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sábado, julho 30, 2011

Google+ Goes Gender Neutral
As early adapters to Google+ are figuring out the best ways to utilize the social networking platform in addition to others like Facebook and LinkedIn, some users may find that Google+ will be helpful in keeping things gender-neutral.

Comissário Europeu quer desclassificação da “disforia de género” como doença mental e maior combate à transfobia
O comissário europeu dos Direitos Humanos, Thomas Hammarberg, pediu a desclassificação da “disforia de género” como doença mental a organismos médicos internacionais e aos países do Conselho de Europa (CE).

La primera parlamentaria regional transexual pide acabar con los estereotipos
Antonelli, que hoy ha participado en Zamora en el III Encuentro Transfronterizo de militantes de Juventudes Socialistas de España y Portugal, ha declarado a Efe que hoy en día las mujeres transexuales pueden estar presentes en cualquier ámbito laboral y la prostitución es una realidad para algunas pero "no es el todo".

Make your mind up! Cross dresser who stole £12,000 benefits turns up at court dressed as a man - after begging to be sent to a women's prison
A cross-dressing odd job man who stole £12,000 in state benefits escaped jail today.
Transsexual Roy Pittilla, who insists on being called Janet Williams by friends and neighbours, turned up at court today dressed as a man - despite insisting to be sent to a women's prison if convicted. (Photo)
Transsexual benefit cheat determined to work as a woman
Transsexual gets 42 years to repay benefit fraud debts

Sainsbury’s apologises for transgender toilet ban
Sainsbury’s has apologised after a transgender woman was told by a Surrey store that she could not use the women’s toilets.
Sainsbury's 'told transgender woman to use disabled toilet'
Transgender woman rejects toilet mix-up apology

Sexual orientation and gender conforming traits in women are genetic
Sexual orientation and ‘gender conformity’ in women are both genetic traits, according to new research from Queen Mary, University of London.
Study: Sexuality in Lesbians Is Based on Genes

The girl who decided she wanted to become a boy at the age of 16
As Rebecca Green walked into the cinema to meet her best friend, Gemma, she was shocked at how good-looking the guy standing next to her pal was. Despite never ­meeting him before, she had heard all about who Jason Cooper used to be.

Transgender woman speaks about her life
A transgender woman spoke about her life at a public meeting.
Jane Fae, of Church Street, Deeping St James, will finally be shedding off her old life as a man when she undergoes gender realignment surgery in Brighton this month.

Report on transgender rights issue presented to Cabinet
A long-awaited report on the issue of legal recognition of the acquired gender of transsexuals was presented yesterday to Cabinet by Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton.
Gender Recognition Report Published Today
GRAG Report to be Published
Broden Giambrone on 98FM
GRAG Report Online

Transgender legislation on the way
The government has announced its intention to legislate for the recognition of the acquired gender of transgender people.
Transgender people will be forced to divorce to achieve recognition
New Irish transgender laws ‘will break up families’
Transgender people to be recognised in law
Transgender legislation 'will tear families apart'

[PR] Gender Recognition Possible but Problematic
[PR] Irish Government Gender Recognition Advisory Group Report – A Missed Opportunity
Transgender legislation pledged
Complications for Transgender Recognition in Ireland

[Commentary] Law reform in Ireland, but intersex people are excluded

Lydia Foy speaks of difficulty growing up with trans gender syndrome in Ireland
When Lydia Foy was born in 1947, her birth was registered as male, but from an early age she knew that all was not right: “I knew I wasn’t to be allowed be myself and I couldn’t tell anyone basically,” she reflected in a RTE documentary. (Photo)
My Name is Lydia Foy

Brazilian Transgender Prostitute Hospitalized After Attack
A transgender Brazilian aged 49 suffered a severe beating at the hands of 3 men. The prostitute was pummelled with stones and robbed of her earnings.

Another trans murder in Turkey
A transwoman named Didem, was murdered in Findikzade district of Istanbul today (31.07.2011) at 22.30. Her throat was cut.
The murderer is a 26 years old man, who met with didem on facebook and agreed to have sex by paying her - Didem is a sex worker. Interestingly, the murderer is a fugitive soldier, named o.f.k.
He was caught by the police just after the murder after the high level of noise coming from the victim. He confessed to the police, "i though that she was a woman, but she was a travesti. After learning this, i killed her." (Photo)
Transgender Woman Murdered in Istanbul
Trans Woman Murdered in Istanbul
Turkey: cis man arrested for woman’s murder

3 citizens’ acquittal upheld
The Appeals Court, presided by Judge
Faisal Khreibet upheld the verdict of the First Instance Court that acquitted three citizens of assaulting two cross-dressers.

Nepal’s oldest school starts sexual revolution
Nepal’s oldest modern school that ushered in a revolution in education in the 20th century is now poised to bring in more sweeping social changes with the acceptance of a 13-year-old student, who was thrown out of a village school for being a transgender.

LGBT celebrations: Police fight moralists near red zone
More than twenty-two activists of Jama’at-e-Islami’s student wing were arrested and booked for clashing with and injuring three policemen on Friday while violating section 144, which had been imposed in the city.
Police baton charge protesting JIT activists

Performance at functions
The local authorities and transsexuals on Tuesday concluded an agreement making it binding on those taking the latter for functions to register them with the local police.

Trans Bashers Arrested in Pakistan
Police in Peshawar, Pakistan, Monday arrested seven men for assaulting, sexually harassing, and then shaving the heads of five transgender people.

Govt devises safety code for transvestites
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on Tuesday devised a code for transvestites, performing in wedding parties and other festivities, to curtail incidents of their harassment.
Safety rules for transvestites in Pakistan

Accused in transvestites assault case get bail
A local court granted bail to eight persons, charged with assaulting and keeping in wrongful confinement few transvestites when they were returning from a musical programme at Bakshu Pull area.

Railway Police Arrest 212 Indian Transgender People
Military police charged with protecting India’s South Central Railway arrested 212 transgender people in Hyderabad last month, according to IBN Live.

Transsexual contestant tests love on Emotional Atyachar
For the first time, a transsexual contestant tests her love on the reality show 'Emotional Atyachar' and finds that her partner attends gay parties.
(Photo: Nikkiey Chawla with Nirbhay on Emotional Atyachar)

[Indonesia] [Film]
"A Waria Is A Man… But He Has A Woman’s Soul"
A friend sent me the trailer for Tales Of The Waria, a film exploring the lives of Indonesia's transgender community. The beauty and honesty is heartbreaking; one subject in this short clip says of her relationship with a guy: "I was just a place to stop until he found a woman."

Amnesty International Urges Police to Investigate Attack Against Transvestites
A global human rights group criticized Jakarta police for its failure to investigate the attack on a human rights training session for a group of transvestites in Depok, West Java, last year.

Malaysian court rejects transsexual's name change
A court in Muslim-majority Malaysia rejected a bid on Monday by a transsexual to change her name after undergoing a sex-change operation.
A high court in conservative eastern Terengganu state ruled that a person's sex was determined at birth so Ashraf Hafiz Abdul Aziz, who was born a man, could not change the name on her identity card, her lawyer said. (Photo)
Man fails in bid to be legally declared a woman
Court rejects man’s bid to have a woman’s name
Malay transsexual loses court bid to change gender
Ashraf’s parents reach out for help

Couple threatened for poking fun at transvestites
A man and his girlfriend, both in their 20s, were threatened with a knife after they allegedly made fun of two cross-dressers at Taman Nirwana, Ampang, reported Harian Metro.

