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segunda-feira, setembro 12, 2011

RIP Andy Whitfield

Stop Trans Pathologization 2012 publishes "Reflections on Trans Depathologization and Health Rights."
Please note that the Stop Trans Pathologization STP 2012 Campaign just published the English version of a document titled "Reflections on Trans Depathologization and Health Rights" that discusses thoughts, proposals and possible further steps in the struggle towards depathologizing (trans)gender paths, bodies and identities. Attached [NOTE: THE DOCUMENT IS NOT ATTACHED; SEE LINK BELOW] is the document itself, and here is the link:

Feel free to contact STP 2012 at , or email me directly at if you have any concerns, proposals, or would like to learn more about the campaign.

In solidarity,

Pau Crego


English version

STP 2012 Campaign Communiqué, July 2011 Reflections on Trans Depathologization and Health Rights

Spanish version

Comunicado de la Campaña STP 2012, julio de 2011 Reflexiones sobre despatologización trans y derechos sanitarios

Portuguese version

Comunicado da Campanha STP 2012, julho de 2011 Reflexões sobre despatologização trans e direitos à saúde


Grupos de transexuales de Cataluña celebran medida, y aclaran no están de acuerdo con “trastorno”
Los grupos de ayuda y soporte a las personas transexuales de Cataluña, incluidos en la plataforma coordinadora por la identidad sexual, de genero i discordancia de identidad congénita: - TRANSIFAM (Área de personas transexuales y relaciones familiares de Cataluña, - TRANZ&PEOPLE (Asociación Catalana de soporte y apoyo a personas transexuales, inmigrantes y familias) - AnDICfam (Asociación de niños hijos con discordancia de identidad congénita, familias y amigos)- FiG (Fundación para la identidad de género)

FELGTB alerta de la falta de medidas preventivas contra el suicidio de adolescentes LGTB
Estudios internacionales demuestran que el riesgo de suicidio es alto debido a los elevados índices de acosos a jóvenes por su orientación sexual

[USA] [Commentary]
The Top Fifty 2011 Developments In Trans Law
Yesterday was our second annual Transgender Law Institute at the National LGBT Bar Association conference, with 60 registrants. I was a little nervous yesterday morning, as my morning intro wasn't quite prepared. Last minute Sally, that's me. But it all went fine, I think, and although my feet were killing me by the end of the day and I was jet-lagged to the max, was happy as a clam to share a wonderful dinner with the guys at the end of the day.

Witness To Shooting Of Gay Student Lawrence King Quit Teaching
Dawn Boldrin, a teacher who witnessed Brandon McInerney shoot gay student Lawrence King, has quit teaching.

Election 2010 • Novotny loses bid to unseat Kern
Brittney Novotny lost her bid to become a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives in midterm elections Tuesday, Nov. 2.
Out of 8,600 ballots cast, Novotny, who is transgender, received about 35 percent of the vote.
Her opponent, virulently anti-gay Rep. Sally Kern, will return to office for a fourth term.

Sally Kern Won't Back Down on Equating Gays With Terrorists
Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern became nationally known when she was secretly recorded going on a homophobic rant at a fundraiser in 2008. Since then, she has refused to back down from her claims that homosexuality is just as detrimental to society as terrorism. She has also written a book, The Stoning of Sally Kern, about her journey in disseminating that message and the persecution she has faced.
Sally Kern Insists Gay People Are More Dangerous To America Than Terrorists
US politician Sally Kern: Gays are more dangerous than terrorists