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terça-feira, março 01, 2011

RS: Travesti é esganada pouco depois de comemorar 20 anos
Polícia Militar encontra corpo de travesti morta horas depois de completar 20 anos
A Polícia Militar de Caxias do Sul encontrou na semana passada o corpo da travesti Aline, nascida Rugian Oneil de Carlos e que tinha acabado de completar 20 anos – com direito à festa horas antes de sua morte. Ela foi encontrada perto da igreja de São Romédio, no Bairro Panazzolo, na madrugada do dia 21 com sinais de ter sido esganada.

Alexia Twister participa do programa Legendários
A top drag Alexia Twister mostrou seu talento performático no programa Legendários, da Rede Record, no sábado 26. Ela participou do quadro em que o personagem Mionzinho procura uma namorada. (Foto)

Funcionária de Universidade de MG diz ter sido demitida por ser transexual
Trans mineira Giselle Vuitton acusa Fumec de discriminação

Um aparente caso de preconceito e homofobia envolveu uma universidade em Minas Gerais. Giselle Vuitton, nome social de Heverton C. Souza, de 19 anos, afirma que foi demitida da Fumec/FACE por ser transexual. Giselle exercia o cargo de auxiliar administrativo e trabalhava na instituição de ensino há mais de dois anos. Ela também estuda administração na Universidade. (Foto)

NADRA: Eunuchs in Balochistan not applying for new jobs
No one from the eunuch community has applied for jobs at the National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) Balochistan office.
According to NADRA’s provincial chapter, only 66 eunuchs have so far been registered in Quetta and in 10 other districts of the province, which is a relatively low number compared to other provinces in the country.

‘Transgenders should be treated equally under the law’
When transgenders are brought to the hospital, doctors don’t know where to admit them – in the male or female ward. The issue of being treated as “the others” in society dominated the meeting of transgenders and cross-dressers held to make them aware of their legal rights in Thane on Friday.

Transsexual coed tells UP prof: I am not a ‘he’
A transsexual student at the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman, Quezon City has complained against a professor for allegedly acting with religious prejudice toward the coed's identity, sparking an online debate on freedom of speech.
The case involves European Languages student Hender Gercio, a self-described “transsexual woman" who had “undergone a gender transition," who filed a complaint against French language professor Dominique del Corro. Gercio filed a complaint against Del Corro on February 7.

Before Scandal Broke, Former GOP Rep. Lee Reportedly Cruised Transwomen Online
Mere weeks after breaking the story that Republican Congressman Chris Lee had sent a sexy snapshot of himself to a woman he met online, Gawker followed up with revelations that Lee--who hastily stepped down when the scandal broke--seemingly had more going on: The former New York representative had also evidently chatted with at least two transsexual women online, and sent one of them a similar steamy image made with a smart phone camera

[MT, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Colorado redux
Last year, the City of Missoula passed an ordinance to protect gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual people from discrimination.
House Bill 516, which advanced out of the Montana House Judiciary Committee Monday, would overturn Missoula’s ordinance.

Transgender riders seek justice from SEPTA
Nico Adamor is fighting a policy that's been in place longer than he's been alive.
And though his opponent declared again just last month that it would not budge, Adamor, 28, says he's not quitting either.

Advierten sobre proyectos de ley de “identidad de género”
El boletín Notivida advierte que tras forzar la sanción del “homomonio”, que pretendió equiparar las uniones entre personas del mismo sexo con el matrimonio, la comunidad Lésbica Gay Bisexual y Trans (LGBT) va por la ley de “identidad de género”.