[New Zealand]
NZ hate crime sentence reduced
A 10-year sentence given to a man for bashing a transvestite to death has been reduced by New Zealand’s Court of Appeal.
Trans killer's sentence reduced upon appeal

[New Zealand]
Rally cry sounded in push for trans protection
The glbti community is being asked to help with a renewed push for the Human Rights Act to be clarified to ensure it includes protection from discrimination on the grounds of gender identity.

[New Zealand]
False nails fly in tranny hooker fiasco
Police called to a domestic disturbance in Queenstown were instead faced with three transvestite hookers on a “working holiday” fighting in a room.

Let transsexuals change birth info: MP
Australians who have undergone a sex change operation should be able to change details on their birth certificate to prevent the possible humiliation of those around them discovering their past, a senior federal Liberal MP says.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Intersex documentary ‘Intersexion’ is available on
Long-awaited documentary about the experiences of a number of intersex people around the world, Intersexion (Is He Or Isn’t She?), is now available online at and we have embedded the videos in this news item for your convenience. The film was made for New Zealand television broadcaster TV One by Grant Lahood with the assistance of Wellington-resident intersex activist and counsellor Mani Bruce Mitchell.

Transgender march organizer protests Vancouver Pride parade’s politics
Tami Starlight says she’s tired of the transgender community’s “lack of meaningful involvement” in the Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival.

Winner of “Breast Summer Ever” contest gives heartfelt thank you
The winner of a controversial radio contest has been chosen and some are pleased to hear that it went to a deserving person.
Avery has won 90.3 Amp Radio’s Breast Summer Ever contest.
What gave Avery the edge to win? He is transgendered.
Transgender winner picked for implant contest
Transgendered wins Calgary breast implant contest
Critics silenced as transgendered Calgarian wins breast implant contest
Transgendered Calgarian wins radio station’s breast implants contest

[Commentary] Trans Woman Wins Breast Implant Contest
(Photo: Avery has won a $10,000 breast augmentation surgery with 76 per cent of the public’s vote.)

Hate crimes against gay, transgender people rise, report says
The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs report says violent crimes against people in the LGBT community rose 13% in 2010, and that minorities and transgender women were more likely to be targeted.
Survey finds increase in anti-gay violence
LGBT murders up in 2010
Report: 2nd highest murder rate ever recorded

American Airlines endorses transgender-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act
American Airlines, one of the world’s largest global airlines and a founding member of the oneworld® Alliance, has again advocated the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). As the first airline to endorse ENDA, American Airlines communicated its support of the bill in 2008 and 2009 in correspondence with Congressional leaders. In its current letter of endorsement, American Airlines states:
American Airlines Endorses The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (Enda)
American Airlines Endorses the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Life of Agony's Keith Caputo to Undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery
Keith Caputo, singer with soon-to-be-defunct metal outfit Life of Agony, has revealed he is to undergo gender reassignment surgery.
Life Of Agony Singer Caputo To Undergo Sex Reassignment

[USA] [Commentary]
3rd Anniversary of Angie Zapata's Death
Three years ago on this date we were beginning to hear the news about a young Latina transwoman named Angie Zapata who was found dead in her apartment in Greeley, CO. My first report here at TransGriot about it was in conjunction with my rant about the jacked up media coverage misgendering her.

[USA] [Commentary]
African-American Trans Woman Dissed By DJ At Nashville Event
When Forresta Bee attended the 101.1 The Beat Jamz All White Party at Nashville's LP Field on June 4, little did she suspect that transphobia was going to be included with the price of her ticket.

70 Percent of Anti-LGBT Murder Victims Are People of Color
It’s an all too common, if shocking story: A transgender Latina woman with HIV is attacked on a street close to her home in a low-income neighborhood in the Bay Area. Making a bad situation worse, police officers literally drag her from her bed at 6 a.m. because they think she committed the crime herself.

ACLU sues Alaska DMV over transgender's driver's license
The Alaska Civil Liberties Union is squaring off in court with Alaska’s Division of Motor Vehicles over what it calls an outdated internal policy at DMV regarding how and when someone can change the sex listed on their driver’s license.
State sued for denying transgender woman a driver's license
[Commentary] Alaska DMV refuses to put correct gender on drivers license; ACLU sues
ACLU sues Alaska over driver’s license requirements of transgender individuals
Alaska Sued Over Transgender Woman’s Driver’s License
Alaska Sued After Denying License Identifying Transgender Woman as Female

[Commentary] If You’re MTF In AK And Want A Driver’s License, Bring Proof Of A Boob Job
[Commentary] Alaska Sued Over Trans Driver License Denial
ACLU Files Suit Against State In Transgender Driver's License Case

Phoenix police search for a transgender suspect
Phoenix police are still searching for a male suspect who they say fired shots into the air at approximately 2 a.m. Monday, March 28.
The suspect is a transgender black male known as Trina.
Transgendered man wanted for Shannon's Law violation

Girlfriend of McInerney Testifies
Brandon McInerney, on trial for the murder of Lawrence King, was urged by his girlfriend to avoid violence against the gay teen, according to testimony from the girl on Tuesday.
Prosecutors: McInerney Had White Supremacist Ideals
Prosecutor seeks to quash 'gay panic' defense in Oxnard slaying

[CA, USA] [Commentary]
Paulina Ibarra Case Update
I posted last year about the arrest of Jesus Catalan, who was a person of interest in the August 2009 killing of 24 year old transwoman Paulina Ibarra in Los Angeles. Turns out there has been some resolution in this case as well.

In Small-town Northern California, When 'She' Becomes a 'He'
Healdsburg's Tyler Erlendson is better known to many in town as Audra Erlendson, a female volleyball and fast-pitch softball player at Healdsburg High School in the late 1990s and early 2000s, graduating in 2001.

Transgender Style Icon Candis Cayne Honored by Stonewall Democrats
The Stonewall Young Democrats (SYD), whose mission is to represent and mobilize Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning and Allied (LGBTQA) youth within the Democratic Party, today officially announced the 2011 HERO Award Honorees. The 5th Annual HERO Awards are sponsored by The Honorable Betty Yee and are hosted by Actress and MadTV’s Debra Wilson.

Mayor, council reject call for hate-crime resolution
Leaders of the gay and lesbian community, local Democrats and clergy gathered Tuesday on the steps of City Hall to urge the Colorado Springs City Council and Mayor Steve Bach to sign a resolution condemning an attack the victims have characterized as a hate crime.

Transgender woman shot dead in Washington DC
A transgender woman was shot dead in Washington DC on Wednesday morning.
Transgender Woman Murdered in D.C.
Transgender Woman Shot And Killed In D.C. Possible Hate Crime
Community Mourning
D.C. police struggle over disclosure of transgender murder
D.C. police investigating murder of transgender woman

[PR] DCTC Grieves After Violence Claims Yet Another Transgender Woman’s Life; Vigil on Saturday

Another Shooting Involving Transgender Victim
D.C. police are currently investigating a second shooting involving a transgender victim in two weeks.
Police: Two transgender attacks, emerging pattern? (WTop)

A Transgender Man of Color Shares his Story
James Newton, 29, of Norcross, Ga., a suburban community near Atlanta, got a rude awakening into what it sometimes means to be a black man in America. (Photo)

Ill. to Issue New Birth Certificates to Litigants
Three trangender Illinois residents will soon receive new birth certificates reflecting their correct gender, after an order issued last week by a Cook County Circuit Court judge in an ongoing lawsuit over gender markers.
[PR] Individuals Ask Court to Declare Unconstitutional Illinois Vital Records Requirements for Genital Surgery
[Commentary] Illinois Issues New Birth Certificates To Trans Litigants
3 transgender residents get new birth certificates

Northampton City Council votes to support transgender rights legislation
They are a minority within a minority, but the transgender community won another battle in a long war last Thursday when the City Council voted unanimously to support state legislation affirming transgender rights.
TERC Lauds Northampton City Council’s Support for the Transgender Equal Rights Bill

Transgender bill lacking in support
A bill that would add the state's transgender population to groups protected by state anti-discrimination laws is even more unpopular with area lawmakers now than when it was debated a year ago.

