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terça-feira, fevereiro 05, 2013

Travestis e transexuais vão poder usar o nome social para atendimento no SUS
As Travestis e transexuais poderão colocar o nome social no cartão do Sistema Único de Saúde, o SUS.

Em artigo, especialista investiga a invisibilidade trans
Psicólogo estuda invisibilidade das travestis e aponta saídas para que elas sejam aceitas

Finland’s first male-female model: Fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously
Androgynous models are stirring up positive gender confusion in the fashion world, says Ville Ruuska, who often models as a woman.
In recent years androgynous models, or male models who also do the work of their female counterparts, have been surfacing in the fashion world.
Ruuska (a.k.a. "VJ"), is Finland’s first male-female model. Signed by modelling agency Paparazzi, he is set to grace international runways in the near future.

Nepal issues third gender citizenship cards
The government of Nepal has decided to issue citizenship cards that will allow those who do not identify as male or female to identify as a third gender. The new guidelines are a response to a 2007 court ruling in favour of activists in the country's queer community who had fought for the designation.

Education for equality in Burma
Gay Star News interviews Aung Myo Min who is helping to build the LGBT rights movement in Burma

IKEA Apologizes For Transgender Ad
IKEA has apologized for its characterization of a transgender woman in an ad shown in Thailand.

Trans woman to lose official legal recognition
The only Vietnamese transgender person to have her gender reassignment officially recognised has heard that the decision will be revoked and she will once again be officially considered male.

State groups call for national change
Some of Victoria’s key LGBTI organisations have called for a national figurehead to tackle discrimination for Australia’s same-sex attracted and gender/sex diverse communities.

Transgendered woman states case against finance minister
Transgendered woman Gabrielle Landrie had four days to make the case that she was discriminated against by Finance Minister Michael Miltenberger.
Gabrielle Landrie, a transgendered former student at Aurora College in Fort Smith, has argued her discrimination complaint against Finance Minister and Thebacha MLA Michael Miltenberger. - NNSL file photo
A member of the NWT Human Rights Adjudication Panel held a hearing in Fort Smith from Jan. 21 to 24.
Following the hearing, Landrie said she is confident and happy with the process.
"What had to be said was said," she said. "What had to be known, it's out there now."

Draft of the new, anti-discrimination ordinance
The city of Flagstaff has released last week a draft of an anti-discrimination ordinance that for the first time would cover sexual orientation, gender identity and veterans in employment and public accommodations.

Pregnant man fighting for divorce in Arizona court
He's known as the world's first pregnant man, but he's now facing more controversy.

New South Florida-Based, Online Media Platform for Transgender People
A new radio-television broadcast called Transition Radio features a transgender talk show transmitting live from Hollywood, Florida and is now accessible on mobile phones or via the internet.

Va. inmate seeking sex change to get full hearing
A federal appeals panel said Monday that a Virginia inmate is entitled to a full court hearing on her lifelong quest for a sex-change operation.
Court allows transgender inmate’s claim against DOC to proceed
Transgender inmate wins hearing appeal