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sexta-feira, janeiro 29, 2010

Estrasburgo debatió hoy derecho de los transexuales a Sanidad Publica y de gays a familia
La Asamblea Parlamentaria del Consejo de Europa debatió hoy un proyecto de resolución que pide garantizar el derecho de las personas transexuales a la Sanidad en el tratamiento de reasignación de sexo; así como también el derecho de los homosexuales a un "reconocimiento jurídico de las parejas del mismo sexo" en sus 47 Estados miembros, para que tengan "los mismos derechos y obligaciones económicas" que las parejas heterosexuales.

FELGTB en Día Holocausto; casi 350.000 transexuales y homosexuales murieron en campos
Los nazis intentaron exterminar la diversidad afectivo-sexual: casi 350.000 homosexuales y transexuales murieron en campos de concentración.
La FELGTB se suma a la conmemoración del Día del Holocausto

National Trans Police Association criticised over state funding
A national body for trans and intersex police officers will be officially launched and recognised by the police service in March.

Uma cadeia só para pessoas transgénero
Há quem aplauda o projecto italiano - a pensar nos perigos que enfrenta uma transexual numa cadeia de homens. E quem o repudie
Apartheid a la italiana, crean una cárcel exclusivamente solo para transexuales
Italy to open its first transgender prison
Transgender prison plan welcomed by advocates

Apostle Ndovi condemns homosexuality, High Court to rule on gay couple bail
Excerpt: Debete on homosexuality in Malawi is growing following the arrest of two men, Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza who publicly celebrated their gay marriage.
The two who are being prosecuted by the state for “gross indecency” charges are on remand at Chichir prison since arrest last year, December and they were denied bail by a Magistarte Court.

[Taiwan] [Commentary]
Apple Daily: Breach of professional ethics
A medical doctor in Taichung recently pubished an article that detailed information about a male-to-female sex reassignment surgical operation performed on Taiwan entertainer Li Ching.
The doctor, who mentioned Li's name in the article in a medical association journal, has been strongly criticized for an infringement of patient privacy.

Lu’s Pharmacy update
Excerpt: However, it seems from the transcanada LJ comm (via Google blog search) that, as from 21 January 2010, Lu’s Pharmacy will offer its services to transsexual women.

Reps decry anti-gay Ugandan bill
Three openly gay members of the House of Representatives, along with 91 of their colleagues, have sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to do everything he can to stop a bill in Uganda that calls for harsh penalties – including life imprisonment and the death penalty – against gays.

Polis' bill extends school anti-discrimination laws to include sexual identity
Excerpt: The bill effectively extends the same protection against discrimination that exists for women and minorities in public schools to gender identity or "perceived gender identity," allowing victims to sue schools in federal court.
[Blog/News] Gender identity bill introduced in House
Student Non-Discrimination Act of 2010 Introduced in U.S. House

Scott Moore Pregnant: Two Children Already
The world's second pregant man, Scott Moore, is set to give birth to a baby boy next month, according to reports.

Man gets life in prison for killing transgendered female
Murderer Joel Allen was sentenced Wednesday to life in prison with the possibility of parole for killing a transgendered female in his car July 17, 2008.
Family of murder victim speaks out at killer's sentencing
Man Sentenced For Killing Transvestite

Hundreds Lobby For Transgender Protections In Mass.
An estimated 250 people lobbied lawmakers last week for transgender protections at the Massachusetts Statehouse, gay weekly Bay Windows reported.

NFL player Eric Green forcibly sodomized transgender New Yorker Angelina Mavilia, her lawsuit claims
A transgender New Yorker has filed a $10 million sex assault suit against an NFL player - and in a separate action is also suing the city, saying she was abused and humiliated by cops.

Murder-suicide in Abilene
There is a truly tragic tale unfolding out in Abilene this week.
Last Friday, Jan. 22, the Rev. Karen L. Johnson, pastor of Abilene’s Unity Church of Christianity, went to the home of one of her parishioners, Renata Antoinette Monet, to counsel Monet, who was going through the process to transition from male to female. Police say that when Johnson entered Monet’s mobile home that afternoon, Monet attacked her and stabbed her to death, and then committed suicide by hanging herself.
(Photo: Renata Antoinette Monet)

Myra Chanel Ical: Houston transgender community holds vigil for murdered trans woman
Houston’s Transgender Foundation of America (TFA) organized a vigil on January 25 to bring attention to the unsolved murder of a trans woman, Myra Chanel Ical, whose body was found in a field on January 18 after she had attended a local concert with friends.

Mas voces en el mundo para que transexualidad sea desclasificada con enfermedad mental
Especialistas de diferentes profesiones emitieron una declaración en La Habana mediante la cual expresan su apoyo a que se retire la transexualidad de la clasificación internacional de enfermedades mentales.

quinta-feira, janeiro 28, 2010

À espera do corpo verdadeiro
Eles querem usar saias e cabelos compridos. Elas escolhem cortar os cabelos e vestir só calças. Não dizem que querem ser de um sexo diferente. Insistem que são de um sexo diferente. São crianças com uma perturbação de identidade de género. Casos raros de quem diz estar preso num corpo errado desde sempre. O que fazer com estas crianças? E quando?

Semana da Visibilidade Trans é realizada com diversos eventos
Para comemorar o a Semana da Visibilidade Trans, o Casarão Brasil LGBT em conjunto com a Coordenadoria de Assuntos de Diversidade Sexual(CADS), Centro de Referência da Diversidade (CRD) e a Associação da Parada do Orgulho de São Paulo (APOGLBT) prepararam uma programação especial para auxiliar e conscientizar a sociedade sobre as trans (que englobam as travestis, transexuais e transgêneros) do dia 29 de janeiro até o dia 5 de fevereiro.

El presidente Lula envía mensaje a militantes LGTB
Anticipando la V Conferencia de activistas LGTB de América Latina y el Caribe, que se reunirán en Curitiba la próxima semana, el Presidente de Brasil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, ha enviado un mensaje de salutación en el que reafirma su apoyo a la defensa de los derechos LGTB y el combate de la Homofobia.

Discriminación de las mujeres transexuales
La situacion de la mujer en la sociedad en general sigue en condiciones de inferioridad sea en el campo laboral, familiar etc, pero existe un colectivo de mujeres aun mas discriminadas y en peor situacion de igualdad que el resto de feminas, son las mujeres transexuales.

