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quarta-feira, abril 08, 2015

Bancada evangélica quer cassar direito de transexuais e travestis a nome social
Deputados apresentaram projetos para acabar com uma resolução do Conselho Nacional de Combate a Discriminação, que orienta escolas no tratamento adequado a pessoas transgênero

Travestis denunciam preconceito após serem agredidos em boate
Travestis procuraram Delegacia de Polícia ontem e denunciaram prática de preconceito, seguida de agressão, em boate no centro de Uberaba. As duas vítimas chegaram a ser encaminhadas a hospitais da cidade para atendimento médico.

Watch: 61 year-old transgender activist on her fight to reform Europe's controversial sex change law
John Jeanette Solstad Remo was 61 years old when she transitioned from a man and started living as a woman in Oslo. Here she recalls how she always felt she had been born in the wrong body throughout her childhood, marriage and navy career. She is now hoping that there is a shift in the legal system in countries like Norway which requires transgenders to surgically remove their genitals

Rise in child transgender referrals
The number of children referrred to the NHS as a result of transgender feelings and confusion about their gender has quadrupled in five years, new figures show

Trans woman killed in London, police appeal for witnesses
Police are calling for anyone who might have spoken to a 33-year-old trans woman visiting the UK from Miami, Florida
Transexual é morta em Londres; polícia pede informações

The story of two transgender children
The number of children aged 10 and under who have been referred to NHS support services to help deal with transgender feelings has more than quadrupled in the last six years, the Victoria Derbyshire programme has learned. Here is the story of two of the youngest transgender children in the UK - with permission from their parents and with the support of the children's schools.
BBC show explores issues faced by trans children

Transgender gang-raped, 2 killed in Swabi
Armed men abducted and gang-raped a transgender person after killing two others in Swabi, police said on Monday.
The incident took place in the Yarhussain neighbourhood of Swabi district, where a group of transgenders was returning home after performing a music and dance show at a wedding party.
Sajjad Khan, district police chief of Swabi, said the men were waiting for them in a field and tried to abduct all of them but they refused.
Gunmen attack group of transgender women in Pakistan killing two
Homens armados estupram e matam 2 transexuais no Paquistão

Growing Up as a Transgender Indigenous Australian
I was given with the name Kaitlyn when I was a baby, but I guess that isn't my name anymore. My name is Kai now, I'm 19-years-old, and I'm from the Wakka Wakka and Wulli Wulli nations. My story is that is I've always felt unhappy about being identified as a girl, I felt like I was in the wrong body. When I was 17 I set out on a journey to feel comfortable and have my appearance reflect how I felt on the inside, so I transitioned from female to male.

Mom to use men’s bathroom until ‘potty amendment’ in trans bill dropped
Like any nine-year-old girl, Charlie is carefree, loves Lego and having sleepovers with her friends — but her family worries that new legislation will put her safety and happiness at risk.

Going stealth
Film tackles the real challenges facing trans teen girls

Film about transgender teacher in Hawaii on PBS May 4
At a time when transgender and gender nonconforming people across the U.S. and around the world have achieved unprecedented visibility in popular culture, but continue to suffer extreme violence, harassment, discrimination, and isolation, Independent Lens presents Kumu Hina,

Bruce Jenner’s Interview With Diane Sawyer May End One Conversation and Spark Another
Why the April 24 interview is so important
ABC To Air Two-Hour Interview Between Bruce Jenner, Diane Sawyer

Fuse orders 'Transcendent' docu-series about transgender cabaret performers
Fuse television network has just ordered a new docu-series, Transcendent, which will document the lives of a group of transgender cabaret performers in San Francisco, the network confirms to EW.

After Ind., religious freedom bills could move in other states
A religious freedom law in Indiana seen to enable anti-LGBT discrimination sparked a national outcry that led Gov. Mike Pence to sign a compromise into law, but similar bills may still elsewhere advance despite the media fiasco in the state.

Federal Judge: California Must Provide Trans Inmate with Access to Gender-Affirming Surgery
A federal judge has ruled that a transgender inmate in California must be granted access to gender-affirming surgery that her prison doctors have deemed medically necessary.

Businessman who funded effort to overturn transgender rights law fined by state watchdog
Sean Fieler, a New York-based hedge fund executive who donated $200,000 to an unsuccessful effort to repeal a transgender student rights bill, will pay a $2,400 fine for failing to file a timely donor report with the state.

Group wants city to take a stand against 'bathroom bill'
A local group has called on Gainesville's mayor and City Commission to take a stand against a bill that would ban Floridians from using single-sex restrooms that don't match the sex that's indicated on their passports or driver's licenses.
Gainesville groups gather to protest state transgender bathroom bill

TLDEF Applauds Justice Department's Historic Action Supporting Transgender Prisoner's Right To Hormone Treatment
The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF) responded to news that the United States Department of Justice has filed a brief supporting a transgender prisoner’s right to hormone treatment in her federal case against the Georgia Department of Corrections. This is reportedly the first time the Justice Department has taken action in support of a prisoner’s effort to compel hormone treatment for gender dysphoria, the diagnostic term used to refer to discomfort or distress caused by a difference between a person’s gender identity and their sex assigned at birth.

Concern remains after passage of RFRA 'fix'
Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act’s clarification amendment on April 2 in lieu of outright repealing the bill. Yet, despite his efforts to placate the national skepticism surrounding the bill, its critics find the amendment an insufficient bandage intended to quell the public protest.

Louisiana religious freedom bill could lose some controversial language
Louisiana's religious freedom bill could lose some of the controversial language that has concerned the LGBT community and brought the legislation national attention.

Transgender student opens doors, minds at N. Middlesex
A.J. Lehman plans to combine his senior project and his life transition in an informative, interactive speech Wednesday night titled, "Gender Isn't Black or White."

Minneapolis Mayor Hodges includes transgender courage in state of the city address
In the state of the city address on Thursday, Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges brought attention to issues facing the city’s transgender community and called on all citizens of the city to practice “love and celebration” in interactions with their transgender neighbors. She also called for the city to continue to adopt policies that make the city safer for transgender residents and visitors.

Day of Decision for SOGI Ordinance
The campaign is still raging.
On the eve of the April 7th Election Day, campaign calls and political ads continue.
Last fall, Springfield City Council approved adding four words to a list of city-wide protections when it comes to hiring and public housing in the city: sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). On Tuesday, April 7th, voters will either override council and remove those words from the city code, or leave them in place.

Texas could be next state engulfed in religious freedom debate
Could the uproar over religious freedom laws that engulfed Indiana and Arkansas be coming to Texas? The next couple weeks in the Legislature should provide the answer.

Debate rages on over transgender elementary school student in Stafford
A dispute over which school bathroom should be used by a transgender child in Stafford County is sparking calls for guidance from lawmakers in Richmond and has spilled over into the Virginia House speaker’s heated primary battle.
Gloucester schools compiling information per Department of Justice request