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quinta-feira, novembro 30, 2006

Nella soap debutta un transessuale
Nuova frontiera nella storia della televisione: nella soap opera della Abc All my children debutterà questa settimana un transessuale all'inizio della transizione da uomo a donna.
Media Analyst Calls Soap's Transgender Character Addition Exploitive Ploy
Excerpt: Meanwhile, [Director of the Concerned Women For America's Culture and Media Institute Bob] Knight asserts, transgender individuals themselves are among the homosexual agenda's casualties. "I see these poor, sexually confused people as victims and pawns of a larger movement that wants to destroy Christianity and to turn America into a country we would no longer recognize," he says.

Transsexual's death during arrest ruled an accident
Whether the person who died was a woman or a man may still be open to debate, but a coroner's jury ruled yesterday the death was an accident.

More trans killings in Guatemala
Two transvestites were murdered in broad daylight on Wednesday, their bodies riddled with bullets, in the latest in a wave of suspected hate crimes in Guatemala, Reuters reported this week.

Una multitud celebró la diversidad en la XV Marcha del Orgullo Lésbico Gay Trans Bisexual Intersexual
El pasado sábado 25 de noviembre se realizó la XV Marcha del Orgullo Lésbico Gay Trans Bisexual e Intersexual en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, de Plaza de Mayo a Congreso.

Sex Change, No Surgery Required

Creating a new outpost in the battle for transgender rights, both New York City and Spain are expected to soon allow people to officially change their gender without actually undergoing a sex-change operation.

Transgender film to premiere in Salt Lake
K. J. Jackson Prince has lived as a woman for only three years but says she's identified with being female since she was a young boy. But that female identity was suppressed by her father, and she learned to become an actor, playing the part of a man.

quarta-feira, novembro 29, 2006

Soapie wanted 'something new'

In a story unusual even for a soap opera and believed to be a television first, ABC's All My Children this week will introduce a transgender character who is beginning to make the transition from a man into a woman.
Media watchdog applauds trans casting
A gay media monitor has applauded the announcement that ABC's soap All My Children will introduce a transgender character at the end of the month.
Erste Soap mit Transe
Erstmals kommt in einer amerikanischen Network-Serie eine transsexuelle Figur, die sich einer Geschlechtsanpassung unterzieht, als permanente Rolle vor.
Photo: Jeffrey Carlson spielt einen ausgeflippten Rockstar, der soapgerecht die Umwandlung zur Frau beginnt
How to Talk About Sex and Sexual Identity
The ABC daytime soap opera "All My Children" announced groundbreaking plans today to introduce a character undergoing gender reassignment surgery - a sex change.
Sex Change, Anyone?
ABC soap opera 'All My Children' welcomes a new character to the delicious, deceitful, delightful show. Zarf. Oh yes, that is the actual name. Zarf is flamboyant rock star with a British accent. What more could we ask? The name seems a bit androgynous, don't you think?

Success story marked highlight of Transgender Awareness Week
When Debra Davis describes herself to others, she calls herself a parent, a teacher, a grandmother, "and oh yes, I'm also a transgender person."
Photo: Media Credit: Carrie Fasiska
Debra Davis laughs during her lecture "Reading Rainbows: An Evening with Transgender High School Librarian Debra Davis." Davis travels to colleges and businesses around the Midwest helping people understand and accept transgenders.

Transgendered victims remembered in vigil
In Earl Memorial Union Gumwood Room on Monday, 19 profiles hung on the wall in memory of those who were murdered. The details displayed on the cutouts included the victim's name, hometown, location and date of death and a brief description of how the person died.

Swank in line for Emery
Hilary Swank is set to receive an Emery Award in New York honouring her Oscar-winning role as a transgender teen in 'Boys Don't Cry'. Emery Awards are presented by the Hetrick-Martin Institute to honour support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths aged between 12 and 21.

Thief stabs transvestite in robbery
A thief stabbed a transvestite today during a street robbery in Hillcrest, seriously injuring the victim, authorities reported.

Divorcee laments sex-change alimony
Excert: "If I knew she had any indication of wanting to be a man when she turned 50 years old, I wouldn't have married her," said Roach. Within months of their divorce, Julie became Julio. She officially changed her name and her gender.

terça-feira, novembro 28, 2006

Lesboa Party - 2ª edição

QUANDO: 2 de Dezembro de 2006

ONDE Pavilhão das Exposições Instituto Superior de Agronomia (Tapada da Ajuda)


LIVE PERFORMANCE O’QueStrada TascasTour 0h30
DJ’S Mariana Couto Rita Zukt

ENTRADA:10 euros (oferta de 1 bebida)

BILHETES À VENDA:A partir de 5ªfeira na Fnac, lojas Abreu e TicketLine (

Informações e reservas: 707 234 234


Mais informação e novidades
20 statistical differences between men and women
Apart from the obvious, how do the sexes differ?

