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quarta-feira, setembro 30, 2009

Triunfa película gay española en el Queer Lisboa 2009
Se trata de Ander, ópera prima de Roberto Castón que narra el romance entre campesino vasco y un inmigrante peruano. El festival de cine portugués proyectó 95 cintas de temática LGBT procedentes de los cinco continentes.

First man to become pregnant with twins to start IVF following miscarriage
The world's first man to be pregnant with twins is trying again for a baby with the help of an IVF clinic following his miscarriage.
Man who become first in world to become pregnant with twins seeks newround of IVF treatment
Primeiro transexual a engravidar na Espanha sofre aborto e perde gêmeos. Novo tratamento já começou

Swedish cross-dresser wins final battle to be named Madeleine
A male cross-dresser from Luleå in northern Sweden has won his legal struggle to go by the name Madeleine.

Female-born transexual: I'd rather die as an ugly man
They live on the fringes, shunning attention, like this Singaporean transsexual.
Jack (not his real name) was born more of a Jill.

Violence Against the Transgendered Only Getting Worse

Nearly a month has passed since the Aug. 26 murder of Ty’lia "NaNa Boo" Mack, a 21-year-old transgender woman, in Washington, D.C. But the violent crime remains on the top of the minds of transgender advocates nationwide.

Gay Rights Supporters Push Anti-Bias Bill
Reps. Barney Frank, D-Mass., and Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., both openly gay, are pushing a bill in Congress that will give gays and transsexuals federal protections from bias in the workplace.
[Blog/News] ENDA should be top priority - Berry
[Blog/News/People] Ga. trans woman brings 'human face' to ENDA fight
[Blog/Commentary] ENDA is Justice Long Overdue
How Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Is Supporting ENDA

[USA] [Commentary]
Death Of The West: Our Sexual Identity Crisis
Perhaps you’ve heard the tragic story of David Reimer. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1966, David was the victim of a botched circumcision that left his penis charred beyond surgical repair. His parents Ron and Janet, no doubt beside themselves, were confused about the best way to proceed. Then, one day, they saw a man named Dr. John Money on television.

Transgendered attorney to oppose Kern
A state lawmaker who described homosexuality as a greater threat to the United States than terrorism will face a transgendered attorney in her next race for the state House.
Controversial Candidate Running Against Rep. Sally Kern

Transgender child, job are focus of complaint against TSC
Tippecanoe County's Human Relations Commission is investigating a discrimination complaint involving the Tippecanoe School Corp. and a transgender student.

En Medellin, una semana de diversidad sexual
Con una discusión en directo sobre diversidad sexual y estrategias de seguridad, arrancó 'Telemaratón por la Diversidad Sexual'.

Demuestran chilenos el Orgullo Gay
Cientos de personas LGBT salieron a las calles de la capital chilena para exigir respeto a sus derechos. Durante el acto se pronunciaron contra los abusos a estudiantes gays y demandaron a los políticos crear leyes a favor de la diversidad sexual.

terça-feira, setembro 29, 2009

Filmes brasileiros estão em festival de cinema gay em Lisboa
O 13º Festival de Cinema Gay Queer Lisboa exibe filmes de temática homossexual originários dos cinco continentes -- muitos dos quais não chegam ao circuito comercial -- e desperta a atenção de exibidores e representantes de distribuidoras.

Ela ou ele? Transexuais que participam de programas populares falam sobre preconceito e estigmas

Não é de hoje que programas populares investem na imagem de travestis e transexuais em seus quadros, seja para performances musicais, brincadeiras ou pegadinhas. Mas será que tal participação contribui para a quebra de preconceitos ou reforça o estigma da chacota?

Parada de Curitiba reúne público recorde promovendo direitos humanos.
Mesmo com o céu anunciando chuva, a Parada da Diversidade de Curitiba foi realizada neste domingo, 27. Segundo a organização, cerca de 150 mil pessoas participaram do evento. O número é o maior já registrado nos 12 anos da Parada curitibana. (Foto Allan Johan)

Parada Gay de Belém pede tolerância às minorias
A Parada Gay de Belém rolou neste domingo, 27, reunindo entre 80 mil e 100 mil pessoas, segundo a Polícia Militar. O tema do evento este ano chamava atenção para a importância do combate a todas as formas de discriminação.

Se pone en huelga de hambre por cirugía de cambio de sexo
Aunque ya concretó una reunión con el viceconsejero de Sanidad, en el País Vasco, una mujer transgénero no terminará su huelga de hambre “parcial” hasta que le practiquen una reasignación sexual.

Petition: Help us end GID-monopoly in Norway!
We demand that the Norwegian government must end Rikshospitalet’s monopoly on deciding who can get gender reassignment (diagnosing Gender Identity Disorders (GIDs)). This means a) that professionals outside of Rikshospitalet must be allowed to diagnose GIDs b) that Rikshospitalet must be obligated to treat patients who get diagnosed elsewhere

Today, Rikshospitalet in Oslo has a monopoly on diagnosing GID in Norway. The monopoly does great harm to a lot of transgender people who need treatment. This group has no right to a second opinion, like other patient groups in Norway have. Several professionals across the country are competent to diagnose GIDs.

The situation in Norway has upset activists all over the world, after the news of a woman who cut off her testicles when she did not get the right GID diagnosis (ICD-code F64.0) at Rikshospitalet.

