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sábado, fevereiro 12, 2011

MG: Após ser demitida, funcionária transgênero acusa universidade de preconceito
Uma aluna e funcionária da Universidade Fumec/FACE, de Belo Horizonte (MG), acusa a instituição de ter sido demitida no último dia 31 de janeiro por assumir sua identidade feminina no ambiente de trabalho.
Giselle Vuitton (foto), 19, cujo nome de registro é Heverton Camargo de Sousa, trabalhava na tesouraria da universidade e continua matriculada no terceiro semestre do curso de administração. Em 2010, Giselle foi efetivada na função de auxiliar administrativa e, nesse mesmo ano, resolveu assumir seu verdadeiro gênero. (Foto)

Hartford woman appeals against harassment conviction and sentence
A HARTFORD woman said there was ‘nothing sinister’ in watching her neighbour’s house, collecting data on her central heating system and approaching their visitors, a court heard.
APPEAL CONTINUES: Hartford woman blames council for harassment conviction

Cindy and Natalie like shopping and doing their hair together. Nothing odd in that... except that they are BOYS
TEEN Natalie Brammer is tall and striking, while best pal Cindy Jackson is a fraction shorter but just as distinctive.
There is just one thing out of the ordinary about these giggly young women - and that becomes startlingly clear with a glance at their old photos.

Bottom Op Death: Police Search For Sex-swap Woman
Police in America were last night hunting a transgender woman over the death of tragic Claudia Aderotimi after a botched operation to enhance her buttocks.
Buttocks op death girl police searching for transgender doctor
Detectives hunt for transgender 'doctor' over death of British student who had illegal bottom injection
Butt Implant Suspect May Be Transgender
Sources identify buttocks injection death 'person of interest'
London girl's actress cousin 'arranged fatal buttocks op'
Buttocks operation girl found sex-swap 'doctor' on web
Big Butt Sasha is quizzed by cops over ‘fix’
I can’t take the pain of another booty op
Woman who died after buttock injection swore never to repeat procedure
Police search home in fatal-injection case
Big buttocks: Where does our obsession come from?

[Kenya] [Commentary]
LGBT: Transgender rights not simply gay rights
There is a systematic ploy to erase the transgender community, experiences and lives. The ubiquitous actions that are slowly expunging transgender people from our civilisation and their pernicious nature are weighing heavily on the transgender community.

Identify us only as transgenders or gender minorities in census: Forum
The Karnataka Sexual Minorities Forum (KSMF) on Thursday welcomed the Central government’s decision to include sexual minorities in the census.

Companhia aérea tailandesa pioneira Assistentes de bordo transexuais
A PC Air, nova companhia aérea tailandesa, será a primeira do Mundo a ter assistentes de bordo travestis e transexuais.
'Ladyboys' to be flight attendants

'It's a medical condition'
Many studies have been carried out on the subject of transsexuals (TS), but one question remains -- is transsexualism a biological occurrence or is it just a matter of cross-dressing?

Commons approves transgender protection bill
Canadians who have changed or are in the process of changing their sex are one step closer to legal protection, after a bill to protect them from discrimination passed third reading in the House of Commons.
Transgendered-rights bill moves to Senate
Bill to extend rights to the transgendered will be decided by Senate
Trans rights bill heads to the Senate
Transgendered-rights bill headed for defeat in Tory-held Senate
[Commentary] Campaign Life Coalition says that MPs advanced the 'gay agenda' by their narrow vote on C-389
[Commentary] Passing Bill C-389 is Reckless Endangerment of Children
[Commentary] Gender expression is not a sexual offence
[Commentary] Transgender rights bill a necessity
Legal amendments will protect transgendered from discrimination

[Commentary] House of Commons Passes Bill C-389, One Step Closer to Trans* Equality

[USA] [Commentary]
The groundhog survey
At this year's Creating Change conference, a new report came out from the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which hosted the confab. The report, titled "Injustice at Every Turn," includes responses from nearly 6,500 people. A press release touts it as, "the first large-scale national study of discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming Americans, and paints a more complete picture than any prior research to date."

[USA] [Commentary]
Dr Phil Doesn't Want 'Confused' Boys to Play with Girls' Toys
I don't particularly like Dr. Phil's brand of pop psychology, which is more focused on being normal than it is on being happy. No matter how many times he asks "How's that working for you?" it's fairly clear that he hardly cares if the people who ask him for help are actually happy and is more concerned with telling people to be normal based on a very American bourgeois narrative of How Life Works.
[Commentary] Dr. Phil Wants To Make My Son Cry

Gregory apologizes over questioning of transsexual woman
A group that advocates for gay rights on Thursday criticized state Rep. TerriLois Gregory, R-Baldwin City, over her questioning of a transsexual woman. Gregory issued an apology.

Lo tiraron en la carretera atrás del aeropuerto
Álvaro Obregón, Michoacán.- Un individuo que estaba vestido de mujer, fue asesinado de varios impactos de bala que le acertaron en la cabeza y espalda, cuyo cuerpo fue localizado en la carretera que va de esta cabecera municipal a la tenencia de Lázaro Cárdenas; más tarde se supo que el cuerpo corresponde al ciudadano Esteban González Gómez de 25 años de edad.

Me encanta ser muxhe
Existe un lugar en México, en esa franja de tierra conocida como el istmo de Tehuantepec, donde las travestis, llamadas muxhes como una derivación de la palabra mujeres, ocupan un lugar destacado en la organización familiar, en la sociedad y además tienen un día protagónico en noviembre, en la festividad de Las Velas, donde todo sucede gracias a ellas. Esta especie de paréntesis en la transfobia generalizada si bien no es un verdadero paraíso, en muchos detalles se le acerca bastante.

Con derecho a la identidad de género
"En mi familia siempre me vieron como mujer, pero en la escuela me llamaban por mi nombre de varón y por eso abandoné los estudios", contó a IPS Paula Sosa, una travesti que logró cambiarse el nombre en su documento de identidad.