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quinta-feira, fevereiro 17, 2011

Casarão Brasil realiza debate sobre travestis e transexuais na terceira idade
Na próxima sexta-feira (18) o Casarão Brasil realizará um debate a respeito da vivência na terceira idade por transexuais e travestis. E para discutir o tema foram convidados dois especialistas que atuam na área: Carolina Rodrigues de Carvalho e Pedro Paulo Sammarco Antunes.
São Paulo debate na sexta realidade trans na Terceira Idade

Filho de Nego e sobrinho de Neguinho, Alex Nega gosta de se ‘montar’ e diz que ‘se sente mulher’
Com delicadeza, ele corta, costura, cola, arruma... Há dez anos no carnaval da Beija-Flor, Alex Marcondes, ou Nega, como é conhecido no barracão, não tem dúvidas de que está na profissão certa: seu talento para a folia está no sangue. Filho do intérprete Nego, atualmente na Mocidade, e sobrinho de Neguinho da Beija-Flor, Nega trabalha em um dos ateliês da escola, na confecção das alegorias.

Na Espanha transexual pode ser eleita para o parlamento
Militante socialista que passou pelas prisões do regime franquista, Carla Antonelli deverá ser a primeira transexual eleita para o parlamento na Espanha, um país na vanguarda das leis à favor da comunidade LGBT. Antonelli é uma das favoritas do Partido socialista espanhol (PSOE) para ocupar uma vaga no parlamento regional de Madrid.

Joanne Cassar files submissions in sex change case
Joanne Cassar has filed submissions following an appeal by the Attorney General from a court decision which recognised her gender reassignment surgery and gave her the right to marry a man.
Transsexual invokes European judgment on right to marry

‘Sex change teacher was a gentle boy’
THE parents of sex-change teacher Patricia Dludlu have spoken out for the first time about the birth, growing up and the ultimate sexual disorientation of their fourth born child.
Dludlu has been hogging the headlines after being arrested for indecently assaulting at least one pupil and another adult, and being arrested for both incidences, in a crime that could easily qualify as a first in the country.

Richards votes against rights bill
MP Blake Richards said his vote against a bill that protects transgender and transsexual Canadians from discrimination doesn't mean he's not in support human rights.
[Commentary] EDITORIAL: Ensuring we all have human rights
[Commentary] Lakritz: Transgender people are just like the rest of us
[Commentary] C-389 Update

Transgender hip-hop singer from Philadelphia sought for injecting deadly silicone [video]
''She started coughing and having shortness of breath.... What we believe happened is that the injector nicked a vein and put the substance into the bloodstream. It goes through your vascular system and lands in the lung and since it's a gel, it will pile up like a rock.''

Judge Postpones McInerney Trial
The trial of a 16-year-old charged with fatally shooting gay classmate Lawrence King has been postponed again, this time until May, in an attempt to find more information, including the victim's juvenile records.

Bill to expand human rights law rejected - again
Since 2007, state lawmakers have rejected legislation to ban discrimination in Idaho against people who are gay, lesbian or transgender.

School Drops Queen, King for Gender-Neutral Homecoming Titles
In an attempt to be more inclusive of its entire student body, administrators of a Michigan high school have decided to drop "king" and "queen" from its homecoming royalty titles, opting instead for gender-neutral titles.
Mixed opinions on gender-neutral court
From the comments: Should Mona Shores eliminate homecoming kings and queens?

Metro Nashville Council advances anti-gay bias bill
Nashville took a major step toward joining more than 100 other communities across the country as the Metro Council on Tuesday voiced its support for extending workplace protections to gays, lesbians and transsexual people working for city contractors.
Metro Council passes anti-discrimination policy

Mich. school’s policy change presents opportunity to revisit transgender homecoming issue in Dallas
Remember Andy Moreno, the transgender girl who was denied a chance to run for homecoming queen at North Dallas High School?
Well, not surprisingly, it turns out that North Dallas isn’t the only school in the country that’s had to deal with this issue. But unlike NDHS or DISD, schools in other districts appear to be learning from their mistakes and drafting policies to avoid a repeat of the problem. For example, the NBC affiliate in Grand Rapids, Mich., reported Monday that students at Mona Shores High School will henceforth select a gender-neutral homecoming court:

Encaran sexoservidoras al diputado Cevallos; lo tachan de gay y homofóbico
Decenas de mujeres que se dedican al comercio sexual, exigieron al diputado local Andrés Cevallos Avalos, les explicara su propuesta legislativa cuyo objetivo se trata de gravar su actividad
Las mujeres llegaron al edifico de la Cámara de diputados a eso de las 10 de la mañana de este martes para trata de hablar con el legislador cuyas propuestas planteadas ante el Congreso ninguna ha sido aprobada.
Las sexoservidoras, entre los que se encontraban hombres, esperaron al legislador petista por espacio de media hora para tratar de abordarlo a su salida del recinto legislativo.

Presentan proyecto de ley de identidad de género en Córdoba
Será presentado mañana en la Legislatura. La iniciativa impulsa que la comunidad trans pueda modificar su DNI con el nombre y género por el que ha optado.
Presentaron proyecto de identidad de género en la Legislatura
Presentarán en la Legislatura el proyecto de identidad de género