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sábado, fevereiro 05, 2011

Diploma vetado por Cavaco Parlamento reaprecia decreto de mudança de sexo dia 17
O PS agendou para dia 17 de Fevereiro a reapreciação do diploma que simplificou o processo da mudança de sexo e de nome vetado pelo Presidente da República, revelou hoje a porta-voz da conferência de líderes parlamentares, Celeste Correia.

18 travestis que eram explorados por quadrilha no RS são recolhidos
Dezoito travestis que eram explorados sexualmente por uma quadrilha em Caxias do Sul (RS) foram recolhidos durante uma operação do Ministério Público nesta quinta-feira (3). O promotor Adrio Rafael Paula Gelatti, que coordenou a ação, explicou que uma quadrilha explorava a prostituição dos travestis.

Cricklewood man in midst of sex change to stand trial over Kings Cross Tube death of Wood Green lawyer
A MAN who is in the process of becoming a woman will stand trial in July over the death of a transgender human rights lawyer at Kings Cross station.
Trans woman to stand trial over death of trans lawyer

Morta di freddo e indifferenza
Morta di freddo e di indifferenza ritrovata sette giorni dopo nella sua i baracca a Torre del Lago. A darne la notizia è il sito dell'associazione Trans Genere: (Foto)

Tribunal Constitucional declara cirurgias obrigatórias inconstitucionais
O Tribunal Constitucional alemão anunciou esta semana em press-release que a exigência de esterilização ou Cirurgia de Redesignação de Sexo (CRS) compulsivas são inconstitucionais.

Journalist slammed for transgender gaffes
A Danish journalist has been criticised after repeatedly referring to a transsexual woman as a man and using the phrase “freak show” in a programme about sex change operations. The Danish National Organisation for Gay Men, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgendered Persons (LGBT) filed a complaint with TV2 after its Eastern Jutland affiliate broadcast the comments of reporter Soren Jensen last month.

Woman killed by brother-in-law, 3 others die in various incidents
A eunuch ended his life by hanging himself with a rope in the jurisdiction of Samanabad police. The deceased was identified as Waseem Masih, a resident of Millat Park. On the day of the incident, he locked himself in a room and hanged himself with a rope attached to a ceiling fan. Circumstantial evidences implied that he had committed suicide, police said.

Eunuch's mysterious death in train toilet
A 40-year-old eunuch who used to beg for money in trains near Nagpur was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a locked bathroom in the general compartment of Nagpur-Bhusawal passenger train.

Judges favour law for social acceptance of transgenders
The legal fraternity today suggested legislative intervention to end ostracising of transgenders in the society and accord them greater "social and political" acceptance.

Canada Poised to Add Trans Protections
Canada is poised to add protections for transgender citizens to its existing human rights legislation, Xtra! reported on Feb. 2. One vote has already taken place on the legislation; a second vote, followed by a third and final vote, is expected to take place in the House of Commons next week.
Trans rights bill gets boost from Chow
Final vote on Canadian ‘trans’ bill set for Wednesday

[Commentary] Gender identity Bill C-389 comes to a vote

[USA] [Commentary]
Film VICTIM suggests rapist should be punished by SRS! Outrageous!
I am angry! I AM APPALLED and I am SERIOUSLY not alone. A new film has been released called VICTIM. It is one of the most outrageous and sickening films ever to be made.
[Commentary] “Victim” Victimizes Transgender People and Anyone Unfortunate Enough to Watch Even the Trailer.

Veteran Reveals Life As Transgender In Military
When the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is officially lifted, one group says they will be left behind in the closet.
Transgender military veterans, including some in San Diego, are calling for equal treatment and a chance to serve their country.
"I am really proud of my military service," said U.S. Navy veteran Autumn Sandeen.

Transgender ban remains in place in U.S. military
As lesbian and gay servicemembers and military veterans are celebrating the repeal of the military’s anti-gay “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy — despite delays in implementing the repeal — transgender servicemembers and veterans once again find themselves left behind in the battle for equality.

Groundbreaking Study Finds Pervasive Discrimination Against Transgender People
A new study reveals pervasive discrimination against transgender and gender-nonconforming people in a variety of fields, including education, employment, housing, health care, and more.
US transgender survey finds ‘discrimination and ridicule at every turn’
Groundbreaking study finds pervasive discrimination against transgender people
New Data Emphasizes the Extreme Discrimination that Transgender People Experience
Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey
Counting the Transgender Community
Study: Discrimination Pervades Trans Lives
Study: Transgender people face discrimination
Majority of Transgender Americans Live in Extreme Poverty
Study: Transphobic Discrimination Pervasive
Report: ‘Staggering’ Rate of Attempted Suicides by Transgenders Highlights Injustices

[Commentarty] Injustice at Every Turn
[Commentary] Injustice at Every Turn

Transgender activists face multiple challenges
Many transgender Americans face intolerance in almost every aspect of their lives, contributing to high levels of homelessness, unemployment and despair, according to a comprehensive survey being released Friday.

[USA] [Commentary]
'Transgender should be taught in schools: students deserve fuller education'
How young is too young to teach diversity? In a recent Huffington Post article, transgender activist Joanne Herman wrote about a new study suggesting children should be introduced to the concept of transgender people early on in their education. The studies' authors wrote that this would most benefit children who were transgender themselves.

[USA] [Commentary]
Transphobia among our alleged allies..
These days, I expect transphobic remarks and insults to come from the mainstream media (such as Saturday Night Live) and the extreme alleged-Christian right. But when they come from people who you would think are your allies for civil rights and equality, it continues to show that we need more education within the equality and Democratic Party fronts on the lives of transgender people, especially transgender women.

CBS's Craig Ferguson Sketch Mocks Trans "Character"
Tonight, the night after the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and National Center for Transgender Equality released a report about the widespread prevalence of anti-transgender discrimination, The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on CBS presented a sketch portraying anti-trans stereotypes and playing off of them for humor at every turn.
[Commentary] Craig Ferguson, transmockery and the reality of bias in new report, 'Injustice at Every Turn'

Lawyer defends client in transgender case
A Georgia lawyer says his client was fired after telling her boss she was no longer the man he hired.

Virginia Teen Goes Missing in Chevy Chase
Montgomery County Police are searching for a missing Virginia teen last seen in Chevy Chase. Police are describing the missing teen, Linwood Ashton, 16, as transgendered person who represents as a female. (Photo)

Police Bust Men Posing As Female Prostitutes In Strip District
Pittsburgh police said two men posing as female prostitutes used a Strip District hotel for their services.
According to investigators, the men advertised online. Tamika Jones, 32, and Nakala Jackson, both of Cleveland, have female names but were born male, police said.

Transsexual to grace cover of men's magazine
Colombia's Soho magazine, which is targeted at the male market with photos of scantily-clad women, is demonstrating its open-mindedness by featuring transsexual Colombian TV and film star Endry Cardeño on the cover of the next issue, radiostation La F.M. reported Friday. (Photo)