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terça-feira, setembro 21, 2010

Hate crime in Turkey
Our transsexual friend Irem has been murdered at her own house! (Bursa, Altiparmak)
Our transsexual friend Irem has been killed by drowning at her own flat on September 20.
Transgenders murders are political murders. We are going to protest the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender phobic system which does not define “Hate Crimes”, awards the Killers by reducing their prison sentences, does not provide any constitutional rights to Gay, Lesbian, Transsexual, bisexuals, and transgenders people, and makes these type of murders much easier.
Source: Michelle Demishevich

Transgenders go for sex change for better life
Ever since two government hospitals started performing sex reassignment surgeries free of cost on people with ‘gender dysphoria’ about eight months ago, 87 such operations have been performed and over people 500 wait-listed. But that wouldn’t give you a sense of the number of people opting for such surgeries in the city as quite a few of them have been putting themselves under the scalpel of plastic surgeons for sex change at private hospitals here for a long time.

A Ganapati mandal run by sex workers, eunuchs
It is the only Ganapati mandal in the city run exclusively by sex workers and hijras. And it has been around for 42 years.
At the Vaibhav Mitra Mandal, aartis and poojas have been performed by sex workers and eunuchs since it began celebrating Ganeshotsav in 1968. All castes and religions enthusiastically take part in the celebrations.
The Ganapati temple of the mandal stands at a place that was a garbage dump once.

How should schools handle transgender kids?
When most little girls draw themselves, they draw pictures of young ladies, often in fancy dresses and high heels.
But one kid in Deltona has always depicted herself differently: As a boy in pants, standing outside a "boy's" school or picking flowers for his mom.
Today, this youngster wants to be called "he." And after years of battles over school clothes and haircuts and long meetings with a therapist, the third-grader's parents are letting her live as a boy.
This child hasn't had a sex change and wasn't born a hermaphrodite.

Panel rules against Orono school in transgender bathroom access
The Maine Human Rights Commission ruled Monday that Orono Middle School unlawfully discriminated against a sixth-grader during the 2008-2009 school year by not letting the male-to-female transgender student use the girls’ bathroom.

[Puerto Rico]
Terror entre la comunidad LGBTT
Camina por un oscuro callejón, rumbo a la avenida, con sensuales movimientos y atenta mirada a todo a su alrededor, especialmente los carros que al pasar cerca disminuyen su velocidad.
El paso distante de una patrulla policial, que atraviesa otra callejuela con sus centelleantes luces azules, hace que aminore la marcha. Otro vehículo, más próximo, captura su atención al punto que no puede evitar atenderlo. Baja una ventanilla oscura y hace señales. No es un cliente. La tensión es evidente.
La persona, como muchas otras, trabaja en las noches, por un sector de Santurce. Su uniforme: una falda corta, tacos, maquillaje y una blusa escotada que realza sus senos, si bien ella no es mujer (o por lo menos no lo es siguiendo una estricta definición genética).
Activistas piden respeto hacia la comunidad LGBTT