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sábado, fevereiro 26, 2011

Overriding veto, parliament passes transsexual law
The Portuguese parliament, overriding a presidential veto, has approved a bill easing post-operative red tape for transsexuals.

Travesti é morta a tiros em São Bernardo do Campo
Motociclista mata com dois tiros travesti no centro de São Bernardo do Campo

Travestis muito francas mandam recado em paródia divertida
Trio de travestis faz paródia de música mandando recado para quem não é tão magra

The Sun’s transgender quiz criticised as “offensive” and unacceptable
The publication of what The Sun newspaper calls “a fun quiz on gender” has been strongly criticised for reinforcing stereotypes about transgender people.

Transgender activists Sued after Groundless Custody
Three activists of the Pink Life LGBT Association are sued for alleged resistance against the police. They had refused to be taken to the police station without a concrete reason. The complaining police officers failed to appear at any of the hearings.

Transgenders offered free sex changes
Project to 'free' women trapped in men's bodies
A transgender association is offering a free sex change for cash-strapped transgender people to fulfil their dream of becoming a woman.
(Photo: Transgender persons wait to apply for the Sister’s Hand project offering free sex reassignment surgery. The project was initiated by the TransFemale Association of Thailand which seeks sponsorships from the private sector.)
A Free Sex Change

Girl, 17, allowed sex swap
A girl of 17 has been given approval to begin treatment for a sex change, adding to the growing number of cases of this kind.

[Australia] [Film]
Orchids: My Intersex Adventure
Orchids documents the very personal journey of Queensland filmmaker Phoebe Hart and her younger sister Bonnie as they come to terms with their shared medical condition - Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. They were born intersex, a term previously known as hermaphrodite, and the sisters take a camera around Australia meeting other members of the intersex community.

[USA] [Commentary]
Gender Confusion: Sexual Anarchy’s New Frontier
As we have seen over the past few days alone, “transsexuality” and “transgenderism” are becoming the new frontier of the sexual anarchists.

Death in Baltimore Focuses Attention on Anti-Transgender Violence and Discrimination
Equality Maryland spent the first half of Wednesday, Feb. 23 celebrating the second reading Senate passage of a bill that would grant same-sex couples marriage rights in the state if signed into law.
But the day closed somberly at Equality Maryland’s headquarters in Baltimore with a vigil for Tyra Trent.

Rep. Hansen's bill to repeal Missoula equality ordinance draws fierce reaction
A Havre Republican's bid to override Missoula's 2010 anti-discrimination ordinance is drawing the ire of community organizers who helped enact the policy and who take umbrage at an outsider's attempt to countermand the local law.

Transgendered candidate running for Amarillo mayor
After being approached by some friends and thinking it over, Sandra Dunn, who also happens to be transgendered, decided to run for mayor of Amarillo. (Photo)
Transgender woman runs for mayor
Sandra Dunn announces run for Mayor

Prohíben discriminación en el DF
A partir de hoy, en el Distrito Federal está prohibido, por ley, discriminar a cualquier persona, grupo o comunidad por su apariencia física, religión, lengua, edad, discapacidad, condición social, económica o por su preferencia sexual.