Denny's adopts gender identity restroom policy
The corporate owner of six Denny's restaurants in Maine is now allowing customers to use restrooms consistent with their gender identities.
Denny's Restaurants in Maine Welcome Transgender Customers
New Restroom Policy for Denny’s in Maine
Denny's allowing transgender customers to use bathroom they identify with
Transgender Dispute Prompts Denny's in Maine to Change Restroom Policy

Man to woman; a transsexual's journey
Hair curled, nails polished, and with a freshly powdered face, Marissa Jayne Wolfe is primped and prepared for whatever her day brings. Sadly, some things are to be expected. There will be mean glares and a constant struggle. You see, Marissa Jayne Wolfe used to be Steve Mattice. (Photo)
Researchers discover gene required to maintain male sex throughout life
University of Minnesota Medical School and College of Biological Sciences researchers have made a key discovery showing that male sex must be maintained throughout life.

Crossdresser Kicked Out of Pizza Hut
Vishon Murphy knows the phrase "no shirt, no shoes, no service" but when he decided to wear a dress to pick up some food at the Pizza Hut in Wallace, North Carolina he says he was turned away for being "disruptive."

Transgender status at issue in court
Ally Collina, who started out life as a man, says her decision to have sex-change surgery and to live her life as a woman has helped prompt a judge to bar her from having any contact with the two-year-old son of the man who is her fiancé.
Collina stood in front of Laconia District Court this week with a sign protesting what she believes is a biased ruling.
(Photo: Ally Collina of Gilford is protesting a recent custody decision in the ongoing divorce proceedings between her fiance and his estranged wife. Collina, who has undergone sex-change surgery, claims her transgender status is unfairly factoring into the judge's decision to bar her from all contact with her fiance's two-year-old son.)

Man Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Victoria Carmen White
A Newark man pleaded not guilty in the September 2010 shooting death of a Maplewood woman today in Superior Court in Newark.
Man pleads not guilty to fatal shooting of transgender lingerie model in Maplewood
Defendant in Maplewood Transgender Murder Case Pleads “Not Guilty”
Man Pleads Not Guilty to Transgender Murder
Man pleads not guilty to New Jersey trans woman’s murder

Fire kills tranny in dairy den
A transvestite hooker who turned an unused Elmhurst Dairy trailer into her longtime personal crack den and brothel burned to death there yesterday, according to eyewitnesses and police.
The 47-year-old woman, known only as Dee, was found dead at about 6 a.m. at South Road and 157th Street in Jamaica, in the parking lot of the city's only dairy, where workers had for years allegedly turned a blind eye.
[Commentary] The NY Post Makes Extra Sure To Spit On Corpse Of Dead Trans-woman

[TX, USA] [PR]
Appeal Filed in Nikki Araguz Marriage Case
Lawyers for Nikki Araguz, a transsexual woman fighting for recognition of her marriage to a fallen firefighter, filed an appeal Tuesday that seeks to overturn a judge’s ruling that the marriage is invalid.

One dead, five shot in attack in Mexico on gay and transgender sex workers
Another shooting in the 'zone of tolerance' left five people riddled with bullets, one of them dead. It was suggested that the victims are transvestites and the deceased was known as "Thalia"

LGBT Activists Rally in Mexico City
Thousands convened along the Paseo de la Reforma to participate in Mexico City’s 33rd Gay Pride Parade recently. Adorned in colorful flags and angel costumes and chanting loudly amid peals of music, people of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) orientation marched and danced in demand of respect for sexual diversity in Mexico.
Desfilan lésbico-gays: defienden libertad sexual, discriminados

Atacan a regidora por plan de diversidad sexual
La regidora de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural del municipio capitalino, Alejandra García Morlan, analiza interponer una denuncia ante el Consejo Estatal para Prevenir la Discriminación (Conapred), luego de los ataques verbales hacia su persona por proponer un punto de acuerdo que impulse programas a favor del sector lésbico, gay, bisexual y transexual (LGBT).

Realizan Jornada contra la homofobia
Una veintena de personas se dio cita ayer en las inmediaciones de Chapultepec y Vallarta donde protestaron cerca de las ocho de la noche en contra de los crímenes por homofobia.
En Chihuahua y Guerrero, 41 muertos por homofobia
Denuncian aumento de asesinatos por homofobia en Chihuahua y Guerrero
Exigen a Chihuahua aclarar crímenes de odio por homofobia

La Comuna ha detenido a 17 gays y tres sexoservidoras “para frenar el aumento de VIH”
Al menos en el último mes 20 personas han sido enviadas al Juzgado Calificador del municipio de Puebla por ejercer la prostitución; de éstas, 17 son homosexuales y tres son mujeres. El gobierno capitalino asegura que ejercerá mayor control sobre este oficio bajo el argumento de que hay un incremento en las enfermedades de transmisión sexual por el ejercicio de la prostitución, según una de las conclusiones a las que llegó ayer la Comisión de Salud del cabildo.

Sexoservidores sufren violencia y extorsión en juzgados calificadores: Marco Moreno
El abogado Marco Moreno, de la Asociación Jurídica Juvenil de Puebla, afirmó que por las noches se desata una red de corrupción en los juzgados calificadores del ayuntamiento capitalino, a donde son enviados hombres y mujeres por el “delito” de ejercer la prostitución. En estos juzgados no sólo son violentados sus derechos y garantías individuales, sino que tanto policías como juzgadores cobran favores sexuales para liberar a travestis y sexoservidoras.

Lanzan reality de gays y transexuales
Ocho gays y cinco transexuales activistas de Tijuana, Oaxaca, Guanajuato y Distrito Federal, entre otros, participarán en el reality “La homofobia está out”, donde convivirán las 24 horas del día durante dos semanas y recibirán capacitación para la prevención del VIH y para el desarrollo de habilidades.

Por homofobia, Rivera impone la persecución de travestis y prostitutas, señaló Demysex
“Limpien las calles de putos”. Esa fue la orden que dio el presidente municipal de Puebla, Eduardo Rivera Pérez, a los agentes de la Policía Municipal que todas las noches hacen operativos en la capital para retirar a travestis y mujeres que ejercen la prostitución en la vía pública.

Orgullo gay desfila en calles de Cancún
Al más puro estilo del carnaval la comunidad homosexual reclamó derechos, además de señalar a la entidad como un lugar que les brinda una vida amable.
Plumas, tacones y lentejuelas en desfile lésbico-gay

Transgender activist resigns after clash with Castro daughter
For Mariela Castro, gay rights are OK in Cuba but political rights are not, says transgender woman.
A transgender woman has quit her job at a government-run sex studies center headed by the daughter of Cuban ruler Raúl Castro, alleging that Mariela Castro accused her of disloyalty because of her relationship with a gay opposition activist.
Hija de Raúl Castro presiona a mujer transgénero por relación con opositor
(Photo: Wendy Iriepa, a transsexual who has has undergone a sex change operation, sits along Havana's El Malecon seafront boulevard during an interview with Reuters in Havana May 12, 2010)

Mariela Castro: "La sociedad socialista no puede ser homofóbica"
La hija del dirigente cubano Raúl Castro asegura a la Cadena SER que su tío Fidel no sabía que en los años sesenta se represaliaba a los homosexuales

Los extraños caminos de la muerte
Excerto: Yesenia era un homosexual atractivo, con más virtudes femeninas, físicamente hablando, que de varón. Librepensador, no escondía su orientación sexual y se ganaba la vida con lo que generosamente Natura lo había dotado: su hermoso, sensual, provocativo y envidiable cuerpo. Lo demás lo había aprendido en el camino de la vida, practicando, por supuesto, por lo que sus clientes siempre volvían.