Transsexual cut in residence
Named Mario Falco, [she] lived two years as an inhabitant of Novara
Verbano/ Transessuale morto, è giallo
Un transessuale è stato trovato privo di vita questa mattina nella camera da letto di un residence di Dormelletto, in provincia di Novara.

'AMC' Introducing Transgender Character
In a story unusual even for a soap opera and believed to be a television first, ABC's "All My Children" this week will introduce a transgender character who is beginning to make the transition from a man into a woman.
Transessuale sbarca in serie tv Usa
Nuova frontiera nella storia della tv: sulla soap Abc 'All My Children' debuttera' un transessuale all'inizio del passaggio da uomo a donna.
Soap Usa, di scena un transessuale
Nuova frontiera nella storia della televisione: sulla soap opera della Abc All My Children debutterà questa settimana un transessuale all'inizio della transizione da uomo a donna.

'Hate Is Not A Family Value': Schools adjust to transgender teachers
For nine years, he was Mr. McBeth, a substitute teacher who keptthings moving along in the classroom and filled in ably when theregular teacher was out sick.

Who Does (Or Could Possibly ) Identify As "Ex-Trans?"
Who identifies as ex-trans in ex-gay circles? Who could by their testimony -- but doesn't -- identify as ex-trans?

LGBT shares thoughts, pays tribute to vicitims
Group remembers people killed for sexual views

Prostitutes Fear Serial Killer in Atlantic City
Excerpt: "There is some deranged psycho out there killing people,"said Samantha, an Asian transvestite prostitute who said she knew all four victims.

segunda-feira, novembro 27, 2006

Nobody Believes I Was A Man !
Staff nurse Leanne Holmes has got the kind of figure to make any man feel better. And her male patients certainly find her a tonic as the 27-year-old does her hospital rounds. But, incredibly, until three months ago Leanne was a MAN.

Martedì 14 novembre il Coordinamento delle associazioni transgender italiane, nelle persone di Marcella di Folco (M.I.T.), Fabianna Tozzi (Crisalide Azione-Trans) , Christian Ballarin (Gruppo Luna), Leila Daianis (Libellula-Arcitran s), ha incontrato a Palazzo Chigi l'On. Vladimir Luxuria, la Senatrice Maria Grazia Pagano e La ministra per le Pari Opportunità Barbara Pollastrini.

«Non ho certo in mente la distruzione della chiesa cattolica, anzi. Sarebbe discriminante. Dunque non trovo nulla di male nel votare a favore di emendamenti positivi per la Chiesa».

sábado, novembro 25, 2006

Remembering Tiffany Berry
Casey Lanham, a female-to-male transsexual in a black vest and button-down dress shirt, stands at a podium in front of about 50 people at the First Unitarian Church of the River. Slowly, he reads from a list of over 300 names.
Photo: The Transgender Day of Remembrance is observed in over 200 locations in eight countries.Bianca Phillips

Remembering our dead
In observance of the fifth annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, The Center hosted a candlelight march and memorial service on Nov.20.
Photo: (L-r) Matt Stevens, Brenda Watson, Sandra Ramirez and Tracy O’Brien were honored Nov. 20 at The Center for their leadership within the transgender community.

Vigil honors transgender lives lost
About 100 people braved cold temperatures Nov. 18 to gather on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol to remember 19 transgender men and women who were either murdered within the past year, or committed suicide due to discrimination.
Photo: Rev. Kathi Martin served as keynote speaker for the Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil, which also used a projection screen to honor those lost to violence or suicide. Other speakers included Monica Helms (top right) and Dana Brown-Owings. (Photos by Bo Shell)

Speaker explains transgender issues for students
Some transgender people don't feel that the Pride Student Union on Florida State University's campus represents their interest.

[USA] [Commentary]
A place at the table
As i type this, I'm 30,000 or so feet above the United States, likely somewhere over Louisiana or Texas. I've just gotten back from speaking at a small college town where I was informed, quite sincerely, that there were two transgender folks within the city. Both were male-to-female transsexuals of varying backgrounds, and both are fairly isolated.

sexta-feira, novembro 24, 2006

Two transvestites were shot dead in broad daylight on Wednesday, their bodies riddled with bullets in the latest in a wave of suspected hate crimes in Guatemala.