16-year-old to become UK’s youngest sex-swap patient
A 16-year-old boy is to become the nation’s youngest sex change patient after the NHS approved his surgery.

Sex Swap Police Want You To Fund Transgender Group
Cross-dessing and sex-change police officers are seeking taxpayers cash to fund their own group within the force.

Churches 'free to discriminate'
The House of Lords has defeated government plans that churches claimed would restrict their "freedom" to deny jobs to women, homosexuals and transsexuals.

2 ans de prison pour le transsexuel qui se faisait passer pour enceint
Un transsexuel qui se livrait à la prostitution, a réussi à persuader deux de ses clients qu'il était tombé enceint. Il leur a ainsi demandé de lui donner 12.600 euros pour avorter.

Bahati says he’s willing to amend gays Bill
The brain behind the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, MP David Bahati, says he can amend the proposed law but “without putting the values of the country at risk”. In an interview with Daily Monitor yesterday after meeting the Cabinet on the matter, Mr Bahati said: “I cannot discuss what happened in cabinet. They are going to meet me and we discuss some amendments but the process of legislation continues.”

Gay Couple Face 14 Years In Malawi Prison
A new crackdown on homosexuality in parts of Africa has forced gay communities into hiding, fearing for their lives.
In Malawi, two men who dared to go public with their relationship by holding a traditional "marriage" ceremony are on trial for indecency, and face 14 years in jail.
(Photo: Steven Monjeza (left) and Tiwonge Chimbalanga appear in court on charges of indecency.)

Opinion: Homosexuality: Should it be criminalised?
The case of the gay couple that have decided to co-habit publicly in Malawi is interesting. Homosexuality in Malawi is a criminal offence and so it is in Zambia. Amnesty International publishes a world map where they colour red any country in which there are human rights abuses. Zambia is in red, not because of political prisoners but because it criminalises homosexuality.

Nova DJ sorry for trans attacks
A DJ from Brisbane’s Nova 106.9 FM has expressed remorse for several instances of trans ridicule on the station which have led to complaints being lodged with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland (ADCQ).
Complaint lodged over Adelaide radio segment

Scott es el segundo hombre embarazado del mundo; y marido de otro hombre transexual
Una pareja de transexuales masculinos homosexuales ha revelado que está esperando un bebé. Scott Moore, foto, el segundo hombre del mundo embarazado, tras Thomas Beatie, dará a luz en febrero.
World's 'second pregnant man' expecting baby boy next month
Meet the world's second 'pregnant man': Scott Moore expecting baby, 'Miles;' in February - report

Transexual demanda con doce millones a hospital Estados Unidos por discriminación empleo
J. Hidalgo, una transexual boricua de 49 años y quien trabajaba en el hospital Bellevue, demando al necrocomio por discriminación en el empleo y dijo, que era constantemente acosada y objeto de burla por parte de sus jefes. Hidalgo, dijo a un diario local que trabajaba en limpieza, pero se vestía de “hombre”, se peinaba con el pelo recogido hacia atrás y se hacía un moño.

Cross-dressing teen fends off rape in Athens
A 17-year-old cross-dressing man fought off an attempted rape after being dragged into the woods Sunday evening in Athens by another man, police say

Transgendered murderer's family expresses sorrow
The son of Renata Antoinette Monet, a preoperative transgender whom Abilene police say brutally murdered the Rev. Karen Johnson and then killed herself, expressed extreme sorrow on behalf of his family regarding the tragedy.
Writings Reveal Troubled Mind of Transsexual who Killed Pastor, Hanged Himself
Transsexual's journal found after alleged murder-suicide
Police: Transsexual Parishioner Slays Pastor, Then Kills Self

Myra Ical Another Unrecorded Transgender Murder
The Brutal beating death of Myra Chanel Ical illustrates the absolute necessity of a Texas Hate Crimes Bill making the recording transgender hate crime murders a mandate for local and state police.

Transexuales ganan zonas rojas
La prostitución masculina prolifera en las calles, mientras que sexoservidoras son confinadas a casas de citas.

Primera Dama de la Nación realizará lanzamiento de campaña por el respeto a la población de LGBT
Se trata de un proyecto que desarrollará acciones de capacitación y comunicación para contribuir a la transformación de los imaginarios negativos y discriminatorios sobre lesbianas, gay, bisexuales y transgeneristas (LGBT).

Aparece muerta por estrangulamiento chica transexual en Perú, policía busca a autores
Sin razón aparente, una chica transexual de aproximadamente 26 años de edad fue hallada muerta en el interior de un inmueble del distrito de Independencia, foto superior, era una chica muy conocida en el Barrio del Ermitaño -donde vivía- pudiendo haber asesinada por ocasionales acompañantes, o eso intuye la policía.

Violencia de Género : Mujer trans es asesinada por su pareja
El Instuto Runa informó a través de una nota circulada por correo electrónico que el 20 de enero a las 10 am. falleció Ingrid, integrante de la agrupación trans Luchando Unidas por el Futuro, quien se encontraba internada en el área de emergencia del Hospital Arzobispo Loayza desde el lunes 18 en la mañana, tras haber sido victima de una agresión de parte del hombre con quien convivia.

quarta-feira, janeiro 27, 2010

Sandra sigue esperando cirugía CRS pese a falsas promesas de Sanidad Castilla la Mancha
La primera transexual albaceteña que pidió una operación de reasignación de sexo denuncia el abandono de la Junta a pesar de las promesas de hace dos años.

Transexualidad Euskadi llama "miserable" Gobierno Patxi López y pide trato favor presidenta
Ante la paralización de las cirugías del Equipo Interdisciplinar de Género de la Sanidad pública vasca –Osakidetza-,de la Comunidad Autónoma Vasca, TRANSEXUALIDAD-EUSKADI, manifiesta:

Spanish Teen Undergoes Sex Change Operation
A 16-year-old Spaniard has had a sex change operation, becoming the country's first minor to undergo a procedure that few countries in the world allow for people so young, a doctor said Tuesday.
Sixteen-year-old becomes Spain's youngest transsexual
El Hospital Clínic de Barcelona practica el primer cambio de sexo a un menor de edad

Sentence for stabbing of transvestite not unduly lenient, court rules
Excerpt: Murtagh (aged 25) pleaded guilty to causing serious harm to a nurse, and was sentenced to five years in prison with the last two years suspended by Judge Desmond Hogan at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court on February 6, 2009.
The court heard that Murtagh, who was homeless at the time of the attack, had gone to the victim’s apartment on June 27, 2007, a few days after they first met and had engaged in sexual acts.
While there, Murtagh came up behind the transvestite with a Stanley knife and stabbed him in the neck.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Orientation labels peel away
If a heterosexual guy finds himself attracted to a non- or pre-operative trans chick, is he gay?
The vast majority of people I interact with routinely inquire about this whenever I tell them that I have a date with a guy, or that I am in a relationship with one. Sometimes they ask in a crafty, underhanded fashion. Other times, the question is point-blank: "Is he gay?"

