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quinta-feira, maio 19, 2011

[Europe] [PR]
President of the European Parliament marks International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
Yesterday, President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek inaugurated a photo exhibition on European gay prides. The Polish centre-right President addressed Members of the European Parliament, staff and visitors. Mr Buzek said homophobia was “deplorable, because it aims to denigrate people and deprive them of their rights on the basis of their sexual orientation.”

[South Africa]
The tide of intolerance must turn
Transgender activist Victor Mukasa knows better than most what it's like to live in a society that worships traditional gender norms.
(Photo: Victor Mukasa, a victim of 'corrective' rape in Uganda, attended a gender activist march in KwaThema after the brutal murder of lesbian activist Noxolo Nogwaza.)

Sex workers’ union activist assaulted in Bangalore
The night of May 11 was one that Rinky (name changed), a third-sex member activist and sex worker with Sangama, will never forget. The member of the Karnataka Sex Workers Union was brutally assaulted by eight people from the Hijra (transgender) community on Airport Road. She sustained several injuries, besides being subjected to great psychological abuse.

Top cop gives his men three days to put an end to eunuch menace
City police commissioner J P Mirji has ordered his men to book transgenders harassing motorists at traffic signals, and forcibly collecting money from them, under the stringent Karnataka Police Act.

Life as a ladyboy: 'What does being a transgender mean to you?'
At the recent Miss Tiffany's Universe pageant, several of the alluring contestants spoke frankly about what it's like to be a member of the 'third sex'

Art charts wife's journey as husband goes from Brent to Brenda
For 26 years, Janice Appleton was a dutiful, loving wife to her high-flying corporate husband Brent.
Married after a two-year courtship, the couple shared a passion for travel and a vision for their future – kids, work and a long life together.
Today, nothing has changed. But everything has changed. (Photo: Brenda Appleton)

Historic rally for ISGD people’s rights
Australia’s first national rally of intersex, sex and/or gender diverse (ISGD) people saw 180 participants gather on the lawns of parliament house, Canberra, on May 11.

'Simple shove' led to man's death, judge told
Joseph McNabb couldn’t possibly have known a simple shove would have seriously injured Evaristo Caniuman, let alone result in his death, a judge was told Thursday.
Caniuman, 60, suffered fatal head injuries following a confrontation with McNabb on Sargent Avenue in April 2009.
McNabb, who is transgendered and identifies as a woman, is on trial for manslaughter.

Intersex children find increasing medical, social support
Jeanne Nollman was a later bloomer.
She waited and waited for puberty to hit, and when she was 17 and still nothing had happened, she got tested -- and found out she had a rare condition called Swyer syndrome and would need supplemental hormones.
What no one told her until eight years later, when she demanded more information about her condition, was that she had the male X-Y chromosome pattern.

Transgender people sue Illinois to change birth certificates
Lauren Grey is, in all aspects of her life, a woman. Her driver's license reflects that, as do her name, her Social Security information and her appearance.
Still, her Illinois birth certificate says she's a man. She has requested that it be changed and provided a supporting affidavit from the doctor who performed breast augmentation and facial feminization surgeries on her. But, according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of her and other transgender people this week by the American Civil Liberties Union, the state has denied her request, saying transgender people in Illinois must have "genital reformation surgery" to have their birth certificates changed. (Photo)
Transgenders sue Illinois

Detroit cop allegedly caught with transvestite hooker suspended with pay
A Detroit police officer has been suspended after fellow officers allegedly caught him in a squad car having sex with a transvestite prostitute while on duty.

TN lawmakers reverse Metro anti-discrimination law 4:15 AM, May. 13, 2011
State lawmakers have voted to reverse Metro’s new anti-discrimination law, overruling a decision by city leaders last month to require contractors to follow Metro’s rules that protect gay, lesbian and transgendered people.
More Tennessee hate: Senate OK’s bill to repeal Nashville gay protections law
Bill Haslam Expected To Sign Bill To End Nashville's Gay Protections Law

LEGE UPDATE: Trans marriage ban on life support; suicide prevention bill advances
Acrimony in the House, the return of a transphobic Senate bill and renewed hope for community input in HIV programs marked the 18th week of the Texas Legislature’s regular session, one of the most contentious thus far.
[Commentary] SB 723 Update 7-The Wingnuts Are Coming
Senate Adjourns Without Considering SB 723

Should City's Health Care Cover Gender Reassignment?
Seattle city officials may be making some revisions in the city's health care plan.
Currently, the plan doesn't cover gender re-assignment surgery, counseling or hormone treatment for transgender people, but city officials are considering changing that.

[Mexico] [Video]
The Muxes (transgenders) of Southern Mexico - Documentaries.
***A clip from the documentary "Muxes of Juchitan," (10 minutes):
***"Muxes of Juchitan." Small Planet Production Company - About the documentary:
*** - The Muxes of Mexico:
*Part 1: Mexico's Third Gender (9 minutes):
*Part 2: The Evolution of Mexico's Third Gender (9 minutes):
*Part 3: Muxe Today in Mexico (7 minutes) :

Aumentan agresiones por discriminación y homofobia
Grupos contra la discriminación y homofobia exigirán a los aspirantes a cargos de elección popular se creen leyes que mejoren las condiciones de vida de la comunidad gay, debido a que las agresiones a quienes tienen una afinidad sexual diferente a la heterosexual van en aumento y como consecuencia hay más asesinatos y agresiones, precisó Gabriel Gutiérrez García, Conductor de programa "Código diverso".

Diversos asesinatos vinculados con la homofobia esperan ser investigados
En el último año han sido asesinados, únicamente según los casos que han saltado a los medios, tres personas homosexuales. A pesar de ello, el país sigue sin ejercer las investigaciones correspondientes para hacer justicia ante tales delitos.