Events in two cities marked the observation of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, with a church vigil in the state capital and an awards presentation in Cleveland.

For nine years, he was Mr. McBeth, a substitute teacher who kept things moving along in the classroom and filled in ably when the regular teacher was out sick.
And then one September, he was Miss McBeth.

The 5th annual local observance of the Transgender Day of Remembrance was a one-woman show observed briefly by an audience of one in downtown Dallas on Tuesday night.

quinta-feira, novembro 23, 2006

Long Island Commemorates Trans Violence Victims
More than 100 people filled the sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington to remember transgendered victims of hate at the Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial service held there on Sunday evening.

Oakland hosts TG remembrance
The Tri-Valley Health Center's TransVision program held a Transgender Day of Remembrance event at Preservation Park in Oakland Sunday, November 19.
Photo: Jane Philomen Cleland

Trans memorial draws 150
Addressing the crowd gathered at Arlington Street Church for the Transgender Day of Remembrance Nov. 19 one speaker, an FTM and recent transplant to the Boston area who asked Bay Windows not to use his name, described how about a year and a half ago another transman, whom he described as his mentor, had been brutally attacked and beaten by a group of muggers.
PHOTO: About 150 people, including (l. to r.) Steven Juncosa, Damian Dudley, and Raven Hayze, gathered outside Arlington Street Church at the start of the candlelight vigil for the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Photo: Marilyn Humphries

Sex change patient claims he was demoted after beginning surgery
A transsexual who moved from the US to Britian because of its 'liberal attitude' was demoted after having a sex change operation, a tribunal heard.
Sex swap op got me the chop
An IT executive was forced out of a job with a top firm after having a sex change, an industrial tribunal heard.

Dressing up in women's clothing is no laughing matter for some
For some people, dressing up is a bit of a lark. You couldn't turn on the TV last week without seeing some gaudily-costumed clown hamming it up in Winnipeg for Grey Cup week.

Probe into death of transgender ordered
The Madras High Court yesterday ordered a probe into the "suicide" of a transgender inside a police station here, allegedly due to sexual harassment by the personnel there.

Firm settles sex-change suit
An Englewood company has settled a case of alleged discrimination against a worker who claimed she was fired while preparing to undergo sex-change surgery, her attorneys said today.

Transgender: a woman’s struggle for acceptance
As she brushes her brown bobbed hair away from her wiry gold frames, Karen Liedigk admits something that few would expect on first meeting: Liedigk is transgender.
PHOTO: Karen Liedigk, 66, is a transgender activist in Michigan Courtesy of Karen Liedigk

Being transgender no longer about surgery in NY
Jay Kallio knew at age 4. For Justine Nicholas, the revelation came in kindergarten. Nature had dealt them a confusing anatomy. The genders they were assigned at birth were all wrong.


Suspect says rage drove him to kill
A Pittsburg man who claims he was wrongly convicted of rape 12 years ago told authorities he took out his rage on a transvestite in Antioch over the weekend by stabbing the man to death after the two had sex, police said Tuesday.

Family waits for break in trans murder case
With Transgender Day of Remembrance events taking place throughout the Bay Area last weekend, the alleged murder of a transgender woman in San Francisco more than two years ago has stymied law enforcement officials, who need witnesses to come forward in order to gather more evidence in the case.
PHOTO: Minister Donald Seastrunk leads friends and family members of Tony "Delicious" Green in a prayer of remembrance during a vigil outside her home in August 2004. Photo: Rick Gerharter

quarta-feira, novembro 22, 2006

Annual day marks transgender losses, triumphs
Vigils, services, and other events are being held Monday in 250 cities worldwide on the eighth Transgender Day of Remembrance, founded in 1999 in San Francisco by Gwendolyn Ann Smith to honor the memory of Rita Hester, who was slain in Boston the previous year. Hester's killing remains unsolved.

Vigil honors transgendered
In the dark, candlelight illuminated the faces of about 36 students who walked Monday night to honor people who were killed for living as a gender they were not born into.
Photo: Davier Rodriguez and Justo Molina hold their candles along with other students gathered on campus during the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which honored victims of hate crimes based on gender identity.

Oakland Event Honors Transgender Victims of Hate Crimes, Celebrates Community Resources
November 20th was the 8th Transgender Day of Remembrance. An observation of the day was held on Sunday, November 19th in Oakland's Preservation Park.