The petition is supported by LLH - the Norwegian organisation for LGBT rights and Queer Youth.
Please sign the petition:

Best regards,
Tarald Stein
transgender co-ordinator
LLH - the Norwegian organisation for LGBT rights

Trannies became a bonus object for Istanbul Police. Ebru Kiranci and Demet Demir now are walking fearfully along Istiklal Street. Because the cops around may fine them any moment for being a “man wearing female clothes".

“One time I was in a hairdresser and they got me out and took to the police station. They fined me for disturbing the people as 35€ according to the new Turkish Misdemeanor Law. Another time, I had bought meat and bread and was walking to my home, and they fined me again ! And last week, I got 2 fines in one single day. I did not sign some of the fines and signed some. I am really scared from them. They use violence and threaten me to inform our families about our situation. Now we are afraid of getting out.”

A tranny is describing her fears and the pressure upon her as above. And what’s more, she is not the only one who is under oppression. Trannies and transsexuals are worried and terrified. For the last two months, especially in Beyoglu and Sisli districts the trannies are even fined in daily living environments; while getting out from the bakery, while going to the grocery, at the hairdresser's and etc.

The Non-Profit Social Society Organization of Istanbul Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual and Trannies (LGBTT) is preparing to file a criminal complaint against the courts. The Association also alleges that the new system in Istanbul Police Department of “earning Point (scores) per issued fine and the number of lawbreaker being caught” increases Istanbul Police’s violence against the trannies to get more “Bonus”. This bonus system has begun with the assignment of Mr. Huseyin Capkin as the Director of Istanbul Police Department by Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

‘We are scared to get out the streets ”
Clearing up Izmir and being promoted to Istanbul after Mr.Cerrah (the previous Istanbul Police Director) was sent to another city as a Governor (although he was very poor in his job), the Chief Police Officer of Istanbul Mr.Huseyin Capkin has already made quite a name for himself in his new town with this extraordinary bonus system.

A list of Capkin’s talented success during his time in Izmir is what is next in our agenda and we will discuss them later on...

However, we should give you some tips about him for now. Sir Capkin was an intolerant Turkish “battle hero” especially against Kurds and trannies who himself had sworn to clear Izmir from this pile of “shit”. By the way, Capkin means “Playboy/Womanizer” in Turkish.

In his period, Izmir Police were reaching for their guns and opening fire whenever they want and either were killing or injuring people. I hope you do not think that Cerrah was sent and a better Chief Police Officer was appointed for Istanbul who is more sensitive about human rights and has a modern personality. Or do you ?

Capkin’s bonus system that is based on performance of Istanbul Police as writing fines and catching everyone around as a potential criminal turned into a psychological violence against trannies and transsexuals. The number of people who got fines according to the 37th article of Misdemeanour Act of Turkish Criminal Laws which is “disturbing others in the streets for selling goods or services” is increasing day by day.

We already know that Mr. Capkin is very successful indeed to suppress the trannies and transsexuals in Izmir. Now Istanbul Police will get extra incentives besides their salary each month for the each fine he issues against the trannies. This is surely increasing the homophobia in the society.
The aim is to isolate the trannies from the rest of the people and make their lives miserable. To exile them from the daily life…We surely know this type of brutality shown against the minorities from the past and current wild Fascist regimes.

Ebru Kıranci from LGBTT Society is saying that trannies and transsexuals are ruthlessly seen by Istanbul Police as a bonus for themselves after the “Point Winning” implementation initiated by Mr. Capkin and she asserts some impressive claims such as below ;
“Most recently, they took out a friend of us from the grocer’s. In the past, they used to take us when we hitchhike at nights on the main roads as per the famous Misdemeanour Law forbids. But now they take us into custody in our daily lives. Our right of living is permanently taken away from us. Now we are scared totally to go out in the streets even in daytime. We try to change our way on the streets when we see the cops ahead. They fine us as per the 37th article, but our trannies do not walk in the streets in daytime with the clothes they work at night. Many of our friends are taken from side and back streets, but police officers write the name of Main Street on the fine as if they caught us at the main street. These fines were used to be issued at night while we are hitchhiking. “

Nine fines to a person
It didn’t use to happen daytime like now. Most of our friends do not have any social security. Nor they have money... I know a person who was fined for nine times. I am wearing a long sleeve shirt at this hell hot weather. I cannot wear a short sleeve or a strappy blouse because of my fear from the cops.”
Demet Demir from the same Organization is claiming that the cops were telling them (while writing their fines) “Soon, you will not be able to walk even on this Istiklal Street” which is a main shopping and closed to traffic street in the district of Taksim known for preserving more free lifestyles compared to our parts of Istanbul.

“Many friends are
psychologically sick. They are now imprisoned at home. Is walking on the street or shopping a crime in a free world ? One day, they have fined two friends. And the cops have written on the fine as describing the crime “men wearing female clothes.” After our Ramadan holiday is over (ending on Sep 23), we will file a criminal complaint to the Attorneys General (Prosecution Office) about both Capkin and the police officers who issued us fines.

They are threatening
One of the trannies who got a fine is a 51 year old Ebru who lives in Beyoglu.

She is describing her experiences with this nickname because she is still scared :

“One time I was in a hairdresser and they got me out and took to the police station. They fined me for disturbing the society as 35€ according to the Misdemeanor Law. Another time, I had bought meat and bread and was walking, they fined me again. At some occasions, they even fined me twice in a day. I did not sign some of the fines and signed some. They terrified me. They use violence and threaten to inform our families about our situation. Now we are afraid of getting out. We do not disturb the people, on the contrary, the police do.”

