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domingo, setembro 25, 2011

Life sentence for murderer Leon Fyle who strangled transsexual prostitute Destiny Lauren
A 23-YEAR-OLD man was jailed for a minimum of 21 years after being convicted of murdering transsexual prostitute Destiny Lauren.
Destiny Lauren murder: Leon Fyle jailed after retrial

Cirurgias não alteram género da pessoa
Veio a público recentemente um artigo datado de 2003 em que o Vaticano define a sua estratégia relativa às pessoas transexuais e intersexuais.

Police news : Transvestite stabbed to death
Shamir Mussan, a transvestite aged 32 and living in La Rue Volcy Pougnet at Port Louis, dreamt of having a family. He was living the perfect love story with Ibrahim Kalil, 40. He wanted to adopt a child and lead a peaceful life. However, destiny willed it otherwise.

Quack held for turning men into eunuchs by castration
The Delhi Police have arrested a quack who was hired by eunuchs to castrate men after giving them sedatives. Khalikuddin, who claimed to be a doctor, confessed his involvement in 20 such cases. Police said he charged Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per operation. The police have recovered various medical equipments used by the accused in conducting the surgeries.

Transgender woman sues police, city over treatment during detention
A transgender woman claims she was pulled from her vehicle at gunpoint and mocked for her sexual orientation by Winnipeg police officers who mistook her for a criminal.
Winnipeg police and city face law suit from transgendered woman

[USA] [Commentary]
Why Everyone Should Oppose “Gender Identity” Policies at the UN and Elsewhere
Recently Family Watch’s Director of Communications, Lynn Allred. testified at a hearing of the largest district of community colleges in the United States opposing a proposal for these colleges to add “gender identity” (i.e., transgenderism) to their nondiscrimination policy. Family Watch helped stop a similar proposal in 2008.

Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Policy Debate Comes to a Head at Maricopa Community Colleges
Maricopa Community College's governing board faces a big decision next week as their nondiscrimination policy is challenged.

Crossdressing cafeteria worker turns stomachs of parents, kids
Parents of students in a California school district have been stunned by word that the school is allowing a man who works in the lunchroom to dress like a woman, wearing exposed bra straps and a spaghetti-strap top that would not be allowed for students.
And a law firm addressing the issue said those are exactly the circumstances that are fueling a popular uprising against a state legislative plan that would require schools to indoctrinate children as young as 5 with the idea that homosexuality, transsexuality and other alternative lifestyles are not only acceptable, but to be looked at as models.

[CA, USA] [Commentary]
State Shouldn't Pay for Transsexual Prisoner's Gender Re-Assignment Surgery
A transsexual woman in California housed in the men's prison because her genitalia is still male, has been denied surgery at the expense of the State, that would have legally altered her gender from male to female, thereby allowing her to be housed in a women's' prison rather than a male prison. According to the Los Angeles Times, Lyralisa Stevens is serving 50 years to life for killing a woman in San Bernardino in a dispute over clothing. She has been petitioning for two years to have her gender re-assignment surgery, a procedure that typically costs anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 for transsexuals outside of the prison system.

Emory Hosts International Conference on Transgender Health
The world’s leading experts will gather this week to discuss the latest advances in research, education, clinical service and advocacy for transgender and transsexual people and their families. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) convenes its biennial symposium at Emory University September 24-28.

Businesses Rally For Fairness
For more than two years, the City of Richmond has been considering a fairness ordinance, but the city commission has yet to approve one. Friday night, a group of twenty five downtown business owners joined together with Eastern Kentucky University's Alphabet Center to host "Fairness Over Main."

Empowering Transgender Citizens
Over the weekend of September 10-11, transgender Marylanders and allies met at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Baltimore (GLCCB) in two full day sessions. This event was the first of its kind from Equality Maryland's Transgender Education Project. Coalition partners Gender Rights Maryland, the Transgender Working Group, the Mautner Project (a National Lesbian Health Organization), and Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive (HIPS) joined with local and national leaders and activists (including members of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force field team. Funding was provided through the Equality Maryland Foundation, Gender Rights Maryland, private donors and local businesses.

"Babs" Casbar Siperstein Elevated at DNC
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) met in Chicago on September 9 and 10 where they selected Barbra "Babs" Casbar Siperstein as the first openly transgender member of its executive committee. The Windy City Times reports that when a colleague asked her to be good at her first meeting, she replied, "I don't know about good. I'll be careful."

Basic Rights Oregon to Host Trans Justice Leadership Conference
Following the recent approval of trans-inclusive health care for City of Portland employees, Basic Rights Oregon is hosting a Trans Justice Summit to train leaders in the push to ban trans healthcare discrimination statewide.

BREAKING: Corrections Officer Cleared in Prisoner-Assault Case
The investigation launched into allegations of sexual assault of an inmate by a corrections officer at Riverside Correctional Facility, the city’s only female prison, was closed yesterday, according to Shawn Hayes, spokesperson for Philadelphia prisons system.
Cops: No sex charges against jail guard accused by transgender inmate

Peritajes confirman intervención de terceros en incendio que afectó a transgéneros de Talca
Peritajes del Cuerpo de Bomberos de la ciudad de Talca establecieron que existió intervención de terceras personas en el incendio que afectó a cuatro mediaguas de emergencia ocupadas por transgéneros en pleno barrio rojo de Talca.