For Transgender, a Day to Remember
Harvard students celebrated yesterday the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance for the first time since the University took steps to protect its affiliates from discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

Campus takes stand against hate crimes
The dim glow of 77 candles illuminated the UA fountain yesterday, remembering 77 people who have fallen victims of hate crime as part of its "No Room for Hate on Campus" program and candlelight vigil.
PHOTO: Sharon Claros, hall director of Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall, and Brian Shimamoto, director of Asian and Pacific American Student Affairs, light tea candles inside paper bags that have a story written on them about a victim of a hate crime. A candlelight vigil was held last night at the fountain in front of Old Main to remember these victims during the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. Media Credit: Sam Shumaker

First vigil at Beach honors transgender victims
De Sube read from Psalms and prayed for the souls of brothers and sisters who had been killed. Then, before some 30 people gathered at New Life Metropolitan Community Church on Monday, she asked forgiveness for those responsible.
PHOTO: Names of victims are read aloud as the transgender community, family and friends hold lighted candles at a ceremony of remembrance. DELORES JOHNSON PHOTOS/THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT

Transgender woman speaks to students
Debra Davis talked in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance

Day to remember Transgender Victims
Several dozen people gathered at the University of Winnipeg yesterday to remember hundreds of transgender people who have been killed over the years for no apparent reason other than the way they look.
Photo: Tamara Robert attended the vigil at the U of W yesterday. MARCEL CRETAIN/SUN

[MD, USA] [Commentary]
Gender Identity: Not just biological determinism
According to Gwen Smith, a San Francisco-based transgender activist and founder of the Remembering Our Dead project, a transgender person is murdered every two weeks. In a recent editorial in the Washington Blade, Smith explains, "In a year, 26 people on average are dead. In a decade, that's 260 transgender people." In addition, 51 youths (individuals under the age of 30) have been murdered "in attacks motivated by their gender identity or expression," since 1995. Seven of those murders occurred in Washington.

terça-feira, novembro 21, 2006

Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Vigils, services and a variety of other events are being held in 250 cities around the world today to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance - the day set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

Transgender Day event planned
Humboldt Pride will hold a candlelight vigil today at 6:30 p.m. on the Humboldt County Courthouse's lawn.

Campaigners to celebrate LGBT history
With the third Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) History Month three months away, the Trades Union Congress is hosting a pre-launch event next week to encourage schools, unions and individuals to organise their own events to mark the event next February.

'Demoted' transsexual seeks £1/2m payout
The biggest sex discrimination claim to be brought in Britain by a transsexual will open today at an employment tribunal in Reading. Jessica Bussert, 42, is claiming £500,000 compensation from US-based Hitachi Data Systems, which she alleges demoted her after she began the change from Joshua to Jessica and victimised her after she filed a case with the tribunal.

Sex change for the better
Marching through downtown streets yesterday, about two dozen members and supporters of Ottawa's transgendered community called on the Dalton McGuinty government to put sex-change operations on the list of insured medical procedures.

UGA Adds 'Gender-Neutral' Restrooms
Officials at the University of Georgia have designated a pair of "gender neutral" restrooms on campus, a change begun out of concern for transgender students but which they say will benefit others -- from students with disabilities and medical conditions to parents of young children. The single-stall restrooms are near the university's gay student support center, where leaders hope the trend will expand to other parts of campus.

segunda-feira, novembro 20, 2006

International Transgender Remembrance Day in Scotland

This year there will be two events in Scotland to mark the 8th International Transgender Remembrance Day (20th Nov).

Time to Remember 3
On Saturday 18th November at 3pm (as part of the regular T Time monthly drop in) there will be a commemoration vigil to remember transgender people who have died as a result of transgender hate crime throughout the world. This event will also provide an opportunity to celebrate our journeys and personal achievements as transgender people.

This event is open to all and will be followed by tea and cake and takes place at the LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing, 9 Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TE.

Time to Remember 3 is jointly organised by Transmen Scotland, Metropolitan Community Church Edinburgh, LGBT Youth Scotland and the LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing.

MCC Edinburgh - Special Prayers for Transgender Remembrance Day
On Sunday 19th November, there will be a special time of prayer for all victims of transgender hate crime. This will take place as part of MCC Edinburgh's regular Sunday service at 6pm.
MCC Edinburgh meet every Sunday at Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL.

We hope to see you at one or both of these events as we join with transgender people and our allies across the world to take a stand against transphobic hate crime.

Lewis Payne
Chair, Transmen Scotland

Transgender Day of Remembrance
While Monday November 20 is Transgender Day of Remembrance, many UK events to mark the date are being early over the weekend.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Ceremony

Source: TransFM
Released: November 19, 2006

Join us at http://www.transfm. org as we hold a Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremony.