Demandan parar crímenes en contra de transexuales
El Comité Lesbianas, Gay, Transgénero y Fobia (LGTB-FOBIA) de la Zona Metropolitana del Valle de Sula, dio a conocer hoy su repudio hacia los últimos hechos criminales contra los transexuales, porque aún no han sido esclarecidos.

Fiscalía investiga muerte violenta de 15 homosexuales
Los fiscales de derechos humanos investigan desde hace dos años la muerte violenta de al menos 15 homosexuales, informaron fuentes del Ministerio Público (MP).

Miss Universe Shows Support For Trans Community
On a recent visit to Guatemala, the reining Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete met with transgender women who have been victims of abuse and discrimination. (Photo)

Activistas en defensa del respeto a la Diversidad de Género marchan hasta la Asamblea Nacional
Ingrid Varón, miembro de la Base Lésbica de Venezuela, indicó que esta actividad tiene un carácter reivindicativo donde las comunidades Lesbianas, Gay, Bisexuales, Transgéneros e Intersexuales (LGBT) solicita igualdad y equidad de derechos en los diferentes ámbitos del acontecer nacional.
Activistas por la diversidad Sexual marcharon por el orgullo gay
Activistas en defensa del respeto a la Diversidad de Género marchan hasta la Asamblea Nacional
El orgullo gay colmó las calles de la ciudad por un día
Marcha del “Orgullo gay” abarrotó a Valera

Marcha en Lima a favor de la discriminación de homosexuales
Decenas de niños y padres de familia desfilaron hoy por las calles céntricas de Lima para rechazar las ideas de la alcaldesa de la ciudad, Susana Villarán, en contra de la discriminación contra los homosexuales.
No queremos hijos malogrados y corruptos y Exigimos respetar los valores de la comunidad, se leía en algunos de los carteles que portaban los caminantes, quienes acusaban a Villarán de querer imponer una ideología LGTB (lesbianas, gays, transexuales y bisexuales).

Crímenes de odio prevalecen contra grupos homosexuales
Entre el 2006 y 2010 se registró el asesinato de 249 personas gays y transexuales

[Argentina] [Opinion]
Las travestis somos anti todo
Las travestis de La Matanza estuvimos muy involucradas en el proceso que decantó en la Ley de Matrimonio, sabemos que significa un gran avance, estuvimos en la firma y hay que reconocer que fue un momento histórico, pero no conozco muchas travestis que hayan hecho uso de ese derecho civil.

quarta-feira, julho 27, 2011

Travestis e transexuais poderão usar nomes sociais em escolas da Bahia
O Conselho Estadual da Educação da Bahia aprovou na última segunda-feira (25), por 18 votos a 4, um parecer que permite a travestis e transexuais utilizarem seus nomes sociais dentro dos estabelecimentos escolares, em listas de chamada, boletins e salas de aula. As informações são do portal "Estadão".
Bahia aprova nome social para trans nas escolas

Ayuntamiento Madrid veta acceso al Diario Digital Transexual, pagina "blanca" de Información LGTB, a otras no
El Consistorio impide el acceso al Diario Digital Transexual de la diputada regional socialista por considerar su contenido «pornográfico»

Transsexuals protest harassment
The Shemale Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa staged a protest outside the Peshawar Press Club here Monday to condemn harassment by influential people and asked the government to provide them protection.
The protesters chanted slogans against certain influential people of Bakhshi Pul village, who allegedly raped them and deprived them of their belongings when they refused to obey their illegal demands.

Gender intolerance: Seven held for shaving transvestites’ head
The City police took seven persons into custody after transvestites complained of being sexually harassed and physically tortured by them, police said.

Transgenders happy with 24-hour helpline in Bangalore
Members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community are happy with the 24-hour helpline, that has been running in Bangalore to counsel and assist them.

Bishops condemn sex-change operations for infant girls
The Indian episcopal conference has “strongly condemned” sex-change operations performed on infant girls at the request of their parents. In Indore--a city of 1.5 million in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh--some 300 girls under the age of one have reportedly been victims of the operation.

Bobby Darling in love with Rahul Gandhi!
Born biologically male but now a woman after sex change, Bobby Darling is well known face in the film industry and frequently hit headlines for her series of affairs.

212 eunuchs arrested by railway police
The Railway Protection Force of South Central Railway have arrested 212 eunuchs or transgenders, in special drives conducted in the railway stations and trains during June.

Thai transsexual singer due to perform in S'pore
SHE is the hottest transgender star in Thailand and even has fans in China, Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.
For fans in Singapore, there's good news: Bell Nuntita will be here on July 19 for a one-night performance. In an exclusive interview in Bangkok last month, Bell, 27, told The New Paper on Sunday: "I'm really so excited!

Phuket Ladyboy Katoey Picks the Wrong Pocket
A ladyboy katoey who picked a pocket and stole a young tourist's wallet in Patong will be sent to the courts as an example to others, a Phuket police officer said today.
(Photo: Khun Jenny faces Patong police with expat tourist Oliver Matthews)

Call for Yogyakarta inclusion with anti-bias laws
The harmonisation process of federal anti-discrimination legislation should incorporate the Yogyakarta Principles, which affirms the rights of GLBT people, equality advocates say.

Parliamentary group to support GLBTI issues
A tri-partisan parliamentary group set up to deal with ‘forgotten’ GLBTI issues has been announced today.
In what’s being hailed as an Australian first, the Parliamentary Friendship Group for LGBTI Australians (PFLGBTIA) has been established by Coalition MP Warren Entsch, with the support of Labor MP Graham Perrett, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.
MPs form sexuality 'friendship group'
Parliament gets LGBTI advocacy group

Cities move toward transgender health care
Ten years after San Francisco became the first local government in the nation to offer transgender health care benefits for their employees, other public employers are beginning to follow suit.

Muncie hospital where transgender patient alleged ridicule gets high marks for LGBT policies
A Muncie hospital is getting high marks for its commitment to providing a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients nearly a year after a transgender patient complained of ridicule and being denied treatment in the emergency room.

Maine Denny’s restaurants reverse transgender restroom policy
The corporate owner of Denny’s restaurants has reversed its restroom policy in an agreement with a transgender customer and now permits all customers to use restrooms consistent with their gender identities.

Man pleads not guilty to fatal shooting of transgender lingerie model in Maplewood
Victoria Carmen White never liked herself as a boy, said her grandmother, Floretta Gayle.

Miss Universe Expresses Support for Transgender Community/ Miss Universo Muestra Apoyo por la Comunidad Transgénero
Guatemala’s transgender community recently received support from Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete as reported on “Primer Impacto.” While visiting Guatemala, Navarette met with many transgender women who had been victims of abuse and discrimination. Navarette is working with PASMO, an organization that does education and prevention work on sexually transmitted infections.
La comunidad transgénero de Guatemala recientemente recibió el apoyo de la Miss Universo Ximena Navarrete, como reportado en “Primer Impacto”. Durante su visita a Guatemala, Navarrete se reunió con muchas mujeres transexuales que han sido víctimas de abuso y discriminación. Navarrete está trabajando con PASMO, una organización que trabaja y educa sobre la prevención de infecciones de transmisión sexual.

segunda-feira, julho 25, 2011

Hearing at the European Parliament: LGBTI Rights in the World
“On 30 June 2011, the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights held a hearing on LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) rights in the world. Members of the European Parliament, European Parliament staff, European Commission staff, ambassadors and members of the public heard from human rights defenders, civil society and high-level EU civil servants about the human rights of LGBTI people worldwide.”

