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quinta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2011

Encontro em SP discute demandas de travestis e transexuais
Secretaria de Justiça de SP recebeu debate pelo Dia da Visibilidade de Travestis e Transexuais

ATA y Transexualia apoyan y felicitan a la primera transexual candidata a diputada Madrid
AET-Transexualia apoya y felicita a la primera transexual candidata a diputada a la Asamblea de la Comunidad de Madrid
Interconomía: "Carla, Carlos, Carlitos...que sea Antonelli, hubiese preferido alguien con Síndrome Down o Sida"

Programa Atención homosexuales y Transexuales de Madrid intervendrá desayunos-coloquio de EPIC
El Programa de Información y Atención a Homosexuales y Transexuales de la Comunidad de Madrid (PIAHT) va a intervenir en los desayunos-coloquio que organizan todos los viernes la Escuela de profesionales de la inmigración y la cooperación de la Comunidad de Madrid (EPIC).

Be a fella to get job, sex-swap Tina told
A MAN undergoing surgery to become a woman claims JobCentre staff told him to dress like a fella to land a job.
Transgender Job-Seeker Told to Dress Like a Man

Trans Model Confirms Affair With Kelly Osbourne's Ex
Hundreds of men and women have told Kelly Osbourne that they have slept with her former fiancé, model Luke Worrall.
The couple had a very public breakup after Osbourne initially found out in December that Worrall was spending a lot of time with Elle Schneider, who is also a model and transgender.

Transphobic Attacks in Ankara and Eskisehir!
Yesterday [09.02.2011], a transwoman [34] was stabbed 16 times from her back and her lungs were hurt. She is under intensive care now in the hospital. The perpetrator is one of her clients. Interestingly, the victim resides in a very well protected apartment and visitors of the residents can only enter with permission from the guards. There are several cameras following any movement within the apartment. The perpetrator was caught bythe police 4 hours after the incident. He is under arrest now.
Again yesterday, a transwoman was raped and stabbed in her apartment. We know the perpetrator from the previous cases. A week ago, a transwoman was raped and threatened by the same person. Tomorrow, activists in Eskisehir will file complaints against this person at the prosecutor's office.

Dana International luchará por brindar otra victoria a Israel en el próximo Festival de Eurovisión
La artista israelí Dana International, ganadora del Festival de Eurovisión en 1998 con la canción 'Diva', podría volver como representante de su país a la edición de este año, que se celebrará el 14 de mayo en Düsseldorf (Alemania).

3rd sex becomes 'disabled' in state
Are transgenders a religious minority? The state government felt so till Tuesday.
After creating a new subject “transgenders” in the administrative affairs in November 2010, the state government assigned the subject to the Minorities Welfare Department which deals exclusively with the welfare of religious minorities. The reason? Transgenders are a minority as far as numbers are concerned.

[New Zealand]
Dog death accused: I didn't mean to do it
A transsexual accused of leaving her dog to die of heat exhaustion in a car will fight the charge.
Annabell Quor, 74, will appear in the district court next Thursday after her 10-year-old pomeranian Midgy perished at The Palms shopping centre rooftop car park just before Christmas.
(Photo: Fighting the charge: Annabell Quor)

[New Zealand]
Submissions sought on trans care guide
A draft guide for medical practitioners caring for transgender people has been released for consultation.
Counties Manukau District Health Board has released the comprehensive document and feedback is now being sought from trans people, to ensure the resource is as useful as possible for health professionals and the trans people they support.

Trans jail death inquest
An inquiry into the death of Indigenous transwoman Veronica Baxter will be held two years after she was found hanging in a Silverwater jail cell.
Baxter was arrested on March 10, 2009 for supplying a prohibited drug, and placed in an all-male prison. She was found dead six days later.