We'll read off the names of all the people who we are memorializing this year as well as ALL the names listed on the remembering our dead website. We'll hear from folks from around the community who will tell us what the transgender day of remembrance means to them.

This is not a political discussion but a memorial service and will be handled with the utmost respect. We are broadcasting this event for the soul purpose of reaching folks around the world who cannot attend a Transgender Day of Remembrance service in person.

**NO donations will be accepted during this event nor during thecourse of the day.**

Who Are We Remembering?
Listagem de alguns trans assassinados em 2006 - GISBERTA REFERIDA.
"É uma vergonha que em pleno séc. XXI tanta gente, tanto ser humano, seja morto desta(s) forma(s). Basta começar a ler a listagem, onde consta a causa da morte, e o meu (nosso) estômago revolve-se."
[Lara Crespo, Transexual Feminina, 20/11/06]

O Transgender Day of Remembrance existe para honrar e relembrar aqueles/as que foram assassinados devido a transfobia ou preconceito. O evento acontece em Novembro em honra de Rita Hester, cujo assassinato a 28 de Novembro de 1998 iniciou o projecto "Remembering Our Dead" (um site com informação sobre transgéneros assassinados) bem como uma vigília em São Francisco em 1999. O assassínio de Rita Hester — como a maioria dos casos de assassinato anti-transgénero — ainda não foi resolvido.

Embora algumas pessoas relembradas durante o Transgender Day of Remembrance possam não ser identificadas como transgéneros — como transexual, crossdresser, travesti ou outra variante de género — cada uma foi vítima de violência baseada no preconceito contra as pessoas transgénero.

Vivemos em tempos extremamente sensíveis à violência baseada no ódio, especialmente desde os acontecimentos de 11 de Setembro nos EUA e 11 de Março em Espanha. Mesmo assim, ainda agora as mortes baseadas no ódio anti-transgénero ou no preconceito são em grande parte ignorados. Nesta última década, mais de uma pessoa por mês morreu devido a transfobia ou preconceito, sem ter em conta qualquer outros fatores da sua vida. Esta tendência não mostra nenhum sinal de diminuir.

O Transgender Day of Remembrance serve vários propósitos. Alerta a consciência pública sobre crimes de ódio contra as pessoas transgénero, uma acção que os meios de comunicação actuais não executam. Lamenta, recorda e honra publicamente a vida dos nossos irmãos e irmãs que de outra maneira talvez fossem esquecidos. Pela vigília, expressamos amor e respeito para com os nossos perante a indiferença nacional e o ódio. Lembra as pessoas não-transgénero que nós somos os seus filhos, filhas, pais, amigos e amantes. O Transgender Day of Remembrance também dá uma possibilidade aos nossos aliados de avançarem connosco e participarem nas vigílias, comemorando aqueles de nós que morreram por transfobia.

Este dia sempre foi sistematicamente ignorado por todas as associações ditas LGBT em Portugal.

Este ano, infelizmente, temos uma morte portuguesa a lamentar. Gisberta Salce Júnior, barbaramente assassinada em Fevereiro deste ano. Apesar de terem existido mais antecedentes, nenhum deles teve a atenção mediática que este teve. E para que a sua morte não tenha sido em vão, será necessário que este dia começe também a ser comemorado em Portugal.

Há que encorajar os estudantes para que organizem eventos que sejam espaços para conversas sobre a necessidade de proteger alunos transgéneros contra a discriminação e assédio baseados em identidade/expressão de género. De uma simples vigília, a assembleias, que sejam encorajados a organizar acontecimentos em escolas através do país.

Para que o nome de Gisberta não seja esquecido.

Eduarda Santos

domingo, novembro 19, 2006

Agências brasileiras exigem atestados de saúde aos seus modelos
As agências de modelos brasileiras anunciaram sexta-feira que exigirão um atestado médico antes de contratar as jovens que sonham em subir às passerelles, depois da badalada morte da modelo Ana Carolina Reston, vítima de anorexia.

(atestados médicos??? reparem na foto: eram mas é todas internadas. A Espanha deu um exemplo que devia ser seguido cá e no Brasil, ou tem de se importar o Zapatero???)

Chuva vermelha pode ter trazido vida extraterrestre
Em 2001, o sul da Índia foi assolado por uma misteriosa chuva vermelha, para a qual os cientistas encontraram uma rápida explicação. No entanto, há quem defenda que estas gotas traziam organismos alienígenas.

