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terça-feira, setembro 27, 2011

WPATH anuncia novos standards of care para transexuais e pessoas de género não-conforme
Houve brindes de champanhe e ondas de aplausos quando a WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), conhecida internacionalmente como os peritos sobre saúde transexual, transgénero e queer, anunciou os novos Standards of Care (padrões de tratamento) para a saúde de transexuais, trangéneros e pessoas de género não-conforme num simpósio no Emory Conference Center em Atlanta.
[Commentary] New Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People

Burnley transexual left ‘in limbo’ after NHS refuses to fund breast op
A Burnley transsexual says she has been left 'half man, half woman' after doctors refused her breast surgery.
Cathy Ann Daniels, 57, formerly known as Keith Stanstead Daniels, underwent a £60,000 sex change in London 18 months ago.
But the former builder, who has three children, claims her GP in Burnley will not refer her for a £5,000 breast operation on the NHS to complete her transformation.
Health bosses said breast augmentation was a cosmetic procedure, not routinely funded by NHS East Lancs. (Photo)

Report exposes Netherlands anti-transgender policies
On Sept. 13, Human Rights Watch issued a critical report about the policies of the Netherlands regarding transgender people. The Dutch government is refusing to officially recognize their transgender citizens’ new genders until they have undergone sex change surgery and sterilization.

A transwoman was stabbed to death in Basaksehir district of Istanbul yesterday, in her house.
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Family environment does matter after all
A lesbian couple in Australia has lost their foster son after posting an objectionable photo of him on Facebook.
One of the women is hoping to undergo a sex-change operation, while the other is hoping to bear a child through artificial reproduction. The two dressed the six-year-old boy -- who, along with his 12-year-old sister, was placed with the couple in 2009 -- as a girl and posted the picture of him on the social networking site.
Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) tells OneNewsNow that homosexual liberals claim it does not matter whether a child is raised by two women, two men, or a husband and wife. But he begs to differ.

Anti-discrimination policy for transgender students weighed
For Julian Melson, the clarity of a hard-won sobriety six years ago made two things apparent.
He needed to start over with his education. And he needed to face the fact that he was a man.
The acceptance he found of his new identity at GateWay Community College was crucial in attaining a certificate, he said. That’s why he hopes the Maricopa County Community College District formally recognizes transgendered people as a protected group.

Transgender activist Jessica Lam helps plan conference at Florida International University
Years before Chastity Bono shocked Cher with the news that she was becoming Chaz, Jesus Lam Sr. had a similar talk with his mother, Yolanda.
“I don’t want to see you wearing a dress in front of me,” Yolanda told her first-born son, now Miami transgender activist Jessica Lam.
"I said, ‘Mom, I don’t need to wear a dress in order to be a woman,’” Jessica said in an interview. “I’m more than just the sum of my body parts and what I wear.”
(Photo: Jessica Lam, flanked by sons Jesus Jr. and Christopher)

Comunidad trans se capacita en el campo de las microempresas
Representantes de los 25 cantones de la provincia del Guayas se reunieron para conversar y aprender sobre sus derechos y también acerca de los negocios que han emprendido.
Para brindar capacitación y fortalecer la identidad transexual y transgénero, la asociación Silueta X organizó, este fin de semana, el segundo “Encuentro Intercantonal microempresarial trans”.

Una puerta abierta a la salud
Travestis, lesbianas, hombres que tienen sexo con hombres. Quienes por prejuicios muchas veces quedan afuera del consultorio ahora tienen un espacio propio en hospitales.
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