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quarta-feira, fevereiro 09, 2011

Transgender catfight as top golfers fall out over 'female at birth' rules
A transgender catfight has broken out at the highest levels of women's golf.
Transsexual top golfer Mianne Bagger has blasted her counterpart Lana Lawless after Lawless sued the LPGA over its 'female at birth' rule.
That rule dictated that only those who were born female could play the most lucrative circuit in women's golf.

Rede de exploração de travestis deve continuar, denuncia grupo
Depois de rede de prostituição, grupo quer Poder Público mais atento a travestis

Carla Antonelli: "No soy solo la T"
Tras entrar en la lista de Tomás Gómez, la actriz y activista Carla Antonelli puede ser la primera transexual que ocupe escaño en un Parlamento regional

Transgender woman told ‘dress as a man to find work’
A transgender woman claims she was told by a Jobcentre to dress as a man to find work.
Tina Cook, 54, who began transition last year, used to work in the construction industry but was made redundant 18 months ago.
She began claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance but says that a Jobcentre in Darlington told her last week that she should return to looking like a man to secure interviews.
'Insensitive' Jobcentre told me to dress as a man to get work, says transsexual labourer
Dress as a man to get a job

(Photo: Support: Tina Cook, 54, right, pictured here with her estranged wife Vaudine, was told by a Jobcentre to dress as a man to get work)

Sri Lankan in midst of sex change charged with killing British transsexual lawyer
A Sri Lankan Tamil, in midst of sex change, will stand trial over alleged killing of British HR lawyer David Burgess, London based sources say.
Sources identified the accused as 34-year-old Sri Lankan Nina Kanagasingham of Chichele Road, Cricklewood, who had been in the process of becoming a woman at the time of arrest on Oct. 25 last year. The case will resume on July 18 at the Old Bailey.

German court blocks trans sterilization requirement
Germany’s Constitutional Court ruled Jan. 28 that it is unconstitutional to require transgender people to undergo sterilization or gender-reassignment surgery before they can be legally recognized as a member of the other sex.

More than 100 gay men arrested in Bahrain
Up to 130 gay men were reportedly arrested last week at a private party in Bahrain.
Reports said that the event, at a sports club in Hidd, was a gay wedding and guests were said to have been spotted in make-up and women’s clothes.
Crackdown in Bahrain: 127 Gays Arrested for Attending ’Depraved’ Party

Two groups of eunuchs clash over turf
Eight eunuchs were arrested and sent to jail for two weeks on Monday in Gujranwala under the Maintenance of Public Order ordinance.
They belonged to Mian Zahoor Guru Group and Ijaz Group.
They were arrested by Cantt police on Sunday after they brawled at a wedding ceremony. Ijaz Group had performed at the ceremony and made Rs6,000. Zahoor Guru Group had then allegedly attacked them claiming the Cantt police precinct belonged to them and that no other group was allowed to operate there.
(Photo: Zahoor Guru and his pupils at Cantt police station lock up)

India Census Offers Three Gender Options
India's 2011 national census, which goes into the field this week, includes not just the usual two gender categories, but for the first time a third one, called "other." The national census in Nepal, to be conducted in May, also will include three gender options, prompted by a ruling by that nation's highest court ordering greater protections for the rights of transgender, gay and lesbian and bisexual people.
Are you male, female or...
Enumeration begins Feb 9
Census 2011: Get ready to be counted
Heads up! Census 2011 from tomorrow

Canadian bishops’ organization opposes ‘transgender’ bill
As the Canadian ‘transgender’ bill faces a final vote in the House of Commons Wednesday, the Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) has condemned the legislation for seeking to impose “new social norms” of “gender ideology” on society.
If Canada’s Bill C-389 passes, transgenderism will be taught in kindergarten: CLC
Jennings rips into McVety as trans bill heads to vote

[Letters to the Editor] Gender bias bill deserves support

Pessoas transgéneras ou transexuais têm uma vida difícil, diz novo relatório
As pessoas transgéneras e pessoas transexuais enfrentam discriminação galopante em todas as áreas da vida: educação, emprego, vida familiar, acomodações públicas, habitação, saúde, polícia e presídios, e os documentos de identificação

Glee's big mistake
On 26 October 2010, "Glee" aired an episode entitled, The Rocky Horror Glee Show. While this has already become old news, the author has just been made aware of it. As always, the media’s usage of transphobia is no secret, and upon taking the episode’s content into account, the subject becomes just as relevant today as it was yesterday.

