, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Guy Sebastian, Mel B and an audience of 4000 people on The X Factor was a nerve-wracking experience for singer Paige Elliot Phoenix. Telling everyone on the national reality television show that he is a transgender man was a significant moment in the life of the trans-activist.

Moving Beyond Shock on Transgender Health
Even for those with some knowledge of the economic, social, and health disparities facing the transgender community, an August New York Times Magazine story, “The High Price of Looking Like a Woman,” likely shocked the conscience.

First transgender contestant on runway show hopes second time's the charm
King returns tonight to ‘Top Model’ after becoming designer, inspiration to community

Corrections officer accused of death threat against trans woman
District police are investigating allegations by a transgender inmate at the D.C. Jail that a correctional officer made death threats against the woman and transgender activist Earline Budd, who conducts sensitivity training for jail personnel.

Prosecutors: Man solicited sex from transgender woman before shooting
A man arrested in connection with the recent shooting of a transgender woman in the District solicited the woman for sex before he shot her, according to court records.
Update on This Week’s Violence

School bans transgender child, 7, from using boys' toilets because she was born a girl
Most children are nervous on their first day at school. Possibly even a little scared.
But for a transgender child, whose father is also transgender, starting school in the traditional Deep South of the U.S. was always going to be difficult.
And then there was the all-important question - should the child use the boys' or girls' toilets?
Georgia school denies use of boy's bathroom to transgender child

Ill. Trans Woman Wins Discrimination Suit
In what may be the first award to a transgender person under the Illinois Human Rights Act, a taxi company has been ordered to pay more than $100,000 for discrimination against a transgender employee.

Maryland teenager jailed for five years over attack on transgender woman
A teenage girl from Baltimore, Maryland, has been sentenced to five years in jail for attacking a transgender woman in a McDonalds’ restaurant.
McDonald’s Attacker Sentenced to 10 Years, Will Serve Five

Senadores respaldan incluir “género” en proyecto de ley contra discriminación
Tras diversas gestiones cursadas ante el Senado, movimiento por la diversidad sexual confirmó hoy que diversos senadores están dispuestos a reponer la categoría de “género” en el Proyecto de Ley que establece medidas contra la discriminación.