Court calls for documents in sexual harassment case
Taking note of the sexual harassment meted out to a teenaged transgender person (known locally as Aravani) by police personnel of the Vyasarpadi police station, the Madras High Court has called for the case diary and documents relating to the incident.

Day of Remembrance celebrates transgendered
For years, Lynda Moureau listened to her son recount daily verbal abuse, taunts and threats he experienced in school. They called him "a fag," but they didn't understand that he wasn't gay; he was transgendered.

Day recalls transgender victims
Citing ongoing harassment, discrimination and, in some cases, violence, advocates for men and women who live their lives as the opposite gender will gather Monday at the Houston Holocaust Museum to memorialize those who have been slain as a result of their sexual expression.

F.D.A. Will Allow Breast Implants Made of Silicone
The Food and Drug Administration yesterday lifted a 14-year ban on the use of silicone gel breast implants in the United States after decades of contentious debate and litigation over their safety.

sábado, novembro 18, 2006

Família de modelo vítima de anorexia espera que morte sirva de exemplo
A família de uma modelo brasileira, que morreu vítima de anorexia, espera que o seu caso sirva de exemplo para outros jovens, enquanto que a agência que a representava garante que se preocupa com a saúde dos manequins.

National Transgender Remembrance Day to honor lost lives
BrianKate and Jamie ducked behind a parked car. After dodging beer bottles to the head and hearing "faggot" echo beneath the Long Island, N.Y., sky, the two friends weren't sure they would make it out alive. "I felt pretty scared," says BrianKate, 30, a transgender and intersex person who doesn't identify as a male or female.

Student organization reflects on past killings of transgenders
A solemn atmosphere surrounded Transcendence' s fourth annual Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Speaking For Our Dead By Jacob Anderson-Minshall
Raven Kaldera speaks for the dead. Specifically, the FTM, transgender, intersexual spiritual leader says he communicates with those memorialized November 20 on the Transgender Day of Remembrance. "Our dead are angry, " Kaldera says. " And they want this to stop. Being as I talk to them, I can guarantee you this: there are too many of them."

Activist takes stand against trans violence
During grade school, when her classmates began to call her derogatory names, Gwen Smith knew what was bound to happen next.

Event to remember transgendered
An event to remember people who have been killed for expressing their gender identity will be held Sunday at Oakland's Preservation Park.

Gender Activists Seek More Rights, Wider Acceptance
New York recently set forth a plan that would allow people to more easily change the gender on their birth certificate. Gender activists in Germany say there is room for improvement their country, as well.

Guilty plea in Melbourne transsexual bashing
A Melbourne man has pleaded guilty to causing serious injury to a transsexual after discovering her true gender.

50-year-old Chinese farmer undergoes sex-change operation
A 50-year-old Chinese farmer, yearning to be a woman, has undergone the first stage of a sex-change operation in a hospital in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province.

No transgender singer allowed!
Pop Bitch today reported that Kemal Shahin has been in negotiations to represent Turkey at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. contacted Kemal, a former Big Brother contestant in theUnited Kingdom, and former editor on Kemal confirmed that TRT had ended negotiations and explained the disappointment about the reasons given for being discounted from the running.

Transgendered woman battling Border Patrol to save job
A Spokane woman who does computer work for the federal government is fighting for her job. And she says it's because she's had a sex change.
Photo: Tracy Sturchio, who is battling the federal government to keep her job. The Border Patrol has accused her of faxing materials that had disparaging remarks about herself.

Trapped in the wrong body
He kissed little girls. He begged for a football. And he dressed up as a soldier, Dracula and the Lone Ranger. "Tom" wasn't a little boy. He had girl parts and had a girl's name. But as early as 6 years old, he remembers wanting to be a boy. By age 12, when he got his period, he thought God had made a mistake.

Midtown safety meeting addresses trans prostitutes
Members of the Midtown Ponce Security Alliance got a lesson in the discrimination faced by transgender people during the group's Nov. 13 monthly meeting.


Film explores treatment of trans prisoners
Shot over three years, "Cruel and Unusual" explores the decision of prisons to place inmates based on their genitalia, not their gender identity. Dan Hunt, along with two other filmmakers, set out to tell these transgender women's stories of being incarcerated in male cells.

UGA designates gender-neutral restrooms
Two single stall restrooms located next to the UGA campus LGBT Resource Center lost their male and female sex designations, and are now simply designated as "restrooms."

