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quarta-feira, junho 01, 2011

Kit anti-transfobia: Encontrando Bianca

Travesti foi espancado até a morte em Salvador
O corpo de um travesti foi encontrado num bairro nobre de Salvador, na Bahia. Segundo a polícia, o travesti era morador de rua e foi espancado até a morte.

"Alunos querem discutir diversidade sexual", diz professora transexual
Os adolescentes brasileiros estão prontos para discutir a diversidade sexual em sala de aula. Uns têm preconceito, mas muitos outros estão cheio de curiosidade e disposição para debater o tema. Assim pensa a transexual Marina Reidel, professora na escola estadual Rio de Janeiro, em Porto Alegre (RS), e na Fundarte, em Montenegro, no mesmo estado. “Eles querem essas aulas e gostam delas, pois conhecem algo que não é vivido na família.”

Lea T. diz no programa "Mais Você" que fará a cirurgia de readequação genital em julho
A modelo Lea T. esteve na manhã desta quarta-feira (1º) no programa "Mais Você", apresentado por Ana Maria Braga na TV Globo.
Lea T. abre o jogo: 'vou sofrer preconceito o resto da vida, mas espero que as próximas gerações não sofram'
Lea T é entrevistada de Ana Maria Braga e diz que fará cirurgia de mudança de sexo. Veja vídeo

Mar Cambrollé: «No queremos que se sumen derechos, sino que se garanticen los que ya hay»
Mar Cambrollé, activista transexual y presidenta de la ‘Coordinadora Girasol’, que trabaja para reivindicar los derechos de lesbianas, gays, transexuales y bisexuales, presentó ayer en Ceuta el ‘Orgullo del Sur’ (Foto)

Kim Pérez, mujer transexual e intergenero, designada como una de los cien lideres de Granada del siglo XXI
Nuestra compañera Kim Pérez (Premio Pluma 2010 FELGTB) ha sido designada como una de los "Cien líderes de Granada del siglo XXI", por la revista Garnata, publicada con el diario "Ideal", señalándose expresamente su condición de "intergénero". (Foto)

[UK] [Commentary]
Draft DSM-5 again open for public comment
The forthcoming revised DSM-5, which will shape diagnoses of not only Gender Dysphoria, but also such conditions as Bipolar and Related Disorders Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Feeding and Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive-Related, and Trauma-Related Disorders, has been opened up for public comment.

The man who was born a girl
As Jack Chapman walked into his old school for the first time since he’d left 20 years earlier, former pupils and teachers glanced over and then away again, not recognising him.
It’s to be expected at a ­reunion but Jack had changed more than most – when he’d been there as a teenager in the 80s he was a girl called Julie. (Photo)

Transexual begs court 'don't send me to a man's prison'
A transsexual who admitted falsely claiming £12,000 in benefits pleaded with a court yesterday not to send her to a men’s jail.
Janet Williams, 50, failed to declare a string of casual jobs while on incapacity benefit.

Now or never
Transgender voices begin to find some sort of coherence when it comes to fighting for basic rights

Malaysian transsexual wants court to affirm she is a woman to update gender on identity card
A 25-year-old Malaysian transsexual wants a court to affirm she is a woman following sex-change surgery so she can change her name and gender on her identification documents, her lawyer said Thursday.
Sex-change surgery is legal in mainly Muslim Malaysia, but transsexuals often cannot legally change their gender status. (Photo)
Malaysian transsexual asks court to say she is woman
Mujer transexual de Malasia pide que le reconozcan su nueva identidad en documentos

Chandra Herbert to introduce trans bill in BC
West End MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert will introduce a bill in the legislature on May 26 to add protection for transgender people to BC’s Human Rights Code.
Transgender rights bill lands in legislature

Fatal blow in street tiff not a crime, judge rules
A Winnipeg man has been found not guilty of manslaughter because a judge ruled there were elements of self-defence and provocation.

