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terça-feira, dezembro 14, 2010

Strip search axed for sex swap lags
PRISON bosses have been told not to order intimate strip searches on sex swap lags, it was revealed last night.
Transsexual prisoners will NOT have to have intimate strip searches under 'sensitive' new guidelines

AD supports the private members gender identity bill
Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party has expressed its support of the private members bill presented by Evarist Bartolo for a gender identity act.

[South Africa]
Teen 'devastated' by banning
A teenager says she is "devastated" after being barred from high school next year for feeling more comfortable wearing trousers than a skirt.

TN, Kerala add to our eunuch woes
If the men in khaki are helpless against the eunuchs, it is easy to imagine the plight of the common man. To make matters worse, the eunuch count is on the rise in the city.
Akkai, a senior coordinator for Sangama, an NGO, told BM that in 2009 the number of hijras in the city was about 2,000. “It has certainly gone up after the Delhi High Court’s judgment on Article 377,” he added. “It has encouraged more people to embrace their gender identity. Many of them consider Bangalore a safe haven. We have noted an increase in the number of migrants from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We cannot give exact figures, but I would say that the eunuchs’ population is going up by about 20 people every month.”
The activist condemned the eunuchs’ attack on the constable. “Legal action should be taken against the offenders. There is a difference between begging for money at traffic signals and attacking someone for money.”
Eunuch menace just got worse

Eunuch hacked to death by robbers
A 50-year-old eunuch was brutally murdered in a loot bid at his residence in Ghasiyaritola locality under Adampur police station on Saturday night.

Developer’s role unclear in eunuch’s murder
The police have not got any evidence against the developer, who was arrested for allegedly being involved in a eunuch’s murder. On November 27, four unidentified people barged into Asha Ansar’s house at Vikhroli and strangulated her. Johnson Nadar, 46, was arrested on December 2 for his suspected involvement in the murder and later released on bail.

Separate category for transgenders in census
Government has accepted the recommendations of the Technical Advisory Committee to include transgenders as a separate 'Others' category in the Census 2011.
Activists hail Centre''s decision on transgenders

Mariela Castro defiende en Tokio que la transexualidad no es un trastorno mental
La sexóloga cubana Mariela Castro, hija del presidente cubano Raúl Castro, afirmó hoy en Tokio que la transexualidad "no es un trastorno mental" y defendió el derecho de los transexuales a someterse a intervenciones quirúrgicas de reasignacion de sexo.

Mujer trans denuncia departamento vehículos California por invasión privacidad, la llamaron "abominación"
Una mujer transgénero y/o transexual presentó una denuncia de violación a la privacidad el miércoles ante el Departamento de Vehículos Motorizados de California, después de que uno de sus trabajadores accedió a su información personal de contacto y le envió una carta a su casa, condenando su identidad de género.

Well-known Trinidad sex-reassignment doctor leaves
If you want to hide out in Trinidad, stay away from the Hot Spot at the Savoy. Every single customer — and there were more than a dozen — who stepped into the long, narrow downtown diner during a recent lunch hour was greeted by name or back-slapped or fussed over by somebody already inside.

Transgender Woman Accuses D.C. Officer of Biased Abuse
The D.C. police department's Internal Affairs section is investigating an incident where a transgender woman was arrested last week for spraying an off-duty D.C. police officer with chemical repellent despite asserting that she was defending herself from a bias-related assault by the officer.

Joey Hateley, Hugo Vera Celebrate Ecuador's First Gay & Transgender Marriage
The marriage of Joey Hateley and Hugo Vera is Ecuador's first legal gay and transgender union, the Spanish news agency EFE reported.
The two men married in a civil ceremony in Quito on Friday.
The pair were able to marry in the country that bans same-sex unions because Hateley transitioned from a woman to a man, but is legally considered a female. (Foto)
Ecuador celebra su primera boda "gay" gracias a que uno de ellos es hombre transexual sin cambio DNI

La identidad rota de los transexuales
Un tercio de la población en Venezuela tiene una orientación sexual distinta. La abogada Tamara Adrián, aspirante a magistrada en el TSJ , prácticamente no tiene cédula. Antes se llamaba Tomás.

Así son las transfor del “ácido de batería”
El 93 por ciento de las transexuales en Maracaibo sufre hostigamiento.En el Zulia existen unas 120 transexuales viviendo del sexo callejero

Exculpan de momento por "falta de merito" a el ex novio de la transexual muerta Pequeña P
Por casi dos meses el magistrado analizó lo declarado en la indagatoria realizada al remisero –que fuera pareja de la mujer transexual- y el voluminoso expediente con lo actuando anteriormente.

Habló Alejandro Iglesias, el participante transexual de Gran Hermano 2011
Entre los atractivos de esta edición, se cuenta la inclusión de Alejandro Iglesias, quien acarrea una fuerte historia en relación a su identidad sexual. Tiene 26 años y cumplirá los 27 el 28 de enero. Vive en Buenos Aires, y le gusta ir al gimnasio. El participante dijo que “Nací mujer, como Silvia, pero siempre me sentí un hombre”
Un transexual y una lesbiana en Gran Hermano