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quinta-feira, fevereiro 07, 2013

Princesa Gay do Carnaval é assaltada e jogada de viaduto
A comunidade gay do Rio de Janeiro e todos os segmentos do carnaval carioca acordaram hoje com uma notícia muito triste: a 2ª princesa gay do carnaval 2013, Mel Freitas, foi atirada de uma passarela no bairro de Padre Miguel, Zona Oeste da cidade, após ser assaltada por dois rapazes.
Polícia divulga retrato falado de acusados de agredir princesa gay do Carnaval
Princesa Gay do Carnaval é jogada em linha de trem no Rio
Rio de Janeiro: Travesti eleito Princesa Gay do Carnaval é espancado e jogado em linha de trem

Homem pede ajuda para trocar de sexo no Rio: "algo em mim está errado"
No quadro Verdade do Povo, do Balanço Geral, Rubens Paiva da Silva contou que sempre foi trabalhador e feliz. Porém, para se sentir realizado, ele precisa de uma cirurgia de troca de sexo, a fim de se transformar de vez em Jéssica Brasil.

Transsexual Legislator Divides Opinion
A Polish anticlerical party this week suggested a transsexual legislator for deputy leader of the lower house of Parliament leading to an outcry by conservatives here who refused to acknowledge the lawmaker’s sex change.

Cameroon leader sees minds changing on "crime" of homosexuality
Cameroon's President Paul Biya said on Wednesday that attitudes were changing in his country towards its criminalisation of homosexuality, which has been criticised by the European Union.

Gays have rights and I will protect them - Oye Lithur
Nana Oye Lithur, Minister-designate of Gender, Children and Social Protection, says that gays and lesbians, like all others in Ghana, have rights which must be protected.

Health Ministry may determine transgender teacher’s gender
Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Health – Mr. Nguyen Huy Quang - said that Mr. Pham Van Hiep who is now Ms. Pham Le Quynh Tram can ask the Ministry of Health to perform gender determination tests.
Ministry tries to resolve chaos over transgender recognition

Vancouver Canucks welcome transgender goalie Cory Oskam onto the ice
It was only symbolic (i.e., Oskam didn’t play), but WOW what a powerful symbol! Last week the Vancouver Canucks invited Cory Oskam, a transgender goalie from Britannia Hockey Academy, to share the ice with goalie Cory Schneider.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Homeless Transgender People in Montreal
I was talking with Nora Butler Burke of the ASTT(e)Q today about the problem of homelessness for trans people in Montreal and the fact that some of them have been denied access to shelters because they haven’t completely transitioned and their paperwork doesn’t match their appearance.

Petition To Rename Turk Street Block After Late Transgender Performer Vicki Marlane
The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club is petitioning the Board of Supervisors to rename the 100 block of Turk Street after pioneering transgender drag performer Vicki Marlane. And since "lane" is already in her name, they're suggesting it be called "Vicki MarLane."

Delay in Transgender Stabbing Trial
Court orders suspect in fatal stabbing of Deoni Jones to submit to further mental evaluation

Tiny Kentucky Town Passes Fully Inclusive Non-Discrimination Measure
The tiny town of Vicco, Ky., population 335, isn’t generally much of a newsmaker. But it’s making headlines now as the smallest town in Kentucky – and, perhaps, the country – to pass a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

BREAKING: Maryland lawmakers introduce transgender rights bill
Maryland lawmakers on Tuesday introduced a bill that would ban anti-transgender discrimination in the workplace, housing and public accommodations.
Gender-identity nondiscrimination bill introduced in Maryland Senate

Transsexual, 26, 'beat man with a shovel, stripped him naked, handcuffed him and videotaped him while stealing his money'
A pre-operative transsexual has been accused of knocking out a man with a shovel, stripping him naked, handcuffing him and videotaping him as he stole his money.
The video of the attack in Jersey City, New Jersey was then allegedly uploaded to Facebook.
Man knocked out with shovel, then stripped, robbed and videotaped; 1 charged: cops

Formal charges filed against bar in transgender complaint case
Oregon's labor commissioner has filed formal charges of unlawful discrimination against a north Portland bar.
The investigation into the Twilight Room Annex, formerly known as the P Club, began last August. The Bureau of Labor and Industries said the bar's owner, Chris Penner, left phone messages asking a group of transgender customers to stop visiting his business.
N. Portland bar charged with discrimination
Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian files formal charges against P Club for discrimination against transgender customers

Heated public opinion of transgender inmate sex change operation
Public opinion is strongly against tax dollars being spent on a sex change for a Virginia prisoner.
Facebook exploded last night following our 12 On Your Side report about Ophelia De'lonta. A recurring comment: give her parole, and have her pay for her own surgery.

Suman ya 229 crímenes de odio por homofobia en el DF
En la capital del país de 1995 a la fecha se han documentado 229 asesinatos por razones de orientación sexual o identidad de género, incluido el caso más reciente que tuvo lugar el pasado fin de semana afuera del bar Viena, de acuerdo con cifras de la Comisión Ciudadana Contra Crímenes de Odio por Homofobia (CCCCOH).

En Valparaíso, durante la madrugada del martes 5 de febrero de 2012, Nicol Vicuña de 22 años fue golpeada en la cara en reiteradas ocasiones, por un desconocido. Al parecer el sujeto la abordó con el fin de pagar por los servicios sexuales que ella ofrecía en la vía pública. Se especula que fue llevada a las cercanías de la estación de trenes donde la golpearon, dejándola con una fractura en el sector del ojo derecho, pudiendo incluso perder la visión de ese ojo, por las graves lesiones.