Transgendered woman harassed and abused by Sonoma County Sheriff
A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a woman who claimed to have been seriously harassed and abused by the Sonoma County Sheriff's when she attempted to report being stalked.

Maximum term for attack on transgender woman
A San Francisco judge handed down the maximum sentence of 17 years and eight months in state prison Monday against a man convicted of sexually assaulting a transgender prostitute and suspected of committing several similar attacks.
Suspected Killer of Transgender Prostitute Given Hefty Sentence for Other Crimes

'We are blissfully happy and not ashamed': Second pregnant man due to give birth to baby boy next month
A transgender couple have revealed they are expecting their first baby in a month’s time.
Scott Moore - thought to be only the second ‘pregnant man’ to go public - is due to give birth to a boy in February, with husband Thomas by his side.
The couple were both born girls and have undergone surgery to transform their sex.
(Photo: Expecting: Scott Moore, pictured with husband Thomas, is due to give birth next month to a boy. The couple - who were both born as girls - live in California)

Activists urge Mass. lawmakers to pass transgender non-discrimination bill
More than 250 transgender Bay Staters and their allies were on Beacon Hill on Jan. 21 to push for passage of a bill to ban gender-based discrimination.
[News/Commentary] Protection is a priority at Transgender Equality Lobby Day

'Gay' plan for bathrooms called 'moral insanity'
A Christian organization in Maine is asking its constituents to protest a state proposal that would give boys who call themselves girls full access to girls' restrooms, locker rooms and cheerleading squads.

Hundreds of Transgender Name Changes in NY Courts
For hundreds of transgender people trying to establish new identities, Manhattan courts have played a crucial role. Nearly 400 transgender people have sought and been granted name changes either from male to female, female to male or ambiguous, making New York a name change capital of the country. They've enlisted the help of city advocates who specialize in the emerging field of transgender law—now the network is almost 200 lawyers strong.
Manhattan: A Haven for Trans Name Changes

Police: Transgendered person slays own pastor before hanging self
Two bodies discovered Saturday in a gruesome crime scene were identified by Abilene Police Monday as an Abilene pastor and a parishioner she was counseling through a sex change operation.

Transgender Community Seeks Answers to Murder
Organizers of a candlelight vigil Monday night say say it was the largest transgender event in Houston's history. About 200 people attended, wanting to know who killed a transgender woman one week ago.
Mystery surrounds murder of transgender woman in Montrose
[Blog/News] Memorial For Myra
[Blog/Commentary] Transgender Woman Found Beaten to Death in Houston Field

El cambio de sexo ya es una realidad en Cuba
Mariela Castro Espín es la directora del Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual (CENESEX) de Cuba, desde donde se impulsan políticas dirigidas a proteger los derechos de los homosexuales, transexuales y lesbianas.

Nuevo Gobierno de derecha de Chile puede dejar sin sede al colectivo de homosexuales
Movilh acusó al Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo de iniciar una cacería de brujas contra la sociedad civil y expresó su confianza en que el presidente electo no dará espacios para maniobras que buscan debilitar a organizaciones por la única razón de que su visión de los derechos humanos es distinta a la de los sectores más conservadores del país.
MOVILH en la mira del futuro gobierno

De mayor quiero ser chico
Es lo que respondía Jero cada vez que le preguntaban: "¿Y tú, qué quieres ser de mayor?: Yo, chico... ". La respuesta dejaba atónito al que preguntaba porque por entonces Jero era una niña. En las fotos que decoran la casa de sus padres, con los que todavía vive, se ve a un niño de aspecto andrógino que desde bien pequeño se sentía atrapado en un cuerpo femenino. Su identidad sexual era otra; la de un hombre, condenado desde entonces a sufrir. Su familia lo sospechaba desde que con apenas cuatro años gritaba y lloraba cada vez que su madre trataba de vestirlo con falda y pendientes.

Una transexual es asesinada por su pareja después de una discusión en Lima, Perú
N. Huayaba Gonzales, una travesti de 23 años, que trabajaba en las calles de Lima, y convivía con un hombre, ha muerto al caer a la calle desde un segundo piso.

terça-feira, janeiro 26, 2010

[Europe] [Blog/News/Commentary]
Major debate on sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination at the Council of Europe, 27 January
Next week will see a major debate on sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg – the first for 10 years, and only the third in the history of the organisation.


Menores transexuales, colectivos, activistas, médicos y especialistas de España opinan
Cuando la niña tenía tres años, Maite descubrió que la Naturaleza había jugado una mala pasada a su hija, ya que su cerebro masculino vivía atrapado en una anatomía de mujer. Hoy, cumplidos los veinte y después de "mucho sufrimiento", este joven asturiano es feliz, "muy feliz", destaca su madre.

Teenager set to become Britain's youngest sex-change patient
A 16-year-old boy is set to become Britain’s youngest sex-change patient after surgery costing £10,000 was approved by the NHS
Boy, 16, to become Britain's youngest sex change patient after NHS agrees to pay for £10,000 operation

Life Sentence for Murderer of Transsexual Cagla
The Ankara 5th High Criminal Court handed a life sentence to defendant Murat Olgun G. for deliberate murder aiming to conceal a crime. The defendant received another twelve years imprisonment for aggravated looting. The court rejected the defence's request of mitigation for "unjust provocation".

HRW criticises Kuwait
Excerpt: On freedom of expression, [women rights researcher Priynaka] Motaparthy opined Kuwait is one of the countries that fully respect this freedom but in November 2009 one of the critics of the government was detained for allegedly defaming HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah. She asserted this incident is a clear manifestation of limited freedom of expression in the country. She slammed the government for violating this freedom through the implementation of a law approved in 2007, which criminalizes the appearance of the members of the so-called third sex. This, she contended, poses a grave threat to transsexuals, more so the personal freedoms.