FELGTB acusa al PP de despreciar los derechos de los transexuales en Cataluña
La plataforma ha asegurado que los presupuestos del Govern catalán han sido aprobados con el apoyo del PP a CiU, "con un pacto que supone un paso atrás en los derechos de las personas transexuales, a las que se les quiere quitar coberturas sanitarias reconocidas".
FELGTB denuncia el desprecio de la Presidenta del PP Catalán hacia las personas transexuales y cirugías CRS

El género del corazón
Las personas transexuales se han visto obligadas a construir su identidad de género
"El genero del corazón" Articulo de Ruth Toledano en el País relación entrega premios de Transexualia

National transgender festival Sparkle kicks off
The national transgender festival, Sparkle, has begun in Manchester.
The festival, now in its seventh year, is the biggest event on the trans calendar and is billed as a “celebration of gender diversity”.

LGBT activists show their pride in Valletta march
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) colours brightened up the Valletta streets yesterday morning during the annual Gay Pride March, dubbed ‘I am Pride’, organised by the Malta Gay Rights Movement and supported by various organisations who have the LGBT cause at heart.

Asesinan a la transexual mas famosa Afganistán y envían cuerpo descuartizado a su familia
Los dueños de una carnicería le invitaron a bailar en una boda y, después de la fiesta, perpetraron el crimen.

Transexual and partner in late-night CBD attack
An Adelaide author was bashed in an unprovoked attack she describes as being like a scene from Fight Club.
Teri Louise Kelly, 50, was walking home with her partner, who wanted to be named only as Red, through Hurtle Square before midnight on Thursday last week when they were attacked by two men. (Photo)

Sex offender jailed for wearing women’s panties
A Hamilton sex offender will face additional jail time after he was found with a stash of women’s panties — including two pairs that he was wearing.

Quick Hit: Changing Driver’s License Gender Markers, Coming Soon?
The current edition of MOVE, a magazine for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), includes extensive coverage of issues transgender people face with identification cards. The article “Transgender Drivers: New Norms in Customer Service,” encourages DMV staff in all states to reflect on their treatment of transgender people and sets a positive tone for transgender people in their service offices.

Agente Federal Transexual de Estados Unidos despedida por no presentarse como Hombre
Ashley Yang, foto, empleada de la Administración de Seguridad de Transportes, TSA (Transportation Security Administration) se sentía orgullosa de su trabajo, pero cuando la TSA se enteró de que era una mujer transexual/ transgénero, Ashley se vio forzada a elegir entre su identidad y su trabajo.

Depierro sentenced to 7 years for manslaughter of transgender woman
A 20-year-old Kingman man was sentenced to seven years in prison Tuesday for the manslaughter of a transgender woman in a case Mohave Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle likened to the movie "The Crying Game."

[CA, USA] [Film]
Gun Hill Road: One Of The Best Trans Films You’ll See All Year
Queerty‘s back at LA’s LGBT film festival Outfest catching the latest in contemporary queer cinema. Our film review coverage kicks off with a look at a violent depiction of New York Riqueno family relationship between a machismo ex-con father, his transgender teenage son, and the mother who loves them both.

Connecticut Governor signs transgender protections bill into law
Connecticut’s Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy this week signed legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression.
Connecticut Protects Transgender Citizens

Northampton City Council gives full support to transgender rights bill
Urging the state to follow the city’s lead, the Northampton City Council unanimously approved a resolution supporting a bill in the Legislature that would provide equal rights for transgender people.

Transsexual in prostitution bust says stun gun was for protection and needles for hormone treatments
A self-described "transgender escort" told CLIFFVIEW PILOT she had a stun gun for protection and hypodermic needles for hormone treatments when detectives reacting to an online ad busted her for prostitution.

NYS Senate Kills Transgender Rights
The Republican-led New York State Senate that said “I do” to same-sex marriage barely flirted with passing the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) that would ban bias against people of transgender experience as New York City does.

Sex offender caught dressed as woman in girls dressing room at Milwaukie-area swim park
Police are crediting a Portland man for helping to capture a registered sex offender who dressed as a woman and slipped into the girl's dressing room at a swim park last week.
Detective: Man dressed as woman went into pool locker room
Deputies: Sex offender chased down after chatting up kids at pool
Sex offender posing as a woman caught at aquatic park

PEBB Faces Lawsuit for Refusing to Cover Gender Transitioning
At almost the same time, the Portland City Council made a unanimous decision to offer such coverage, becoming the third governmental body after Multnomah County and the city-county of San Francisco

LGBT-Inclusive Non-Discrimination Law Signed by Mayor of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
On July 5, Mayor John Callahan of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, signed into law a local ordinance that criminalizes discrimination against LGBT people. The ordinance protects LGBT people from unfair treatment in housing, employment, public accommodation and education.

Atacan con armas de fuego a comunidad transexual del estado de Chihuahua, México
Hieren a otras tres mujeres, dos de ellas transgénero. Recibe comunidad LGBTTTI local constantes amenazas de muerte.

Buscan muxhes beneficios sociales para sector homosexual en Oaxaca
La directora de Prevención del VIH/Sida del municipio de Juchitán de Zaragoza, Felina Santiago, afirmó que aunque en la región del Istmo existe cierta aceptación para la comunidad homosexual, se encuentran lejos de alcanzar los beneficios sociales que otorgan las autoridades.
Vestida con las enaguas típicas de esta región istmeña, Santiago se enorgullece al declarar su dirección como la primera en su tipo en el estado, dirigida e integrada además por personas transgénero o muxhes, como se les conoce en la lengua zapoteca.

Homosexual muere de un balazo en la cabeza
Un homosexual fue encontrado muerto con un balazo en la cabeza, en un solar baldío del barrio “Cabañas” de esta ciudad.
Matan a homosexual en Villanueva
Sin capturas por crimen de homosexual

Ocho de cada 10 gays son rechazados en escuelas de Bolivia: encuesta
Ser gay en épocas de Evo es una protesta y una llamada de atención a la sociedad boliviana sobre la diversidad sexual en un país que está en cambio, dice Edson Hurtado, autor del polémico libro.

Secuestran a transexual y lo matan en avenida de Coche
La madrugada del viernes, Jesús Nazareth Rondón, de 24 años y transexual, compartía con un grupo de amigas en la avenida Libertador, justo a la altura del sector Los Jabillos.

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Summary: LGBTI Rights in the World
On 30 June 2011, the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights held a hearing on LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) rights in the world. Members of the European Parliament, European Parliament staff, European Commission staff, ambassadors and members of the public heard from human rights defenders, civil society and high-level EU civil servants about the human rights of LGBTI people worldwide.

Does your country protect you?
A survey reveals which EU countries actively promote equality for trans people

Sainsbury's tells sex-change woman to use disabled toilet
A transgender woman was left feeling embarrassed after staff at Sainsbury's in Walton told her to use the disabled toilet.
Stephanie Collins, 55, feels she has been discriminated against after visiting the store at The Heart. (Photo)
Transgender woman told by Sainsbury’s to use disabled toilet
Sainsbury's apologises after toilet mix-up

Sexual orientation and gender conforming traits in women are genetic
Sexual orientation and 'gender conformity' in women are both genetic traits, according to new research from Queen Mary, University of London.