Çapkın and the ones like him do not want to see them. Do you think a happier and more humanly life is waiting for us when they remove those people from the streets and we are left alone as isolated from those colours of life ?

[South Africa] [Commentary]
Not black and white, nor pink and blue
Caster Semenya burst onto the international stage two months ago with a track-and-field victory that should have been an inspirational success story. Instead, the 18-year-old phenom from rural South Africa has become the subject of a public debacle -- and the target of crude jokes, misinformed speculation and downright cruel personal attacks -- all because she is a woman who doesn't measure up to some people's definition of what it means to be female.

[Singapore] [News/Health]
Woman-to-man sex change surgery more complicated, costlier
WOMEN who have a persistent wish to be male are less common here than men wanting to be women.
Mr Daniel Kaw, 37, the founder of SgButterfly, said when people talk about transsexuals, 'they immediately think about Changi Village and about Thailand's transsexual cabaret shows'.

[Australia] [People/Entertainment]
How the other half lives
Vanessa Van Durme began life as a man, became one of Belgium's first post-operative transsexuals and is now wowing audiences with the stage version of her tale. Stephanie Bunbury reports.

Transgender Latina Stabbed to Death in Los Angeles: Story of Injustice
Paulina Ibarra, transgender Latina, was found stabbed to death in her apartment in East Los Angeles on August 28. The transgender community quickly moved to help the LAPD identify a “person of interest,” 24-year-old Jesus Catalan, who is wanted for jumping parole. (Photo)

Forum discusses LGBT meanings and modes
A transsexual who was a woman but is now a man is attracted to women. What is his sexual orientation?
After a small pause, one of the nearly two dozen people listening to Cynthia Martinez speak about the modern lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement shouted "heterosexual."
"Right," said Martinez, the director of the University of Utah's LGBT Resource Center.

(Photo: Scott Sommerdorf / The Salt Lake Tribune - Cathy Martinez, of the U. of U. LGBT Resource Center, speaks about "The Modern Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Movement" held at the Salt Lake City Main Library on Saturday.)

Ni privilegios ni segregación: comunidad gay quiere igualdad
Ayer se realizó la cuarta marcha por el orgullo gay, la cual por primera vez recorrió el centro de Chillán.
La prepararon por semanas. Cada detalle, cada traje, cada show. La cuarta marcha por el Orgullo Gay llevada a cabo ayer en Chillán fue quizás la más especial. Primero, porque viene a coronar un año de logros para la comunidad homosexual local: se aprobó la ordenanza municipal contra la discriminación, y a través del Club Social Frida Kahlo, las actividades de este sector se abrieron a la comunidad, llegando incluso hasta el Teatro Municipal. (Foto)

Marcha gay termina con reconocimiento póstumo a Gabriela Mistral

[Chile - Uruguay]
En Chile y Uruguay miles marcharon por la Diversidad Sexual
Este fin de semana, en Santiago y Montevideo se realizaron marchas por la diversidad sexual. En Chile se trató de la IX Marcha del Orgullo, mientras en Uruguay se celebró 5 años de avances en legislacion a favor de gays, lesbianas, bisexuales y personas trans.
(Foto: Diversidad Uruguay)

segunda-feira, setembro 28, 2009

El filme vasco 'Ander' y su protagonista triunfan en festival gay de Lisboa
La cinta española "Ander" (2009), de Roberto Castón, fue proclamada mejor largometraje y su protagonista Josean Bengoetxea ganó el premio al mejor actor, en el XIII festival de cine gay Queer Lisboa, que concluyó hoy en la capital portuguesa.

EHGAM apoya a una transexual en huelga de hambre que pide un cambio de sexo
El colectivo vasco de defensa del reconocimiento social de los homosexuales EHGAM ha expresado hoy su apoyo y solidaridad a Andrea Muñoz, una transexual que lleva desde el pasado martes en huelga de hambre parcial para reclamar una operación de cambio de sexo y otra de aumento de pecho.
Sanidad escuchará las demandas de Muñiz, la transexual en huelga dehambre desde el martes

(Trans)formando el trabajo
COGAM organiza varios encuentros para reflexionar sobre la realidad transexual y las dificultades de este colectivo para integrarse en el mundo laboral.

Vida de una transexual
Las transexuales inmigrantes en situación irregular no tienen otra salida que ejercer la prostitución

Muchos transexuales siguen teniendo problemas para encontrar trabajo
Como profesores de escuela, como enfermeros en residencias, hasta en el ejército. Cada vez es más común ver a personas transexuales desempeñando cargos de gran responsabiliadad. Pero 9 de cada 10 tiene problemas para encontrar trabajo y muchos reconocen sentirse discriminados.
Las personas transexuales ya pueden enrolarse en el Ejército.

TV ban for sex swap Harries
Sex swap antiques guru Lauren Harries has been banned from This Morning after bizarrely impersonating a Little Britain character.

[UK] [Blog/Commentary]
Trans-misogyny? There’s an app for that
It’s always hurtful when cis people make trans-misogynistic attacks on trans women’s gender expression, and I doubt I shall ever understand why they think they are entitled to do so. The barbs are bad enough when they’re aimed specifically at me as an individual, but when they target my entire community they inevitably seem only to add insult to injury.