Anti-gay bill is also foreign policy issue: Ugandan leader
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said Tuesday an anti-homosexuality bill which has caused international condemnation was also a foreign policy issue which should be addressed.
With observers arguing the bill could harm foreign support for Uganda, the president distanced himself from senior cabinet members who insist that Uganda will not be swayed by foreign pressure.

Malawi government defends gay couple's prosecution Malawi's government said Monday that it is unmoved by international criticism of the trial of a gay couple charged with unnatural acts and gross indecency, felonies for which they could be imprisoned for up to 14 years.
Detained Malawi gay couple appeal to Constitutional Court (Photo: Reuters - Steven Monjeza (L) and Tiwonge Chimbalanga sit in a pick-up truck before appearing at a magistrate court in Blantyre January 4, 2010. A court in Malawi on Monday denied bail to two men arrested last week on charges of public indecency after becoming the first gay couple to marry in a country were homosexuality is illegal.)
Lawyers for gay Malawi couple seek change to law
Opinion: The anti-sex brigade are the worst of hypocrites
West turns Africa into gay battlefield

Mumbai transgenders take part in a beauty contest
Transgender in Mumbai participated in an audition for a beauty contest titled 'Super Queen'.
Queens on ramp

LGBTs act locally to help people in Haiti
Since a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti last week, LGBTs in San Francisco have been working to raise thousands of dollars to help.
The quake, which struck Tuesday, January 12, has killed an estimated 200,000 people. On Monday, January 18, The Advocate reported on its Web site that 14 men involved with SEROvie, a Haitian group serving gay and transgender people with HIV, were among the dead.

[USA/Brazil] [Film]
A remarkably unremarkable role
One actress attending the Palm Springs International Film Festival hopes her movie will do more than entertain — she wants it to be a positive step for transgender people everywhere. (...)
It is a courageous role in that Spinelli, who herself has made the voyage from male to female, makes Suzana completely unremarkable.

(Photo: Maggie Downs The Desert Sun - Director Roberto Moreira (left) and Maria Clara Spinelli, right, and of the film “Paulista,” playing at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.)

[USA] [Sports/Education/Commentary]
The Transgender Athlete
"I was really worried about coming out as transgender to anyone else because I knew there weren’t any policies. I was so afraid that my school would ban me from my sport and that was the only thing I had at the time. I finally decided to come out my senior year of college because I was going down a slippery slope and I didn't think I could pull myself out if I didn't come out." -- A transgender former college athlete.
[Blog/Sports/Commentary] Olympics and the coming gender inquisition

[USA] [Blog/Law/Commentary]
Why a Legitimate ENDA is Necessary – Part 628,039,152
Heartland Inns operates a group of hotels, primarily in Iowa. Brenna Lewis began work for Heartland in July 2005 and successfully filled several positions for the chain for a year and a half before the actions at issue here. She started as the night auditor at Heartland’s Waterloo Crossroads location; at that job she worked at the front desk from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. There were also two other shifts for “guest service representatives”: the A shift from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and the B shift from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Lewis’ manager at Waterloo Crossroads, Linda Gowdy, testified that Lewis “did her job well” and that she had requested a pay raise for her. Heartland recorded two merit based pay raises for Lewis. The record also indicates that Gowdy received a customer comment praising Lewis.

For Transgender People, Name Is a Message
Katherine used to be Miguel. Olin had a girl’s name. And in October, Robert Ira Schnur, 70, became Roberta Iris Schnur, a Manhattan retiree with magenta lipstick and, she noted the other day, chipped silver nail polish.

Transgender candidate campaigns in Norman
The Norman Queer Alliance hosted a pancake breakfast in Norman for Oklahoma House of Representatives candidate Brittany Novotny Saturday to raise funds and awareness for her campaign.
The Norman Queer Alliance hosted the event for Novotny, transgender Democrat running for Oklahoma City seat representative, at the Performing Arts Studio in the Santa Fe Depot.

[VA, USA] [Blog/News]
Loudoun Co., VA Supervisor Delgaudio blasted for public, anti-transgender remarks [video]
''Regardless of how one may feel about the policy in question, there is no excuse for referring to other human beings as 'it.'''

[Puerto Rico]
Declaran procesable al imputado de asesinar a Jorge Steven López
El padre de Jorge Steven López Mercado, Jorge López, salió aliviado de la sala 508 del Tribunal de Primera Instancia de Caguas tras escuchar que el imputado por el asesinato de su hijo Juan José Martínez Matos fue declarado procesable.

segunda-feira, janeiro 25, 2010

Colectivos LGTB promueven Ley canaria para que 'las siete islas' traten la realidad transexual de forma integral
Una de las portavoces de la Coordinadora de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (LGTB) de Canarias, Siliva Jaén, ha explicado este jueves que ha presentado a la Presidencia del Parlamento y los portavoces de los distintos grupos una propuesta legislativa que busca que "las siete islas traten de forma integral la transexualidad".

Llamar por nombre con el que no te identificas puede llevar a abandonar cole
Eugenia San Gil puso ese ejemplo para mostrar la importancia que para los transexuales tienen las políticas que favorezcan su integración social, y que es uno de los motivos por los que la Coordinadora de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (LGTB) presentó hoy en el Parlamento de Canarias un borrador de proposición de ley de no discriminación.

[España] [Comentario]
Disforia “del” Género
Todos y todas sabemos lo que es la disforia de género; disforia, lo contrario de euforia; disforia=disgusto, desajuste, desadaptación.

Investigan extorsiones para evitar publicar imágenes de personajes públicos
El nieto de Gianni Agnelli, magnate de la empresa automovilística turinesa Fiat, Lapo Elkann pagó 300.000 euros por evitar la publicación de unas fotografías en las que aparecía con un transexual en Francia y en Italia.

Cuando la Naturaleza te juega una mala pasada
Cuando la niña tenía tres años, Maite descubrió que la Naturaleza había jugado una mala pasada a su hija, ya que su cerebro masculino vivía atrapado en una anatomía de mujer. Hoy, cumplidos los veinte y después de "mucho sufrimiento", este joven asturiano es feliz, "muy feliz", destaca su madre.

