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sexta-feira, dezembro 04, 2015

Churches around the world are ‘grudgingly’ embracing transgender people
Churches are slowly beginning to open up to transgender people, a study has found.

Transgender people to get same protections from press as other minority groups
The Editors Code of Practice Committee has also introduced a new ruling on the reporting of suicide

Emily Brothers hits back at Rod Liddle column asking how blind transgender Labour candidate knew she was 'the wrong sex'
Emily Brothers has hit back at Rod Liddle for comments he made in a recent column, where he asked how the blind transgender Labour candidate would have known she was “the wrong sex”.

Sting’s daughter Eliot Sumner on identifying as gender fluid and why she never came out
Sting’s daughter Eliot Sumner has discussed her gender identity and sexuality in an interview explaining why she eschews labelling either aspect of herself.

Transgender teachers: What it's like when 'Sir' becomes 'Miss'
Sally St Claire is the new headteacher of Hollyoaks High – the fictional school on TV soap Hollyoaks. This week, her past is revealed when a fellow teacher discovers that she wasn’t always Ms St Claire – she used to be Mr.

Transgender prisoners: system failure?
The government is re-examining its policy on transgender inmates following the death of two trans women at all-male prisons in the UK.

Trans woman stabbed in her heart lost her life in Haramidere, Avcilar-Istanbul around 20:00 today (02.12.2015)
Alev, a trans woman was stabbed in her heart by a man who approached her as a client at the street she was working.
Alev who was a mother of one kid was working as a sex worker in Avcilar district of Istanbul lost her life after transphobic hate crime committed this evening in Haramidere. The murderer hasn't been captured by the police yet. Her friends are at the police station waiting for police chief to give a proper explanation.

Indigenous queer and trans stories given voice in new book
A new book which shares the stories of queer and trans Indigenous people in Australia has been released.

[New Zealand]
Billboard mark of "broader transmisogynist violence"
No Pride in Prisons organiser, Emmy Rākete, says the controversial Christmas billboard featuring trans woman Caitlyn Jenner, is reflective of “the kind of cheap, puerile, teenage-boy humour trans women have to deal with constantly.”
Billboard company apologises, making donation

The fight for trans rights: a matter of life and death
“Don’t get out of the car, unless you have to,” Joe, my security guard, told me, gun at his hip.

WRPS sends out draft of transgender AP
The first draft of Wetaskiwin Regional Public School’s Administrative Procedure (AP) regarding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity has gone out for review.

Education minister concerned with the direction of Edmonton Catholic's transgender policy
Alberta’s education minister said his department will be helping the Edmonton Catholic school board draft a more specific transgender policy after a board meeting Tuesday night again became mired in semantics.

Six State Leaders Argue Transgender Students Deserve No Accommodations In Schools
Gavin Grimm, a transgender teen in Virginia, is continuing his fight to simply access the boys’ bathroom at Gloucester High School along with his male classmates. After a federal judge ruled in September against providing immediate injunctive relief to allow Grim to continue using the bathroom, the ACLU appealed to the Fourth Circuit. This week, leaders from six states filed an amicus brief arguing that transgender teens like Grimm should not be provided any accommodations based on their gender identity.

Religious groups’ policies on transgender members vary widely
Religious institutions are starting to formally address the participation of transgender people in their congregations, much as they have with the issue of accepting homosexuals.
Just recently, the Union for Reform Judaism approved a far-reaching resolution on the rights of transgender and gender nonconforming people, affirming its “commitment to the full equality, inclusion and acceptance of people of all gender identities and gender expressions.”
In addition to Reform Judaism, the United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist and Episcopal churches each have issued specific statements saying that transgender people should be fully included in the life of the church and that they can be ordained as ministers.

Ted Cruz Vows To Fight Gay Rights In Extremist Conference Call
Sen. Ted Cruz continues to woo anti-gay extremists, this time appearing on a conference call for conservative activists organized by E.W. Jackson, the former GOP nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia.

Solution Wanted
A group of UA employees is working to convince the administration that insurance for trans faculty and family is a worthy fight

Oakland Music School Creates Corps of Female and Transgender Drummers
Near Oakland’s Lake Merritt, the windows of the Trybe Youth and Family Resource Center vibrate with rhythm. Two nights a week, this space on Park Boulevard throbs with pounding bass drums, tapping snares and clunking agogô bells, as the students of Boomshake Music play through their two-hour lesson.

