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sexta-feira, dezembro 10, 2010

Filme inédito com Jude Law interpretando transexual será exibido na TV fechada
O filme "Fúria", uma experiência diferente do cinema tradicional, não entrará em cartaz no Brasil. Em vez disso, a produção vai direto para a TV por assinatura, e será exibida neste domingo (12), no canal GNT. (Foto)

Cross dresser stripped off in country lane
A woman driving along a quiet Worcestershire lane was startled when a man stepped out into the roadway and took off his shirt to reveal a red bra.

Transexuais Holandeses ganham direito a diplomas novos
As pessoas transexuais holandesas conquistaram o direito de receberem novos diplomas escolares e universitários reflectindo o nome e género correctos.
Dutch transgenders will get new diplomas

Party raided
Police have arrested seven transvestites during a raid on a camp in Mina Abdullah, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The daily quoting security sources police acting on a tip-off rushed to the camp and arrested a number of people including the transvestites and referred them to the authorities. Police are looking for some men who reportedly escaped on foot leaving behind their vehicles.

[South Africa]
Support for transgender pupil
School children must be supported in their right to a preferred sexual orientation, the Eastern Cape department of education said on Wednesday.

Andhra Pradesh government gives in to sexuality bias
The joy of getting recognised under the Minorities Welfare Department, after years of struggle, has proved short lived for the transgender community in Andhra Pradesh. Angry protests by religious minority groups forced the Andhra Pradesh government to go back on its decision to include sexual minorities, technically called MSM, or men who have sex with men, in the Minorities Welfare Department.

States to consider rights of genderless people
The need for a national approach to legal recognition of ''genderless'' people - who identify as neither male nor female - will be raised by the NSW Attorney-General, John Hatzistergos, at a meeting of his state and territory counterparts in Canberra tomorrow.
NSW's push to recognise 'genderless' people

Canada’s ‘trans’ bill passes, goes to third reading
The Canadian bill seeking to enshrine protections for ‘transsexuals’, which has been dubbed a ‘bathroom bill’ by pro-family leaders due to the fact that it would allow men who say they are women to use women’s washrooms, passed report stage in the House of Commons around 3:30 this afternoon in a vote of 143-131.
C-389 passes but faces further delays
Conservative MPs break ranks to support transsexual-rights bill

[Commentary] Risks inherent in NDP's 'Bathroom Bill
[Commentary] Bill C-389 - another step closer for trans human rights

Canada’s Military Updates Uniform For Transgender Soldiers
The Canadian military has decided to allow its transgendered members to wear the uniform of their target gender. In fact, Canada’s National Defence Department has been helping to fund the sex change operations of its service members since 1998. Meanwhile, here in the states, we can’t even get over whether or not a man who would willingly give his life to defend this country likes to kiss other guys.
Canadian military establishes dress rules for transsexuals
Canada Issues Dress Rules for Military Transsexuals

[Canada] [Commentary]
DiManno: Elite athletes are not created equal
Born female does not mean born entitled, except perhaps to gentlemanly courtesies and it’s bad manners to demand good manners.
And born female but transgendered to male isn’t a license to cheat, under the rubric of civil liberties.
In the world of sports, this distinction matters. It’s not about genital arrangement or re-arrangement. It’s about muscle mass and skeletal structure. It’s about DNA and testosterone. It’s about intrinsic biology and the superior physical strength of men.

Fair Housing Bill Introduced
Three congressmen, including New York's Jerrold Nadler (pictured), introduced legislation Wednesday that would extend federal civil rights protections in housing issues to gay and transgender people.

Ladies pro golf will now accept MTF transgender players
"We don't need to comment on this because it's a dead issue. She can compete if she can qualify. We certainly don't want to discriminate against anybody, that's not what the LPGA is about. And if she can qualify, she'll be able to play. We're like, the last sports organization to do it, it's just we've never really had to look at it before.''

[USA] [Commentary]
Gay Community, Y'all Haven't Exactly Been 'Fierce Advocates' For Us
One of the things I've noted in the gayosphere, especially amongst white GLBT peeps is how quick they are to not only slam President Obama for not in their estimation passing their desired legislative agenda items fast enough to their liking but sarcastically mock his campaign pledge he'd be a 'fierce advocate' for the community.

Trans Woman Files Complaint Against DMV
A transgender woman filed a privacy claim Wednesday against the California Department of Motor Vehicles after one of its workers found her personal contact information and sent a letter to her home condemning her gender identity.

Judge Rejects Removal of DA From McInerney Trial
An attempt to remove the district attorney prosecuting 16-year-old Brandon McInerney, who is accused of murdering his gay classmate, failed on Monday.

Rural California Opens Trans Clinic
A health center in Humboldt, Calif., Tuesday launched a monthly clinic designed with the needs of transgender people in mind.

Woman Locked in a Men's Prison
A hermaphrodite who underwent surgery to become a woman claims Hawaii incarcerated her in a men's prison where she was, predictably, raped. The 33-year-old woman says the state locked her up in its largest men's prison despite her repeated protests during intake that she is a woman.
Dione Kaeo-Tomaselli sued the Hawaii Department of Public Safety for civil rights violations, in state court.

Enough cause found to move forward with Carlson trial
A preliminary hearing for a Payette transgender resident charged with a pair of felonies determined there was enough probable cause to move forward with a trial.
Catherine Carlson, 52, has undergone a psychological evaluation and was found fit to stand trial.

La Red Mexicana de Mujeres Trans conmemoran el Día Mundial contra el Sida
La Red Mexicana de MUJERES TRANS A.C. en compañía de organizaciones, como checcos, colega y el comusida Tlaquepaque trabajaron en conjunto para celebrar El día mundial de la lucha contra el SIDA.

Personas transexuales de Bolivia se reúnen para reclamar una Ley Identidad Género al Gobierno Central
Mujeres transexuales y/o travestis y/o transgeneros del país se reúnen, por primera vez en Cochabamba, para analizar la Ley de Identidad de Género y generar propuestas que puedan llegar a ser consensuadas con el Gobierno central.

Se comprometen revisar caso trabajadora transexual del transporte público en Argentina
La solicitud que realizó la transexual Valeria del Mar Beltrán, foto, ante la Coordinación de Tránsito y Transporte, División Transporte Público, en agosto, refería a la posibilidad concreta a que se respete su identidad femenina por sobre el nombre que aparece en su Documento Nacional de Identidad. Esta semana la trabajadora denunció a El Diario que no logra definición al respecto y que la situación le está ocasionando serio perjuicio laboral. Al respecto, el intendente Carlos Eliceche, se comprometió ayer a analizar las facultades de los funcionarios municipales a fin de tratar de cumplir con su solicitud.