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quinta-feira, setembro 15, 2011

Cirurgias prestes a em Coimbra
Estão previstas para se iniciarem este mês as primeiras cirurgias de correcção do sexo nos Hospitais da Universidade de Coimbra, mas muitas dúvidas existem ainda sobre estas cirurgias.

Ariadna fará cirurgia para ficar com o rosto mais feminino
A ex-BBB Ariadna, transexual que participou da edição 11ª do Big Brother Brasil, contou que fará uma cirurgia facial para deixar seu rosto ainda mais feminino.

Liverpool’s Adelphi is to be transformed into a ‘Tranny Hotel’
THE famous Adelphi will be transformed into a “Tranny Hotel” as part of a European-wide arts festival.
Adelphi welcomes transgender art

The Tale of a Transgender Preteen
The mother of a socially transitioning 10-year-old transgender girl in Worcester, England, says other kids are more accepting of her child than adults.
Boy returns to school as a girl in Worcestershire
Last term I was a boy, now I’m a’s fun

State paid for 14 sex-change operations over five years
New figures from the Health Service Executive show 14 people were approved to travel abroad for gender reassignment surgery over a five-year period.
The surgery is not available in Ireland, but under the E112 scheme it can be arranged abroad and funded by the executive.

Two women circumvent French ban on same-sex marriage to say "I do"
Two women were legally married over the weekend in France, despite gay marriage being banned in the country, an organization that campaigns for gay rights announced Tuesday.
The French chapter of IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) announced that its vice president, Sophie Lichten, and her partner, Sarah, said 'I do' in a civil ceremony in the town of Montreuil, near Paris, on Saturday.
Deux femmes, dont une transsexuelle, se marient à Montreuil

Dutch government to change transgender rules
The Dutch government says it will amend a law that prevents transgender people from registering their new gender on official documents until they have had sex change surgery and been sterilized.

Israeli Doctors Meet Pregnant Man
Doctors were astounded Sunday when a 24-year-old man walked into a central Israel emergency room to tell them he was pregnant, according to YNet News.

The art of being yourself
Consulates of the U.K., the Netherlands and Sweden are supporting a major gay rights cultural event that opens in St. Petersburg this week, as national statistics show that homophobic attitudes are on the rise in Russia.

Transsexuals win fight with Defence Ministry
The Administrative Court has ordered the Defence Ministry to stop describing transsexuals who have not had sex change operations as people with a "permanent mental disorder" in their conscription records.
Campaigner welcomes ruling over transgender records
(Photo: Petitioner Samart Meecharoen flashes a victory sign yesterday after the Administrative Court ordered the Defence Ministry to stop describing transsexuals and transvestites in conscription records as people with a permanent mental disorder.)

Divisions found in gay groups
A SURVEY of the risk behaviour among transgender (TG) and men who have sex with men (MSM) has found divisions between feminine gays and TGs versus "globalised" gay men.
According to the report Secret Lives, Other Voices prepared by the AIDS Taskforce of Fiji, it may be unrealistic to expect one unified community to emerge, or for one community organisation to meet the needs of both of these groups.

News Corp.-Owned Paper Runs Anti-LGBT Article
A Daily Telegraph article involving an Australian couple allegedly dressing their adopted son as a girl is short on details but long on accusations.

Govt fixes trans passport rules
The federal Government has made it easier for sex and gender diverse Australians to get passports that reflect their identity.
Passport changes for the 'gender diverse'

Sydney hosts LGBTI thinktanks
A key conference addressing the problem of domestic and family abuse in the relationships of LGBT people is happening in Sydney this week, and a historic meeting of sex and/or gender diverse peoples has just been announced for December.

New policy for transgender athletes
The NCAA is adopting a new policy regarding transgender athletes.
The NCAA says athletes who have testosterone in their systems from medical treatment will not be allowed to compete against women’s teams in gender-specific sports at NCAA championships. They will be allowed, however, to compete against men.
NCAA Solidifies Transgender Policy
NCLR applauds new NCAA inclusionary policy regarding transgender athletes
NCAA adopts official policy opening the door for transgender athletes

NCTE and SLDN Advise Transgender Service Members: Coming Out May Lead
to Discharge

As the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" makes open service possible for gay, lesbian, and bisexual service members, transgender people are still unable to serve openly. Existing military medical regulations, unrelated to "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," classify transgender people as unfit to serve. Service members who publicly or privately identify as transgender, access transition-related care or have a related medical diagnosis remain at risk for being discharged. Transgender people interested in serving in the armed forces are barred from entry.

NYS AIDS Institute Releases Guidelines For The Treatment Of Transgendered Adults With HIV
New York’s AIDS Institute has released new guidelines for the treatment of HIV-positive transgender individuals. The guidelines recommend that transgender individuals undergo health screening appropriate to their birth sex, such as testing for sexually transmitted diseases or routine pelvic exams for individuals who retain some female genitalia.

D.C. Corrections Officer Accused Of Death Threat
A D.C. Department of Corrections officer is under investigation for making death threats against two women, one of them a transgender inmate.
The officer allegedly threatened to kill the transgender inmate and an activist that works with transgender individuals after the pair complained to authorities that the officer was harassing the inmate and behaving in a trans-phobic manner.

Arrest Made in Trans Shooting
The Metropolitan Police Department announced this morning that an arrest has been made in the case of a transgender woman shot in the early hours of Sept. 12.
20-year-old man arrested and charged in shooting of transgender woman in southeast Washington
UPDATE: Suspect arrested in D.C. shooting

MPD Fields Transgender Crime Questions
Metropolitan Police Department officials held a news conference Sept. 12 intended to address a shooting and the death of an unidentified person, but were bombarded with questions about the recent wave of crimes targeting members of the transgender community, the department's handling of LGBT issues and whether the MPD has an internal ''culture of transphobia.''

Man found dead in Columbia Heights identified
A person found dead in Northwest Washington over the weekend was identified Tuesday as a 35-year-old aeronautical engineer who had been active in the theater.
Identity Of Man Found Dead In Columbia Heights Revealed
D.C. police identify decedent thought to be trans person

Teen Jailed Five Years For Beating at McDonald's
Teonna Brown will serve five years in jail for her involvement in the beating of a transgendered woman in a Rosedale McDonald's in April.
Teen Gets 5 Years in McDonald’s Transgender Beating
5-year sentence for attacker of transgender woman at Baltimore McDonald's
Woman Gets Prison Time For McDonald's Beating
Teen gets 5 years for attack at McDonalds on a transgender woman
Teen sentenced to 5 years in McDonald’s beating
Teen gets 5 years in attack on transgender woman in Maryland
Teen gets five years for attack on transgender woman at McDonald’s

DNC Exec Committee Elects First Trans Member
The Democratic National Committee has upped its diversity quotient with the election of Babs Casbar Siperstein as the first openly transgender member of its executive committee.

Denuncia el OBCUD LGBT represión contra homosexuales
El Observatorio Cubano de los Derechos LGBT (OBCUD LGBT) hace patente su repudio a la represión que contra lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transgéneros lleva a cabo la Policía Nacional Revolucionaria, y que se ha incrementado en las últimas semanas.

Exigen castigo a crímenes contra homosexuales
El Colectivo Aya Huma exige justicia a un año y nueve meses de la muerte de Walter Trochez, secretario de la organización de personas viviendo con VIH/sida de Honduras.