Open letter to trans community
Excert: "The Transgender Day of Remembrance is not a place to put on your party hat, it is not a celebration of life, nor is it an opportunity for your organization to fundraise."

sexta-feira, novembro 17, 2006

Seminario intensivo sobre transexualidades

Jueves 23 19 hs
sala Sosa Pujato
Entrada gratuita

A cargo de Mauro Cabral

Durante los últimos cincuenta años, la transexualidad se ha instalado en nuestra cultura. Circula entre nosotros como una forma patológica de la identidad, como una enfermedad penosa del género, como una metáfora encarnada del fin de la historia y del avance indetenible del progreso técnico. La economía cultural de la transexualidad ha acallado tradicionalmente no sólo las voces transexuales, sino también los deleites transexuales del sexo.A través de un recorrido por diversas escrituras trans, en este espacio nos internaremos en otros modos de la transexualidad: aquellos que hablan de cuerpos que gozan y se estremecen, cuerpos del deseo oculto o apenas encubierto. ¿Qué nombres habitarán su desvelo? ¿Quiénes se atreverán a pronunciarlos?
Mauro Cabral es Doctorando en Filosofía (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba). Coordinador del Área Trans e Intersex - IGLHRC (International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission). Docente del Seminario Incorporaciones. Historia, Cuerpo y Biotecnología (UNC). Miembro del Teatro de Operaciones. Miembro del Consejo Internacional del Center for Lesbian and Gays Studies. Autor de numerosos artículos y traducciones sobre el tema.

El seminario es gratuito. Se requiere inscripción previa via email:
Today Is International Day for Tolerance
Excerpt: Nevertheless ILGA-Europe points out that there is still not a single all encompassing international treaty which specifically condemns and outlaws discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Transgender Remembrance and Equality Walk tonight
Rain or just overcast, the first Montclair Walk for Transgender Remembrance and Equality, sponsored by the Gender Rights Advocacy Association of New Jersey (GRAANJ) and Garden State Equality, will be held today, Thursday, Nov. 16.

Transgender victims of hate crimes honored
The GLBTA hosts a Transgender Remembrance Week to raise awareness about hate crimes

Honoring transgender victims
Students at Rensselaer will memorialize 16 individuals who died this past year as the result of violence against transgender people. The gathering commemorates the eighth annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. The event is informally being organized by Rensselaer Pride Alliance.

3 things to know today
As part of Transgender Awareness Week, students can ask questions to a panel of transgender, transsexual and gender-queer people today

Carol tinha 21 anos e pesava 40 quilos
Modelo brasileira morre de anorexia.
Para manter a linha, Carol alimentava-se basicamente de tomate e maçãs, e vomitava o pouco que comia.

Transsexual's huge claim for sex discrimination against Hitachi Data Sys
A claim for sex discrimination, thought to be the biggest ever involving a transsexual, is due to go to tribunal next week.
Transsexual prepares for discrimination claim
A transsexual will take her former employer to tribunal next week seeking half a million pounds in compensation under the Sex Discrimination (Gender Reassignment) Regulations 1999.

Sex-Change Rush Jobs Alleged
A New Zealand sex-change doctor in England is facing disciplinary action for allegedly rushing patients into genital surgery without properly assessing them, including a delusional patient who wanted an operation to complete her transformation into Jesus Christ.

Will you be prepared for the Gender Equality Duty?
The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) has published detailed guidance to help public service providers and public sector employers prepare for the Gender Equality Duty (GED), which comes into force in April 2007.

Transessuale picchiato e rapinato a Bologna
Un transessuale italiano di 25 anni ha denunciato alla polizia di essere stato picchiato e rapinato da un finto cliente, che lo aveva fatto salire in macchina dopo avere concordato una prestazione a pagamento.
Transessuale picchiato, rapinato e poi espulso
Erano circa le 3 notte e Rimini si presentava avvolta da una lieve foschia.

Parents to deal with sex change
The parents of a transsexual from Fujian Province are having difficulty accepting that their son is now a daughter after undergoing a sex-change operation.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Speaking Truth About Trans Relationships
I was astonished to read Gay City News' recent brief titled, "Gay Soldier's Murder Accomplice Out," detailing the release of Justin Fisher, an accomplice in the murder of Private First Class Barry Winchell in 1999.

Analyst compiles transgender study
Beginning college is a tough transition for any student, made doubly hard for those simultaneously going through a gender identity crisis, a university analyst said yesterday.

Some restrooms at UA will be 'gender neutral'
Soon, restrooms at the University of Arizona will come in at least three varieties: men's, women's and "gender neutral".

