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terça-feira, fevereiro 08, 2011

Transsexual golfers prove drivers for change
Lana Lawless and Mianne Bagger are both professional golfers. Both are legally female, but they started their lives as men.
And both, from their own very different standpoint, have battled what they see as discrimination and prejudice in their chosen field.
Lawless is a 57-year-old former SWAT team Californian policeman, who had sexual re-assignment surgery in 2005.
Meanwhile, the 44-year-old Bagger -- a Dane who grew up in Australia -- eventually joined the golfing paid ranks after, in her words, "becoming a transitioned woman" in 1995.

Curitiba registra mais um atentado contra travestis
Mais uma travesti foi vítima de violência em Curitiba, a terceira em menos de uma semana

A transexualidade no tribunal: saúde e cidadania
O livro “A Transexualidade no Tribunal: Saúde e Cidadania”, lançado pelo CLAM e pela EdUERJ, a advogada e especialista em bioética Miriam Ventura (IESC/UFRJ) coloca em pauta uma importante indagação moral que diz respeito aos nossos mais caros valores: que fundamentos éticos justificam as restrições ao acesso às transformações corporais e de identidade desejadas no caso da pessoa transexual?

Carla Antonelli poderá ser a primeira deputada transsexual
A actriz espanhola e ativista transsexual Carla Antonelli vai integrar as listas do Partido Socialista de Madrid (PSM) nas próximas eleições autónomas e municipais, agendadas para 22 de Maio, confirmaram hoje, segunda-feira, fontes da força política.
Spanish transsexual added to the Socialist candidate list in Madrid
La activista transexual Carla Antonelli irá en listas del PSM a la Comunidad
Tomás Gómez ficha a Carla Antonelli para las elecciones de mayo
Carla Antonelli: "Tengo mucho que aportar en temas sociales y de cultura"
España tendrá primera diputada transexual, Tomas Gómez ficha por Partido Socialista Madrid a Carla Antonelli
La FELGTB celebra la normalización trans con la candidatura de Carla Antonelli en el PSM

First legal awareness camp for eunuchs
The first legal awareness camp for transgender (eunuchs) in Jharkhand was held on Sunday with 12, including four minors, from the community participating in it thanks to the efforts of the District Legal Services Authority of Saraikela-Kharsawan.

[India] [Film]
GV Prakash does it in 30 mins
The audio launch of Narthaki took place in Chennai recently. Two songs from the film were screened during this audio launch and one of them Poovin Vasam Poovil Illai was simply amazing.

[India] [Film]
Film on the life of a transgender wins accolades
The burning issues that surround the life of a transgender were poignantly portrayed by lawyer turned director IPS Exavier’s feature film, Karuvarai Pookal.

Almost Half of Transgender People Have Attempted Suicide
In a truly distressing new report, National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force claimed that not only are transgender people harassed, discriminated against, denied medical care and mistreated by the police, they have a suicide rate that is 26 times higher than the average American. It's even higher than people with chronic depression or members of the military.
[Commentary] NSS Department : "“Injustice at Every Turn,”
[Commentary] Injustice at Every Turn -- Part I: Education

[USA] [Commentary]
One World, Two-Spirits
My beloved is 6-foot 4-inches tall, a martial arts master—and has always yearned to be pregnant. S/he isn’t a cross-dresser, transsexual or transgendered. S/he doesn’t identify as straight, queer or bisexual. S/he doesn’t consider hirself male or female but androgynous. S/he is a 58-year-old force of nature, not a freak: s/he is a blended being. S/he was born intersexed.

[USA] [Commentary]
Why Is the Craig Ferguson Sketch Anti-Trans?
It turns out that claiming something is anti-trans humor stirs up people, and brings them out of the woodwork to tell you why you have no sense of humor. So it has gone with the two posts at Metro Weekly's Poliglot about The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.
[Commentary] C. vs T.: Derrick Mathis and RENWL

Gender Identity/Expression Non-Discrimination Bill Referred to Judiciary Committee
We are pleased to let you know that HB 5901, AN ACT PROHIBITING DISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF GENDER IDENTITY OR EXPRESSION, has been raised and referred to the Judiciary Committee. Click here for a link to the on-going status of the bill.

Activists Say Military's Policy Remains Biased
The Harvard Trans Task Force (TTF) is circulating an online petition protesting the possible return of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps before the military allows trans-identified and intersex individuals to openly serve in the military.

Sally Kern Transgender Rival Brittany Novotny Reaches Out To Gay Teens
Brittany Novotny, who mounted a bid for Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern's seat, has reached out to troubled gay teens.
In a new It Gets Better video, Novotny says she recognized she was living in the wrong body at a very early age.

Transgendered minister shares his experiences
About 40 people heard the Rev. David Weekley speak on his experiences as a transgendered man Saturday at the First United Methodist Church in Lebanon.

Man receives 111-year prison sentence for transgender woman’s murder
A Puerto Rican man who confessed to murdering a transgender woman in her Corozal home received a 111-year prison sentence on Monday, Feb. 7.
Sentencian a 111 años de cárcel al asesino de Ashley

Transexuales exigen un alto a la muerte violenta de los “gay”
Muy preocupada está la comunidad “gay” sampedrana, porque no solamente son víctima de la alta tasa de criminalidad, sino de persecución de la policía y del desprecio de una sociedad, situación que desencadena en hechos criminales.
Los Procuradores de DD.HH. piden el cese de los asesinatos de homosexuales en Centroamérica

Ejecutan a presunto homosexual en Álvaro Obregón
El cadáver de un presunto homosexual que vivía solo en una casa aislada atrás del Aeropuerto Internacional, en el municipio de Álvaro Obregón, fue encontrado vestido de mujer y con varios impactos de bala.