Quiero mi sexo
Una chica de 16 años de Barcelona nacida varón ha sido la primera menor en someterse a una operación de cambio de sexo en España. Pidió autorización judicial y la obtuvo. La noticia saltó la semana pasada. Mientras los médicos debaten, la nueva generación de transexuales tiene más información. También más prisa. Piden ayuda, cada vez más, cada vez antes, para empezar a vivir como sienten. Cinco de ellos nos cuentan su historia. (Foto de los cinco)

Blake Fielder-Civil a fricoté avec un transsexuel !
Décidément, on n'a pas fini d'entendre parler d'Amy Winehouse et Blake Fielder-Civil. Mia, un transsexuel, aurait eu une liaison avec Blake Fielder-Civil.
Blake, l'ex d'Amy Winehouse fricote avec un transsexuel sosie
Amy Winehouse : Black Fielder-Civil est sorti avec un transsexuel

I'm not too young to have sex change, I've known since I was 12
A boy who turned 16 just two days ago is set to make medical history by becoming Britain's youngest Sex-swap patient.
Bradley Cooper has been dressing as a girl since he was TWELVE and now calls himself Ria.
He told the News of the World: "People might think I'm too young to make such a huge decision but I know my own mind and this is what I want.
"I've known for years I'm a woman. I think and act like a woman, not a man. In my mind I'm a woman, so all I need now is the operation."

(Photo: Family support: With his loving mother Elaine)

Pourquoi les FtMs plaisent-ils tant aux lesbiennes?
Les FtMs connaissent un succès grandissant auprès des lesbiennes. Comment les Transboys vivent-ils ce phénomène très récent?

Femme ? Homme ? Les hermaphrodites
La première question que l'on pose si nos amis ou notre famille ont eu un bébé : "C’est un garçon ou une fille ? » La réponse nous paraît toute simple : cependant parfois, il y a comme un doute…

Un transexuel au Grand Orient de France
Il était homme. Il est devenu femme. Il demeurera frère. L’obédience maçonnique le garde dans sa loge d’origine. C’est une première. Jusqu’à présent, selon l’Express, le Grand Orient de France (GO) invitaient fraternellement les transexuels « à rejoindre une obédience mixte ou féminine ».

Exclusif: Olivia Chaumont, trans’, franc-maçonne et première sœur du Grand Orient témoigne (Photo)

Recomiendan al Comité Olímpico Internacional abordar casos como el de Caster Semenya “desde una perspectiva médica”
Tras la polémica desencadenada por el caso de la atleta sudafricana Caster Semenya el Comité Olímpico Internacional (COI) ha convocado a un grupo de especialistas médicos para que les asesore sobre como abordar la problemática que supone, en competiciones separadas por sexos, la participación de mujeres con características físicas masculinas. El grupo ha recomendado al COI que trate el asunto “desde una perspectiva médica” y que trate cada caso individualmente.

Multan WASA to hire eunuchs to recover arrears
Following in the footsteps of some state governments in India that hired eunuchs to recover outstanding arrears, the Water and Sanitation Authority (WASA) in Multan has also decided to hire eunuchs for recovering unpaid bills.

India's first transgender "Beauty Queen" audition hits Mumbai
The nation-wide hunt for the most talented transgender hit Mumbai with 10 of the most promising transgender auditioning for the ''VCare Indian Super Queen'' title here today.

[USA] [News/Commentary]
Research Shows Lack of Support for Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Youth in U.S. School Systems
Transgender children are some of the most vulnerable students in America’s schools. Nobody knows how many there are, and very few educators know what to do with them. Despite extensive advocacy efforts, trans youth are subjected to bullying and harassment in the classroom; diagnosed with nonexistent learning disabilities and psychological problems; and generally misunderstood by their doctors, teachers, and classmates. As a result, these students get lower grades than their classmates and are less likely to pursue higher education. The lack of a basic understanding of trans youth puts them at an extremely high risk for failure and unsatisfactory performance in schools.

Lady Gaga: I'm NOT a man!
Superstar Lady Gaga has spoken out for the first time about the rumour that she is actually a man.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Running On An Antitrans Hate Platform In Michigan
What can one say when a candidate singles out a vulnerable population for specific discrimination? There is a Republican candidate for Secretary of State who has specifically called out specific discriminatory action against vulnerable population of trans people. From the Michigan Messenger's Paul Scott targets transgendered people in race for Secretary of State:

Trans Woman Killed, Media Calls Her Male
The half-naked body of a 51-year-old trans woman was found last week in a vacant lot in the Montrose area of Houston, Texas. But reports of Myra Ical’s death have been salacious at best, with mainstream media referring to Myra as a man, saying the area where her body was found was known by police to be frequented by prostitutes and drug users.

Transexualidad en Cuba: derechos sexuales vs. estigma
El V Congreso Cubano de Educación, Orientación y Terapia Sexual, que finalizó el 22 de enero de 2010 en La Habana, respaldó una clara posición hacia el tratamiento de las personas transexuales en Cuba

Presentan Declaración sobre Despatologización de la Transexualidad en el V Congreso de Sexualidad Anuncian Congreso de Educación sexual para 2012

Wendy, una transexual frente al espejo
Fue como si hubiera cerrado los ojos sólo un instante. Cuando hace más de un año Wendy Iriepa despertó de una cirugía, quiso levantarse como si nada hubiera sucedido, pero una enfermera la empujó suavemente de vuelta a la cama. "¿Ya?", preguntó ella, y la enfermera le respondió: "sí". (Foto)

Impulsarán Cuba y Venezuela estudios de educación sexual
Cuba y Venezuela firmaron hoy un acuerdo de colaboración en materia de educación sexual, con el objetivo de impulsar esta especialidad como política de Estado, informó la licenciada Mariela Castro Espín, directora del CENESEX.