Transgender patients confront bias in health care
At first glance, Morgan Ruzzo’s mammogram seems routine. She’s 58 years old and gets checked out every year.
But Ruzzo is a bit different from the usual mammogram patient – because she’s also going to need a prostate exam. That’s right, prostate: the male sex organ. Eight years ago Morgan Ruzzo was Joey Ruzzo, a 50-year-old high-rise construction ironworker.

Study results find 'injustice at every turn'
In an expansive new study entitled "Injustice At Every Turn," the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the National Center for Transgender Equality surveyed 6,450 transgender and gender non-conforming individuals across the United States.
[Commentary] Study: Still No Freedom Rainbow for Transgender People of Color
[Commentary] Injustice at Every Turn
[Commentary] “Injustice At Every Turn”: Report on Discrimination Against Trans & Genderqueer People Pretty Much As Bad As It Sounds
[Commentary] Injustice At Every Turn: Study of Trans Discrimination

[USA] [Commentary]
Local News Finds Trans Pittsburgh Prostitutes To Be Hilarious He-She Freaks
As we know from, uh, being responsible human begins — and reading the stunning but not surprising results from NGLTF's report — the prejudices and hardships faced by transgender Americans are plentiful. With many states offering few workplace protections for trans employees, the report found trans people are disproportionately more likely to find careers as sex workers to support themselves, their families, and their medical bills. So isn't it hilarious that Pittsburgh's WPXI found out about a police sting on trans call girls. They look like women, but they're dressed as men! CAN YOU BELIEVE?!

Lambda Legal & IN District Settle Over Trans Student Case
An Indiana School District has settled its case with a transgender student who was barred from attending her prom in a dress.
Gary Community School Corporation has officially apologized to former student K.K. Logan. Lambda Legal had filed suit against the district in 2007 claiming that Logan’s freedom of expression had been violated. At the time, Logan identified as a “feminine male.”

Molested by a Transvestite Nurse
A gunshot victim claims he was assaulted and battered by a transvestite nurse who sat on his legs, painted his mouth with lipstick, "kissed him intimately on the mouth and grabbed and squeezed his penis" for "several minutes," as he lay helpless on a hospital bed.

R.I.P Kathryn McGuire, Houston's Transvestite Socialite
Kathryn McGuire, who made a big splash in the Houston social scene as a transvestite before undergoing a sex-change operation and moving away, has died.
We did a feature on her and James as he opened a play in New York and remembered growing up with the unique person who was Charles and then Kathryn. (Photo)
Kathryn McGuire Obituary

Federal Court Hears Arguments In Case Defending Transgender People’s Right To Access Medical Treatment in Prison
ACLU And Lambda Legal Argue That Doctors, Not Legislators, Should Determine Medical Treatment.
7th Circuit hears argument in prison sex hormones case
State argues for law against prison hormone treatments
Crime and Courts: Ban on hormone therapy for transgendered inmates goes before appeals court

Asesinan a homosexual; le acertaron varios balazos en la cabeza y espalda
Un individuo que estaba vestido de mujer, fue asesinado de varios impactos de bala que le acertaron en la cabeza y espalda, cuyo cuerpo fue localizado en la carretera que va de esta cabecera municipal a la tenencia de Lázaro Cárdenas. (Foto)

La vida de un transexual en Colombia
Camilo estuvo atrapado en el cuerpo de una mujer, hasta que decidió saltar al abismo para dejar de ser "ella" y convertirse en "él". Hoy, su vida gira en torno a los derechos de todos los transexuales.

Presentan Guia sobre Transexualidad en los Medios de Comunicacion
La FALGBT, Federación Argentina de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Trans, conjuntamente con ATTA, Asociación de Travestis y Transexuales de Argentina, harán la presentación de una guía destinada a los medios de comunicación, comunicadores y comunicadoras sobre la Identidad de Genero.