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quarta-feira, maio 18, 2011

Drag Queens Attacked In Liverpool
Two drag queens have been attacked in Liverpool’s gay quarter.
Drag queen and DJ Lady Shaun was punched in the face, knocked unconscious and suffered a broken jaw in the early hours of Friday morning. Police gave chase to a suspect but were unable to catch him.
Two drag queens attacked in Liverpool’s gay quarter
Two new attacks in Liverpool's gay quarter

Photo gallery: Thailand crowns its newest transgender beauty queen
This year's beauty pageant brought out the kingdom's most stunning ladyboys, proving yet again that some of the best looking girls in Thailand used to be boys

Rights Commission reports
A report from the Human Rights Commission based on public consultations in Sydney and Melbourne in 2010 from gay, lesbian and transgender Australians was released last week.

After offending readers, Sprint pulls ad attacking T-Mobile, AT&T merger
An ad funded by Sprint that depicts a man wearing a pink polka-dot dress has drawn a flurry of complaints from the transgender community and has been pulled.
Sprint Ad Opposing T-Mobile Takeover Pulled After Trans Community Complains

[USA] [Commentary]
Sometimes Our 'Allies' Are Worse Than Our Enemies
Wow... Sometimes when it comes to the transphobia and stereotypes we transpeople have to battle, the worst offenders can be our GL allies who haven't taken the time to get their 101 on or don't care to do so.

Transgender People Sue IL Over Birth Certificates
Three transgender people filed a class action lawsuit against the state of Illinois on Tuesday over the state’s refusal to change the gender on their birth certificates.

Senate narrowly passes bill prohibiting transgender discrimination in Nevada
Employers could not discriminate against transgender people under a bill approved Wednesday on a narrow 11-10 vote in the state Senate.
Bill to ban transgender discrimination in the workplace advances
Transgender job discrimination bill clears Senate

Francheska se encuentra cara a cara con presunto agresor
La transexual Francheska González Vázquez fue brutalmente golpeada y, como consecuencia camina con un bastón, y un arnés sostiene su espalda y cintura. Aun así, la víctima acudió ayer por la mañana al Centro Judicial de Hato Rey para enfrentar a su presunto agresor.

Tennessee Senate Votes Thursday On Bill To End Nashville's Gay Protections Law
The Tennessee Senate on Thursday is scheduled to vote on a bill that would repeal Nashville's newly-approved gay protections ordinance.

[TX, USA] [Commentary]
TransTexas Anti Transgender Marriage Bill UP FOR VOTE
In a blink of a eye SB 723 has been moved to a vote. This is the bill that would strip transgender Texans hard earned marriage equality from us.
Right-wing Liberty Institute issues action alert in support of transgender marriage ban
Senate Adjourns Without Considering Anti-Trans Marriage Bill

Commission, mayor agree: Transgendered employees deserve more health coverage
The city of Seattle's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Commission has asked the city council to consider changes to the employee health plan. Seattle's health benefits do not cover the costs associated with transgender health care issues, including gender reassignment surgery.