[Reino Unido]
Aos 75 anos, transexual mais velha do Reino Unido passou por três casamentos héteros
A trans Rachel Fleetwood virou notícia no Reino Unido. Aos 75 anos, ela é considerada a transexual com mais idade do local, de acordo com o site The Star. Mas sua transição de gênero é recente: há apenas cinco anos.

[South Africa] [Commentary/Religion]
Caster Semenya: Why, God, why?
The reality of God's child, Caster Semenya, presents us with many questions. Why should God allow an unpopular, uncommon human being to be born in a world that discriminates against those who are 'different'?
Caster Semenya, l’incroyable athlète qui bouleverse l’éthique sportive
Caster Semenya, questions sur une championne

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Legal issues in ENDA 2009 version, Round 1
Wednesday's hearing before the House Education and Labor Committee probably could not have gone better for supporters of ENDA. You can watch it and access copies of all the written testimony at the Committee's website. Special cheers to witnesses Vandy Beth Glenn, Bill Eskridge and Brad Sears. (See other Bilerico posts for a detailed summary and Jillian Weiss's excellent call to take action.)

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Trans Woman Murdered in Hollywood
Via Queen Emily, reports came in last week of yet another trans woman being murdered. Her name was Paulina Ibarra, she was 24-years-old, and she died in her apartment from stab wounds on August 28th. But her murder only made the news last week, when police identified a person of interest, named Jesus Catalan.

[USA] [Film]
Jude Law plays transsexual in 'Rage'
Jude Law underwent perhaps the most startling onscreen transformation ever for the new Sally Potter movie, Rage.

New Voice for Sexual Minorities
A monthly magazine published by an Argentine umbrella group of some thirty organisations of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans (LGBTs) seeks to become a major communications channel for the community and an instrument for disseminating the actions that sexual minorities undertake to defend their rights.

domingo, setembro 27, 2009

Os filmes vencedores do Queer Lisboa 13, Festival de Cinema Gay e Lésbico de Lisboa
Melhor Longa-Metragem de Ficção (1.000,00€), Ander, de Roberto Cáston (Espanha),
Melhor Actriz: Mina Orfanou (Strella: a Woman`s Way, de Panos Koutras (Grécia)) “pela interpretação intensa e tocante; pela energia e entrega física, pela forma como vai da alegria ao desespero, denotando um vasto espectro de emoções e proporcionando ao público o retrato brilhante de uma mulher transexual com profundos conflitos emocionais.”
Melhor Actor: Josean Bengoetxea (Ander, de Roberto Cáston (Espanha)),
Menção Especial: Rabioso Sol, Rabioso Cielo (de Julián Hernández (México)),
Melhor Documentário (1.000,00€): Fig Trees, de John Greyson (Canadá),
Menção Especial: Verliebt, Verzopft, Verwegen, de Katharina Lampert e Cordula Thym (Austria),
Melhor curta-metragem, Prémio do Público: Yo Sólo Miro, (de Gorka Cornejo(Espanha)).

El viceconsejero de Sanidad se reunirá con la transexual en huelga de hambre que exige una reasignación de sexo
El viceconsejero de Sanidad, Rafael Cerdan, ha convocado a la presidenta de Transexualidad-Euskadi, Andrea Muñiz, en huelga de hambre para lograr una reasignación de sexo, así como a representantes de la asociación Errespetuz, a una reunión el lunes en Vitoria para tratar sobre este asunto.

[Afrique du Sud]
Caster Semenya victime de la raison d’Etat
La victoire de Caster Semenya, cas rarissime d’hermaphordisme, au 800m femme à Berlin a connu des désordres avant sa participation aux championnats du monde. Guerre larvée entre l’Afrique du Sud et la fédération d’Athlétisme.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Open thread: Who are the "real women"?
I met a very special lady in 2003 named Rachel Crandall. Rachel is a lawyer and a philanthropist in Detroit. Rachel is one of the single nicest people I've ever met in my life. Rachel, though her driver's license says "F," is also transgender, and she has not undergone sexual reassignment surgery yet.

Workplace Discrimination: Transgender Woman Urges Lawmakers to Pass Reforms
When Vandy Beth Glenn, formerly Glenn Morrison, was summoned to her boss's office Oct. 16, 2007, she was not prepared for the exchange that followed.
Thank You, Senator Michael Bennet: Senate Movement on ENDA
[Blog/Commentary] ENDA: Libertarian Gay & Lesbian Thought Vs. Progressive LGBT Community Thought

250 pack church for transgender documentary
A capacity crowd of nearly 250 people packed Plymouth Congregational Church on Friday to screen a documentary film directed and produced by Helena-born filmmaker Kim Reed.

Cerca de ocho mil personas participaron en marcha del Orgullo Gay en Santiago
Unas ocho mil personas participaron este sábado de la Marcha del Orgullo Gay 2009, organizada y convocada por diversos colectivos de minorías sexuales que marcharon por la Alameda con banderas y carros alegóricos, desde Plaza Italia hasta el Paseo Bulnes.(Foto)

sábado, setembro 26, 2009

Encontro discute realidade de trans no Sul do País
Até o próximo domingo, 27, Curitiba é sede do 6º Encontro Regional Sul Para Travestis e Transexuais. O objetivo do encontro, que antecede o Encontro Nacional de Travestis e Transexuais que Atuam na Luta contra a AIDS, é contribuir na construção de políticas públicas para a população trans do Paraná, Santa Catarina e Rio Grande do Sul.

