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domingo, fevereiro 13, 2011

[UK] [Commentary]
Gender Trust Blog: Should cis actors play trans roles?
It’s a simple one folks: what do you think about non-trans actors playing our roles?
I went for an audition over a week ago, and was quickly whisked oop North to the ITV studios for an audience with the show’s directors. Turns out I was the only person from the casting call put forward, which therefore makes me the only trans person in the running for the role. The others being considered are professionals – and therefore cisgender. Apparently we don’t have any trans actors in this country.

A VERY modern wedding: Sex-swap ex-fireman weds a lesbian Jamaican 30 years younger than her (and it's the fourth time she's tied the knot)
In this day and age, when a thrice-married former fireman who has become a woman meets a Jamaican lesbian chef online there can only be one outcome – wedding bells!
Or, rather, civil partnership bells.

Transsexual who harassed neighbours fails with court appeal
A transsexual who mounted a lengthy harassment campaign against her neighbours in Hartford has had her sentence increased.

Swedish boy, 6, stabbed for 'wearing pink'
A 6-year-old boy was stabbed in the neck at a preschool in Jönköping in central Sweden after having been the target of bullies for an extended period of time, reported the local Jönköpings-Posten daily.

Transgenders seek new marriage law
Transgenders have demanded a separate marriage law to legalise the marriage of members of the community and a special legislation to allow them to legally change their names to allow them to become part of mainstream society.

[India] [Commentary]
The third way
Starting with the first formal enrolments in Puducherry, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has now included T for transgender, alongside the male and female categories.

Now Boarding: Transgender Flight Attendants
Four transgender women are part of a 30 member fleet of cabin crew for P.C. Airlines.

Transsexuals: The price they pay to be a woman
A former employee of a religious department was found dead last month after falling from the 12th floor of the Sentul Utama condominium. Tongues started wagging after he was found wearing a yellow bra and red panties. Just what drives a man to put on women's undies? ELIZABETH ZACHARIAH and FARHANA AB RAHMAN look for answers in the final instalment in a two-part series on the transsexual community.
Transsexuals: Arrested and forced to parade her body
Transsexuals: Cosmetic surgery first, then studies
Transsexuals: Decent jobs hard to come by

Trans protection bill progresses in Canada
A bill to protect transgender Canadians from discrimination has passed its third reading in the House of Commons.
Siksay's transgender rights bill passes
Canadian pro-family leaders urge Senate lobby on ‘transgender’ bill
Transgender protection ‘a great Valentine’s Day gift’
Bill C-389 scores a victory for trans rights

Suspect sought in silicone death case
A London woman who died after a buttock enlargement procedure in Philadelphia had sworn off cosmetic injections months earlier, her ex-boyfriend says.
(Photo: The 'Black Madam' as featured on YouTube.)
Transgender 'Black Madam' sought by police for death of British bottom implant woman
The booty poisoner
Woman still sought in buttocks injection death
Police clear NJ woman in buttocks injection death
Woman known as “Black Madam” sought in injection death probe

[USA] [Books]
Prize-winning novel ‘Almost Perfect' puts you inside the life of a transgendered teen
The American Library Association's John Newbery Medal is to young adult fiction what the Oscar is to the motion picture industry: the highest award the industry can bestow.

Illegal silicone injections are a growing problem
It was death by hypodermic needle.
On March 16, 2009, Elsa Then, an unlicensed cosmetologist, went to the Bronx home of a 44-year-old Dominican woman. She jabbed her client in the thighs and buttocks with a syringe filled with a gel-like silicone, charging $800 a cup.

[USA] [Commentary]
Injustice at Every Turn -- Part III: Health Care
This is the fourth in a series. The first two parts of my review of the report Injustice at Every Turn (pdf) were Who we are -- by the numbers, Part I: Education, and Part II: Employment. Today we move on to health care.

Have You Received a "Gender No-Match" Letter?
Have you or your employer received a notice from the Social Security Administration (SSA) that says the gender on your SSA records does not match the gender your employer has recorded for you? Transgender people know these notifications as "gender no-match letters" that can out transpeople at work and place us at great risk for discrimination or even violence.

[USA] [Commentary]
Equality Maryland: UNBLOCK Trans Woman Danna LaRocca from your Facebook Page
EQMD censors vocal transgender advocate columnist Dana LaRocca who along with TransMaryLand is lobbying legislators to amend HB235 to include public accommodations provisions.

Transgendered Woman Jenifer Rene Pool Announces Her City Council Candidacy
City council hopeful Jenifer Rene Pool, clad in a black blazer with a hint of a hot pink blouse peeking out from under it, conversed.

Ross Updates Trans Discrimination Policy
Following an incident in which a trans woman was ejected from a Ross store, the company revises its discrimination policy.

Man With Breasts Shocks Cops
Police personnel from Spanish Town, St Catherine, were left shocked recently when they found out that a sexy woman with bountiful breasts they arrested was in fact a man who is going through a sex change.

Progress in the Fight for Gender Identity
"In my family, they always saw me as a girl, but at school they called me by my boy's name, which is why I dropped out," Paula Sosa, a transvestite who recently managed to change her name on her identity document, told IPS.