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terça-feira, fevereiro 22, 2011

Homem mantinha travestis em cárcere privado
A Polícia Civil de São Paulo prendeu em flagrante um homem que mantinha um grupo de travestis em cárcere privado.

"Sou penalizada em tudo", diz a transexual e modelo Lea T
O Fantástico exibiu ontem (20) uma entrevista com a modelo brasileira transexual Lea T. Durante a conversa com a jornalista Renata Ceribelli, Lea T. contou fatos de sua infância que, mesmo se sentindo como menino, sempre gostou de brincar com as bonecas da irmã e amarrar camisetas na cabeça, para fingir um cabelo longo.
Trans model Lea T says she wished she was gay

Comité Regional Partido Socialista Madrid aprobó este domingo lista que confirma Antonelli en puesto 18
La lista a la Asamblea de Madrid que el comité regional del PSM aprobó este domingo cuenta en puestos de salida con varios alcaldes, una ex ministra, cuatro "críticos" a Tomás Gómez y la activista transexual Carla Antonelli.
Carla Antonelli: “Al principio, haces de todo incluso tragándote la moral y los escrúpulos”

En noveno aniversario de su muerte Transexuales de Andalucía rinden homenaje a Sylvia Rivera
El 19 de febrero de 2002 se marchaba para siempre, tras una complicación con su cáncer de hígado, Sylvia Rivera, una de las fundadoras del STAR (Street Travesti Action Revolutionaries), un grupo dedicado a ayudar a las mujeres transexuales que vivían en la calle. Pero esta no es su más reseñable actividad en defensa de los derechos de las personas transexuales.

Cuando tu niña se siente chico, el drama de los adolescentes transexuales
En casa le llaman Jorge pero en el colegio volverá a ser Marta porque el temor al rechazo le impide hablar abiertamente de su verdadera identidad sexual. Es un drama contra el que lucha Ampgyl, la asociación de madres y padres con hijos adolescentes gays, lesbianas y transexuales.

[UK] [Commentary]
Would YOU let your son wear a dress?
Lorraine Candy's four-year-old son adores floral frocks and runs an imaginary boutique called Slinx in her bedroom. She isn't worried. But should she be?

A census first for third gender
Name: Rekha Mukherjee. Religion: Hindu. Age: No idea. Occupation: Stoic silence.
The team of officials led by Purnendu Banerjee, deputy registrar general (census), prompt the person shifting self-consciously on the plastic chair. "Go on, tell us what you do for a living. We have to fill up the column."
More silence. Finally, a curt reply: "Don't you already know that?"
Similar prodding is required for Lali Singh, who has to be reassured over and over about the secrecy of her identity. Her six-year-old "son", Vishal, shouldn't find out that she is a transgender and couldn't possibly have been his biological mother. "Please, I don't want to be known as a eunuch," she pleads.
Marked as males till last year, this transgender family to be finally counted in Census 2011

Burmese March in Chiang Mai Gay Rights Parade
Thai and Burmese societies have become more accepting of gay people and understanding of their identity, but there is still work to do to achieve equal rights, said Thai and Burmese activists who took part in a peace walk in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Sunday to promote gay rights and non-violence towards members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

‘Second wife’ turns out to be a trannie
A 35-year-old woman spoke about her heartache when she found out that her husband’s “second wife” was a transvestite.
Known only as Sara, she told Metro Ahad in Kuala Lumpur that her husband had initially told her that he had remarried in Thailand about 18 months ago.

Including intersex in Mardi Gras
New Mardi Gras (NMG) is consulting with the nation’s peak intersex organisation over formal inclusion of intersex people within its constitution.

[Canada] [Commentary]
We Must Defeat Bill C-389 in the Senate
I believe it extremely important to defeat Bill C-389, the so-called “transgender” legislation that will literally open the washroom doors to sexual predators and voyeurs.
This private member’s bill was passed last week by the House of Commons. It must go no further. It is now up to the Senate to defeat this bill before it can create serious legal and social ramifications for Canada.