FELGTB pide "compromiso" a organizaciones e instituciones en apoyo de lesbianas, gays, transexuales y bisexuales sordos
La Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (FELGTB) pidió hoy "compromiso" a organizaciones de personas con discapacidades auditivas, así como a las instituciones para "apoyar y visibilizar" la situación de las personas sordas de este colectivo, con motivo del Día Internacional de las Personas Sordas, que se celebra mañana.

Osakidetza aprueba la Unidad de Diagnóstico para transexuales
Aunque funciona ya en el hospital de cruces, en quince días dispondrá del protocolo de actuación .

La FELGTB felicita al Gobierno vasco por sus planes de elaborar una ley integral sobre transexualidad
La Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales, FELGTB, transmitió hoy su alegría y felicitación ante la noticia de que el Gobierno vasco planea presentar un Proyecto de Ley Integral sobre Transexualidad en los próximos meses.

Una exposición de "Boston School" muestra transexuales, marginales y drogadictos
El Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporáneo (CGAC) abre hoy una exposición titulada 'Familiar Feelings' que incluye 150 fotografías de la denominada Escuela de Boston sobre la vida de marginales, transexuales y drogadictos.

Hoy comienzan las II Jornadas sobre Transexualidad Madrileña
COGAM y el Ayuntamiento de Alcorcón buscan generar espacios ymecanismos para conseguir la igualdad social de las personastransexuales y facilitar su inserción laboral.

[South Africa]
SA athletics chief to stay in job
Athletics South Africa chief Leonard Chuene will keep his job despite calls for him to be fired for lying about Caster Semenya undergoing gender tests.
Affaire Semenya: Le comité olympique sud-africain ouvre à son tour une enquête
El presidente de la Federación de Atletismo de Sudáfrica seguirá en su cargo a pesar del caso Semenya

Best of Vancouver communities: Transitioning to a bright future
She’s big, she’s bold, and she may as well have brass balls. And you might as well get used to her because she isn’t going away.
She is Jamie Lee Hamilton, the public face of Vancouver’s transgender community.

[EUA ]
Ator Jude Law vive trans em filme criado para celulares
O ator Jude Law estrela no papel de uma trans, chamada Minx, o primeiro curta produzido para celulares. (Foto)

The Endocrine Society Unveils New Clinical Guideline Addressing The Endocrine Treatment Of Persons With Gender Identity Disorder
The Endocrine Society has released a new clinical practice guideline for endocrine treatment of transsexual persons. The guideline, "Endocrine Treatment of Transsexual Persons: An Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guideline," appears in the September 2009 issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), a publication of The Endocrine Society.

House hears ENDA testimony
Frank, Baldwin push for trans-inclusive bill at hearing
[Commentary] Fighting discrimination
Sexual Orientation Bias Bill Starts Moving Again
ENDA Hearing Renews Battle for Inclusive Workplace Protections
Ending Discrimination in All its Forms
House Holds ENDA Hearings
[Blog/Commentary] Yesterday's ENDA Hearing: Use It To Pass ENDA

[MA, USA] [Commentary]
Speak Out: Transgender bill unfair to majority
The writers of a recent letter on transgender rights use the phrase “common sense dictates the passage of an act relative to gender-based discrimination and hate crimes.”

Se realizó la Marcha de la Diversidad en Montevideo
Organizaciones que nuclean a personas homosexuales y diversas agrupaciones políticas que defienden los derechos de estas colectividades, se congregaron en la Plaza Independencia, principal de la ciudad y desde allí, encabezados por el intendente municipal (alcalde) Ricardo Ehrlich, partieron hacia la Plaza Cagancha. (Foto)

Action Alert – Demand Investigation Into Attacks on Transgender Man in La Matanza
On July 19, 2008, Ian Breppe was verbally assaulted with reference to his transgender identity by the owner of a butcher shop near his bicycle repair shop. The butcher shop owner then beat Ian up. When Ian reported this assault at the police station in La Matanza, the officers rejected the complaint and verbally humiliated him.

sexta-feira, setembro 25, 2009

Na sexta-feira, dia 25, o QUEER LISBOA 13, FESTIVAL DE CINEMA GAY ELéSBICO DE LISBOA vai exibir a longa-metragem brasileira protagonizadapor Bruna Lombardi, /O SIGNO DA CIDADE/ (sala 1, 22h00)/./
Realizado por Carlos Alberto Riccelli, este filme centra-se no quotidiano de Gil, homem casado e muito só; de Lydia que brinca com o fogo; Josialdo, que nasceu para ser mulher, e de Mônica que só se quer dar bem na vida. No programa nocturno de rádio em que atende ouvintes anónimos, a astróloga Teca vê-se entre os anseios dos outros e seus próprios problemas. Aos poucos, o destino enreda todos numa única teia. Na luta para romper o isolamento e encontrar o rumo da redenção, eles vão descobrir o poder transformador da solidariedade.
CARLOS ALBERTO RICCELLI:/ Nasceu em 1946 em São Paulo, no Brasil. Formado em Direcção e Produção pela Escola de Arte Dramática de São Paulo (ECA-USP) e pela Universidade da Califórnia, estreou-se como actor aos 24 anos em /A MORENINHA/ (1970), de Glauco Mirko Laurelli, ao lado da também estreante Sônia Braga. O filme abriu-lhe as portas para a TV: actuou em diversas produções da Tupi e, mais tarde, na Rede Globo. Em 1979, voltou ao cinema com O Princípio do Prazer, de Luiz Carlos Lacerda. É fundador da Pulsar Produções Artísticas, onde foi, durante 10 anos, Produtor e Director Geral do programa semanal Gente de Expressão, com Bruna Lombardi. Dirigiu e escreveu vários documentários e reportagens, e produziu, escreveu, dirigiu e foi intérprete das curtas-metragens /REVANCHE/ e /VIDA DE CãO/, exibidas no programa Fantástico, da TV Globo. Estreou-se como realizador de cinema com a longa-metragem /STRESS, ORGASM AND SALVATION/ ou /S.O.S/. (2005), em parceria com a sua mulher, a escritora e actriz Bruna Lombardi, com quem volta a trabalhar no seu segundo filme, /O SIGNO DA CIDADE/ (2008).

