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sábado, julho 30, 2016

Transgender health services nearing crisis as clinics face 2800% surge in referrals
The number of trans people seeking treatment in the UK has risen drastically.
Huge rise in number of Britons trying to change gender
Meet the gender reassignment surgeons: 'Demand is going through the roof'

Transgender stories: 'People think we wake up and decide to be trans'
From a teenager whose mum joins him at Pride parades, to a 70-year-old who was sacked five times for being trans, five people tell of their experiences

Gender identity and the big questions that have yet to be answered
Why a person feels male when biologically female, or vice versa, is still unclear. But scientists are working to solve the puzzle

UK doctor prescribing cross-sex hormones to children as young as 12
As charities call for NHS to lower age limit of 16 for hormones, parents are taking their children to private clinics for treatment

West Bengal colleges may soon have separate toilets for third gender
The police headquarters at Lalbazar in the heart of Kolkata is the only government department where construction of separate toilets for the transgender community is under way.

Protest against allotment of land to transgenders
Protesting against the allotment of a few cents of land in their locality to transgenders, residents of Chinnavedampatti near Saravanampatti in the city did not allow the Revenue Department personnel to clear the land or take measurements of the site on Friday. Revenue personnel had to leave the venue due to the protest.

Change perceptions towards transgenders: 6 Pack Band curator Shameer Tandon
Shameer Tandon, curator of India's first transgender band, the 6 Pack Band, says people in the country need to change their perception towards the transgender community.

Jailed transgender killer files suit over denial of hormone injections
A 29-year-old transgender woman convicted of killing a man she was dating has filed a ¥10 million lawsuit over authorities’ refusal to allow hormone injections to treat her gender dysphoria in prison and at a detention center, it has been learned.

[New Zealand]
The fight for gender recognition
Over the past few weeks signatures have been gathered on a petition to get the issue of identity documentation before the Government and Administration Select Committee.

Vancouver to vote on new transgender inclusion policy
Policy aims to ensure equitable access to services for transgender, gender-variant and two-spirit people

LGBTQ activists call for scrapping sex markers on ID cards
Members of LGBTQ community say gender information is irrelevant for licences, passports

Fear of flying over passport anxieties can ground transgender passengers: Teitel
Unless you have a fear of heights, or you’re a Muslim wary of racial profiling, the prospect of going to the airport and getting on a plane is unlikely to keep you up at night. But if you are transgender or gender queer, it might.

States with LGBTQ policies dispute threat of school bathroom predators
The argument goes something like this: Allow transgender students to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity and boys will pretend to be girls to get into the girls’ bathroom. Or worse, predators will prey on young children.

Meet the agency behind the law on gender equity
Vox writes on how the work of the federal Equal Opportunity Employment Commission has been establishing in court — no matter resistance in states like Arkansas — that it is not OK to discriminate against LGBT people in the workplace.

Acclaimed trans activist Sharmus Outlaw dies
Sharmus Outlaw, a D.C.-based advocate for transgender and sex worker rights and people with HIV/AIDS in the United States and internationally for more than 25 years, died July 7 at a hospice in Arlington, Va., from complications associated with lymphoma. She was 50.

Local church responds to revised rights publication
The pastor of a local church says he is accepting the Iowa Civil Rights Commission's response after enlisting legal help last week to challenge its position regarding gender identity protections that the church believed infringed on religious freedom.

Branstad supports civil rights law advice revision
Gov. Terry Branstad on Monday applauded a revision made by a state commission to clarify that religious activities at churches are exempt from sexual orientation and gender identity public accommodation guidelines under Iowa’s civil rights law.

Derby parents express concerns with school board's transgender bathroom policy
Parents at the Derby School Board meeting Monday night make a passionate plea for the board to reconsider its transgender bathroom policy that allows students to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity.

The lives that helped shape the Mass. transgender law
Erica, George, Michelle, they weren’t asking for much, they say. Fairness. Equality. Humanity.

Maura Healey, Stan Rosenberg, transgender advocates cheer anti-discrimination bill signing
The governor must sign a bill into law. But apparently, to hold a formal signing ceremony, the governor is optional.

Gay rights opponents promote new petition drive
Two longtime opponents of gay rights and same-sex marriage said Friday they will soon begin a petition drive to repeal Maine’s gay rights law.

Special NCGA session on HB2 is possible, lawmakers say
When the General Assembly’s short session ended last week, the clock ran out on one very high-profile piece of business: House Bill 2.
HB2 update: Billions of dollars at risk, national debate continues
North Carolina’s anti-LGBTQ laws complicate race for Governor

Newark woman gets 5 years for Jersey City bias incident against transgender woman
A Newark woman smiled as she left court Friday after being sentenced to five years in prison for being the ringleader in a bias attack on a transgender woman in Jersey City last year in an incident that ended in robbery.

School officials say respect is best transgender policy
Transgender policies and practices are a hot topic nationwide. Several Roosevelt and Curry County school officials say respect is the best policy.

Local transgender people talk about life experiences
According to a recent report by National Public Radio, New Mexico has one of the nation’s highest percentages of adults who identify as transgender — 0.8 percent.

Ohio Valley Schools Face Transgender Facilities Issue
With the halls and restroom stalls in school buildings now empty for the summer, local school districts are discussing how best to provide restroom options for transgender students this fall.

Controversial billboards challenge Target's bathroom policy
Billboards erected in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are generating controversy.

Oklahoman shares his journey realizing what it meant to be transgender
Briah Arellano did not want to be found.

Vandy placing politics over health
A well-known university in Tennessee is now including transgender-related surgeries in its student insurance plan as part of a policy that some say is based on politics rather than compassion.

Morrisey hoping for bathroom injunction response before school year
State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey says an injunction he sought with 12 other states last week on the federal transgender “bathroom” directive should have some weight moving forward.