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sexta-feira, fevereiro 04, 2011

First ever EU-wide results on multiple discrimination experienced by minorities
Today the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) is publishing its findings on multiple discrimination at the European Union agencies exhibition "The way ahead", held at the European Parliament. The findings show that people belonging to 'visible' minorities, such as Roma and people of African origin, are more likely to suffer multiple discrimination – that is, being discriminated on more than one ground - than other minorities. Another relevant ground for discrimination that could increase the experience of multiple discrimination are socio-economic factors such as living with a low income.

Transexuais formam associação autónoma
O GRIT - Grupo de Reflexão e Intervenção Sobre Transexualidade vai autonomizar-se da ILGA e formar uma associação autónoma de representação e de luta pelos direitos das pessoas transexuais.

Pessoas trans serão tema de debate do governo paulista
Evento do Governo de São Paulo vai discutir a realidade de travestis e transexuais
Governo de São Paulo realiza debate sobre transexualidade
Cads promove debate sobre travestis e transexuais em SP

Polícia descobre esquema de tráfico de travestis em São Paulo
A polícia descobriu, em São Paulo, um esquema de prostituição e tráfico de travestis, vindos da Região Norte e Nordeste do País. Numa pensão na região central da capital paulista, foram encontrados 25 travestis, entre eles 6 menores, enquanto que em outra pensão, na zona norte, moravam outros 50.

Na Casa de Vidro, Ariadna pode voltar ao BBB11
Sister transexual tem nova chance de continuar na disputa por um milhão e meio de reais.

Rising star: Transsexual model Lea T makes her catwalk debut at Brazil Fashion Week
She was discovered by Givenchy's creative director and has since appeared in numerous campaigns.

Izquierda Unida-Verdes anuncia la presentación en Murcia de un proyecto de ley integral de transexualidad
Izquierda Unida-Verdes de la Región de Murcia (que cuenta con un diputado en la Asamblea regional) ha anunciado su intención de promover la aprobación de una ley integral de atención a las personas transexuales. Esta formación ha sido sensible a la reivindicación de No te prives, Galactyco y D-Genera, tres colectivos de la región que llevan tiempo trabajando para conseguir que dicha iniciativa sea una realidad.

Carlisle men fined for shouting abuse at trans women
Two men from Carlisle have been fined for shouting abuse at two transgender women in the street.

Census to mark many firsts
The Census 2011, population enumeration of which will be conducted across the country from February 9 to 28, will see many `firsts' in the history of such an exercise. It will for the first time record data of eunuchs/transgenders, count `separated' and `divorced' separately, categorize prostitutes under `others' in place of `beggar' in last census and introduce more types of disabilities, besides counting "illegal immigrants" without asking their nationality.

Prof attacked by eunuch on Borivli local
A college professor was physically attacked and verbally abused by an inebriated eunuch on a local train on Tuesday night when she asked her to vacate the ladies compartment.

Ivy Leaguers Fight ROTC for Trans Rights
Students at Stanford and Harvard are taking a stand to keep the Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) away from their campuses until the military is completely inclusive and allows transgender people to join its ranks.
Students Protest ROTC Exclusion of Transgender Recruits

[USA] [Film]
Kristen Stewart Swaps Genders And Murders A Molester In Rumored New Movie K-11! Exclusive!
We have the first look at the newest script for K-Stew’s upcoming movie K11 that was co-written by her mom! It’s racy, controversial, and downright raunchy.

[USA] [Commentary]
Saturday Night Live Steps Over "Hack" Line
As I've mentioned many times before in this space, most comedy teachers and professionals adhere to the adage first invoked by Lenny Bruce: "Tragedy plus distance equals comedy.
[Commentary] GLAAD Says SNL’s Estro-Maxx Skit is Transphobic and Even Less Funny Than SNL Usually Is These Days
[Commentary] Dear Saturday Night Live: Transphobia Is No Laughing Matter

Transgender employee fired by state awaits ruling
Vandy Beth Glenn still has the box she packed more than three years ago after being told to empty out her office.

It’s a Woman’s World
Damaso Davila-Escobedo currently calls home a single cell in the maximum-security wing of the Salt Lake County Metro Jail. The undocumented Mexican national is scheduled to be released in mid-April after serving six months for a probation violation. Housed in the male section of the jail, Davila-Escobedo is, she says in Spanish, “a male with female body parts,” notably breasts she started developing when she was a teenager through injecting cooking oil into her chest and taking hormones.

Activists: Investigate Honduran Transgender Murders
Local activists and human rights groups have called on law enforcement officials in Honduras to investigate the recent murders of transgender women in the Central American country, where advocates point to a rise in hate crimes against LGBT individuals.
Honduras presionada por Human Rights a investigar asesinatos de seis mujeres transexuales

En dos años, siete travestis fueron torturados y asesinados
Entre 2009 y este año, se registraron siete asesinatos de travestis que trabajaban ejerciendo la prostitución en las calles de Santa Cruz, Tarija y Beni. La mayoría de esos casos no fueron denunciados a la Policía o, en todo caso, los crímenes no fueron resueltos ni se hallaron a los culpables.