Trans Suicide Hotline Founder Heeds the Call
It is uncommon for someone to wake up for work each morning and immediately set about looking for ways to terminate her own employment. But that is exactly what Greta Gustava Martela does — every day — passionately.

My Valley, My Story: Fresno Transgender Man Shares His Personal Journey
FM89's series My Valley, My Story features first person accounts from the lives of people throughout the San Joaquin Valley. This week reporter Diana Aguilera brings us the story of transgender activist Zoyer Zyndel. He talks about the struggles he's faced and his hopes for the valley's LGBTQ community.

Misgendering in trans case criticized
Advocates for the transgender community are criticizing a San Francisco attorney's misgendering of a trans woman who was allegedly assaulted in a recent hate crime.

Charge dismissed against trans activist
At the request of prosecutors, a D.C. Superior Court judge on Nov. 25 dismissed a charge of failure to obey a lawful order by a police officer against transgender activist Jes Grobman, who was arrested one week earlier for allegedly blocking traffic during a transgender rights protest.

Trans vacationer files complaint against Royal Caribbean
It was supposed to be fun on the high seas on the second annual Transgender Vacations' Caribbean cruise aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. ship. That was until one guest alleged she was the recipient of a bartender's homophobic epithets.

Idaho school districts approach LGBT policies differently
The Idaho School Board Association proposed new policy recommendations for the treatment of LGBT students earlier this year. However, not many school districts have embraced the policy, and a new poll states that the majority of Idahoans don't want school districts to adopt them either.

Dist. 211 transgender student must use separate changing area; ACLU disappointed
In a settlement with the federal government approved early this morning by the Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 school board, a transgender student will continue to use a separate changing area within a girls locker room and not have unrestricted access to that locker room.

Survey of students reveals lack of education on transgender issues
When Jak Grubbs identified as a lesbian, the Holland senior felt more accepted at Central Michigan University. Now as an open transgender person, Grubbs experiences more discrimination.

Judge rules transgender lawsuit against Ruth Johnson may continue
A federal judge ruled Wednesday that a lawsuit regarding gender markers on driver’s licenses and state IDs for transgender residents will continue.

Kansas City Parents Find Struggle, Satisfaction In Raising Transgender Children
Parents expect to raise the child born to them. So, when a child takes on a different gender identity, they take on a unique set of challenges.

Transgender ex-employee sues Sanford hospital for discrimination
A transgender woman who alleges she was denied access to a women's locker room while working at Sanford Health has filed a discrimination suit against the hospital.

Transgender student: SUCO's inclusivity effort has pros, cons
A transgender student at SUNY Oneonta and a school official said Wednesday that the college is on the right track toward becoming fully inclusive but still has some work to do.

Cornell University Assembly Votes for Gender Inclusive Restrooms and Locker Rooms
Requires President Garrett's signature to become University policy

Greater Cleveland Aquarium, Case Western Univ. join 'all gender' public restroom trend
While there’s been little movement for Cleveland’s non-discrimination restroom ordinance, private organizations like the Greater Cleveland Aquarium are taking a stand with their own “all gender” restroom facilities.

In response to controversy, hundreds pack Mount Horeb library for reading of transgender book
In a turnout that stunned organizers, nearly 600 people filled the library here Wednesday night to hear a public reading of a children’s book about a transgender girl, with many in the crowd expressing strong support for a local family with a transgender child.
Reading of book at Mt. Horeb library supports transgender child

As transgender youth make news, doctors say it is not a fad but a previously hidden issue
While it may seem that transgenderism among young children is suddenly on the rise, it is far more likely that its prevalence is unchanged, just no longer hidden, according to two Madison physicians who treat transgender patients.

[Costa Rica]
Transsexuals are welcome at female-only bank, Banca Kristal, if their ID cards have “female name”
The controversial women’s-only bank, Banca Kristal will accept transsexual women as customers if their national ID card (cedula) indicates their sex as female or if the “CC” (conocido como, “known as”) line on their ID card indicates a “female” name, a legal representative for the bank tells