Will ‘bathroom bill’ get flushed by Conservatives?
Critics call it the “bathroom bill.”
They say that if passed Wednesday, Bill C-389, an act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression), will allow sexual predators to dress up like women and invade ladies’ rooms.
Commentary] Campaign Life Coalition says "Bathroom Bill" C-389 will result in transgender issues being taught in Classrooms

[Canada] [Film]
There, and back again: Regretters reveals the aftermath of sex reassignment surgery
In a black room, dimly lit and fit with only two chairs and a projector, Orlando Fagin and Mikael Johansson sit down to discuss their journeys through a gauntlet of gender bending operations.

[USA] [Film]
Becoming Chaz
"Becoming Chaz" casts a zippy, consistently engaging yet tonally inconsistent spotlight on the onetime Chastity Bono (daughter of Sonny and Cher) as he undertakes legal, hormonal and surgical procedures to become a man. Selected as the first installment of Oprah Winfrey's new documentary club, the film certainly won't lack for exposure, and could go a long way toward expediting transgender awareness, though one wishes filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato had tamped down their almost-reflexive instinct toward cheeky humor.

[USA] [Commentary]
GLAAD Launches Media Institute for LGBT People of Color, Urges You to Amplify Your Voice
GLAAD wants to make sure that Americans hear from all voices within our diverse community and now here is your chance to speak out!
[Commentary] Ignorance of Transgender Issues Apparent in Media

[USA] [Commentary]
Injustice at Every Turn -- Part II: Employment
The first two parts of my review of the report Injustice at Every Turn (pdf) were Who we are -- by the numbers and Part I: Education. Today we move on to employment.

[USA] [Commentary]
Why NCTE Doesn't Speak For Me Or My Black Trans Community
Th National Center For Transgender Equality has been around since 2003, and when it was founded they made the assertion to the trans community that unlike the then four year old NTAC, who was using carrot and stick tactics that included direct action, that they could get results by being the consummate Washington insiders.

Trial ordered in Center City hotel murder
A man described by police as a transgender prostitute has been ordered held for trial in connection with a murder at a hotel in Center City Philadelphia.
Herman Burton, 22, of the 2400 block of South 63rd Street in Philadelphia, was in court on Tuesday. He is accused of killing 49-year-old Patrick Brady of Thorndale, Chester County back in late October. (Photo)
Transgender prostitute arrested in hotel murder
Trial ordered for transgender man in murder, arson
Man found after hotel fire was beaten, strangled

Condenado a 111 años de cárcel el asesino de la mujer transexual Asheley en Puerto Rico
Emanuel Adorno Ayala se declaró ayer culpable de la muerte de la mujer transexual Ashley Ocasio y fue sentenciado a cumplir 111 años de cárcel por el juez Jesús Peluyera en el Tribunal de Bayamón.

ACLU: Transgender woman, ejected from Lynnwood store, spurs policy change
After a transgender woman was kicked out of a Ross Dress for Less store while trying on clothes, a civil-rights group said the clothing chain has taken "positive steps" to strengthen its anti-discrimination policy.
Ross Dress for Less Redresses Discrimination
Clothing Store Responds to Incident of Discrimination

Court OK's hormone therapy for inmates
A Wisconsin attorney asked a federal appeals court to reverse a decision and rule constitutional a statute denying hormone therapy to transgender inmates.

Comunidad gay denuncia abuso policiaco en Durango
Las supuestas víctimas dicen que cuando los policías los detienen les piden favores sexuales a cambio de dejarlos en libertad. La DMSP informó que pueden presentar quejas por malos tratos y que, de ser confirmados se castigará a los agentes conforme a la ley.

[Honduras] [Commentary]
Killings Of Six Honduran Transgender Women In A Span Of Two Months
I missed this story while I was feeling particularly ill from my my tooth removal, but it's important enough story that even late as it is to highlight this story, the story still needs highlighting.

Movilh denunció que en 2010 aumentó la discriminación a minorías sexuales
El Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh) entregó su IX Informe Anual de Derechos Humanos de las Minorías Sexuales en Chile, el que reportó un aumento de 11 por ciento en casos de discriminación a minorías sexuales durante 2010, en relación a 2009.