Transgender detainees cut off from hormone drugs
Advocacy group claims jail is depriving immigration detainees of 'adequate health care'
Hormone therapy for transgender immigration detainees?
Gay, transgender immigrant detainees claim abuse in O.C. jails

California passes bill strengthening nondiscrimination laws
The California State Assembly has passed the Gender Nondiscrimination Act (AB 877) with bipartisan support by a 54-24 vote.

Civil Rights Bill For the Transgendered Nears Final Passage in Hartford
A bill affording rights to transgendered citizens in Connecticut cleared a key hurdle last week and will move on to the state senate. The bill takes current anti-discrimination protections that apply to ethnic minorities and women and extends them to include gender identity.
Connecticut House Approves Transgender Non-Discrimination Bill

Transsexual Claims Unemployment Discrimination
The Georgia Department of Labor is facing accusations of discrimination from a transsexual who said she was fired when she decided to start dressing like a woman.
Georgia is one of 37 states that has no laws protecting transgendered people from discrimination. (Photo)

Transgender woman wins struggle to get disability benefits from 2005
A Jefferson County woman has won a six-year battle with the New York State Workers' Compensation Board to receive short-term disability benefits for the time she couldn't work while recovering from gender-reassignment surgery. (Photo)

Mujer transexual brutalmente agredida en Puerto Rico, enfrenta a su agresor en tribunales
La mujer transexual Francheska González Vázquez, fotografía inferior, fue brutalmente golpeada y, como consecuencia camina con un bastón, y un arnés sostiene su espalda y cintura. Aun así, la víctima acudió al Centro Judicial de Hato Rey para enfrentar a su presunto agresor.

Companies Targeted in Tenn. Antigay Law's Passage
Following the signing of an antigay Tennessee law prohibiting antidiscrimination ordinances stricter than those on the state level, Americablog Gay published a comprehensive list of companies in the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry that publicly denounced the bill — as well as those that didn't.
Tennessee governor signs bill to wipe out gay legal protection
Calpernia Addams Blasts Tenn. Law
Nashville attorney planning lawsuit to challenge Tennessee’s anti-gay law
Lawsuit to be filed over Tennessee’s anti-gay law

[TX, USA] [Commentary]
Widow Araguz Denied Death Benefits by Texas Court
In a perhaps unsurprising development, a Texas court ruled yesterday against Nikki Araguz, a transsexual woman with an intersex condition, married to Thomas Araguz, a volunteer firefighter who was killed in the line of duty.

Second charge filed in city assault case
A 19-year-old Fredericksburg man is the second person charged in connection with the weekend beating of a transgender woman.
Farkeem French, a former football star and basketball player at James Monroe High School, is charged with malicious wounding by mob.
Transgender Woman Attacked Outside 7-Eleven in Fredericksburg
Mob Attacks Virginia Trans Woman
Transgender Woman Beaten by Mob in Fredericksburg
Fredericksburg transgender attack: 2 suspects in custody, 2 more on the loose
Transgender woman attacked by mob in Virginia

Vermont: No Surgery Needed to Change Birth Certificate
Vermont is now the first state to pass legislation clearly allowing people to change the sex on their birth certificates without necessarily having surgery, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force announced on its blog Wednesday.
Transgender rights victory in Vermont

Faces of Immigration: Transgender immigrant avoids deportation
The children on the playground ridiculed her. Her father whipped her. Police officers tortured and molested her. But it wasn't until after military officials gang raped her, Carolina said, that she took action on her dream: to leave her native Honduras for a safer life in America.

Abogada transexual del INADI brindó charlas en Salta sobre Identidad de Género Mariana Casas, abogada transexual del Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminacion, la Xenofobia y el Racismo (INADI) realizó charlas debates en las provincias de Salta y Santiago del Estero en el marco de la Semana de Actividades de Lucha contra la Homofobia y Transfobia. Casas habló sobre la necesidad de la aprobación de la Ley de identidad de gnero, para la que se juntaron firmas en todo el país. (Foto)
Abogada transexual del INADI en Argentina brindó charlas en Salta sobre Identidad Género