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domingo, setembro 18, 2011

Why I let my son live as a girl: Mother of boy who returned to school in a skirt bravely tells her extraordinary story
Ten-year-old Livvy James loves her new school uniform, particularly the smart, grey skirt with two pleats and pockets decorated with hearts.
‘Walking to school on my first day back, I was nervous and excited, but most of all I just felt like shouting ‘‘Yeay!’’ ’ says Livvy, who wore her shoulder-length blonde hair that day in a swishy pony-tail.
‘I was so excited that I didn’t care what people thought about me. Even if people looked at me or were saying nasty things, I didn’t care. I felt happy because I could be me and didn’t have to pretend any more.’
(Photo: Facing the world: Livvy, who has just returned to Year 6 at school as a girl, stands proudly with her mother Saffron at home in Worcester)

Transexuais e intersexuais: nem homens nem mulheres
Cidadãos transexuais e intersexuais australianos poderão optar por indicar o seu sexo (género) como indeterminado (X) nos novos passaportes a serem emitidos pelo estado australiano.

Planner for elementary students celebrates ‘sex workers,’ transgenderism, ‘LGBTTQQI2S’ agenda
A father of a six-year-old student in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) says he was shocked to discover what the school board considers to be “Days of Significance,” reports the Toronto Sun.
In the “Days of Significance” calendar in his son’s 2011-12 daily planner, Jaak Purres discovered days devoted to transgendered people, prostitution, gender identity, and Dyke marches.
TDSB calendar shocks 6-year-old's dad

White House Backs Social Security Admin.'s Pro-Trans Policy
In a move to help stop workplace discrimination against transgender people, the Social Security Administration has stopped issuing "gender no-match" letters to employers, which alert them when the gender marker on an employee's W-2 does not match his or her Social Security records.
Social Security Administration Puts an End to Policy Endangering Transgender Workers
SSA policy change aids trans workers

Study: Black Trans People Suffer Extreme Prejudice
African-American transgender people may suffer the most discrimination of all LGBT groups, at least according to a recently released supplement to a February report documenting shocking levels of prejudice.
New analysis shows startling levels of discrimination against Black transgender people

[USA] [Commentary]
Dancing with Keith Ablow: The Trans Community Responds
On September 2, Dr. Keith Ablow, the Fox News psychologist, advised parents not to allow their children to see a transgender person on television because he feels that doing so might turn children into transsexuals. The statement was made in response to an announcement that Chaz Bono, a transgender man, would appear on the next season of Dancing with the Stars:
Psychiatric Organization Rebuts Fox Doctor's Attacks On Chaz Bono, Dancing With The Stars

Two Jurors in McInerney Trial Speak
Two jurors in the California trial of Brandon McInerney, who shot gay 15-year-old Lawrence King twice in the head in 2008, spoke to a Los Angeles Fox affiliate to share their conflicted feelings about the case, which ended in a hung jury this month.
Brandon McInerney Trial Jurors Talk about the Case

Autopsy Indicates D.C. Man Died of Natural Causes
The autopsy report for Gaurav Gopalan, who was found dead in Washington, D.C., over the weekend, indicates that he likely died of natural causes.
Gaurav Gopalan died of natural causes, autopsy indicates

Plea Deal Offered in Transgender Shooting Case
Preliminary hearing is rescheduled while defendant considers pleading to aggravated assault

Memorial to Transgender Victim Burned
On the corner of 61st and Dix Street N.E., Lashai McLean was murdered in July.
Friends and supporters adorned a tree near the scene of her murder with a big teddy bear and flowers as a memorial to McLean, 23. It's a memorial no longer -- it's been burned down.
The only thing that remains are charred flowers and some parts of a teddy bear.
Memorial To Transgender Victim Burned

Speaking Out: How young is too young for gender transition?
GA Voice readers were divided over the case of D., a second grader in Townsend, Ga. (, Aug. 26; update in print edition, Sept. 2).
Labeled a girl at birth, the child began living as a boy last year. Tommy Theollyn, D’s parent who is also a female-to-male transgender, wants him to be able to use the boys’ bathroom at Todd Grant Elementary School, but the McIntosh County Public Schools superintendent refused.
Transgender student issue perplexes McIntosh County, Ga., parents, school officials

Southern Comfort Conference 'Comes of Age'
Each year, the Southern Comfort Conference brings transgenders, transsexuals and cross dressers together in a safe space to not only learn from each other but also to learn from experts on such topics as surgeries, transgender fiction writing and career searches.

Inmate wants sex-change surgery at taxpayers' expense
A federal judge in Boston will soon decide whether taxpayers should be forced to pay for sex-change operations for prison inmates.

[MD, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Too little prison time in McDonald's beating
I believe the five-year prison sentence imposed on 19-year-old Teonna Brown, who savagely attacked Chrissy Lee Polis at a Rosedale McDonald's, was too light ("A just sentence," Sept. 15).

Gender neutral housing option at GVSU
Grand Valley State University has added a new option to the 2012 housing application being given to students.
Now students are able to choose a transgender option, not just male or female, when applying for student housing.

Instauran protocolo nacional para adecuación del cuerpo a identidad de personas transexuales
A la par ya se están cotizando los costos de adecuación corporal para incluirlos en prestaciones de Fonasa. Las iniciativas son parte de un trabajo conjunto con el Movilh iniciado el 2008 con un plan piloto que ahora se extenderá oficialmente a todo el país tras petición y reuniones de ese organismo con Piñera y el Ministro de Salud. El Movilh valoró postitivamente al pasado y actual gobierno por los avances realizados en la materia.
Instruyen tratar en Salud a transexuales por su nombre y lanzan protocolo de adecuación corporal
La identidad de género también debe ser protegida