Parada do Orgulho LGBT de Rio Branco reúne cerca de 60 mil pessoas
Do pequeno estado do Acre vieram Chico Mendes, Senadora Marina Silva, Senador Tião Viana e a novelista Glória Perez entre dezenas de outros famosos em todas as áreas.

Inicia una huelga de hambre para que le hagan un cambio de sexo
La presidenta de la asociación Transexualidad-Euskadi, Andrea Muñiz, ha anunciado el inicio a partir de hoy de una huelga de hambre parcial para reclamar ser operada de aumento de pecho y de cambio de sexo, cirugías que asegura que espera desde hace más de 20 años.

El Gobierno Vasco elaborará un borrador de ley integral sobre transexualidad
El Departamento de Empleo y Asuntos Sociales del Gobierno Vasco ha anunciado hoy que en breve elaborará un borrador de Proyecto de Ley Integral sobre Transexualidad, con el fin de "facilitar un mejor ejercicio de sus derechos por parte de las personas transexuales".

Cometen acto vandálico en sede de organización gay española
Por segunda vez, la placa que identifica la sede del Colectivo de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transexuales, de la provincia de Sevilla, fue objeto de un ataque vandálico, informó el presidente de la organización.

Transexual faces This Morning ban
This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield has revealed that Lauren Harries has been banned from the programme after her latest appearance on the show, according to reports.

[South Africa] [Commentary]
Bornstein: Intersex athletes face unfair rules
Prove you are a woman or man. Right now. Why are you hesitating? This could decide whether you keep the gold medal for the 800-meter race you just won with a remarkable time. World 800 meter champion Caster Semenya of South Africa had to. She is the latest of professional athletes whose participation and achievements are in limbo because of their biological makeup.
In the end, South African runner Semenya is a human being
S Africa Olympic body launches inquiry

Many gays opting for sex change: Doctors
Even as gay activism grows in India and some slowly find the courage to come out of the closet, many from the community - especially the well educated and well heeled in the cities - are opting for expensive sex change procedures, say doctors.

Trans sex worker assaulted
Vancouver police have the name and phone number of the man who allegedly sexually assaulted a transgendered sex worker at gunpoint in the West End Sep 12, a spokesperson for the victim says.

Putting Montreal trans landmarks on the bike map
On Sep 24, The 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy is sponsoring a bike tour.

Transgendered people seek understanding in a confused society
In modern science, there are many debates over the direction various fields should take and what current theories are more promising and potentially fruitful. Since physics is the most fundamental and basic of all of the experimental sciences, and serves as the foundation for all of the others, it is interesting to observe the various debates and issues within the field and see how they may affect the other experimental sciences. One specific issue in physics that seems to be isolated to the field, and has persisted since the beginning of physics centuries ago, is the issue of gender biases. Physics has long been criticized for its lack of female participants, and recent research has shed some light on some of the causes and implications of the gender polarity within the physics community.

Gay rights supporters seek anti-bias bill
Two openly gay members of Congress on Wednesday urged their colleagues to pass a sweeping job discrimination bill that would — for the first time — protect gays and transsexuals from workplace bias.
Frank, Baldwin Urge Passage Of Federal Gay Protections Bill
[Commentary] FRC-"No Civil Rights Protection for Gays"-What Do You Think?
Transgendered Female Fired for Gender
Drew Joseph: Outlawing job bias against gays
[News/Commentary] House Committee Hears Arguments for Special Rights
Task Force: Passage of Employment Non-Discrimination Act is critical
U.S. House Holds Hearing on Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Transgender Vandy Beth Glenn’s ENDA Testimony
VIDEO: Stories of Discrimination & ENDA Hearing

Parents of hate crime victim share their story at USF
There was a time when Pat Mulder got really nervous speaking in front of people like this. That was when she was just a nurse, a wife, a mother — before she qualified to speak on a "victim's perspective" panel at a summit on hate crimes.
(Photo: Pat Mulder wipes away a tear Wednesday after telling the story of her son’s murder during the Florida Hate Crimes Awareness Summit held at the University of South Florida. Ryan Skipper, 25, was stabbed 20 times in 2007 in Polk County.)

[MT, USA] [News/Film/People]
Helena prodigal son returning as woman
When Paul McKerrow was the star quarterback for the Helena High School Bengals in 1985, he thought throwing the perfect spiral would make him a better man.
Now that McKerrow is Kim Reed, a New York City filmmaker and magazine editor, her perspective on life has changed, although she's still looking to reconnect with the person she left behind.

