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segunda-feira, dezembro 13, 2010

[Kenya] [Commentary]
Kenya's Landmark Intersex Case
A landmark court case filed by Richard Muasya, an intersex person, has been decided by Kenyan High Court judges Hannah Okwengu, Ruth Sitati and George Dulu. Richard Muasya has been awarded Sh500,000 for the inhuman and degrading treatment he experienced at Kamiti Maximum Prison. His request to have a third gender introduced into Kenya’s books of statutes has been rejected. According to the Kenyan Jurist:
African Activist: Kenya’s Landmark Intersex Case

Government pass the buck on transgenders
In a sorry state of affairs, the transgenders in the State find themselves being shunted one way or another with no government department ready to take up their responsibility.

Stuck at crossroads
Transgenders and gays in the City have their own horror stories to narrate. They are ill-treated, humiliated and stamped upon at every step.

Transgenders - a separate category in Census 2011
Transgenders have a reason to celebrate, as they will be included in the 2011 census in 'Others' category after recommendations of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) were accepted by the government.

Bill Introduced to Amend Fair Housing Act
Rep. Jerry Nadler of New Jersey introduced a bill yesterday that would ban housing discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status or source of income. The bill would amend the Fair Housing Act to include these categories and would impact the sale and rental of housing, home financing and brokerage services.

Calif DMV Investigates Hate Letter
The California Department of Motor Vehicles suspended one of its employees and is looking for more answers after the clerk sent a scornful letter to the home of a transgender woman seeking to change her driver's license.
DMV employee in transgender privacy case suspended
DMV employee put on leave after allegedly sending hate mail to transgender woman

[HA, USA] [Commentary[
Courthouse News Service: Woman Locked in a Men’s Prison
COMPOUNDING damage already done by an Hawaiian prison system that locked her up in a gaol for men, the Courthouse News Service insults intersex woman Dione Kaeo-Tomaselli with some pathetically badly researched misreporting:

Casos de identidade de género
Tania Luna, actriz transexual de 27 anos, tornou-se na primeira pessoa da América Latina a conseguir que lhe reconhecessem a sua identidade de mulher sem ter sido forçada a submeter-se a uma CRS, num acto considerado pelas associações de direitos humanos como “um facto histórico.”