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quinta-feira, setembro 08, 2011

Roundtable on rights of transgender people (22-23 September)
On 22-23 September the EU Fundamental Rights Agency - FRA is hosting a roundtable event jointly organised with the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, entitled 'Rights to equality, life and security of the person: bridging the gap for transgender people'.

TvT global panel discussion: "Trans-Rights are Human Rights" (Berlin)
Since 2009, the trans and human rights organisation Transgender Europe has been conducting the international project „Tranrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide“ (TvT) which researches the human rights situation of trans people worldwide in cooperation with numerous researchers, activists and partner organizations from Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania. In the first week of October 2011, six representatives of TvT partner organizations from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Oceania, and South America will gather in Berlin as part of an exchange and strategic planning meeting of the research project.

Soldier in Scotland Fined for Transgender Abuse
A Scottish soldier has become the first person convicted of transgender prejudice in his nation following an incident of verbal abuse.
Scottish man is first to be charged with transgender prejudice
Scottish soldier convicted of transgender prejudice
Soldier fined £350 after he admits first transgender hate crime
Serving soldier fined for 'nasty' attack on transgender victim

[Iran] [Film]
Facing Mirrors
Iranian femme director Negar Azarbeyjani's first feature, "Facing Mirrors," presents two women poles apart in class and beliefs -- one a naive traditionalist forced by circumstances to support her family, the other a rich pre-op transsexual running away from home. When a long taxi ride entangles their destinies, they slowly forge an unlikely friendship rooted in newfound solidarity, rather than moralistic notions of tolerance, which allows each to help the other accomplish complementary goals. This fascinating dual character study could lure gay and straight auds alike.

UN reports on violent attacks on LGBT in Iraq
A report released by the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and the U.N. Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) says that attacks on LGBT in Iraq continued in 2010.

Transgender Man Wows X-Factor Australia's Audience
Transgender man Paige Elliot Phoenix surprised Australia with a soulful performance of INXS’ "Never Tear Us Apart.

Online High School Planned for LGBT Students
Imagine a school where gay, lesbian and trans high school students are free to be open about who they are. Imagine a school where their friends share similar experiences and similar questions; one where you could get a high-quality secondary education while receiving support -- not scorn -- from adults and peers; one where all staff members genuinely want to work with gay kids or those who may be still "questioning."

Doctors' training faulted for neglecting gay issues
Future doctors aren't learning much about the unique health needs of gays and lesbians, a survey of medical school deans suggests.
LGBT health issues not being taught at medical schools, Stanford study finds
LGBT topics get little time in med school

Gloria Allred, Keith Ablow Square Off Over Chaz
As more conservative Dancing With the Stars watchers like psychiatrist Keith Ablow are urging people to boycott the show for adding Chaz Bono to the cast, others like celebrity attorney Gloria Allred are looking to support Bono with a national transgender dance-off.
Activists Call for DWTS Boycott Over Chaz Bono's Casting
Chaz Bono says dancing not gender will be focus on DWTS
Chaz Bono: Unlike dance fever, gender dysphoria isn't catching

Latinas LGBT hablan de su realidad
Mujeres latinas lesbianas, bisexuales y transgénero (LGBT) enfrentan problemas de violencia doméstica, depresión y limitado acceso a servicios de salud, según un reporte difundido recientemente y que se basó en entrevistas a 305 mujeres, cuyas edades oscilaron entre 13 y 60 años.

Pair allegedly stole $45K from Walmart to pay for car, sex-change operation
Prescott police arrested two Walmart employees Friday on felony charges including burglary. Detectives investigating the incident determined Spencer Danger Cullen, 23, of Prescott, conspired with Adriano Valdes Altiveros III, a 19-year-old Prescott man, over the course of numerous days to commit the burglary, Reinhardt said.

Retrying Brandon McInerney
After six days of deliberations, with seven jurors in favor of voluntary manslaughter and five jurors supporting either first-degree or second-degree murder in the case against Brandon McInerney, Judge Charles Campbell declared a mistrial.

Compassion creates a family
A seriously ill young transgender woman and a middle-aged nun form a bond.

Off-Duty D.C. Police Shooter Ordered to Stay in Jail
A Washington, D.C., Superior Court judge ruled Friday that a police officer who was arrested after using his weapon in an off-duty shooting should remain in jail.

City Commission to formally hear debate on gender identity ordinance
After taking a back seat at City Hall for more than a year, commissioners are set to debate the issue of making it illegal to discriminate against people based on their gender identity.

CRIME: Man Maced by Transgendered Male
A man asked a transgender male to stop soliciting sex in front of his building.

Dispatches: Transgender Woman Makes Difference in Region
Caroline Temmermand of Laurel worked hard to realize her true identity. Now she's working hard to help others stamp out discrimination against transgender individuals.

S.D.: Transgender Council Member Reemerges
A former city council member in Rapid City, S.D., is returning to the public eye as she prepares to run for a city council seat after coming out as transgender, the Associated Press reports.