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quinta-feira, fevereiro 24, 2011

[UK] [Commentary]
'Is this the right thing to do?'
The surgical conclusion to the gender reassignment pathway is irrevocable. But what alternative is there - and do any regret it?

[India] [Film]
G V Prakash’s noble act
Music composer G V Prakash, lyricist Na Muthukumar, debutant director Vijayapadma and actress-producer Punnagi Poo Geetha have been awarded by Exnora, an NGO, for making a film that sends out a strong message to the society.
Exnora honours ‘Narthaki’

Vinolia Wakijo: Living for others
LGBT activist Vinolia Wakijo didn’t see herself as a transgender woman. “I thought I was just feminine and liked to wear make up,” she said.
She didn’t identify with the image society had of transgender women — heavily made up individuals wearing short skirts and tank tops, either working in beauty salons or soliciting sex.
“I was afraid of [transgender women wearing heavy make up],” she said. (Photo)

Transgendered group wants no violence from officers
Fed up with what they term as inhumane treatment from the city’s public order officers, a group for transgendered people have urged the city to stop using violence against them.

B.C. politicians accused of ignoring LGBTQ students
B.C. politicians are ignoring the plight of students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, queer and questioning (LGBTQ), activists say.
[Commentary] Jane Bouey: Why human rights, safe schools, and Pink Shirt Day matter

[Canada] [Commentary]
My gender change meant estrangement from my family
Family legend has it that the first word I ever spoke was “Tai.” Pronounced “tie,” the word means “sticky” in my mother tongue of Afrikaans. It soon became my family nickname. It was an oddly apt choice considering the stickiness that would unfold a quarter of a century later concerning my identity.

What's next for military? Cross-dressers, drag queens, she-males
Barack Obama is being pressured by a team of activists to issue an executive order that would require the U.S. military to permit those individuals with a mental disturbance known as Gender Identity Disorder – including cross-dressers, drag queens, transsexuals, she-males and the so-called "intersexed" – to serve openly.

Inaugural Lecturer to Address Transsexualism in Iran
Harvard University professor Afsaneh Najmabadi, who will present the first talk in Miranda Joseph Endowed Lecture, will discuss issues facing transsexuals in Iran.

Volusia school district considers bullying protections for transgender kids
The Volusia County School Board voted to advertise a proposed change to school policy that adds "gender identity or expression" to the existing list of categories protected from bullying or harassment.

Transgender medical symposium on Wednesday at Pride Center at Equality Park in Wilton Manors
From Michael Emanuel Rajner:
Tomorrow The Pride Center at Equality Park in partnership with the Broward County Health Department, SunServe and the AIDS Education Treatment Center (AETC) will be hosting an all day medical symposium focusing on the unique medical needs of transgender people.

Group pushes for gender-neutral bathrooms
The University of Kansas LGBT resource center has established a new gender-neutral bathroom task force this semester.

Missing Trans Woman Found Dead
A 25-year-old transgender woman who was reported as missing two weeks ago was found dead in the basement of a vacant city-owned home in Baltimore Saturday.

Bozeman discrimination law at risk
A Bozeman law that protects homosexual and transgender city employees and contractors from discrimination is at risk of being undone if House Bill 516 passes, Bozeman Mayor Jeff Krauss said Tuesday.
House whacks Missoula marijuana, gay rights laws
Bill to overturn gay rights ordinance moves ahead in House
Comments surrounding House Bill 516

[Jamaica] [Commentary]
The androgynous blurring of the sexes
The Observer reported on the latest debasement of Christian marriage that should exist between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. Motivation for the report was clearly notoriety and curiosity.The report described the civil union marriage of a 66-year-old ex-fireman with a Jamaican lesbian some 30 years his junior.

Exigen a Honduras esclarecer ola de crímenes de homosexuales
Aunque los asesinatos homofóbicos de 2009 y 2010 superan en más del doble los de los cinco años anteriores, las esperanzas de que el Gobierno de Porfirio Lobo ponga coto al asunto son prácticamente nulas. No obstante, la directora de la Red Catrachas señaló que lo más grave es la complicidad de la sociedad.
Unidad especial investigará muertes de “grupos vulnerables”

Entregada propuesta legislativa a la Asamblea Nacional
La Red LGBTI, que agrupa a Unión Afirmativa, Alianza Lambda, Diverlex, Fundación Huellas, Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana, Lesbianas y Ya, Tertulias de la Diversidad Sexual, Transvenus y Venezuela Diversa junto a otras organizaciones y movimientos; entregó hoy la agenda legislativa a la Asamblea Nacional, para el período 2011-2016, donde se solicita la creación de una Comisión Especial para Asuntos de Diversidad Sexual, que evalúe las propuestas legislativas para la protección legal de las parejas del mismo sexo y de las personas transgénero, así como también la eliminación de las leyes segregacionistas de las personas sexodiversas
Propuesta Legislativa presentada:
Movimiento gay entregó propuestas a la Asamblea Nacional

La dura realidad de los transgénero
* No se llaman así mismas “gay” u homosexuales sino prefieren el título de “transgénero”. Son parte de los grupos más vulnerables en la sociedad.