[GA, USA] [Blog/News/Events]
Jennifer Finney Boylan presents one-woman show
Author, professor performs at renowned Southern Comfort Conference

Vt. Trans Teen Adds Voice to Non-Gender Bathrooms
A transgender teenager is lending his voice to a movement in Vermont to require the state’s middle and high schools to offer genderless bathrooms.

Uruguay Takes Another Step Forward for GLBTs With Gender Change Law
The tiny South American nation of Uruguay continues to outpace America in the arena of GLBT equality: after allowing gays to serve in the military and preparing the way for family equality in the realm of adoptions for same-sex parents, Uruguay is now on the way to approving a law that respects each individual’s gender identity.

Distribuyen en escuelas manual LGBT
El Ministerio de Educación del país distribuirá en sus colegios un manual sobre diversidad sexual, creado por el Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual, de Chile, y que fue aprobado por el Senado uruguayo.
Ministerio de Educación uruguayo distribuirá en sus colegios manual de la diversidad creado por Movilh

quinta-feira, setembro 24, 2009

Quinta-feira, dia 24, o Queer Lisboa 13, Festival de Cinema Gay e Lésbico de Lisboa vai exibir Strella, a Woman`s Way.
A longa-metragem Strella, a Woman`s Way, centra-se na história de Yiorgos que, libertado da prisão após 14 anos a cumprir pena por um crime que cometera na sua aldeia natal, conhece em Atenas, Strella, uma jovem prostituta transsexual por quem se apaixona perdidamente. Uma extraordinária e fascinante relação, contada ao final de uma noite, em jeito de tragédia grega, realizada este ano pelo grego Panos H. Koutras.
Sobre Panos H. Koutras: Nascido em Atenas, Grécia, estudou na International Film School de Londres e depois na Sorbonne, em Paris. De 1985 a 1995, viveu entre estas duas cidades, tendo realizado diversas curtas-metragens. Em 1995, fundou a companhia 100% Synthetic Films, em Atenas, tendo começado a trabalhar na sua primeira longa-metragem The Attack of the Giant Mousaka (1999). A sua segunda longa-metragem, Real Life (2004), vence o Prémio da Crítica Nacional da Grécia, em 2004. Strella (2009) é a sua terceira longa-metragem de ficção.

Le commissaire aux droits de l’homme du Conseil de l’Europe appelle les États à s’attaquer “vigoureusement” à la transphobie
Thomas Hammarberg, le commissaire aux droits de l’homme du Conseil de l’Europe, vient de publier un des textes les plus favorables aux trans’ écrits par une autorité européenne.

La Asociación de Transexualidad Clínica pide que López medie en el caso Muñiz
La Asociación de Transexualidad Clínica de España ha rogado hoy al lehendakari, Patxi López, que actúe personalmente en el caso de Andrea Muñiz, una transexual que lleva casi dos días de huelga de hambre parcial para reclamar una operación de cambio de sexo y otra de aumento de pecho.

Lakua elaborará un borrador de ley integral sobre transexualidad
El Departamento de Empleo y Asuntos Sociales del Gobierno Vasco ha anunciado hoy que en breve elaborará un borrador de Proyecto de Ley Integral sobre Transexualidad, con el fin de "facilitar un mejor ejercicio de sus derechos por parte de las personas transexuales".
El departamento de Asuntos Sociales del Gobierno vasco elaborará enbreve una ley sobre transexualidad

[Spain] [News/Health/Medicine]
Surgeons perform first hysterectomy in Spain via the belly button
The procedure was performed on a transsexual awaiting a sex change operation

[Reino Unido]
Una niña de 12 años, la mas joven del mundo en cambiar de sexo
Una niña transexual de doce años de edad se sometió a una operación de reasignación de sexo durante las vacaciones escolares en el Reino Unido. La adolescente, cuyo nombre no ha sido revelado, fue apoyada por sus padres en todo momento

Swap 'man' lured girl, 15
A woman having treatment to become a man pretended she already was one to start a relationship with a 15-year-old girl.
Christine Walker, 20, who is having gender reassignment, hid her breasts and called herself Chris, a court heard yesterday.

[UK] [Blog/People]
Crazy tranny Lauren Harries "banned" after This Morning appearance
Remember freaky fake child prodigy James Harries from Wogan in the 80s? Well he chopped his cock off in 2001 and became the beautiful creature we see before us today - Lauren Harries!

Celebrating diversity
A colourful parade featuring everything from giant teacups to transvestites showcased the city's diversity.
Starting at Campbell Park and ending in Station Square, the Celebr8 diversity march, which marks the start of the FringeMK festival, attracted even more people than its inaugural event last year.

Queens Wanted to Guard the Queen
No, it’s not the plot of a Sasha Baron Cohen movie. Scotland Yard really is looking to recruit queer cops to serve as guards for Her Majesty, the Queen of England.
[Blog/Commentary] UK Seeks Homosexuals To Guard Queen

Les associations dénoncent les centres de référence sur le «transsexualisme»
Communiqué de presse inter-associatif Chrysalide (Lyon), OUTrans (Paris), Pink Freak’X (Montpellier), la Lesbian and Gay Pride de Lyon et la LGP de Montpellier - 22/9/2009
Chrysalide (Lyon), OUTrans (Paris), Pink Freak’X (Montpellier), la Lesbian and Gay Pride de Lyon et la LGP de Montpellier s’interrogent sur les avancées réelles présentées par la ministre de la santé concernant la prise en charge des personnes trans.