[USA] [Commentary]
Does Gay Inc & Transgender/Cross Dresser Inc Refusing To Acknowledge the Transsexual & Intersex Communities Mean TS/IS People Don't Exist?
Question: Does Gay Inc and Transgender/Cross Dresser Male/Gender Queer Inc Refusing To Acknowledge the Transsexual and Intersex Communities Mean TS/IS People Don't Exist?
Answer: No, it does not. We are here, ain't going anywhere and are sick of being censored, co-opted and denied a seat at the LGBTTI coalition table.
Either be fair and accurate, or don't speak for us at all.

[USA] [Commentary]
How Are Michigan High Schoolers Dealing With Their New Gender-Neutral Prom? (Terribly)
"I only believe that would happen because of pressure from the 'minority' group that desires it. I have no bias against transgender, homosexual or all alike, but I do not believe that we should be changing the precedence of the male-female court on account of someone 'not getting their way' or feeling 'discriminated' against."

[USA] [Commentary]
Amber Yust Suing California DMV -- And DMV Ex-Employee Thomas Demartini
Remember Amber Yust? She was the 23-year-old trans woman who was sent a letter by a California DMV employee telling her she "made a very evil decision" to transition, and condemned her to hell.

[USA] [Commentary]
Why an Iowa-Employed, Transsexual Woman Resident of Illinois Has More Authority to Speak on Maryland Transsexual Law Than Morgan Meneses-Sheets or Any Non-Trans Gay or Lesbian
Its time to look at one of Kat’s many photo albums.

[USA] [Commentary]
ENDA: The LGBT Community Has Ceded The "Bathroom Bill" Argument Without A Fight
It seems that whenever a civil rights movement has been fought in the United States, the battles have included public restrooms. From the segregated restrooms of the Jim Crow south, to the "unisex bathroom" arguments used in the fight against the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), to even the repeal legislation for Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) -- where Elaine Donnelly and her Center For Military Readiness warned about the dangers of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people in bathrooms and showers -- the public restroom has been used as an essential feature for pushback against civil rights and ordinary equality.

More US companies covering transgender surgery
When Gina Duncan decided to undergo the medical treatment that would make her a woman, she had plenty to fear. The reactions of her children, her professional colleagues and friends. How her body would respond to hours on the operating table. If, at the end of it, she would look female enough so strangers wouldn't gawk.

Students strut their stuff at this year’s drag show
Zeta Chi sorority and Trinity University Players sponsor drag show to raise money for San Antonio AIDS foundation.

UWM’s 10th annual drag show
The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center’s 10th annual drag show rocked UW-Milwaukee’s Wisconsin Room on Saturday night.

Mujer transgénero honureña asesinada en Guanajuato
Las autoridades encontraron el cuerpo de un migrante hondureño asesinado muy cerca de la comunidad Lo de Juárez, a 10 minutos al norte de la ciudad de Irapuato en el estado de Guanajuato, México.
(Foto: Entre sus pertenencias encontraron maquillaje, pastillas de feromonas y otros objetos fabricados en Honduras. El cuerpo sin vida fue hallado junto con 2 mochilas y una cobija.)

[Trinidad and Tobago]
Lobby group denied permission to march
CONCERNED National Citizens, a lobby group formed less than three months ago, believes a directive from the Government may have resulted in its members being denied permission to march through the streets of Chaguanas on Saturday.

Hoy se corona la Reina Gay del carnaval de Riohacha
Alegría y colorido es lo que mostrará la reina gay del carnaval de Riohacha, Karen Michell Díaz Vélez, hoy en la noche cuando recibirá el cetro y la corona en una velada que se desarrollará en la avenida circunvalar de esta ciudad. El evento iniciará con un recorrido desde el Centro Cultural, a partir de las siete de la noche por toda la avenida La Marina y llegará hasta una gigantesca tarima ubicada en la avenida Circunvalar.

La Granata coronó a la nueva Reina Gay del Sol bajo el agua
Pese a la lluvia, la gente no se movió del boliche donde se realizó la noche final del festejo. La comunidad LGBT eligió a Luciana Escudero como nueva soberana y Jazmín Brunelli, virreina. (Foto)
Otras candidatas a Reina

Identidad de género, de la "lengua" para afuera
El uso correcto del lenguaje durante el debate por la Ley de Identidad de Género será fundamental para evitar expresiones discriminatorias y para un buen entendimiento del tema, advirtieron ayer los autores de la propuesta, que emitieron una guía respectiva.