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sexta-feira, fevereiro 11, 2011

La FELGTB ha interpuesto una reclamación contra Intereconomía por la transfobia contra Carla Antonelli
La Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales, FELGTB, quiere mostrar su condena a las palabras de Xavier Horcajo que en su programa de Intereconomía Televisión ha querido degradar a Carla Antonelli y a las personas transexuales en general dudando de su género, su nombre y su realidad. Al referirse a la candidata a la Asamblea de Madrid el presentador no la trató como la mujer que es y tuvo a bien reírse de su condición como transexual. La FELGTB entiende que se trata de una agresión transfóbica contraria a la ley y ha interpuesto una reclamación ante el Consejo Audiovisual de Andalucía que ya elevara la queja particular por la que se multó la homofobia de Intereconomía.
FELGTB, ATA, Errespetuz, Jordi y cientos de personas en las redes sociales contra Transfóbia de Intereconomía

Support for transgendered
A new support group has been launched on the Isle of Wight for people undergoing gender transition and sex change.

[UK] [Commentary]
At UK's Jobcentre Plus, Transgender Job Seekers Told To Hide Their Gender Identity
Tina Cook has been looking for a job for nearly 18 months, after losing her job at a construction company. It's the reason she walked into a Jobcentre Plus location, hoping to get some advice from an office run by the UK's Department for Work and Pensions on finding a new career.
[Commentary] Transwoman Allegedly Told to Dress like a Man to Improve Chances of Employment

Bottom implant op kills hip-hop girl
THIS is British wannabe hip-hop star Claudia Aderotimi, who died after an illegal cosmetic procedure to enhance her bottom went tragically wrong.

Thai airline hires transsexual flight attendants
Does the P.C. stand for "politically correct?" (Photo)
The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that P.C. Air, a Thai airline startup, is making a point to hire transsexual flight attendants. The airline has recruited six so far and plans to look for more.
PC Air Hires All Transsexual Flight Attendants
Thai airline recruits ladyboy flight attendants
PC Air hires all transsexual attendants
New travel company launched in Thailand becomes first to employ transsexuals as flight attendants

[New Zealand]
'Cooked' dog owner charged
A 74-year-old transsexual and former cowboy says she will defend a charge over the death of her dog, allegedly left to die in a hot car at a Christchurch mall.

‘Govt must act on trans issues’
A transgender group has called on the Gillard Government to move on a promised review of Australian laws to improve the rights of transgender people.

Transgender protection bill approved by Commons
An NDP private member's bill to protect transgender people from discrimination was passed by the House of Commons, but could face a roadblock in the Conservative dominated Senate.
MPs pass bill to protect ill-defined group
A small victory for transgender rights
B.C. MP's transgender rights bill passed by House of Commons
Human Rights Act to shield transgender, transsexual Canadians from persecution
Canada’s House of Commons passes transgender bill

[Commentary] Bill C-389
[Commentary] Canada’s Trans Rights Bill C-389 Passes
[Commentary] Canada's GLB And Cis Peeps Are Real Allies To T Peeps

[USA] [Commentary]
Dr. Phil Should Stop Dispensing Thirty Year Old Discredited Advice- NOW
It is time that Dr. Phil- who has no licence to practice therapy any more- be shut down. The homophobic, transphobic showman has decided to do damage to hundreds of thousands of children because of his intolerance and his quackery. Dr. Phil is, basically, nothing more than a snake oil salesman who peddles phony baloney cures to what ails people in order to throw them up on the little screen for people to watch and feel glad about how their lives are so much better off than those poor schmucks who have to go on his shows.
Dr. Phil: No Girls’ Toys for Boys

Kansas House hears concerns on voter ID bill
Stephanie Mott has an unusual problem with a proposal that would require Kansans to show proof of citizenship when registering to vote and a photo ID every Election Day.
Opponents say ID law would burden voters

[KS, USA] [Commentary]
Victory! Manhattan, Kansas Passes Non-Discrimination Ordinance
Touchdown! Tuesday night, Manhattan became the second city in Kansas to include sexual orientation as a protected class, and the only city to include those same protections for trans people.

Transgender prostitute order to trial in Pa. death
A man who police say is a transgender prostitute has been ordered to stand trial in the death of a man whose body was found in a burned-out Philadelphia hotel room.

Transsexual Super Model Speaks Out
Brazilian-born model Lea T. is one of the famous faces of Givenchy. She’s been featured in high fashion magazines, on billboards and even appeared nude for Vogue Paris. She made headlines recently when she kissed super model Kate Moss for a Love magazine photo shoot.
She’s also a transsexual.
Lea T. wants everyone to know she’s transsexual