Amelio Robles, un hombre transexual en la revolución mexicana, una historia real
El libro "Género, poder y política en el México posrevolucionario", de Gabriela Cano, Mary KayVaughan y Jocelyn Olcott, presenta cómo los roles sociales y las relaciones de género están cambiando siempre.

domingo, janeiro 24, 2010

Amy Winehouse ex Blake Fielder-Civil denies dating pre-op transsexual
Blake Fielder-Civil has denied reports that dated a pre-op transsexual known as 'Mia' McHugh.
Ex de Amy Winehouse teve romance com transexual sósia da cantora
Blake Fielder troca Amy Winehouse por sósia transexual

Tiara for Transgenders
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, the queen bee of the transgender community and perhaps the most recognisable face in India added a bold, new dimension to the pageant culture. The first transgender to represent Asia Pacific in the UN General Assembly Presidents office as a civil society task force member, Laxmi ideated the country’s first ever hunt for the most talented transgender person. It has now shaped up as ‘Indian Super Queen’ a nationwide beauty pageant and talent hunt, which will have its finale in Mumbai.

Daring to dream
As the initiator of the first privately-owned dance troupe in China, the controversial transsexual dancer/choreographer Jin Xing is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Jin Xing Dance Theater with the premiere of a new show and a reprise of a solo performance this evening and tomorrow night at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing. Circle is a group performance, choreographed by Chen Kai from Jin's company, which represents the circle of life and the 10-year journey of her dance troupe.

Top model admits being transsexual
Taiwanese model Alicia Liu (Xun Ai) has admitted that she is a transsexual.
The 24-year-old model-cum-actress, nicknamed Xiao Ai, said she underwent sex-change surgery at the age of 18.
"My ex-boyfriend paid for it," she said in an interview with a Taiwan magazine on Friday.
Liu, whose original name was Zi Hua, became popular following her appearances on a parody television programme. (Photo)

Federal trans workers protected
With the turn of the year, the Obama administration, through the Office of Personnel Management, has started to list gender identity among the classes protected by federal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies. By including gender identity as a protected class, the government has taken a significant step toward ending employment discrimination of LGBT people in the federal workforce.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
IOC and gender inquisition
While the IAAF has been backing and filling on the Caster Semenya case, many of us have been waiting for the IOC shoe to drop. Yesterday the shoe dropped. In Miami Beach, a panel of so-called “experts” convened by the IOC and the IAAF has announced from their imperial heights, “Athletes who identify themselves as female but have medical disorders that give them masculine characteristics should have their disorders diagnosed and treated.”
[Blog/Commentary] Why imposing the gender binary on athletes is a violation of human rights

The fight for trans rights takes Beacon Hill
A year and a half ago Lorelei McLaughlin moved to Massachusetts to care for her sick grandmother. While applying for jobs, she was continually turned away, but not because of the rapidly declining economy. McLaughlin asserts that she was turned away because she is a transgender woman.

Somerville Rep. Sciortino continues fight for transgender rights
Legislation adding gender identity to the state’s non-discrimination laws has long had majority support in the House and Senate, but with most of the 2009-2010 session over, the bills (H 1728 and S 1687) have yet to move out of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, which held a packed hearing on the bills in July.

Readers voice opinions about Secretary of State candidate Paul Scott's opposition to ID changes for transgender individuals
A Web-only post about Michigan Secretary of State candidate Paul Scott's campaign platform drew some comments.
In a letter announcing his candidacy, Scott wrote, "I will make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver's license in any circumstance."
He refers to a policy, in place since 2005, allowing individuals to change the gender markers on driver's licenses and state ID cards without first undergoing gender reassignment surgery.
[Blog/Commentary] Rising Michigan GOP star attacks Trans community
[Blog/Commentary] Rep Paul Scott Blows Smoke on Transgender Michigan

Memorial For Local TG Murder Victim
Excerpt: I want to invite all of you to attend a candlelight vigil to be held on Monday, January 25 at 6 pm to honor Myra Ical, whose body was found last Monday in the 4300 block of Garrott St near Richmond Avenue.

Flo McGarrell, Artist
The artist Flo McGarrell, 35, had wanted to come here since he was 11 years old, when he saw a film about Haitian voodoo.
That desire became a reality several years ago, when Mr. McGarrell traveled here as a videographer. He wrote his parents: "I've come home!"

Cuba And Venezuela Boost Sex Education Studies
Excerpt: The final working session of the event was on the National Commission for Integral Care of Transsexual People and the Cuban Multidisciplinary Society for the Study of Transsexuality (SOCUMES) which called for withdrawing the trans-sexuality of the international classification mental illness.
Cuban Sex Congress Highlights Transexuality And Impotency

Cuba’s universal health care funds sex change surgeries
The U.S. can’t even pass a minimal universal health care plan. Meanwhile, according to an article by The Washington Post, Cuba is sponsoring federally funded sex changes.

Organización chilena (GAHT) ayuda a transexual masculino a cambiar su nombre sin cirugía genital
Luego de ocho meses de trámite, un hombre transexual chileno de 35 años ganó en los tribunales el derecho a cambiar el nombre y la mención sexo en sus documentos sin tener que someterse a una cirugía de remodelación genital como parte de su proceso reasignación sexual.

sábado, janeiro 23, 2010

Oh boy! Amy Winehouse's ex Blake Fielder-Civil dates a pre-op transsexual who likes to dress up as his former wife
Blake Fielder-Civil has denied today's reports that he went on a string of dates with dark-haired transsexual 'Mia' McHugh.
Mia, 17, who also likes to dress up as his former wife Amy Winehouse, alleged that she had a relationship with Fielder-Civil while still technically male.
Bloke-Feeler Civil

Amanda Lepore to perform in Sofia
One of the world's transsexual icons is to perform in Bulgaria on the traditional gay celebration on February 2. American model, fashion icon, nightlife hostess and performer Amanda Lepore will perform at Sofia's Yalta Club together with DJ Cazwell, under the motto United in Diversity, website said.

[South Africa] [Blog/Commentary]
Caster Semenya and the apartheid of sex
Xeni asked me to give a brief analysis of her earlier post on the International Olympic Committee's decision regarding sex tests for athletes like South African sprinter Caster Semenya. Caster is one of the millions of people in the world who challenge our simplistic male/female sex binary by their very existence.
[Commentary] Intersex Athletes and the IOC

India's first transgender beauty pageant begins
The search for ‘Indian Super Queen’ is on. If you wondering what is so great about the yet another talent hunt or another beauty pageant think again as 'Indian Super Queen' is the first ever beauty pageant for the transgender community in India.

Ministry off the hook in rapist's sex-change
Seven lawyers, four judges and two testicles. They've been at the centre of an important legal case and dispute over an Ontario psychiatric patient's request for a sex change.
Now, Ontario's highest court has ruled on who should pay for a pre-surgical psychiatric assessment of Vance Egglestone, a multiple rapist now known as Shauna Taylor.