Building a Trans*Network in Switzerland
Dear all,
Tell your swiss friends: It's time for building a trans* network in Switzerland! Together we want to make our political, medical and legal situation advance.
I'm happy to invite all trans* and/or queer people living in Switzerland - no matter how you define your gender, which of the four official languages you speak, how experienced you are in networking and lobbying - to our first national meeting.
We meet Saturday, 24th of octobre 2009, 3 pm @ "Quartier-Hof", 3013 Bern. Closest station is "Lorraine". Take bus nr 20 from central station.
Looking 4ward to see a lot of motivated people,

Kenyan challenges state over prison facilities
An intersexed Kenyan has applied to Kenya’s constitutional court to be released from Nairobi’s Kamiti Maximum Security Prison on the grounds that he belongs in neither a jail for men nor women.

[South Africa] [Blog/Commentary]
When Gender Isn’t So Clear
Tests on the South African runner Caster Semenya continue, as race officials try to decide whether the 18-year-old athlete — who says she is female — is a man or a woman. Martha Wilson, an American writer living in Canada, is not a runner, and she thinks she is certain of the sex of her daughters. But, as she writes in a guest blog today, the case feels very personal nonetheless, because it raises questions of concern to any parent.
Los surafricanos examinaron a Semenya antes de ir a Berlín
Caso Semenya: al parecer, Sudáfrica sabía que era hermafrodita y lo ocultó
Algo más que un cromosoma
Comité investigará el caso Semenya
Atleta india hermafrodita apoya en su dolor a Caster Semenya

[Australia] [Commentary]
Deaths and Entrances
There’s no easy to tell family members about transitioning from male to female. Some take the news openly; others not quite so. Author Josephine Emery recalls the moment she told her mother what she had been afraid to say all those years.
The Real Possibility of Joy: A Personal Journey from Man to Woman by Josephine Emery
The real possibility of joy: an interview with Josephine Emery

Pride centre brings together community
Whenever a man makes a belligerent comment about her surgery, Jennifer Tennant relishes in giving them more than they asked for.
A no-holes-barred account of her sex change always leaves him squirming, she laughs.
It’s the kind of confidence she wants to share with others.
You have to be willing to give up your friends, your family and your job, Tennant said. Otherwise, your option is suicide, a route an estimated 50 per cent of transgendered people take.

[USA/UK] [Film]
Nicole Kidman to play trans as ’The Danish Girl’
Nicole Kidman will take on the role of Danish painter Lili Elbe for 2011’s ’The Danish Girl.’ Elbe, formerly known as Einar Wegener, was one of the first known recipients of a sex change surgery (male to female), occurring in the early 1900’s in Denmark.
(Photo: Actress Nicole Kidman (left) will play transgender painter Lili Elbe (right).)

Majority of Workers Still Hide Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity at Work
– A majority – 51 percent – of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers continue to hide their identity from most or all co-workers, according to a new report released today from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation that examines the real-life experiences of LGBT workers. The report, “Degrees of Equality: A National Study Examining Workplace Climate for LGBT Employees,” found that, despite significant advances in employment policies at major U.S. corporations, a majority of LGBT workers continue to experience a range of negative consequences because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Younger workers are even more likely to hide their LGBT identity – only 5 percent of LGBT employees ages 18 to 24 say they are totally open at work, compared to more than 20 percent in older age cohorts. The report is available for download at

American Labor Movement Calls for Full Inclusion of LGBT Workers
If there were any doubts that the American labor movement stands strongly in favor of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ( LGBT ) rights, they were set to rest the minute former United Mine Workers president Richard L. Trumka took the podium last Wednesday as the newly elected President of the AFL-CIO. Speaking at the labor federation's quadrennial national convention, the feisty third-generation coal miner issued a clear call for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender voices in the labor movement and American life.

[USA] [Blog/News]
Trans woman suing Ga. legislature will testify before Congress
Vandy Beth Glenn to share story of being fired at ENDA hearing
[Blog/Commentary] Today, in Your Hearing
[Blog/News] ENDA Hearings on Wednesday @ 10 AM ET; here's the list of witnesses
House hears ENDA testimony
Legisladores homosexuales abogan por una ley contra la discriminación laboral

Chaz Bono writing sex change memoir
Cher's daughter Chastity Bono is writing her memoir to document her sex change from a woman to a man.
Chaz Bono to write memoir of sex change

[NY, USA] [PR/Events]
Special Event - Transgender Hate Crimes: Victims, Their Families & Advocates Speak Out
Transgender people face pervasive discrimination, harassment and violence. Leslie Mora and Carmella Etienne—victims of hate crimes in two separate incidents in Queens—are witnesses to the violence that is perpetrated against people because of their gender identity or expression. In its most extreme form, such violence can turn deadly, as it did in the case of Lateisha Green, a young African American woman who was shot and killed, and whose death lead to New York State’s first hate crime trial and conviction stemming from the death of a transgender person.

Uruguayan Legislators Approve Gender Change as a "Right" (Anti-gay site: LifeSite)
Days after the Uruguayan Senate approved a bill that analysts say will legalize adoption by homosexual couples, the nation's Chamber of Deputies (its lower legislative house) has passed a measure to allow people to decide what their gender will be -- regardless of their actual sex.