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sexta-feira, maio 20, 2011


Cara companheira,
Convidamos-te a juntar-se a nós na Reunião Preparatória do ACAMPAMENTO EUROPEU DE JOVENS FEMINISTAS da Marcha Mundial de Mulheres.
Se és jovem feminista e tens interesse em participar do Acampamento a realizar no Verão 2011, em França... vem ter connosco e contribuir com as tuas sugestões e, claro, a tua participação!
O ACAMPAMENTO EUROPEU DE JOVENS FEMINISTAS tem por objectivo criar um espaço de partilha de experiências de lutas e construir laços fortes e sustentáveis entre jovens feministas.
Na Reunião Preparatória pretendemos apresentar o Acampamento, conhecer as interessadas e debater alguns aspectos relacionados com as actividades que serão realizadas no local.
Quem estiver interessada, deverá devolver por email para Danielle Capella - (Lisboa) ou Vânia Martins - (Porto) a ficha anexa já preenchida ou trazê-la no dia da reunião.
Haverá duas reuniões, uma em Lisboa e outra no Porto:
LISBOA - Dia 26 de Maio, pelas 18h30, na sede da UMAR em Lisboa (Rua de S. Lázaro 111, 1)
PORTO - Dia 27 de Maio, pelas 21h00, na sede da UMAR no Porto (Rua do Paraíso, 250)
Até lá!
Saudações feministas!

Colchester transsexual and friends fight ‘illegal’ ban
A TRANSSEXUAL says her human rights have been breached after she and her pals were banned from a bar.
Olivia Mulgrew, 46, of Harwich Road, Colchester, and five transgender friends, have been told by the landlady they are putting other customers off. (Photo)

County Hall flies flag for freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity
THE Rainbow Flag, the international symbol of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, will be flown at County Hall, Chichester, by West Sussex County Council for the first time on Tuesday May 17.

Asesinan a tres mujeres transexuales en un mismo día en la provincia de Izmir, Turquía
Una vez más las mujeres transexuales/transgénero son víctimas mortales de la Transfóbia en Turquía. Recientemente, y en un mismo día, tres de ellas fueron asesinadas con arma de fuego en la provincia de Izmir.
Activistas enviaron un reporte a la organización Transgender Europe.

Student cross-dressers
Ahmadi Educational Zone dismissed two students from a high school in Jaber Al-Ali area for cross-dressing, reports Al-Anba daily. The administration of the school seized makeup and women’s garments from the bags of the two students.

Eunuch arrested for murdering live-in partner
Tired of getting fleeced by the man whom she thought loved her, Nisha, a eunuch, brutally murdered him on Thursday night. She has been arrested. Police said Nisha's live-in partner Surender was stabbed on the abdomen, chest, hand and neck. After killing him, Nisha 'ransacked' the house to make it lo ok like robbers had killed the victim.
Transsexual murders lover in rage

Tasmania tackles discrimination
The Tasmanian Government has given a $30,000 grant to three community organisations to help fight discrimination and abuse against LGBTI Tasmanians.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Historic rally hears stories of violence and discrimination from ISGD people
Two women – one trans, one trans and intersex – shared their personal experiences of harassment and discrimination at Australia’s first national rally of intersex, sex and/or gender diverse (ISGD) people in Canberra recently. Miss Ava and Indi Edwards recount them here.

International Day Against Homophobia 2011
17 May each year marks IDAHO, the international day when nations unite to acknowledge and tackle homophobia and transphobia where it occurs. Hundreds of events are planned in over 50 countries.

Trans Triathlete Wins TRX Sponsorship
Chris Mosier, a transgender triathlete who entered a YouTube contest to win a sponsorship deal with training system TRX, was one of ten athletes chosen for the prize.
Trans triathlete Chris Mosier wins contest, earns sponsorship with TRX

Departamento de Trabajo Estados Unidos se compromete a defender trabajadores transexuales
El Departamento de Trabajo del Gobierno de Estados Unidos anunció que ha tomado medidas para proteger a sus empleados transexuales/ transgénero de la discriminación laboral.

Transgender woman says employer forces her to use men's room
A west suburban transgender woman has filed two charges of discrimination with the state against the Aurora arts and crafts store she has worked at for a number of years, stating that management has barred her from using the women's restroom and threatened her with further disciplinary action if she were to use the women's room in the future. (Photo)

Transgendered woman sues LSI
Janis Stacy knew her transformation from a man to a woman would be difficult for some of her coworkers to understand.
That's why the former product engineer at Agere Systems met in February 2005 with colleagues who knew her as Jim to explain why she had chosen to change her appearance.
Those meetings marked the start of a pattern of discrimination by the company, Stacy alleges in a federal lawsuit. In January 2008, after she had completed her gender transition, Stacy was singled out to be laid off, the lawsuit says.

Seattle Mayor: City Should Cover Surgeries for Trans Employees
The Seattle LGBT Commission thinks the city should remove exclusions that bar coverage of gender-related medical treatments for its transgender employees, and Mayor Mike McGinn agrees.

Cubans march against homophobia in Havana
Cubans have held a short but colorful parade celebrating sexual diversity to mark the International Day Against Homophobia.
Dozens of people waving rainbow flags and banging drums marched through the capital Saturday. One participant held a portrait of ex-leader Fidel Castro.
Un año mas Mariela Castro encabeza una Marcha contra la Homofóbia y la Transfóbia en la Isla de Cuba

Mujer transexual de Bolivia, medica y Miss La Paz, primera en conseguir cambio cambio DNI
Es médica con especialidad en sexología. Su cambio de identidad (nombre y sexo) es el primero del país, tambien es una de las pocas transexuales profesionales.

[El Salvador]
Comunidad transexual de El Salvador sale a la calle y marcha por sus derechos
La comunidad transexual y transgénero de El Salvador, en busca de defender sus derechos, se pronunció este sábado en una colorida marcha en contra de la discriminación y solicitó al Congreso una ley que les permita cambiar de nombres.