Obama administration names two transgender people to posts
Amanda Simpson starts work this week as one of the first presidentially-appointed transgender persons to the executive branch of any administration. The honor of the first belongs to Dylan Orr, a 30-year-old law school graduate from Seattle.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Iowa Catholic Church Fires Woman Over Transgender Counseling
A recent article in the Des Moines Register reports that in September of last year a housekeeper at a Catholic student center at Drake University was fired by the parish bishop. Susan McIntyre, a transgender woman, is a certified social worker and counselor who felt pulled to "work with the sickest of the sick and poorest of the poor." A housekeeper at the Newman Center for ten years, she also counseled transgender persons. She was given permission a few years ago to use the center's offices on Saturdays to meet with and lead a transgender support group. Last fall, a priest new to the parish found a letter on a copier. The letter, written on the center's letterhead, authorized hormone therapy for a transgender person about to undergo a sex change. The letter was written by McIntyre. In a brief meeting with the bishop and his attorney, McIntyre was fired. (Photo)

Trans Speaker Receives Threat Over Appearance at Yale “Sex Week”
Buck Angel, Sex Week At Yale’s panelist and Masters’ Tea keynote speaker, received a threat about his appearing at the student-organized event. The threat, received through Angel’s Facebook account via a sock puppet, was relayed to Yale, and organizers have arranged 24 hour security for the transman porn actor.

More on the candidate campaigning to keep transgender people from changing sex on their driver licenses
I just got an email from Michigan Messenger reporter Todd A. Heywood, who broke the story today about a Michigan secretary of state candidate targeting transgender people.
[Blog/Commentary] A Matter of Bigoted Priorities
Secretary of state candidate Paul Scott sparks online buzz with remarks against transgender individual ID changes
Michigan candidate’s priority: "Transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver's license in any circumstance."

Loudoun Supervisor Under Fire for Anti-Gay Remarks
Eugene Delgaudio, who represents the Sterling District in Loudoun County, is at the center of a political firestorm. He’s accused of using controversial language targeted at transgender individuals.

sexta-feira, janeiro 22, 2010

"Irene tiene pene" Friqui lentejuela pretendía ir a Eurovisión burlándose de los transexuales
El tal Brody, pretendía ir a Eurovisión, con una canción bastante más que ofensiva hacia las personas transexuales “Irene tiene pene”. . ¿Seria tan valiente el pequeño Brody para hacer una letra similar con mujeres maltratadas, colectivos raciales u otras minorías?

Canarias ha comenzado a andar hacia una Ley Integral de Transexualidad en las siete islas
Eugenia San Gil puso ese ejemplo para mostrar la importancia que para los transexuales tienen las políticas que favorezcan su integración social, y que es uno de los motivos por los que la Coordinadora de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (LGTB) presentó hoy en el Parlamento de Canarias un borrador de proposición de ley de no discriminación.
FELGTB celebra la promesa partidos canarios de apoyar una ley integral de transexualidad

El implante de prótesis de pene sigue siendo el mayor problema en el cambio de sexo de mujeres a hombres, según expertos
La Asociación Europea de Urología (EAU, en sus siglas en inglés) asegura que el principal escollo para culminar con éxito el cambio de sexo de mujeres a hombres está siendo el desarrollo de un implante de prótesis de pene que permita una erección adecuada para mantener una vida sexual completa.

ATA Andalucía pide Conserjería Educación Transfóbia también sea considerada falta grave
La Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía (ATA), pide a la Consejería de Educación que la transfobia también sea considerada una falta grave.

Celina Jaitley takes another step to support transgender section
Celina Jaitley’s love and support for gays is quite well-known by now. Now, the actress has taken yet another step in expressing her support for the lesbians. Now, she has decided to hold a pan-India transgender talent contest named V-care Indian Super Queen along with her transgender friend Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.

Homosexuals battle medieval bylaw
”God created humans in pairs, but nowhere does it say the pair has to be male and female, both male or both female,” says Edy “Echa” Saputra.
Echa is a transgender who heads the Violet Grey organization, established in 2007 by gay and transgender activists in Aceh.

Hate-Crimes Law is a Threat to Religious Liberty, Religious Rights Attorneys Say
The new federal hate crimes law has all the potential to be a major attack on religious liberty and freedom of speech, according to top religious liberty attorneys.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Some Thoughts About Those Who Think They Have the Right to Control What the DSM-V Will Say About Transsexuals
Two essays from Tristan, posted over at TSRoadmap. Here’s one snippet that really jumped out at me: (...)
[Blog/Commentary] The Autogynephile Tribe

Paul Scott targets transgendered people in race for Secretary of State
Excerpt: "I will make it a priority to ensure transgender individuals will not be allowed to change the sex on their driver’s license in any circumstance."
[Blog/Commentary] Paul Scott: Wasting Your Time

TG Woman Murdered in the Montrose
Does anyone know a a transgender woman named Myra Ical… around 50 years old? If so, please call the Transgender Center number at 713-520-8586. Any information you have about Myra can be very helpful!
Myra was murdered just off of Richmond on the 4300 block of Garrot in the Montrose area. She went down fighting; she had a lot of bruising and defensive wounds when her body was found around 2 PM on Monday the 18th.

Mas de cien trabajadoras sexuales trans se manifiestan en México contra acoso Gobierno
Ante los constantes operativos de la Procuraduría contra lenones y el cierre de hoteles de La Merced, trabajadores y trabajadoras sexuales, advirtieron que desarrollarán su trabajo en callejones, pasos a desnivel y coches. (Foto)

Colectivo Hombres Transexuales Chile ayuda conseguir una nueva sentencia de DNI sin CRS
Organización de Hombres Trans en Chile ayuda a hombre transexual a modificar el nombre y sexo en sus documentos legales sin someterse a una cirugía genital. Luego de ocho meses de trámite, un hombre transexual chileno de 35 años ganó en los tribunales el derecho a cambiar el nombre y la mención sexo en sus documentos sin tener que someterse a una cirugía de remodelación genital como parte de su proceso reasignación sexual.