Gender-neutral bathrooms, tuition hot topics for ASUA
Senators discussed tuition and tried to pass a resolution that would deny gender-neutral bathrooms for transgender individuals at the Associated Students of the University of Arizona Senate meeting last night.

Transgender issues get airing
Their challenges are as complex as finding medical coverage for hormone treatments or as elemental as being able to use a restroom without fear.

On Our Terms
Emily Goddard dated women for years before she met her current boyfriend. "I was afraid I was going to lose my queer membership card," the Lawrence sophomore says with a chuckle. After this remark, Goddard's smile fades as she gazes out the window and discusses her family and friends who are still trying to understand and accept her somewhat new life.
Foto: Emily Goddard, Lawrence sophomore, and Claven Snow, Lawrence resident, have been dating since June. The couple considers themselves polysexual.

quinta-feira, novembro 16, 2006

Cellulite and sex changes
Sitting cross-legged on his hospital bed at Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok, South African Neil Van Der Merwe unwraps a layer of bandages to reveal a six-inch tube inserted into the inner part of his forearm.

Mr(s). Smith can't find a doctor
When Michelle B. booked an appointment with Toronto’s renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Stubbs, she wasn’t expecting to be shown the door so quickly.
Foto by Jordan Morningstar

Transgender Month focuses on equality
Imagine having the wrong gender on your driver license or passport. That's an issue that transgender individuals face daily, said Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

National Center for Transgender Equality Launches "Responding to Hate Crimes" Manual
Transgender People Among Most Targeted Populations for Hate Violence Useful Resource for Local "Transgender Day of Remembrance" Vigils

Memphians to celebrate city's first Transgender Day of Remembrance
Memphians will join together on Monday, November 20 to observe the city's first Transgender Day of Remembrance. The event serves to acknowledge and mourn victims of hate crimes against transgender individuals. An interfaith memorial service and candlelight vigil will be held at the First Unitarian Church of Memphis from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

[South Korea]
Transgender Star to Marry New Boyfriend
Transgender superstar Harisu will be marrying a man who is four years her junior, in a ceremony early next year, reported Nocut News Wednesday. The two houses will be introduced officially next month and if things go according to plan the two will be wed in early 2007.

Transgendered Kim Coco Iwamoto The Nation's Highest Elected Office Holder
Story and Video Provided B: KHNL Raycom Media
Kim Coco Iwamoto is being called the nation's highest elected office holder, who also happens to be transgendered. In her first televised interview since the election.

Transgender Folly
Excerpt: By any measure, this is breathtaking. Of course, as a practical matter, there are countless disgusting scenarios that could be envisaged that would become routine. But there is a more profound dimension. In effect, a person's gender becomes something he or she says it is. We have no doubt that there are those who feel trapped in their bodies in terms of their sexuality and we take no joy in any pain or embarrassment they may suffer. But that is not the end of the inquiry. Tradition, mores, deeply rooted senses of decency and morality should also count.

Transgender inmate headed back to prison
Court officials fretted today about how to deal with a transgender inmate who is HIV positive.
Sentencing of transsexual poses problem
The fact that Tanya Bowie wrote more than 300 bad checks, was let out, then wrote 54 more was perhaps the simplest problem Bowie posed to the federal court Tuesday.
Officials Unsure Where To Jail Transgender Inmate
Philadelphia Federal court officials are trying to figure outwhere to place an HIV positive transgender inmate sentenced to twoyears in prison for passing counterfeit checks.

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Les transsexuels espagnols peuvent changer juridiquement de nom et de sexe
Les associations de transsexuels espagnols ont exprimé mercredi leur satisfaction après le vote d'une loi qui leur permettra de changer juridiquement de nom et de sexe sans passer par le chirurgien.

Ex-gardien de prison transsexuel
Le directeur du Centre Nouvelle-Vie, Pavillon Lanaudière, où travaille Claude-Marc Bardier depuis près de sept ans, avoue qu'il ne savait pas tout du passé de son illustre employé.

Events seek to raise awareness of transgender issues
When he was carded recently at a local convenience store, the clerk noticed something odd on Joe Nutini's driver's license. Next to sex, it said female.

2 people suffering from gender disorder ask courts to recognize them
Two people who are legally men and are suffering from gender identity disorder asked courts on Monday to recognize them as women. A 51-year-old resident of Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, and a 46-year-old from Ikoma, Nara Prefecture, filed their petitions with the Amagasaki branch of the Kobe Family Court and the Nara Family Court, respectively. They go by the names of Masami Osako, 51, and Sayaka Morimoto, 46.