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quarta-feira, dezembro 15, 2010

NHS Medway suspends IVF funding
NHS Medway, Kent, has joined several other trusts in suspending funding for new referrals for IVF until the new financial year when the decision will be reviewed.
The PCT is making cuts in a number of sectors, including savings of over £5 million in staffing by 2014. On top of this and other measures, new referrals for bariatric surgery (morbid obesity), gender reassignment and IVF have all been suspended.

[Ireland] [Commentary]
No safe shelter for transgendered homeless
When we think of the Christmas season most of us see presents under Christmas trees and too much food everywhere, however, this is in stark contrast to those among us who are homeless. The recent cold snap made me think a great deal about homelessness and just how disenfranchised those people are.

Transgender Persons Register proposed in private member's motion
A private member’s motion to establish the Transgender Persons Register and the procedure for recognition of a person’s gender has been presented to Parliament by Labour MP Evarist Bartolo. It was first announced last week.

Transgender model Lea T on why she came out
Givenchy model Lea T has revealed why she decided to be open about being transgender.
The Italian model was asked by Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci to star in the ads and says that she agreed on the condition of being open about her trans status.
Givenchy's Transsexual Supermodel Talks!

City police warns pesky transgenders
City police commissioner Shankar M Bidari said there was an increase in the number of extortion cases by transgenders in the city.
Speaking to reporters at a press conference on Monday, he said the police received more complaints about transgenders harassing public in traffic signals. "Cases of transgenders extorting money from people are reported in some police stations," he said.
Annoyed by eunuchs, Bangalore police start crackdown
Bidari cracks down on transgenders

[USA] [Commentary]
Being Trans Is So Hot Right Now, At Least For Celebrities And Models, Kinda
Good news, being trans is cool and hip now and not at all related to outrageously high rates of violence and widespread oppression and marginalization!

[USA] [Commentary]
Chloe Alexander Moore Pepper Sprayed The Man Who Trans-Bashed Her. He Happens To Be A Cop
Chloe Alexander Moore, a 25-year-old D.C.-area trans woman, was arrested last week for discharging her pepper spray into the face of a man who verbally and physically assaulted her in the early morning hours. Oh, the man was an off-duty police officer? And he might be the one who's at fault?

[USA] [Commentary]
Transphobia As An Apparent Government Function
Sometimes, one can't help but wonder if one of the functions of state and local government is transphobia. Below are two stories on agents of government allegedly behaving badly.

State senator proposes bill to include LGBT studies in schools
State Senator Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, proposed new legislation Monday to ensure that the historical contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals do not go unnoticed by California students.
Bill would require gay history in textbooks to fight bullying
Sen. Mark Leno Introduces LGBT Social Studies Requirement Bill

Police release fight tape
Video surveillance of the fight inside the Kohl's Department Store in Jackson on Black Friday shows two groups arguing in the breezeway before the fight left a transgender woman with three teeth knocked out and a man with a bitten, lacerated thumb.

Pareja gay: “en nuestros planes está ser padres”
Esta mañana en “Las Noticias Frente a Ellos”, en radio Majestad 89.7, Joey Hateley y Hugo Vera, la pareja gay que celebró su matrimonio el viernes pasado, aseguró que se siente realizada pero aún percibe el rechazo de varios sectores de la sociedad, especialmente de la clase media.

Investigan crimen de travesti en el norte de Cali
El ataque a bala ocurrió durante la madrugada del pasado domingo.
Los hechos ocurrieron hacia las 3:00 de la mañana, cuando 'Pamela' se encontraba cerca del cementerio Metropolitano del Norte.
En circunstancias no clarificadas, el asesinato habría sido cometido por parte del ocupante de un automóvil color gris, de acuerdo con los primeros testimonios.

Solicitan servicio sexual y les roban
Por solicitar los servicios sexuales de una meretriz y un homosexual, dos parroquianos fueron asaltados y terminaron en la comisaría.
La noche del domingo, Andrés M.B. (45) ingresó a un hospedaje con "Luciana" Quispe (22) quien en un descuido, lo despojó de su celular . El agraviado pidió apoyo a los serenos de Huancayo que atraparon al homosexual en los jirones Amazonas y Calixto.

Florencia Trinidad ya tiene su nuevo DNI
La actriz obtuvo de parte de la Justicia un fallo que reconoce su identidad femenina -sin exigirle una intervención quirúrgica- y por lo tanto se le otorgó un nuevo Documento Nacional de Identidad y Partida de Nacimiento. Es el primer fallo despatologizado de la historia en Argentina y Latinoamérica.