Reconocida actriz trans argentina, Florencia de la Vega: "Nunca pensé que fuera travesti"
Flor de la V se remontó a sus orígenes como mujer y confesó que mucho antes de soñar con ser actriz planeaba dedicarse al diseño de moda. Además, habló de su controvertida relación con Gerardo Sofovich y anunció: "Estoy preparada para ser madre". (Photo)

Exposición fotos de chicas transexuales trabajadoras sexuales causa furor en Buenos Aires
Tras entrar al Parque de Palermo, criaturas semidesnudas aparecen bajo la luz de los faros: "no soy un cliente como cualquier otro", les advierte el fotógrafo Robinson Savary, cuya exposición 'Los Raros' causa sensación en Buenos Aires. (Foto)

quinta-feira, janeiro 21, 2010

Presentación en el Parlamento de Canarias de la Ley Integral sobre Transexualidad
Este año los colectivos LGTB pertenecientes a la Coordinadora LGTB de Canarias, Algarabía, Altihay, Gamá y Lánzate, centraremos la lucha en los derechos de las personas Trans y en contra de la Transfobia con el lema 2010 Año para TRANS – formar.

'Transexualidad es enfermedad, no aberración', dice cirujano que le cambió sexo a menor de 16 años
Iván Mañero marcó un precedente en Europa tras conocerse sobre esa operación en diciembre.
No sólo es el primer procedimiento de este tipo que se hace en España, sino es de los pocos que se han conocido en el mundo, a pesar de que la legislación sólo lo permite para mayores de 18 años.
A 16 ans, il devient la plus jeune transsexuelle d’Espagne

Transsexual woman called Mr by cleaning firm
A transsexual woman has told of her humiliation after she was given the title "Mr" on her P45.
Alison Jane Stokes says the administrative error added insult to injury after she lost her job with the local office of Bristol-based firm Mitie Cleaning.


Des droits pour tous, sauf pour toi !
Extrait: Malgré le consensus parents-enfants-ancienne-direction soutenant Gabrielle, le Conseil d’Administration, composés de retraités, l’a dans le collimateur. La raison est tranchante : Gabrielle est transexuelle. Le fait qu’elle ait transformé son corps d’homme en corps de femme semble être une inquiétude lourde pour les membres du CA. Ils se sont inscrits au Conseil d’Administration du Centre Social pour occuper leurs soirées de retraités, et les voilà face à l’inconnu. Ils paniquent. L’ancienne présidente du centre, Brigitte Mata, rapporte leurs propos au sujet de Gabrielle. Ils ne manquent pas de sel !

2 ans de prison pour le transsexuel qui se faisait passer pour enceint
Un transsexuel qui se livrait à la prostitution, a réussi à persuader deux de ses clients qu’il était tombé enceint. Il leur a ainsi demandé de lui donner 12.600 euros pour avorter.
Le transsexuel qui tombe enceint: deux ans de prison pour escroquerie

[Belgium] [Health/Medicine]
Hydraulic erectile prosthesis implantation in gender reassignment therapy: Study
The final step in the multidisciplinary approach of gender reassignment therapy in female-to-male transsexuals consists of the construction of a neophallus to allow the patient to void while standing and to have sexual experience after he is accustomed to his new voiding abilities. The main limiting factor is that there is no good substitute for the unique erectile tissue of the penis. The largest retrospective study by Hoebeke et al. evaluates the outcome in 129 female-to-male transsexuals after implantation of a hydraulic erectile prosthesis.

Transgender prison to be Italian first
A prison in Italy will become the country’s first for transgenders.
According to the BBC, Italian gay rights groups have welcomed the move to convert an almost empty medium security women's prison into a specially equipped detention centre.
Italia podría contar con una prisión destinada a albergar reclusas transexuales

Malawi government proceeds with prosecution of male couple for having gay marriage ceremony
''Tiwonge was born a man but he has always shocked us with his feminine behaviour. He walks, talks and dresses like a woman. This has always been embarrassing to us and people have been accusing us of having bewitched him.''

Lueur d’espérance pour les eunuques du Pakistan
La justice a récemment réclamé la reconnaissance des droits des centaines de milliers d'eunuques. Mais il en faudra bien plus pour sortir ces parias de la mendicité et la prostitution.

(Photo Behrouz Mehri/AFP - Les eunuques pakistanais sont souvent appelés à danser dans les mariages, où ils sont couverts de billets)


'Even man is not complete'
Spearheading India’s first national transgender beauty contest, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, better known as Laxmi, is making her presence felt in UN Assembly and Indian society at the same time. One of the most celebrated transgender in her own right, she encourages others of the hijra community claim their position in society. (Photo: Laxmi Narayan Tripathi)

[Canada] [Blog/Commentary]
Essays expose CAMH’s despicable practices toward transgender people
These two essays were submitted by a reader and offer a cautionary tale about Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), one of the last of the antiquated “gender clinics” and one of the most regressive facilities in the world. They are also home to the largest reparative therapy clinic for gender-variant children.

Flores McGarrell
Former MICA student and teacher was leading a Haitian arts center when he was killed in last week's earthquake

Gay Rights Bills Threatened By Democratic Senate Loss
Pending gay rights bills in Congress are likely to have a difficult – if not impossible – time winning approval after Republican Scott Brown's win over Democrat Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race Tuesday.

Protestan sexoservidoras y transexuales en ALDF contra operativos en hoteles
Portando pasamontañas negros y blancos, las inconformes exigen que las reciban diputados locales para que puedan exponerles la problemática que enfrentan en zonas como la Merced, Sullivan, Tlalpan y Buenavista, entre otros puntos.

Quelques opérations de changement de sexe réalisées selon Mariela Castro
"Quelques opérations" de changements de sexe ont été réalisées à Cuba depuis leur approbation en 2008 pour 26 transsexuels, a déclaré lundi à l'AFP la sexologue Mariela Castro, fille du président Raul Castro, sans toutefois préciser le nombre exact d'opérations réalisées.
Cuba: "quelques" opérations de changement de sexe réalisés
Cuba comienza a realizar cirugías de cambio de sexo
CUBA: Se confirman operaciones de cambio de sexo
Cuba Carries Out Sex Change Operations
Havana sex change of heart
Cuba confirma operaciones de cambio de sexo
Who's Helping Cuba's Transgender Community Get the Government to Pay for Surgery? The President's Own Daughter
Cuba begins performing state-sponsored sex-change operations