Italian court says sterilisation is not mandatory for gender reassignment
The Court of first instance of Rome decided to reaffirm a, isolated precedent of 1997 and stated that sterilisation is not to be understood as a mandatory requirement for gender reassignment. This decision will hopefully change the prevailing interpretation of the law in the country.

‘Sex change teacher’ has clean shaven head
Patrick Dludlu, the man who had falsely claimed he had a sex change is now spotting a clean shaven head and formal man’s image.

Combating electricity shortage: Transgenders give fans to patients
Transgender persons voluntarily distributed hand fans to patients admitted at Civil Hospital in Sukkur, Express News reported on Thursday.

‘Helpful’ transvestites locked up on pick-pocketing charges
Two transvestites questioned their arrest for allegedly pick-pocketing an Iranian man because, they claim, they were only returning money the tourist dropped.
(Photo: Javad Amini points to the boy that picked his pocket at Bali Hai pier.)

Transvestite bar in Tokyo makes customers feel at home
At a transvestite bar in Tokyo, men in drag pour drinks and make conversation with customers.
They put on full makeup and colorful kimono or dresses for their shift at "Wakashu Bar Kesho Danshi" in Yushima, Bunkyo Ward.

Gender Identity & Expression Bill: What Employers Need To Know
Over the weekend, the General Assembly passed House Bill 6599, which adds “gender identity or expression” as a new protected category under employment law. Governor Malloy has indicated that he will sign the bill. Assuming he signs the bill, here’s what you need to know as an employer in Connecticut.

[MA, USA] [Commentary]
Anti-transgender violence put under the microscope
A newly-released report on hate crimes against transgender victims shows that these crimes are vastly underreported. A study conducted by the Anti-Violence Project of Massachusetts found that a large majority of victims of crimes motivated by gender-identity and gender-expression bias do not turn to law enforcement for help.

Transsexual prostitute from California had stun gun, syringes, Paramus cops say
A Paramus police detective posing as a john arrested a stun gun-carrying transsexual from Redondo Beach, CA, after she brought him to an area hotel room and offered sex for money, Police Chief Christopher Brock said Wednesday. (Photo: Reggie Rosaldo)

Judge denies transgender widow Nikki Araguz’s motion for a new trial — after finally reading it
Meghan Stabler reports that Wharton County District Judge Randy M. Clapp has denied transgender widow Nikki Araguz’s motion for a new trial.
Judge Denies Transgender Widow's Retrial Request
Wharton: Judge denies transgender widow's request for new hearing
Transgender woman’s court loss stays in place

Vt. Takes Lead On Transgender Issues
The transgender community in Vermont is hailing two laws quietly passed by the state legislature this year. One allows the gender label on Vermont birth certificates to be changed and for a new document to be produced.

8 de cada 10 gays son rechazados en colegio
Una encuesta sobre las condiciones de vida y derechos del colectivo LGBT (Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Trans) revela que ocho de cada diez sufrieron discriminación por parte de sus compañeros; cinco de parte de padres de familia; y cinco de sus maestros.
El 85 por ciento de los homosexuales y transexuales bolivianos padecen discriminación

Por falta de empleo, el 95% de los “trans” ejerce trabajo sexual
Este grupo es el que más discriminación sufre a diario al requerir servicios de salud, educación y vivienda, con relación a los gays, lesbianas y bisexuales.

Joven transgénero de 24 años muere de seis tiros
De seis disparos mataron al transgénero Jesús Nazaret Rondón (24), conocido como "Samantha". Era estilista, vivía en una pensión de San Martín y por las noches frecuentaba la avenida Libertador.

quarta-feira, julho 20, 2011

Recife realiza seminário para região nordeste sobre profissionais do sexo
Estão abertas até o dia 30 de julho as inscrições para o Seminário Regional Profissionais do Sexo: Os desafios da prevenção ao Tráfico de seres humanos e às DST/ HIV e Aids.

Monks teach maleness to Thai 'ladyboys'
The 15-year-old aspiring "ladyboy" delicately applied a puff of talcum powder to his nose -- an act of rebellion at the Thai Buddhist temple where he is learning to "be a man".
Tailândia tenta reeducar transexuais em mosteiros
Buddhist temple encouraging ladyboys to be masculine

[New Zealand]
Transvestite basher gets sentence reduced
A teenager who bashed a 64-year-old transvestite to death has had his 10 year sentence reduced to nine years and his minimum non parole period from five years to four.
Trans killer's sentence reduced upon appeal
Jail term reduced for transvestite basher

Vicki Marlane dies
Longtime transgender performer Vicki Marlane died Tuesday, July 5 at a San Francisco hospital. She was 76.

Teen Allegedly Threatened King; McInerney Atty. in Contempt
A 17-year-old former classmate of Lawrence King and Brandon McInerney testified on Wednesday that McInerney threatened to "shank" King the day before he shot him twice, February 12, 2008.

Transgender Woman Killed
A transgender woman was shot and killed in Northeast D.C. during the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 20. The Metropolitan Police Department has little information about the suspects other than that they are ''two black males,'' according to MPD Public Information Officer Gwen Crump. (Photo)
DC cops investigating killing of transgender person; police say motive not yet determined
Deadly morning shooting in Northeast D.C.
Transgendered woman shot, killed in NE Washington
DC cops investigate killing of transgender person
DC Police Investigate Killing of Transgender Person
Transgender Person Slain in Northeast
Transgender victim killed in D.C.
D.C. cops probe shooting of transgender woman

USF has new dorm options for transgender students
The University of South Florida is offering transgender students the opportunity to live alone or with a friend of a different gender in campus housing.

Lesbians, queer and trans people unite at Dyke March Chicago
Over 1500 LGBTQ folks came out to march at Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood for the annual Dyke March on June 25. This was the second year at South Shore, a predominantly African-American neighborhood, as organizers have rotated locations for the past several years in efforts to expand to the larger queer community outside of the historic Boystown and Andersonville neighborhoods of Chicago. (Photo)

Celebrarán primera boda de mujer transexual en Cuba
Una pareja formada por una mujer transexual y un gay cubanos se casarán el próximo 13 de agosto en Cuba coincidiendo con el 85 cumpleaños de Fidel Castro. La madrina del evento será Yoani Sánchez, una blogera disidente del régimen cubano.
Wendy Iriepa y Ignacio Estrada se conocieron el 13 de mayo de este año, y aunque Estrada se considera homosexual, asegura haberse enamorado de Wendy que se práctico una reasignación de sexo en 2007. (Foto)
Cuban Gay Couple Plans to Wed on Fidel Castro’s Birthday
Trans Woman and Gay Man to Marry on Castro’s Birthday
Gay Cuban man, transsexual to wed on Fidel's birthday
Boda gay en el cumpleaños de Fidel Castro
Harán primera boda en Cuba de transexual gracias cirugías gratis

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Despatologização da Transexualidade: Sim ou Não? O comentário

Volta e meia soa o rugido de uma rajada de vento demasiadamente fresco para esta época do ano. Estamos a 17 de Julho e o tempo devia estar substancialmente mais quente. Se calhar a classificação portuguesa das agências de rating tem mais implicações do que poderia parecer à primeira vista.

Estamos a 17 de Julho. Ontem, 16, um debate sobre a despatologização da transexualidade aconteceu no Centro LGBT em Lisboa, organizado pela rede ex aequo - associação de jovens lésbicas, gays, bissexuais, transgéneros e simpatizantes, em colaboração com o GRIT - Grupo de Reflexão e Intervenção sobre Transexualidade da Associação ILGA Portugal.

