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domingo, dezembro 12, 2010

180 asesinatos por Transfóbia último año alarman de necesidad proteger Derechos Humanos de personas trans
180 asesinatos por Transfóbia en el último año alarman de la necesidad de proteger los Derechos Humanos de las personas trans.
En el mundo se comenten numerosos crímenes de odio a personas transexuales que no son condenados por la Justicia, el 80% en Centroamérica y Sudamérica.
Alarma: 180 asesinatos por transfobia en el último año alertan de la necesidad de proteger los Derechos Humanos de las personas trans

Declaración de COGAM con motivo del Día Internacional de los Derechos Humanos
Desde COGAM compartimos el principio de universalidad de los derechos humanos, plasmado en la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos, cuyo 62º aniversario conmemoramos el 10 de diciembre, que en su primer artículo proclama: “Todos los seres humanos nacen libres e iguales en dignidad y derechos”.

Frenchman's free UK sex swap op
FRENCHMAN Patrick Escoffier moved to Britain for a sex change on the NHS - and a new life as PATTY.
The father of five was refused a gender swap by French doctors - but Brit surgeons agreed to do the £20,000 operation without charge.

Lea T. Talks Gender Reassignment Surgery With The NYT
Six months ago, Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci cast his muse and best friend Lea T in an ensemble ad campaign for the brand. Yesterday, the New York Times highlighted T. — along with James Franco’s Candy cover and Marc Jacobs‘ cross-dressing turn for Industrie — in a Thursday Styles article titled, “Bold Crossings of the Gender Line” about the “saturation” of “gender-bending” in the news and media. (Photo)

Labour MP to present private members' bill for Gender Identity Act
Labour MP Evarist Bartolo will present a private member’s bill for a Gender Identity Act drafted by the MaltaGay Rights Movement that will make it easier for transgendered individuals.

[Thailand] [Film]
Banned movie gets cremated in public
A director has staged a mock funeral of a recently banned film, complete with a mournful speech about the deceased and guests placing sandalwood flowers at a miniature crematorium.
"At first I thought it would be a fun event," said Tanwarin Sukkapisit about the satirical funeral. "But it turned out to be really sad because I've been working on the film for two years. It was like raising a baby and now the baby is gone."
Insect in the Backyard was banned by the ratings committee two weeks ago for being against public morals.
The film tells the story of a cross-dressing father, played by katoey Tanwarin, and his dysfunctional family. It has a masturbation scene and scenes of students engaged in prostitution.
(Photo: Director Tanwarin Sukkapisit conducts a mock funeral at the Thai Film Archive for the recently banned film Insect in the Backyard.)

Martha or Arthur? Cossies in a twist at ladies-only baths
Men are not welcome and there is no in-between ground, writes Helen Pitt.
At what point does a man undergoing a sex change become a woman? This was the question that got a few cossies in a knot at the McIver Ladies Baths in Coogee on a recent Sunday, when a man claiming he was having hormone therapy came to use the ocean pool.
The 20-metre pool is Australia's last remaining coastal baths for women and children only and is listed with the National Trust.

El Ejército canadiense aprueba un protocolo que facilitará la integración de sus miembros transexuales
Mientras su vecino del sur discute si permitir o no a personas abiertamente gays y lesbianas servir en sus Fuerzas Armadas, Canadá acaba de aprobar un protocolo que clarifica la política que su Ejército debe seguir hacia sus miembros transexuales. Y lo hace, además, de una forma muy positiva.
Canadian Military Changes Transgender Policy
Canadian military publishes new transgender policy

[Canada] [Commentary]
Law to protect ‘gender expression’
The Canadian House of Commons is currently considering a bill that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of “gender identity” and “gender expression.”
[Commentary] Good News Out of Canada
[Commentary] Canada's Trans Soldiers Aren't Just Allowed To Serve. They're Allowed To Pick Their Uniform

[USA] [Commentary]
While U.S. Fumbles On DADT, Australia & Canada Accommodate Trans Servicemembers
One day Henny Penny was scratching in the farmyard looking for something good to eat when, suddenly, something hit her on the head. "My goodness me!" she said. "The sky must be falling down. I must go and tell the king."

Creepy DMV Clerk Warns Transgender Woman of 'Evil Decision'
As if going to the DMV wasn't harrowing enough, Amber Yust, a 23-year-old software engineer, had a particularly vile experience when she went to change register her sex denotation at the San Francisco Department of Motor Vehicles: One or the government employees called her an "abomination." (Photo: Amber Yust)
Transgender Woman Gets Hate Mail After Visiting DMV
Transgender woman files claim against DMV
DMV clerk suspended for sex-change admonition
DMV clerk suspended after judgmental letter
DMV worker faces lawsuit

[Commentary] Amber Yust Changed Her Driver's License Gender And All She Got Was a Lousy Letter of Abomination

No One Charged in Brawl Injuring Transgender Woman
* A transgender woman was involved in a Black Friday fight in Jackson, Tenn.
* She said police who responded to the scene were rude and dismissive when they found out she's transgender.
* After reviewing evidence, Jackson police are not charging anyone in the assault that left the woman with three missing teeth.

Una paradoja jurídica permite celebrar la primera boda gay de la historia de Ecuador
Ecuador ha celebrado este viernes la primera boda gay de la historia del país sudamericano. Una celebración con plena validez legal, posible porque uno de los contrayentes es un varón transexual cuyos datos registrales siguen correspondiendo a los de una mujer.