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quinta-feira, setembro 22, 2011

[UK] [Commentary]
Genderless Passports... Another Daft Lib Dem Idea
PASSPORTS will no longer state the gender of the holder thanks to a daft new idea from, yes, the tail-wagging-thedog Lib Dems.

LGBT gains recognition from government for first time
Minister of Family and Social Policy Fatma Şahin, who met with civil society organizations on Wednesday to discuss violence against women, also invited a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender [LGBT] organization to the meeting, the first time the LGBT community has been represented at a meeting organized by the government.

Transgenders get global aid
The state's 4.5 lakh members of MTH (men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender and hijra) community have a ray of hope to fight HIV. For the community can now look forward to Pehchan, a new project under the Global Fund to strengthen and build the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs) to provide HIV-prevention programmes.

Transsexual dancer barred from Chinese TV show
A transsexual dancer in China has criticised the authorities for not allowing her to be a judge on a TV show due to her sex change.

Liberal MP Hedy Fry resurrects transgender rights bill championed by NDP’s Bill Siksay
Hedy Fry is carrying on retired NDP MP Bill Siksay’s fight for transgender rights in Canada.
On Monday (September 19), Fry, the Liberal MP for Vancouver Centre, introduced Bill C-276 in the House of Commons.

On Day Hailed as Civil Rights Victory, Activists Say Trans Community Was Forgotten
Hours after President Drew G. Faust led a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and the return of the Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps to Harvard, Lecturer Timothy P. McCarthy ’93 and a number of students spoke out against the University’s decision.
Trans service members, veterans still face discrimination
DADT Repealed, But Not Before Interrupting These Women's Careers

[Commentary] For Transgender Americans, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Not Enough

New Connecticut employment laws effective Oct. 1
Effective October 1, 2011, Connecticut employers with three or more employees will be prohibited from discriminating against an applicant or employee based on gender identity or expression.

Gaurav Gopalan’s Death Ruled a Homicide
The death of Gaurav Gopalan, a Washington aerospace engineer and theatermaker, has been ruled a homicide by the D.C. medical examiner.
Gopalan Death Ruled Homicide
Death of man found in Columbia Heights ruled a homicide
Gay engineer’s death ruled a homicide
DC Police: Death of Gaurav Gopalan Ruled a Homicide

South Florida Transgenders Cheer On Chaz
Bono's Participation On "Dancing With The Stars" Pleases Local Transgenders

Marauding Gang of Drag Queen Bandits Captured in Florida
A trio of drag queen bandits who’ve been accused of stealing “thousands of dollars of filmy fabrics, sequins, feather boas, and other accessories” from stores across Florida have been apprehended, according to the Orlando Sentinel.
'Drag queen gang' in shoplifting spree
Florida's fun-loving (cross-dressing) criminals
Men in wigs accused of stealing boas and bras

At Northwestern University, Gender-Neutral Housing Progress in Peril
Five years ago, then-McCormick freshman Mykell Miller entered Northwestern University facing the same adjustments all new students must deal with: Learning to live with a roommate, sharing communal bathrooms, and living away from home for the first time. But Miller also found himself navigating some seemingly unchartered waters.

Five charged with beating, stabbing man to death in Little Village
Three men and two women have been charged with murder in the death of a 28-year-old man who was beaten and robbed after leaving a transgender bar in the Southwest Side’s Little Village neighborhood early Saturday.

Berea City Council votes to create human rights commission
As supporters chanted outside city hall, the Berea City Council voted 6-1 Tuesday night to adopt an ordinance creating a human rights commission.
The ordinance calls for the commission to investigate claims of religious, racial, sex, age and physical-disability discrimination in the workplace, housing and public accommodations.
The ordinance does not extend protections to gays, lesbians and transgender people, but two council members said after the vote that an ordinance to include those protections would be proposed later.
Berea council backs human rights panel - but not protection for gays

LGBT toilet at Rio samba group praised, criticized
There are three toilet options now for revelers at the Cidade de Deus shantytown's samba headquarters: his, hers and LGBT.
Inodoro LGBT en escuela de samba en Río recibe elogios y críticas

Declaración pública de senadora Ximena Rincon ante atentado a transgeneras por el cambio
Con el objetivo de acelerar al máximo las investigaciones que se desarrollan en torno al incendio que destruyó cuatro de las cinco mediaguas que Transgéneras por el Cambio tenía en la ciudad de Talca, la Senadora por el Maule Sur, Ximena Rincón, entregará asesoría jurídica a esta institución.
Nuevos antecedentes de incendio intencionado a transgéneras de Talca
Investigan incendio que destruyó viviendas de transexuales en Talca

Atención en Salud para transexuales ya es política de Estado en Chile
El Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh) anunció hoy “revolucionarios cambios en la atención que desde ahora recibirán las personas transexuales en los servicios médicos del país” luego de que en el 2007 dicha organización propusiera un amplio e integral plan sobre la materia al Ministerio de Salud y cuya ejecución inició tímidamente con unprograma piloto un año más tarde.
Actor transformista de telenovela aplaude medida que beneficia a los trans

Una ley contra la discriminación que discrimina
La comunidad trans –integrada por transexuales, transgéneros e intersex– es quizá la más discriminada de nuestro país. Históricamente, estas personas se han visto expuestas a toda clase de violencia, tanto en las calles como en sus hogares. Para mostrar la crueldad de los agresores, basta recordar dos casos del último tiempo: el de Sandy Iturra, transgénera de Valparaíso, atacada en la calle con un bate de béisbol, con tal brutalidad que su rostro quedó completamente desfigurado, perdiendo la visión de uno de sus ojos. Y el reciente atentado incendiario, ocurrido durante las fiestas del 18, contra las mediaguas en que vivía un grupo trans de Talca, su precario hogar desde que el terremoto echara abajo la vieja casona que las albergaba.