Como oradores estiveram na mesa Sérgio Vitorino, das Panteras Rosa, Paulo Côrte-Real em representação do GRIT, a psiquiatra Ana Matos Pires e a psicóloga Gabriela Moita.

Como representantes da comunidade transexual (afinal era de transexualidade que se tratava) esteve... ninguém. Nem uma pessoa na mesa era transexual. Num debate que até é importante para a comunidade, a organização optou por silenciar as vozes transexuais e dar relevo à psiquiatrização. Nota negativa.

Nem a desculpa que me foi dada por um membro da organização, que “há uma componente científica neste debate” serve como desculpa, quando toda a gente sabe que os cientistas não fazem a menor ideia das causas da transexualidade, e a esmagadora maioria nem compreende o que é ser-se transexual.

Delirante mesmo foi a desculpa de não se encontrar nenhuma pessoa transexual na mesa: que “não existem pessoas trans suficientemente familiarizadas com o tema ou que possuam discurso coerente sobre o mesmo”. Obviamente que, com a quantidade de questões postas pelas oradoras Ana Pires e Gabriela Moita, que levantaram inúmeras questões sobre os mais variados aspectos interligados à despatologização, a intenção de exclusão por estes motivos como que “deu para o torto”.

Antes de comentar sobre o evento propriamente dito, sinto necessidade de expôr aqui a minha posição sobre o assunto, visto ter sido acusada por um elemento da organização de não ter “um discurso coerente sobre este tema” e de “nem sequer sei (o elemento) qual é realmente a tua (minha) posição sobre este assunto”.

É evidente que esta pessoa não acompanhou os debates via email que tive durante estes anos com inúmeras pessoas na mailing list das Panteras, nomeadamente com o Sérgio, mas também com muito mais gente que integra essa mailing list. Também não tem demonstrado interesse em debater comigo o assunto, portanto é natural que ignore a minha posição sobre o mesmo.

Esta conversa da despatologização da transexualidade iniciou-se há uns cinco, seis anos atrás com o início de uma campanha internacional denominada “STOP trans pathologization 2012”, destinada a excluir do rol das doenças mentais o transgenderismo e a transexualidade (como elemento integrante da comunidade transgénero). Este movimento cresceu ao longo do tempo, com várias associações e grupos transexuais, transgéneros, e LGBTs a aderirem ao mesmo. De um modo simples, consideram os integrantes da comunidade transgénero como tendo identidades próprias (identidades trans) podendo ou não estarem incluídas no binarismo de género (Masculino e feminino) defendendo a existência de mais géneros, e defendendo a exclusão destas identidades da classificação de patologias, específicamente da classificação de doenças psiquiátricas ou doenças mentais. Quem desejar saber mais sobre o assunto, contacte as Panteras Rosa.

Portanto é a partir deste movimento que se começou a falar sobre despatologização.

Na teoria, tal como Gabriela Moita explicou no debate, qualquer pessoa deve ter o direito à sua auto-determinação e a auto-afirmar-se como pertencente a um qualquer género, desde que comprove encontrar-se na plena posse das suas faculdades mentais. Quer isto dizer desde que não sofra de qualquer doença mental inibidora da sua capacidade de tomar decisões. Isto é evidente. E por consequência faz todo o sentido a retirada da transexualidade do rol das doenças mentais.

Basta pensar-se que, presentemente, para se obter um diagnóstico de transexualidade, tem de se fazer precisamente os testes necessários que atestem que não se sofre de nenhuma doença mental. Isto para depois se ser diagnosticado como sofrendo de disforia de género ou transtorno de identidade de género, que se encontra classificada como doença mental.

Os pontos discordantes que tenho em relação a este assunto começa logo por não considerar a comundade transexual como pertencente à comunidade transgénero. Não concordo nem aceito essa aglutinação que a maioria quer. Considero a transexualidade como específica demais para se encontrar misturada com especificidades que nada têm a ver com transexualidade. Isto não quer dizer per se que não apoio as reivindicações da comunidade transgénero. Longe disso. Só considero que a transexualidade deve estar à parte.

Este ponto é per si só relevante o suficiente para o não apoio da campanha? Não.

O segundo, e mais importante, é o facto de, despatologizando a transexualidade, correr-se o risco real de deixar de ser comparticipada pelos serviços de saúde de cada país. Basta pensar-se que a maioria dos países não comparticipa mesmo sendo considerada como doença, quanto mais deixando de ser considerada como tal. Em Portugal, por exemplo, com o presente governo de direita e com a crise que atravessamos, esse risco é bem real mesmo com a presente classificação como doença mental.

Este ponto é per si só relevante o suficiente para o não apoio da campanha? Sim.

Mas, por exemplo, alterando a classificação de doença mental para condição médica, resolve alguns problemas: deixa de haver o estigma da doença mental que, e apesar de um participante afirmar que o problema não está na doença mental mas na maneira como ela é estigmatizada pela população em geral e que se deve é educar a população, o facto é que o estigma existe e vai continuar a existir a médio e mesmo a longo prazo. Basta pensar-se na homossexualidade e como ainda é tão estigmatizada hoje em dia, apesar dos avanços conseguidos, para se ver que, embora a intenção seja boa, na prática não o é. Portanto seria uma solução a (muito) longo prazo, não o que se deseja que é uma solução a curto ou médio prazo.

Libertamo-nos da ditadura dos psiquiatras e psicólogos, que farão o seu papel de comprovar unicamente que uma pessoa se encontra com capacidade de tomar as suas próprias decisões, saindo debaixo da alçada de Zucker’s e Cª Lª e dos seus congéneres nacionais.

E continua-se e ter o direito inalienável à comparticipação do SNS.

Para mim esta é a melhor solução e é isto que defendo como despatologização da transexualidade. Mais, Sérgio Vitorino, numa das suas declarações, reforçou a ideia de que a campanha, apesar de mencionar despatologização, defende é a retirada da transexualidade do rol das doenças mentais.

Quando for claramente declarada esta solução como proposta da campanha, apoiá-la-ei imediatamente. Até lá, não apoio a campanha, embora apoie o seu espírito.

Outro ponto em que discordo da campanha é o discurso que implica a existência de outras identidades outsiders do binómio masculino/feminino (ou homem/mulher). Não aceito a existência destas supostas identidades.

Este ponto é per si só relevante o suficiente para o não apoio da campanha? Não.

Eu vejo este assunto da seguinte maneira: imagine-se dois pólos opostos, um o masculino/homem, outro o feminino/mulher. Entre eles existe, por exemplo, uma graduação que, imaginemos, vai de 0 a 100, sendo 0 um extremo e 100 o seu oposto. Entre eles existe uma infindável graduação onde cada pessoa cabe. Pessoas mais masculinas ou mais femininas colocar-se-ão entre os dois extremos. Não vejo necessidade de se estar a complicar mais com invenções de géneros alternativos porque as pessoas sentem-se mais posicionadas num lado do que o outro. Deixemos as coisas como estão, com dois géneros, que como se pode bem comprovar, já dão “água pela barba”.

Curiosamente uma pessoa que segundo entendi era mãe de uma pessoa transexual, defendeu a existência de mais géneros. E numa declaração bombástica, afirmou que as pessoas transexuais desejam as transformações corporais não por elas mesmas mas para os olhos da sociedade. Bem, a minha vontade foi levantar-me e dizer-lhe que se ela julgava que eu fazia tratamento hormonal para os seus lindos olhos bem podia tirar o cavalinho da chuva.

Esta declaração só me provou como é difícil a compreensão da transexualidade por parte de pessoas não transexuais, mesmo sendo progenitores de uma pessoa transexual e mesmo dando apoio a essa pessoa. Esta mãe não entende que as transformações corporais somos nós que as desejamos para nós, não para terceiros verem. Isto não obsta, evidentemente, que com as transformações venha o desejo de sermos reconhecidos do género a que sabemos pertencer. Eu digo até que este desejo existe mesmo sem transformações corporais.

O debate propriamente dito teve a seguinte fórmula: iniciou-se com algumas questões formuladas pela moderação aos oradores, uma pergunta a cada um, à vez. Este modo de se iniciar o debate teve, aliás, um problema - em cada questão formulada só se fica a saber a posição/opinião de um dos oradores.

É minha opinião que o debate devia ter sido feito noutros moldes: um início pela moderação explicando o que é a despatologização, uma breve história de como apareceu, e depois as perguntas deviam ter sido feitas aos oradores, mas a todos as mesmas perguntas, não uma pergunta diferente para cada orador.

Talvez por recearem falta de tempo, ou por qualquer outra razão, a opção foi de uma pergunta a cada orador. Bem, foi uma opção, não a que eu teria escolhido, mas foi a escolhida.

Sérgio Vitorino, pelas Panteras Rosa e assumindo o discurso pelos activistas, defendeu a despatologização. É uma posição já sobejamente conhecida das Panteras Rosa.

Paulo Côrte-Real, em representação do GRIT, defendeu a continuidade da psiquiatrização da transexualidade, por as pessoas transexuais terem problemas psicológicos pela transexualidade.

Perguntei-lhe se defendia o mesmo para as pessoas homossexuais que tenham problemas derivados da Homossexualidade, disse que sim. Ora a homossexualidade já deixou de ser considerada como doença. Isto não impede de modo nenhum que homossexuais com possíveis problemas de auto-aceitação, de auto-estima, ou outro problema qualquer derivado da homossexualidade tenham consultas.

Portanto, do mesmo modo, uma pessoa transexual na mesma situação, portanto com problemas derivados da transexualidade, também pode perfeitamente ter o mesmo tipo de acompanhamento sem necessidade nenhuma da transexualidade se encontrar classificada como doença mental.

E isto porquê? Porque nem a homossexualidade nem a transexualidade são doenças. Basta pensar-se que não há nenhum tratamento para a transexualidade, tal como para a homossexualidade. O que se trata são possíveis problemas advindos do facto de se ser transexual/homossexual (depressões, falta de auto-estima, etc.). Do mesmo modo não há nenhum teste clínico ou psiquiátrico que defina a pessoa como transexual/homossexual.

Qualquer pessoa pode verificar isto: o que se faz é ver se a pessoa tem algum problema psíquico. Quando não se tem e a pessoa continua a insistir que é, então deve ser. Isto é o que os psiquiatras fazem. Não tratam a transexualidade pois nada há a tratar. O diagnóstico é feito na base de não se ter nenhuma doença mental. Não se tem então ok, é transexual.

Esta abordagem sempre me pôs uma questão: porque razão não pode haver uma pessoa transexual com alguma doença psiquiátrica, tal como existem pessoas cissexuais com essas doenças? A transexualidade á alguma imunidade a outra qualquer doença psíquica?

O facto é que, e isto é prova de que os nossos psiquiatras e psicólogos não fazem ideia do que é a transexualidade, se alguma pessoa transexual tiver o azar de sofrer de alguma doença psíquica, vê os seus direitos imediatamente eliminados, bem como o seu reconhecimento e a sua identidade como pessoa transexual. Isto é grave, mas nunca se fala, é tabú.

Portanto a posição do GRIT é psiquiatrizante e estigmatizante. Não foi apresentado um argumento que não possa ser rebatido.

Gabriela Moita teve um discurso coerente com as suas ideias, embora, e de certeza com desagrado da moderação, tenha levantado mais questões do que muita gente esperava. Tal como eu disse a um elemento da moderação no Facebook, “tenho por costume questionar sempre tudo e todos, sejam a favor seja contra alguma coisa, mesmo questionando o que apoio. Não acho que existam verdades absolutas e inquestionáveis. E é graças a estas questões e às respostas dadas que vou formando a minha opinião.”, quando me acusaram de não ter um discurso coerente por, e cito, “Tanto te demonstras contra com toda a veemência, como te demonstras a favor. Tanto entras em conflito com quem está a favor, como com quem está contra... “

Bem, com a quantidade de questões formuladas por Gabriela Moita, a moderação deve ter ficado com algum amargo de boca, pois parece que não sou só eu a questionar.

Ana Matos Pires teve um discurso talvez um pouco ambíguo. Fiquei sem saber qual a sua posição em relação à despatologização. Tanto parecia que apoiava como que era contra. Ou então fui eu que não percebi. Se calhar aconteceu o mesmo que aconteceu comigo, não se percebe qual a minha posição.

Por falar nisso, em relação à psiquiatrização forçada (felizmente) não tenho uma posição ambígua: sou frontalmente contra. Quem sentir necessidade de ter consultas psiquiátricas deve ter. Mas forçarem quem não tem problemas com a sua transexualidade a anos e anos de consultas é um abuso e vai contra os direitos humanos das pessoas, seja pela transexualidade, seja por outra razão qualquer. Despsiquiatrização da transexualidade é, quiçá, mais importante do que a despatologização.

O Dr. Décio, na sua intervenção, veio novamente com o fantasma da comparticipação dos serviços de saúde (e seguradoras, embora que eu saiba as seguradoras em Portugal não cobrem este tema, mas sem certeza), no que concordo com ele, não concordando no entanto com a manutenção das coisas como estão, que me parece ser a posição dele. Atrás já defini qual a minha posição em relação a este assunto.

Houve também uma intervenção de uma pessoa transexual, que pelo que percebi defendia a manutenção da patologização e da psiquiatrização, mas que às tantas começou a confundir-se até que se calou. Foi esta a impressão com que fiquei da sua intervenção, não faço ideia se efectivamente defende estas posições ou se se explicou mal .

Este é um problema deste tipo de debates, fica muita coisa por questionar, as respostas a algumas perguntas ou intervenções levantam mais questões que ficam por responder e/ou esclarecer. Prefiro muito mais um debate em mailing lists, onde existe tempo para se questionar o que se quiser, tempo para se esgrimirem argumentos, não há limitações de deslocamentos, de espaços e pode-se responder ou questionar em qualquer altura.

Tive boas experiências desta maneira, em algumas mailing lists (bem, pelo menos numa, antes de se acabarem os debates na dita, que hoje em dia se encontra reduzida a anúncios de eventos e notícias (poucas). Mas isto são opiniões.

E penso ser tudo o que há a dizer sobre este debate. Os meus parabéns aos organizadores por (finalmente) trazerem este assunto para a ordem do dia.

Um lamento pela fraca assistência transexual num debate que penso ser importante para toda a comunidade (que eu tivesse contado estivémos meia-dúzia, mas não conheço toda a gente, obviamente) e que se desejava ter tido uma afluência transexual mais alargada.

Como se pode ver, a minha posição incoerente é a de não apoiar a despatologização da transexualidade por um único ponto (existem mais mas não são importantes o suficiente para não apoiar).

Quando considerar esse ponto resolvido (internacionalmente) vou ser incoerente mais uma vez a apoiar a despatologização da transexualidade.

Saudações incoerentes de uma transexual incoerente a quem leia este conjunto de incoerências.

Eduarda Santos, 17/18 de Julho de 2011
Nota: segundo informação da organização, Paulo Côrte-Real não representou o GRIT mas somente a sua pessoa, e Sérgio Vitorino também não representou as Panteras Rosa.